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Artists Titles Number
Udseth, Craig(45) Five Fingers P/O Chile fxtr V Rcds Lmtd 503
Udseth, Craig(45) Dee's Polka/Hili Hilo P. V Rcds 502
Uguccioni, Bob Polonia Swings Steljo 716
Uguccioni, Bob Polkaland Special Rex 805
Uguccioni, Bob Polonia Swings w/the Polka Rex 806
Uguccioni, Bob First Class Polkas Rex 807
Uguccioni, Bob First Class Vol. 2 Travelers Rcrdngs 35
Uguccioni, Bob(45) Ocean Beach Park P/Happy Tr Steljo 606
Ulch, Eddie With More of Your Favorite PC-NE2427 (CD)
Uleck, Bob Polka an Evening with B.U. Polerek 113170
Uleck, Bob(45) Versatile P/Pajama Top Obk. Polerek 0314
Ulmer Brothers, The Kansas' Finest O.T.Polka Ba Czech Rcds 54
ultiple Artists-P Polish Songs Chicago Rcds 513
Uncle Julius & His Boy Uncle Julius & His Boys(CD) Cuca 2169 (CD)
Uncle Ozzie Featuring Fireman's Polka Happy Times 140
Uncle Ozzie Presents Fiddlin'Brass Happy Time LP5
Uncle Ozzie Memory Sounds (CD) Cuca 1000
Uncle Ozzie For Them I'll Play Some Mor Cuca No # given(CD)
Uncle Ozzie Christmas Memories (CD) None given
Uncle Ozzie Features Alice Linn (CD) Cuca 1610
Uncle Ozzie Country Memories (CD) Cuca 1620
Uncle Ozzie Thanks for the Wonderful Me Cuca 1630 (CD)
Uncle Ozzie Uncle Ozzie & His All Time Cuca 1650 (CD)
Uncle Ozzie Memories of Yesteryears(CD) Cuca 1700
Uncle Ozzie(45) Guido P/Copenhagen Waltz Cuca 146
Uncle Ozzie(45) Ole Pappy Time P/Horseshoe Happy Time 4101
Uncle Ozzie(45) Fiddlin' Brass/Lucky Lady Happy Time80-1534
Underwood, Johnny Solo Sounds (45) 7535072004
U-Neta Orchestra Let's Take a Polka Tour Roto 9007
U-Neta Orchestra Polka Saturday Night Roto Records  M 9503
U-Neta Orchestra Jim's Favorite Polkas & Wal Roto Rcds M-100016
U-Neta Orchestra Lifetime of Polka Happiness Ray Rcds 3010
University Czech Singe Czechoslovakian Folksongs Empac 1212
Urban, Billy Polkas Pasa 152
Urkoski Orchestra Then and Now Ray Rcds 1104
Utika, Jak Ten Cas Oh, How Time Flies (CD) PC-NE2503
V Tones(45) Polish Power/Mark's Obk. Usana 192
Vadnal, Johnny Golden Times (Zlati Chasi) MLAY Rec. 222
Vadnal, Johnny Polka Specials Jay Jay 5071
Vadnal, Johnny Discotheque for Polka Lover RCA Camd Cal 923
Vadnal, Johnny Carefree Polkas RCA Victor LPM 1911
Vadnal, Johnny 60 Years of Memories V.2(CD J.V.Rcds 2000-2(CD)
Vadnal, Johnny (w/L. B Fancy Free Polkas RCA Victor 1631
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Choo Choo P/Oh Ma! P. RCA Victor 0135
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Chopsticks P/Orchid W. RCA Victor 4504
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Goofy P/Good Luck to You P. RCA Victor 5747
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Here Goes P/A Letter Instea RCA Victor 5606
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Hestitation/Back Porch RCA Victor 6766
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Hi Fi Polka/Smile foxtrot RCA Victor 6309
Vadnal, Johnny(45) I Never Knew P/Yah Dear W. RCA Victor 5481
Vadnal, Johnny(45) In Mexico P/Alpine Climbers RCA Victor 5423
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Mambo Polka/One for the Roa RCA Victor 6183
Vadnal, Johnny(45) No More P/The Old Forgotten RCA Victor 5951
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Paper Moon P/Two Timin' You RCA Victor 5710
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Round Up the Gang P/Little RCA Victor 6561
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Tara Zenka P/Evergreen W. RCA Victor 5297
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Ricky Tick/Happy Guitar Jay Jay 1071
Vadnal, Johnny(45) Katchen P/Dancing on Saturd RCA Victor 6019
Vadnal, Richard Vadnals in Europe Delta 7018
Vadnal, Richard Instrumentally, Vadnals&Ray Normandy 7161
Vadnal, Richie Here's Cheers (Na Zdravje) Delta 7009st
Vadnal, Richie V Soboto Zvecer Helidon FLP 04-025
Vadnal, Richie(45) No, Dear/Herman's Red Suspe Cuca 1409
Vadnal, Richie(45) Freeway P/La Da Di Dum P. Delta 1037
Vadnal, Richie(45) Lover Boy P/Get a Horse Spire 7161
Vadnal, Richie(45) Here's Cheers/Polka Varieti Delta 1034
Vadnals, The(45) Goofy P/Zing-Zang P. Delta 1041
Valente, Dominic(45) Holiday in Italy:Funiculi, Waldorf 252(
Valish, Allen Happy Czech Sound Everyone' Ray Rcds 2750
Valish, Allen Plays Familiar Songs (CD) P.CS.NE. 2408
Vallee, Rudy Stein Songs for a bierstube Decca DL74242
Valley Boys Old Time-Country Music VB Rcds Vol 2
Valley Boys, The Old Time & CW Music (v.1) Audiotek CPO 167
Valley Boys, The 25 Years JBM 44882st
Vallus, Eddie Let's Dance Dance Dance WAM Rec.1641 21364
Vallus, Eddie Tape 2 (CD/CS) Ppprmnt 5032
Vallus, Eddie Buttons & Ivories (CD/CS) Pprmnt 5035
Vallus, Eddie Vallus Plays Pecon (CD/CS) Marjon 955
Vallus, Eddie 26 Original Polkas & Waltze PP 1581 (CD)
Vallus, Eddie EVB II Live!(CD/CS)at Point PP1577
Vallus, Eddie Live at Kuzman's Lounge(CD) Polka Dot No # given
Vallus, Eddie Live at Avon Oaks (CD) Polka Dot No # given
VanDenBerg Nostalgia IRM-509
VanDenBerg Portrait of the VanDenBergs IRM-520
VanDenBerg Musical Entree IRM-526
VanDenBerg Brothers Polkas & Waltzes in Stereo Sound 135
Vandenboom, Ron How I Love Them Old Songs(C Briarhill Rcds
Vandenboom, Ron On the Road Again (CD) FTP 106
Vandenboom, Ron They Asked Me to Sing(CD) FTP Vol. 1
Vardi &t/Medallion Str Pilsner Pretzels Polkas Kapp Rcds 7521
Varitones, The Good Times Polka (CD) Sunshine 242
Varsity Dance Orchestr Polka Dances Gramophone 20117(also C
Varsity Polka Band(45) Holka P/Blackberry P. Royale 45159
Varsity Polka Band(45) Beer Barrel P/Saturday Nigh Royale 45153
Varsity Polka Kings Polka Party Gramophone 2025
Versatile Versatones(4 Antoinette's P/Happy Lucy's Bel Aire 2919
Versatile Versatones(4 Oj Dana P/What the Heck Obk Bel Aire 2922
Versatile Versatones(4 Stop & Go P/Old Timers Obk. Bel Aire 2926
Vetterli, Betty & Mart Swiss Echoes Bright BP 1011
Videtich, Jack Polka Fun for Everyone Bright BP 1011
Viets, Sandy (BBX Conn Get Connected (CD/CS) None given
Viking Accordion Band Volume 3 (CD) Skipper Berg
Viking Accordion Band Volume 4 (CD) Skipper Berg
Viking Accordion Band Volume 5 (CD) Skipper Berg
Viking Accordion Band Volume 6 (CD) Skipper Berg
Viking Accordion Band Volume 7 (CD) Skipper Berg
Viking Accordion Band Volume 8 (CD) Skipper Berg
Viking Accordion Band Volume 9 (CD) Skipper Berg
Viking Accordion Band Volume 10 (CD) Skipper Berg
Village Band, The The Village Band Richmond 20041
Village Brass Band Bayrische Blasmusik FLP 1320/Europa
Village Brass, The Bellows & Brass KL Rcdng 39
Villagers, The Pacific Polkas (CD/CS) None given/ no #
Villagers, The The Villagers at Oktoberfes None given (CD) No #'s
Villagers, The Kordeens(Accordions)(CD) None given
Vincent, Warren(45) Roll Out the Barrel P/Fun a Cricket 76
Vinecki, Rick From Our Hearts Sound 1154
Vinecki, Rick Stoned on Polkas Raymik Rec. 2003
Vinecki, Rick Polkas Fit for a King Raymik Rec. 2002
Vinecki, Rick Rated Polkas Raymik Rec. 2004
Vinny Z. Vinny Z.&His Polka Vibratio LeMans 9001
Vinton, Bobby Heart Of Hearts ABC Rcds 891
Vinton, Bobby Party Music ABC Records 177604
Vinton, Bobby Bobby Vinton Pickwick 3656
Vinton, Bobby Polka Album Tapestry 1001
Vinton, Bobby Santa Must Be Polish Tapestry Rcds 1001
Vinton, Bobby Greatest Polka Hits of All Curb D4 77499(CD/CS)
Vinton, Bobby Melodies of Love ABC Rcds 851/Pickwick35
Vinton, Bobby The Name Is Love ABC Rcds No #given
Vinton, Bobby The Many Moods of B.V.(2rcd Columbia House 2P 6266
Vinton, Bobby Please Love Me Forever Epic 26341
Vinton, Bobby I Love How You Love Me Epic 26437
Vinton, Bobby With Love Epic 32921
Vinton, Bobby B.V's All-Time Greatest Hit Epic 31487(2 rcd set)
Vinton, Bobby Mr. Lonely (CD) Curb 02-77412
Vinton, Bobby Greatest Hits Epic 26098
Vinton, Bobby(45) Beer Barrel P/Dick & Jane ABC 12056
Vinton, Bobby(45) Disco(PA)P/I Could Have Dan Tapestry 001
Vinton, Bobby(45) The Last Rose/Same title Curb 10512
Vinton, Bobby(45) Love Is the Reason/Nobody B ABC Rcds 12229
Vinton, Bobby(45) My Melody of Love/I'll be L ABC Rcds 12022
Vinton, Bobby(45) She Will Survive/Same Title Tapestry 008
Vinton, Bobby(45) Polka Pose/Wooden Heart ABC Rcds12100
Vinton, Bobby(45) Wooden Heart/Wooden Heart ABC Rcds 12100
Vlasta(45) Happy PeppyP/Where's the Be Chicago P's 506
Vlasta(45) John Paul II P/John Paul II Chicago P's 487
Voelker, Jerry Wanted (A/CD) KL Rcds 68
Voelker, Jerry Bursting with Old Time(CD) None given No #
Voelker, Jerry This One's for You (CD) None given No #
Voelker, Jerry Flowing Like Fine Wine (CD) None given No #
Voelker, Jerry Most Requested (CD) None given No #
Voelker, Jerry 35 Years of Pure Music Plea None given No # (CD)
Voelker, Jerry 40 Years of Music Memories None given No # (CD)
Voelker, Jerry(45) Blanche P/I Was Always Sobe Cuca 1563
Voelker, Jerry(45) Apples, Peaches P/It's Your Cuca 1529
Voelker, Jerry(45) Josie Polka/Our Folks W. KL 61
Vogt, Kathy Zamejc The Girl Next Door (CD) None given
Vorderbruggen,  Matt Polk-A-Long Aleatoric  217
Vorderbruggen, Matt Pray with Polkas Aleatoric  CTN 216
Vorderbruggen, Matt Let's Polka Chmiel. Rcds 109
Vorderbruggen, Matt Party Time Chmiel.Rec. CRLP 110
Vorderbruggen, Matt M.V.Presents FunTime Polkas Classic Rec. CTN 2003
Vorderbruggen, Matt Half & Half (CD/CS) RY Rcdng RY 91081
Vorderbruggen, Matt The Best of M.V. (CD) RY Rcdngs RY94121CD
Vorderbruggen, Matt Push and Pull (CD) None given
Vorderbruggen, Matt(45 Grandpa John's P/Moonbeams CR 109
Vorderbruggen, Matt(45 Trzinka P/International W. None/CR2-no
Vorderbruggen, Matt(45 Antone's P/Hu Lala P. CR 110
Vrazel Polka Band Beautiful Dream (CD) Lone Star 8012
Vrazel(45) Gay Time P/Happiness W. Cen-Tex Rcds 201
Vrazel's Polka Band Polka Sounds from the Count Cen-Tex Rcds 106
Vrazel's Polka Band Greatest Hits V.1 (CD) VPB 516
Vrazel's Polka Band Greatest Hits V. 2 (CD) VPB 517
Vrazel's Polka Band Golden Sounds (CD) VPB 518
Vrazel's Polka Band Polka Celebration (CD) VPB 522
Vrazel's Polka Band Country Sounds 1966-2006(CD VPB 520 (CD)
Vrazel's Polka Band Songs from Now & Then (CD) VPB 521
Vrazel's Polka Band Greatest Hits Vol. 3 (CD) FPB 519
Vrazel's Polka Band 55 Years of Polka Happiness  
Vrazel's Polka Band Farewell Performance (CD) VPB 523
V-Tones, The The Beginning Usana VT 007
Vyhildal, Mark The Early Years MV8285
Vyhildal, Mark THis is a Test MV8285
Vyhlidal, Mark Old Time Czech Favorites(CD PCNE 2453(CD)
Vyhlidal, Mark Sweetheart Polkas (CD) PCNE 2423
Vyhlidal, Mark Czech Stylings (CD) 2624 97.09
Vyhlidal, Mark Just Doin' Our Thing (CD) none given
Vyhlidal, Mark The Earlier Years (CD) MV8285
Vyhlidal, Mark Celebrating 35 Years of Mus MV Rcdngs 2009(CD)
Wacek, Rudy Rudy Wacek: Request Favorit None given S-T108
Wagner, Babe Greetings from an Old Frien BdgtRec103A/Pl.P52-61
Wagner, Babe Collection V. 1 (CD) None given
Wagner, Babe(45) Putzig P/Old Timer's Laendl Pl.Psnt 50-61
Wagner, Babe(45) Sky Blue Waters P/My Darlin Polkaland 97
Wagner, Babe(45/78) Home Made P/Legionaires P. Polkaland 517
Wagner, Norman Chmielewski Proudly Present Chm.Funtime CRLP 201
Wagner, Walt Polk-A You, Polk-A Me(CD/CS Mojo WJW 01
Wagner, Walt I Love to Polka (CD/CS) Mojo WJW02
Wagner, Walt Raised on Polkas (CD/CS) NM21683
Wagner, Walt Giant Polkas (CD/CS) WIW 04
Wagner, Walt Polka Olio (CD) Mojo KD23797
Wahl, Leonard The Leonard Wahl Show (Walt Chmlski FuntmCRLP202
Waksmonski, Frank Concertina Favorites (CD) Rhapsody Rcds No #
Waksmonski, Frank 60 Years of Concertina Ente None given
Waksmonski, Frank From Moon, WI to the Hall o Redbird Rcdng No #
Walega, Joe More Happy Polkas Ampol Rcds 5024
Walega, Joe Hearts on Fire (CD/CS) Jowa Rcds No # given
Walega, Joe Most Requested Hits (CD/CS) Chicago Polkas 7709
Walega, Joe My Heart Belongs to Polka M Sunshine 182 (CD/CS)
Walega, Joe From the Heart (CD) Sunshine 211
Walega, Joe Hearts Are Wild (CD) JOWA Rcds 7006
Walegas(45) Sweetheart Be Mine P/Sally' Jay Jay 196
Walegas(45) Happy Hearts P/Time to Danc Jay Jay 190
Walenta, Eddie Come Dance with Me Dala 346
Walker, Charlie(45) Don't Squeeze My Charmin/Yo Epic 10174
Walker, Jeff Mexican Girl (CD/CS) RY Prod. RY 91111
Walker, Jeff Smokin' Ivories (CD/CS) RY Rec. 90034
Walker, Jeff The Best of Jeff Walker(CD) Rhapsody Pr.965(CD/CS)
Walker, Jeff Naturally (CD/CS) Rhapsody 981
Walker, Jeff Merry Christmas fr/J.W.(CD) Rhapsody Rcds No# given
Walker, Jeff Merry Christmas fr/My Famil RR 1105
Walker, Jeff Back for More Cash (CD) None given
Walker, Jeff Polka Hall of Fame 2007(CD) RP 2701
Walker, Jeff & A. J. It's a Family Tradition(CD) RR 611
Wally & His Polka Chip Happiness Is a Polka Delta Intl. 7007
Wally's Polka Chips Happiness Is a Polka Delta 7007(also under W
Wally's Polka Chips Polka Varieties Presents... Polka Varieties 7201
Walsh, Andy(45) A Lifetime of Lovin'/Play a North Star 2011
Walters, Jack Polkas for the Pickin' None given JWT 87628
Waltzes(45)Henri Rene Perfect for Dancing(ext.pla RCA Victor 1066(dbl.rcd
Waltzes, Carmen Dragon C.D.Conducts 8 of the World Capitol SP 8623
Waltzes-Arthur Fiedler Waltzes Great Moments of Mu Time Life 7007
Waltzes-Billy Vaughn Golden Waltzes Dot 25280/3280
Waltzes-Carmen Cavalla Waltzing in the Dark Decca 4356
Waltzes-Percy Faith Do I Hear a Waltz Columbia 2317
Waltzeteers, The Lend an Ear Sound Prod. 10063
Walunas, Art Babushka Dearborn 1006
Walunas, Art No Beer in Heaven Dearborn 1003
Walunas, Art Easy Squeezy Polka Dearborn 1009
Walunas, Art Babushka (7 mini rcd)" Dearborn DS7006
Walunas, Art(45) Chicken P/Scandinavian Sch. Dearborn 506
Walunas, Art(45) Christmas Tree P/Silver Bel MSK 728
Walunas, Art(45) Dutch Boy P/7 Beers with th Heartbeat 16
Walunas, Art(45) Echo Valley P/No Beer in He Dearborn 515
Walunas, Art(45) Cloverleaf P/You Call Every Heartbeat 1002
Walunas, Art(45) Babushka/Let's Dance Dearborn 541
Walunas, Art(45) Polka Sweetheart/Say Someth Musicale 125
Walunas, Art(45) Hamtramck Tax/The Other Sid AW Rcds 4215
Wanda & Stephanie Polka Party Bel-Aire 4004
Wanda & Stephanie Newest Polka Sensation Bel-Aire 4006st
Wanda & Stephanie Everyone Loves Wanda & Step Bel-Aire 4009st
Wanda & Stephanie Polka Music from the Heart Bel-Aire 4015
Wanda & Stephanie Polka Date (CD/CS) Sunshine SNCD 115
Wanda & Stephanie A Tribute to Wanda (CD/CS) Sunshine 161
Wanda & Stephanie Polka Hall of Fame Wanda Pi Sunshine 181(CD/CS)
Wanda & Stephanie The Best of Wanda & Stephan Bel Aire 6001 (CD/CS)
Wanda & Stephanie(45) Come Back My Johnny P/I'm G Bel Aire 1315
Wanda & Stephanie(45) Golden Star P/Lament Pijaka Bel Aire 1304
Wanda & Stephanie(45) Green Bridge P/Oh You Girl Bel Aire 1307
Ward, Bill Great Organ Polkas & Waltze Jay Jay 5143
Ward, Bill Corny but Cute:New P & W St Ole Tyme Artists 110
Ward, Bill(45) Baby Doll P/As Time Goes By Chicago P's 379
Ward, Bill(45) Rain Rain P/The Girl I Left Chicago P's 395
Warsaw Express, The Here Comes The Warsaw Expre Halo Rcds SHL 5017
Warsaw Serenaders(Jim Lil Wally Prsnts Merry Go R JayJay 5025
Wartgow, Gregg Polka Surge (CD/CS) Rhapsody Rcds RR992
Wartgow, Gregg Second Wind (CD) None given
Wasielewski, Matt Pride of the Jets WAM Rcds W4008
Wasielewski, Matt Sing 'n Swing WAM W4012 st
Wasielewski, Matt Polka Fans & Polka Jets WAM Rcds W4021
Wasielewski, Matt Polka Fun for Everyone WAM 4030st
Wasielewski, Matt Matt's Polka Party (CD) P J Rcds 124
Wasilewski, Eddy Rcdd Live...Polish Party Tifton 57
Wasilewski, Eddy Rcdd Live/Polish Party V.II Tifton Intl. T59
Waterloo German Band Waterloo German Band LP S 269 01
Waters, Jan & His Polk Everybody Polka Pckwck K110/IntlAK110
Waters, Jan & His Polk Party Polkas Pickwick K183
Watkowski, Ray Another One to Remember(CD) None given
Weber, Joe Beautiful Memories (CD) Jo-Al 1010
Weber, Joe Sag Mir Noch Einmal (CD) (T CD 610(Meixner)
Weber, Joe Homeland Memories (CD) None given
Weber, Tony Czech Music Ray Rcds 2808
Weber, Tony The Second Time Around Triple Crown 4008
Wee Willie Polka Joy (LP) Oxboro Ox 2024
Wee Willie Country Concertina Man JBM 26713 (CD/CS)
Wee Willie The Concertina Fiddler (CD/ JBM 32917
Wee Willie Come Dance with Us(CD/CS) JBM 29935
Wee Willie Concertina Music Box Dancer JBM 33718 (CD/CS)
Wee Willie 55 Years of Concertina Sque JBM 3630 (CD/CS)
Wee Willie Smiles Are Free (CD) JBM 371N1
Wee Willie Polkas for the Health of It JBM 38564 (CD/CS)
Wee Willie Best of Wee Willie-V.2(CD) 3382-3383
Wee Willie 50 Years of Old Time Music None given (CD)
Wee Willie Trio Live at the Galaxie (CD) None given
Wee Willie(45) Dick's Polka/Owl Waltz Little Crow 2091
Weiler, Cornie C.W.Orch.&their Dueling Acc Jomar Rcds 1086
Weingardt, Paul The Paul Weingardt Collecti None given (2CD set)
Welk, Lawrence Polkas on Parade Tradition  2111
Welk, Lawrence Pick-a-Polka(also on45ext.p Coral CRL 57067
Welk, Lawrence Pick A Polka (10 disc)" Coral CRL 56100
Welk, Lawrence At Madison Square Garden Coral 57066
Welk, Lawrence Polkas with L. Welk Dot DLP 25302
Welk, Lawrence Waltz Time Dot DLP 3499
Welk, Lawrence Waltz with Lawrence Welk Coral 57119
Welk, Lawrence Sparkling Strings Coral 57011
Welk, Lawrence Lawrence Welk Polkas Pickwick SPC 3252
Welk, Lawrence L. Welk's Polka Party Decca  DL 8213
Welk, Lawrence Music for Polka Lovers Merc.SRW16210
Welk, Lawrence Polka and Waltz Time Vocalion 73670/MCA733
Welk, Lawrence Champagne Polkas Vocalion  VL 73865
Welk, Lawrence Polkas & Other Favorites Springboard SPB4052st
Welk, Lawrence Dance Party Mercury 12119
Welk, Lawrence The Happy Wanderer DLP 25653 or 3653
Welk, Lawrence Mr. Music Maker DLP 25164
Welk, Lawrence Reminiscing (2 rcd set) Ranwood 8195
Welk, Lawrence Moments to Remember Coral 57068
Welk, Lawrence Live at Lake Tahoe(2rcd set Ranwood 10001
Welk, Lawrence Showroom Concert(showroom u DCLA 118013-1957
Welk, Lawrence The Best of L. W.(2 rcds) Decca 7-208/MCA2-4044
Welk, Lawrence TV Favorites Coral 57025
Welk, Lawrence & Fr.Ya L.Welk Plays for Dancing Rondo-lette RA20
Welk, Lawrence & Myron 24 Greatest Polkas Ranwood R2004
Welk, Lawrence(45) Barbara P/Friendly Tavern P Decca 23858
Welk, Lawrence(45) Beer Barrel P/Pennsylvania MCA 60081
Welk, Lawrence(45) Cha Cha P/I Never Should Ha Coral 62056
Welk, Lawrence(45) Clarinet P/Pound Your Table Decca 23857
Welk, Lawrence(45) Dakota P/Kit Kat Polka Mercury 70737
Welk, Lawrence(45) Helena P/Hot Pretzels Coral 61629
Welk, Lawrence(45) Jolly Coppersmith/Jenny Lin Coral 61630
Welk, Lawrence(45) Liechtensteiner P/You Know Coral 61900
Welk, Lawrence(45) My Grandfather's Clock P/Ca Dot 16161
Welk, Lawrence(45) One Note P/Lovers on the Pa Coral 61937
Welk, Lawrence(45) Tic-Tock P/Just Because P. Dot 16065
Welk, Lawrence(45) Tinker P/Emilia P. Mercury 70735
Welk, Lawrence(45) POLKAS:Laughing,Dakota,Hoop Mercury 3156(
Welk, Lawrence(45) Waltz with Lawrence Welk Coral 81157(
Welk, Lawrence(45) Guitar P/My Pretty Girl/You Decca (ext. Play ED 421
Wells, Jay & His Red Raven Orch(CD) Redbird Rcdng 0204056
Wells, Kitty(45) Heartbreak W/We'll Stick To Decca 32294
Wells, Kitty(45) Waltz of the Angels/Lonely Decca 2584(
Wende, Horst International Polka Favorit Fiesta  FLP 1276
Wende, Horst Bei Pfeiffers ist Ball:Hors Polydor 543 025
Wende, Horst Accordeon in Gold Karussell 2430250
Wende, Horst(45) Liechtensteiner P/Rosa Mari Decca 30506
Wendel, Joe Oom-Pah-Pah and Beer Sound 1081
Wendel, Joe An Evening of Gemuetlichkei Sound 1100
Wendel, Joe I Hear You Calling Sound 1123
Wendel, Joe The Best of Two Worlds S-1143
Wendel, Joe Festival Times (CD) Joe Wendel 1995
Wendel, Joe Memories of You (CD/CS) Harvest 2000
Wendinger Band Following Dreams (CD) WB 2013
Wendinger Band Miles of Smiles (CD) WB2013
Wendinger Brothers Peter & Paul Playing Twin C Czech 2222
Wendinger Brothers Sounds of Peter & Paul Cherywd 1028
Wendinger Brothers Everywhere You Go P&P Prod.P&P 1980
Wendinger Brothers Gold Tyme Memories with Pet P&P Prod.1986 (A/CD/CS)
Wendinger Brothers What Do They Do In MN(CD/CS None given
Wendinger Brothers Partners in Old Tyme(CD) G71 91 3CD
Wendinger Brothers Basically Buttons(w/Karl)(C Crystal 1065 91.4(CS/CD
Wendinger Brothers A Classic Taste o/New Ulm(C Crystal 239995.08(CD/CS
Wendinger Brothers Castle Full o/Memories(CD/C P&P 1993 68193.3
Wendinger Brothers Highways Are Happy Ways(CD/ P&P97 139797.05(CD/CS)
Wendinger Brothers Modern Melodies (CD/CS) P&PM97 114997.5
Wendinger Brothers Sometimes I Wish I Was Czec 92399.3 (CD/CS)
Wendinger Brothers Oktoberfest (Dble CD) 26699.5/26799.5
Wendinger Brothers Basicly Buttons/It's a Smal 134501.04(CD-reissue)
Wendinger Brothers Gold Tyme Memories/Brewed i None given(CD-reissue o
Wendinger Brothers Merry Go Round of Music(CD) None given
Wendinger Brothers Wind 'er Up (CD) None given
Wendinger Brothers(45) Essig P/Come Waltz with Me None given 848808
Wendingers Following Dreams (CD) None given
What Cha Call 'Ums What Cha Call 'Ums (CD/CS) Redball No# given
White Eagles, The Drink Your Troubles Away(CD NSA 222
White Eagles, The Livin' the High Life (CD) NSA 232
White Rose Band (Julie See Julie Lee  
Whiting, Margare(45) Silver Bells/Christmas Cand Capitol 3905
Whitman, Slim Red River Valley Liberty 10033
Whoope John(45) Minneapolis P/St. Paul W. Decca 30497
Whoopee John St. Paul Dispatch BldgV.10 Volume 10 (CD)
Whoopee John Band at Occident Feed V.11 Volume 11 (CD)
Whoopee John Schmidt Polka Party V.12(CD Volume 12 (CD)
Whoopee John St. Paul Dispatch BldgV.13 Volume 13 (CD)
Whoopee John Polka Party American House Volume 14 (CD)
Whoopee John Stott Briquets V. 15 (CD) Volume 15 (CD)
Whoopee John Stott Briquets V.16 (CD) Volume 16 (CD)
Whoopee John Stott Briquets,MN State Fai Volume 17 (CD)
Whoopee John Schmidt Polka Party-America Volume 18 (CD)
Whoopee John Riviera Ballroom V.19(CD) Volume 19 (CD)
Whoopee John Polka Party Amer.Hs.V.20) ( Volume 20 (CD)
Whoopee John Marigold Ballroom V.22 (CD) Volume 22 (CD)
Whoopee John Whoopee John the Polka Popp Decca DL 74068/4068
Whoopee John Wh.Jhn Wilfahrt's Golden Fa Decca DL 74139
Whoopee John Polkas,Wltzs,Sch.Butterfly Decca DL 4298
Whoopee John All-Time Old-Time Decca DL 74426
Whoopee John Old Time Dance Party Decca DL 74534
Whoopee John Old Time - Hit Time Decca DL 74648
Whoopee John No Beer in Heaven Decca DL 74801
Whoopee John Happy Time In that Old Time Decca DL 75021
Whoopee John POLKAS  (10 Album)" Decca DL 5236
Whoopee John Dance Night w/Wh.John Wilfa Decca DL 8430
Whoopee John Waltz with Whoopee Decca DL 8784
Whoopee John Polkas and Waltzes Decca DL 78907
Whoopee John It Takes Two to Polka Decca DL 8971
Whoopee John Old Time Good Time P.,W.&Sc VocalionVL3744/73744
Whoopee John Old Time Special Vocalion VL 73806
Whoopee John The Original W.J.B. Collect Polka City 702
Whoopee John The Original W.J.B. Collect Polka City 703
Whoopee John The Original W.J.B. Collect Polka City  704
Whoopee John The Original W.J.B. Collect Polka City 705
Whoopee John Whoopee John Enters the Pol Polka City 373(2RS)
Whoopee John Whoopee John's 40 Greatest Polka City 380(2RS)
Whoopee John Whoopee John's 40 Polkas & Polka City 383(2RS)
Whoopee John Waltz w/Whoopee-40 Waltzes Polka City 385(2RS)
Whoopee John The Best o/W.J.Wilfahrt(2RS MCA Rcds 2-4015(2RS)
Whoopee John CD #1 CD#1
Whoopee John CD #2 CD#2
Whoopee John CD #3 CD#3
Whoopee John CD #4 CD#4
Whoopee John CD #5 CD#5
Whoopee John CD #6 CD#6
Whoopee John CD #7 CD#7
Whoopee John The Whoopee John Story (CD) Polka City 1004-2(Holla
Whoopee John Live from the Avalon Ballro None given
Whoopee John Novelty Tunes(1of3)(CD) Volume 24
Whoopee John Novelty Tunes(2of3)(CD) Volume 25
Whoopee John Twin City WCTN V.21(CD) Volume 21 (CD)
Whoopee John Novelty Tunes(3of3)(CD) Volume 26
Whoopee John In Celebration of Johnny Sc Volume 28
Whoopee John (CD) Fairmont Centennial Radio S Dates: 10/10/57&3/3/52
Whoopee John(45) Tanta AnnaP/Mariechen W. P. City 4545
Whoopee John(45) O Susanna Sch/Dorfmusik W. Decca 25554
Whoopee John(45) Somewhere My Love W/Chitty Decca 25746
Whoopee John(45) Colonel Bogey P/In Heaven t Decca 45177
Whoopee John(45) West Wind P/Concertina W. Decca 45179
Whoopee John(45) Agnes Polka/Vagabond Polka Decca 29010
Whoopee John(45) Banjo Polka/Sweet Harriet S Decca 29714
Whoopee John(45) Barbara P/Dakota Waltz Decca 45148
Whoopee John(45) Barnyard Blues P/Greet the Decca 31060
Whoopee John(45) Beer & Pretzels P/Starlight Decca 28427
Whoopee John(45) Blue Eyes P/Norwegian Sch. Decca 45000
Whoopee John(45) Bohemian Forest P/Kuckler's Decca 45152
Whoopee John(45) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang/Lar Decca 25726
Whoopee John(45) Clarinet Polka/Swedish W. Decca 45022
Whoopee John(45) Don't Be Cross P/I Miss You Decca 29988
Whoopee John(45) The Dove P/Don't Drop Those Decca 30103
Whoopee John(45) E Flat, A Flat P/Foundling Decca 45159
Whoopee John(45) Elsie Schultzenheim P/Banjo Decca 28896
Whoopee John(45) Helena P/Holzauction Sch. Decca 45021
Whoopee John(45) Jet P/Rock & Roll to the Ro Decca 30427
Whoopee John(45) Johan Pa Snippen & Nikolina Decca 31251
Whoopee John(45) Let's Polka:Wolf P/Bass P/H Decca 2375(
Whoopee John(45) Lindenau P/Dutch Lullaby W. Decca 30921
Whoopee John(45) Little Bad Boy P/It Took Me Decca 29799
Whoopee John(45) Little Brown Jug Sch/Prune Decca 25603
Whoopee John(45) Long John P/Steirischer Lae Decca 28068
Whoopee John(45) Mary Lou P/Dream of Heaven Decca 45143
Whoopee John(45) Mello-Melody/Pepper Upper P Decca 29265
Whoopee John(45) Metro P/First Love W. Decca 45131
Whoopee John(45) Minnesota P/Mariechen W. Decca 45071
Whoopee John(45) More Wine, Fraulein/I Vish Decca 29171
Whoopee John(45) Nanda P/Come Wet Your Musta Decca 30357
Whoopee John(45) New Ulm P/When the Sun Come Decca 28663
Whoopee John(45) Clarinet Sch/O Susanna Sch. Decca 45058
Whoopee John(45) On Our Porch P/I Wish I Was Decca 30287
Whoopee John(45) Peanuts P/Schatzie P. Decca 25675
Whoopee John(45) Ping Pong P/Red Raven W. Decca 25682
Whoopee John(45) Pinky's P/Clariechen Laendl Decca 30215
Whoopee John(45) Poopsie P/Anglers W. Decca 29463
Whoopee John(45) Repeat P/No No Polka DEcca 45012
Whoopee John(45) Dutch Stomp Sch/Ring the Ba Decca 76223
Whoopee John(45) Romeo Mazuka/Out of Sight S Decca 28354
Whoopee John(45) Sugarbush P/Sailor's W. Decca 28761
Whoopee John(45) Bass P/Jenny P. Decca 45002
Whoopee John(45) Under the Bridge P/Milwauke Decca 28531
Whoopee John(45) Unita P/Favorite Polka Decca 45009
Whoopee John(45) West Wind P/Sing Ach Du Li" Decca 30620
Whoopee John(45) West Wind P/Concertina W. DEcca 45179
Whoopee John(45) When Otto Plays a P/Monday Decca 29676
Whoopee John(45) Wolf Polka/Playtime W. Decca45007
Whoopee John(45) Whoop It Up:Blue EyesP/Tula Decca 2161(ext.Play)
Whoopee John(45) Ext.Play:MN P/Beer & Pretze Decca 2484
Whoopee John(45) Minneapolis P/St. Paul W. Decca 30497
Wickman, Dick Dick Wickman Plays Polkas Wick Rcds 203
Wilke, Norm See Little Fishermen  
Wilke, Norm(45) Lady Lou P/Alpine Laendler Pl.Psnt 25-61
Wilke, Norm(45) Merry Melody P/The State W. North Star 2021
Wilke, Norm(45) Red Wing P/Chicago Waltz North Star 2005
Wilke, Norm(45) Tap The Barrel Sch/Kraser W North Star 2010
Wilke, Norm(45) Ellen Polka/Wie Gehte Laend Joco 501
Will, Bill The Happy Sounds o/t B.W.Ba Audiophile APS 5962
Will, Bill POLKAS in Percussion Concert-DiscS52/M1052
Willie, Willard & Wilb Blues P/Clumsy P. Dana 3229
Willis, Vic Trio(45) Last Cheater's W/I Couln't First Generation 008
Winard, Jeff With Pleasure HG-5018
Winard, Jeff Festival Favorites (CD/CS) PP5009 Vol.1
Winard, Jeff Thanks for the Memories(CD/ None given
Winard, Jeff Polka Paradise (CD/CS) none given
Winard, Jeff A Musical Reunion (CD) None given
Winard, Jeff My Favorite Polka (CD) None given
Winard, Jeff Wonderful World of Music(CD None given 2008 (CD)
Winard, Jeff(45) Andy's Jolly Hop/Old Milwau Bright 8412
Windy City Brass All I Ever Need Is You P/Ha Archer 1503
Windy City Brass Keeps on Singin' Archer 3304
Windy City Hot Shots Teddy Bear/Autumn Love Balkan 6033
Winterhalter, Hugo H. W. Goes Gypsy RCA Victor 2167
Wisneiwski, Gene(45) Helcia P/Czarownica P/Chodz Dana 70 (Ext.Play)
Wisniewski, Gene Sings Folk Music fr/Poland Dala Rcds 339
Wisniewski, Gene Open the Door Polka Dana 1204
Wisniewski, Gene Memories of Warsaw, vol. 2 Dala Rcds 337
Wisniewski, Gene The Early Hits (CD/CS) Dala 345
Wisniewski, Gene Polka Dana 1221
Wisniewski, Gene Cuban Polka Dana 1223
Wisniewski, Gene Beautiful Doll Polka Dana 1235
Wisniewski, Gene Tick Tock Polka Dana 1247
Wisniewski, Gene Melody Cruise Dana 1250
Wisniewski, Gene Dla Polonji Dana 1255
Wisniewski, Gene Polka (2RS) Dana D598-22
Wisniewski, Gene Polskie Dziewczynki (Polish Dana 1272
Wisniewski, Gene Pretty Polka Girls (2RS) Dana D598-7
Wisniewski, Gene Lichtensteiner Polka Dana 1263
Wisniewski, Gene By Request (CD) Dala 347
Wisniewski, Gene Let's Have a Polka Party (2 Dana 598-1
Wisniewski, Gene Reminiscing (CD) Dala 346
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Can Can Girl P/Tic Tock P. Dana 2068
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Chantez Chantez/No Money No Dana 2120
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Herbata Z Rumeckiem/Dobrano Dana 818
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Plynie Potok Obk/Gleboka St Dana 740
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Satellite P/Stolen Kiss Obk Dana 3277
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Blonde Secretary P/Cuban P. Dana 3242
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Heel & Toe P/Eldorado Obk. Dana 3256
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Jack Pot P/Footloose Obk. Dana 3231
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Monday Morning P/Day of the Dala 507
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Kiss Me Kid P/Rock & Roll P Dana 3223
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Soldier Boy P/American Patr Dana 73( di
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Tom Tom P/Gas Pipe P/Beer B Dana 77(
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Rock & Rye P/Wedding March Dana 10008
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Golegie/Za Ebru Fala/Dobran Dana 84(Ext. Play)
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Patty P/Wagon Wheels P/Bowl Dana 119(
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Chodzcie Chlopcy P/Niebiesk Dana 588
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Cuddles P/Wedding Anniversa Dana 3211
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Czego Ty Placzesa P/Naokolo Dana 807(red disc)
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Dziewczyna Dziewczyna/Marys Dana 820
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Emilia P/Friendly Tavern P. Dana 10003
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Jenny P/Hallelujah P. Dana 2108
Wisniewski, Gene(45) My Fanny P/Open the Door P. Dana 2145
Wisniewski, Gene(45) New Moon P/Melody Cruise W. Dana 3269
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Pixie P/Dunkirk Rheinlander Dala 5199
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Polka! Polka! Polka!/Z Broo Dana 691
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Thunder & Blazes P/The Moon Dana 3127(red disc)
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Gas Pipe P/Tom Tom P. Dana 3143
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Helcia P/Dobranoc, Irenko W Dana 705
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Dorothy P/Po Balu Tym W. Dala 504
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Gloria P/Gleboka Studzienka Dana 10019
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Otworz Drzwi P/Chodzcie Chl Dana 10017
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Tick Tock P/Open the Door P Dana 10010
Wisniewski, Gene(45) Cavalcade P/Falcon P. Dana 3196
Witkowski, Bernie Three Hobos-Trzy Galgany Stella 974
Witkowski, Bernie Warszawiaki Stella 976
Witkowski, Bernie Polskie Piosenki Ludowe (Po Dana 1241
Witkowski, Bernie Bingo Polka Dana 1251
Witkowski, Bernie World's Greatest Polka Band Stella 900
Witkowski, Bernie Polkatively Yours Stella 904
Witkowski, Bernie B.Witkowski Orchestra Stella 910
Witkowski, Bernie Society Dance Music Stella 912
Witkowski, Bernie Polski Piknik Stella 921
Witkowski, Bernie Polka Favorites Stella 928
Witkowski, Bernie The Farmer's Daughter Stella 918
Witkowski, Bernie Kissin' Polkas Stella 930
Witkowski, Bernie Echa Z Polski Stella 933
Witkowski, Bernie Polska Zabawa(Polish Party Stella 934
Witkowski, Bernie Chicken Hop Polka Stella 935
Witkowski, Bernie 12 Polka Figure Dances Stella 938
Witkowski, Bernie Polka Fun(Esp.for Teenagers Stella 941
Witkowski, Bernie The Bernie Witkowski Orches Stella 946
Witkowski, Bernie Polska Muzyka i Spiew(Polis Stella 950
Witkowski, Bernie The Best of Bernie Witkowsk Stella 955
Witkowski, Bernie Barrels Full of Polkas Stella 966 (also 8 trck
Witkowski, Bernie Polka House Party Stella 969
Witkowski, Bernie Big Band Sound Stella 971
Witkowski, Bernie Polskie Kwiaty Stella 963
Witkowski, Bernie Guys and Dolls Stella 925
Witkowski, Bernie Big Band Sound Stella 721
Witkowski, Bernie Po Naszemu Stella 977
Witkowski, Bernie World's Greatest Polka Band None given (CD) reissue
Witkowski, Bernie & Le Polskie Kalboje Stella 977
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Let's Polka to B.W:Side by Stella 128(
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Goodbye Rozum P/Spiewajmy W Stella 712
Witkowski, Bernie(45) My Mama Tol Me P/Searching Stella 2090
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Rockin' the Czardas/Rockin' Stella 2059
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Sunnyside Up P/Teenager's P Stella 2089
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Polka Hop/Pinochle P/Silver Stella 123(
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Beer Party/Chicago Express/ Stella 126(
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Chicago Express P/Clarinet Stella 2043
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Przyjechalen Z Kraju P/Za G Stella 2066
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Taksowka P/Oj Stawaj Synowa RCA Victor 0008(blue di
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Popular Polish Tangos Stella 136(
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Brooklyn Bridge P/Bottoms U Stella 2045
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Dance of the Shepherds/Krak Stella 2037
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Duck Huntin' P/Clarinet P. Stella 2006
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Dy Dy Dy/Polka Hit Parade Stella 2105
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Farmer's Daughter P/The Pol Stella 2023
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Gina Gina/Wesele Anielei Stella 2095
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Hot Dog P/Squeeze Box Obk. Stella 2029
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Beauty Contest P/White Mazu Dana 3064
Witkowski, Bernie(45) My Tillie P/She Likes Kielb Stella 2094
Witkowski, Bernie(45) New York City Obk/Wine,Wome Stella 2096
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Nightingale P/What's Up Doc Stella 2102
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Oh Mama P/The Happy Artist Stella 2058
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Polanka P/Harmonica Joe P. Stella 2114
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Przyjechalem Z Kraju P/Za G Stella 2066
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Rockin' The Czardas/Rockin' Stella 2059
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Shave & A Haircut P/The Kis Stella 2044
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Take the GG" Train/The Gra" Stella 2115
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Taksowka P/Oj Stawaj Stnowa RCA Victor 0008(blue di
Witkowski, Bernie(45) White Christmas/Santa Claus Stella 2063
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Why Not?/High Button Shoes Stella 2119
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Zosia P/Moj Stasiu W. Stella 2097
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Locomotive P/Pocahontas P. Stella 402
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Top P/Saturday Night P. Dana 3173
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Maryska P/Konik Maly P. Stella 2101
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Marianne Sings w...Cowboy P Stella EP 127
Witkowski, Bernie(45) Julida P/Doodle Dee P. Stella 2057
Witkowski, Bernie/CT T Polka Stella 936
Witkowski, Clare Drink, Sing & Dance Togethe Dearborn 1000 Mono.
Witkowski, Clare Favorite Polkas Kapp 3033/1150
Witkowski, Clare Everybody Dance! Polish Dan Kapp KS 3016/LP1134
Witkowski, Clare Polish Dance Music in Stere KAPP KS-3016
Witkowski, Clare(45) Wi Wa Ty Sto Lat/Czesiu's O Dearborn 502
Witucki, Dan Polka Punks Triple Crown JR 2021
Witucki, Dan Morning Sky Genaro Prod. DW 82
Witucki, Dan Deutsche Shall Platten Jo-Al 1024
Witucki, Dan Dance Hall Special Jo-Al 1025
Witucki, Dan Fur Euch Liebe Freunde(CD) DW 98A 1998
Witucki, Dan Mein Heimatland (CD) DW 2523
Witucki, Dan Cafe Haus Musik (CD) 9538
Witucki, Dan The Classics (CD) None given
Witucki, Dan Now And Then (CD) None given
Wojcik, Eddie Choo-Choo Polka Chicago Rcds 511
Wojcik, Eddie One Dozen Polka Tunes Chicago Rcds 517
Wojcik, Eddie The E.Wojcik Orch. on WGN Chicago Rcds 1500
Wojcik, Eddie(45) River P/Congratulations P. Chicago P's 352
Wojcik, Eddie(45) Santa Claus P/Happy New Yea Royal 1126/Chic.P's363
Wojcik, Eddie(45) Barbara P/Helena P. Royal Rcds 1010
Wojcik, Eddie(45) Sparkles P/Violins Play for Chicago P's233(edge chi
Wojcik, Eddie(45) Sparrow P/Green Peas Decca 30133
Wojcik, Eddie(45) Choo Choo P/Farmer's Hop Royal Rcds 1103(red dis
Wojnar, Jan Sentimental Journey to Pola Monitor 605
Wojnarowski, Frank Polish Polka Rim 1045
Wojnarowski, Frank Come Home Silverbell 10163
Wojnarowski, Frank Dream Polka Dana 1210
Wojnarowski, Frank King of the Polka Dana 1217
Wojnarowski, Frank Helen Polka Dana 1227
Wojnarowski, Frank Ferry Boat Polka Dana 1220
Wojnarowski, Frank Polish Melodies Dana 1234
Wojnarowski, Frank Time for Polka Dana 1239
Wojnarowski, Frank Polish Song Album Dana 1249
Wojnarowski, Frank Matka Dana 1295
Wojnarowski, Frank Polkas Czardasz Obereks Dana 1254
Wojnarowski, Frank Polskie Piosenki Dana 1267
Wojnarowski, Frank Hula-Hoop Polka Dana 1268
Wojnarowski, Frank Polska Wies (Polish Village Dana 1275
Wojnarowski, Frank Polka Rock Dana 1279
Wojnarowski, Frank Polka Party with Frank Dana 1284
Wojnarowski, Frank Pic-A-Polka T.V. Show Dana 1299
Wojnarowski, Frank Polish Melody Time Dyno 1615
Wojnarowski, Frank Goralu Goralu Dyno 1627/Silverbell 10
Wojnarowski, Frank Matka Dyno 1635
Wojnarowski, Frank Ladne Buzie Dana 1300
Wojnarowski, Frank The Golden Hits of F.W.(2RS Dana D598-3
Wojnarowski, Frank Dobra Mamcia (Good Mother) Dana 1306
Wojnarowski, Frank Songs for Mother (2RS) Dana 598-6
Wojnarowski, Frank Polka with Frank Wojnarowsk Dana 598-10
Wojnarowski, Frank The Best of Frank Wojnarows Dyno CD 1655 (CD)
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Robin P/Quiz P. Dana  3144
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Wolf,Wolf P/Goral P. Dana 104
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Smooth Ride P/What a Day P Dana 3234
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Far Far Away P/First Love O Dana 3259
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Hula Hoop P/Fantasy Tango Dana 3280
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Ja Cie Kocham P/Dzis Obk. Dana 837
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Melody P/Blue Roses P. Dana 3222
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Monday Morning P/Zielony Ka Rom 10107
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Polish P/Happy People P. Rim 10109
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Polka King P/Broke but Happ Dana 3177
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Tylko Dla Ciebie P/Matczyne Dana 775
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Nie Mow Nie P/Modra Rzeka O Dana 841
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Niech Ci Kupi P/Maryna, Got Dana 844
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Hu La La P/Zebys Byla Moja Dana 524
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Honey P/Bohemian P/Permit M Dana 112 (Ext.Play)
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) My Boy P/New World Czardasz Dana 3271
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Siwy Kon P/Jak Szybko Mijaj Dana 517
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Dark Bell P/White W. Dana 3258
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Girl in Love P/Darling W. Dana 2118
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Jolly Boy P/Medley of W's. Dana 3241
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Off We Go P/Peacock Feather Dana 3179
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Once W/Mother W. Dana 2138
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Zly Josia P/Bassie P. Dana 771
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Ha Ha P/Father Forbade Me P Dana 3290
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) I Love Julida P/Who's Girl Dana 10011
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Old Kazoo P/Polka Rock Dana 2130
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Powiedz Mi P/Oj, Siano, Sia Dana 694
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Sweet Apple P/Wrap Around O Dana 3254
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Dobra Mamcia P/Tam W Poznan Dana 739
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Kocham Cie Coraz Wiecej P/S Dana 822
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Honey P/Victoria Obk. Dana 3084
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Maly Domek P/Na Srodku P. Dana 821
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Szczesliwa Wanda P/Dwa Gola Dana 827
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Mloda Zona Obk/Matka W. Dana 842
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Jeszie Boat P/Goral P/Rose Dana 50(ext.Play)
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Toledo P/I Love Julida P. Dana 2014
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Helena P/Quiz P/Robin P/Cla Dana 76(
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Cium Cium P//zakochana Dzie Dana 10020
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Goral P/Jasiu Jasiu W. Dana 10015
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Biedna Dziewczyna P/W Malej Dana 789
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Jedzie Boat P/Hu La La P. Dana 10014
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Bassie P/White Horse Obk. Dana 3096
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Sundown P/Always Happy Obk. Dana 3041
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Maryna P/Kochaj Mnie Obk. Dana 751
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Stolarz P/Moja Zosia P. Dana 834
Wojnarowski, Frank(45) Dream P/Jay-Cee P. Dana 3228
Wojtila, Don Polka Lovin' Gal (CD) Ppprmnt 5024
Wojtila, Don Polkas on Broadway (CD) Ppprmnt 5070
Wokalny, Zespol Sto Lat! Polish Family Song Melodia SLPM 1060
Wolcheck, Steve Polka Party C4006
Wolczak, Walter(45) Ambassador's P/Red Skirt P. Piknik 1008
Wolczak, Walter(45) Popular P/On the Ship P. Piknik 1007
Wolowic, Stan It's Polka Time ABC Paramount 151
Wolowic, Stan Stan Wolowic and the Polka ABC Paramount 204
Wolowic, Stan Stan W. &the Polka Chips Paramount ABC 215
Wolowic, Stan Stash! ABC Paramnt ABC 275
Wolowic, Stan They All Dance the Polka Capitol T 1766
Wolowic, Stan The Million Seller Polkas Capitol ST 1382
Wolowic, Stan Sixteen Great Polkas ABC Rcds. 748
Wolowic, Stan The Greatest Band in Polka Capitol 1283
Wolowic, Stan(45) My Baby P/June Night W. ABC Paramount 9766
Wolowic, Stan(45) Red Wine P/My Beautiful Gir ABC Paramount 9825
Wolowic, Stan(45) Whoo Pie Shoo Pie/Dreamy Fi ABC Paramount 9728
Wolowic, Stan(45) It's Polka Time/Hosa Dyna P ABC Paramount 151(
Wolowic, Stan(45) Helen,Helen,Helen/Springtim ABC Paramount204 V.2(ex
Wolowic, Stan(45) Greatest Band in Polkaland: Capitol 1283(
Wolowic, Stan(45) Jo Ann P/Peasant W/I Know I ABC Paramount215(
Wolpertinger, Die Ohne Musi geht nix (CD) DW 100
Wood, Del(45) Back Room P/Ragtime Annie Republic 7057
Wood, Del(45) Home Sweet Home/That Naught RCA Victor 6080
Woodhull Old Tyme Mast The Bum Song/Bloom on the S RCA Victor 0155(green d
Woodruff's Old Tyme Ma The Bum Song/Bloom on the S RCA Victor 0155
Wosloski, Stanley Polka Coronet CX-86-A
Wosloski, Stanley It's Polka Time Coronet CXS 190
Wretschko, Dave Cleveland Style Polkas and Fun Time 771046
Wunder-Bars, The Wunderful Tunes KL Rcdng 57
Wurlitzer Piano Orches Toe Tappin' Melodies of the Concert Rcdng 107
Wygant, Dale Plays Scandinavian (CD) DYW01
Wygant, Dale Plays Brazilian (CD) DWY02
Wygant, Dale Plays Old Time Favorites(CD DWY03
Wygant, Dale Plays Polish (CD) DWY04
Wyte, Bernie Pennsylvania Polka Dana 1205
Wyte, Bernie Soft & Light by Bernie Wyte Stella 912
Wyte, Bernie Guys and Dolls Stella 925
Wyte, Bernie On a World Tour Stella 956
Wyte, Bernie(45) Pennsylvania P/Cuckoo W. Dana 10024
Wyte, Bernie(45) Hot Pretzels/Beer Barrel P. RCA Victor 0148
Wyte, Bernie(45) Herr Schmidt P/Cuckoo W. Dana 3132
Wyte, Bernie(45) Finger P/Cocoanut P. Standard 45119
Wyte, Bernie(45) Puttin' on the Ritz P/We Lo Stella 6000
Wyte, Bernie(45) Charlie's Got a Girl/Polish Stella 2100
Wyte, Bernie(45) Dancing Concertina/Clarinet Stella 2065
Wyte, Bernie(45) Mexican P/Joe the Shmo Stella 2103
Wyte, Bernie(45) Once in Awhile/But Beautifu Stella 401
Wyte, Bernie(45) Beer Barrel P/Woody Woodpec Dana 10004
Yankovic, Frank Let's Polka(cover)Polka Mel Remington 520(10disc)"
Yankovic, Frank Frank Yankovic (10 disc)" Remington RLP 1026
Yankovic, Frank Toe Tappin' Tempi(w/L.Welk) Allegro 1719
Yankovic, Frank F.Y.& Other Polka Stars(Zem Paris Rcd # 6
Yankovic, Frank P.Favs.f/Everyone(w/Buddy K Galaxy 2DP733-2/Design
Yankovic, Frankie Polka Parade (10 disc)" Columbia FL 9528/CL6314
Yankovic, Frankie Polka Party(Side2-Victor Ze Palace PST 704
Yankovic, Frankie The Early Years,V's 1,2,3(3 (CS or CD sets of 3)SN1
Yankovic, Frankie Frankie Yankovic's Polka Pa Col.638/Mstrs1RC5009
Yankovic, Frankie It's Polka Night Columbia CL 974
Yankovic, Frankie Frankie Yankovic's TV Polka Columbia CL 1038
Yankovic, Frankie Let's Polka(side 2:Zembrusk Palace 818
Yankovic, Frankie Polkas in Hi Fi! Columbia 1146
Yankovic, Frankie Polka Hop, Yankovic Style Columbia 1281
Yankovic, Frankie Friendly Tavern Polkas Columbia 1551/CS8351
Yankovic, Frankie Happy Polkas & Dreamy Waltz Col.CS 8420/CL1620
Yankovic, Frankie America's Polka King in Per Colmbia Cs8538/CL1738
Yankovic, Frankie The Greatest Polka Sound Ar Clmbia-CL1804-CS8604
Yankovic, Frankie Your Favorite Polkas Columbia 1952/8750
Yankovic, Frankie Happy Time Polkas Columbia 2335/9135
Yankovic, Frankie Movie-Time Polkas Columbia 2480
Yankovic, Frankie Polkas & W. Just for Fun Columbia 2423/9223
Yankovic, Frankie Beers 'n' Cheers Columbia 2562/9362
Yankovic, Frankie The All-Time Great Waltzes Columbia 1443/8239
Yankovic, Frankie Who Stole the Keeshka? Clmbia 2001/CS 8801
Yankovic, Frankie Dancing 'Round the World Columbia 2095/CS 8895
Yankovic, Frankie Sat. Night Polka Party Clmbia2759/CS 9559
Yankovic, Frankie Polka My Way Columbia CS 9685
Yankovic, Frankie Polka! Design DLP205
Yankovic, Frankie HoopDeeDoo & Other Favorite Harmony 7455/HS11255
Yankovic, Frankie Favorite Polkas & Waltzes Harmony 11375
Yankovic, Frankie Just Because & Other Favori Harmony 31255
Yankovic, Frankie The Dancingest Polkas Aroun Hrmny32431/Col.13516
Yankovic, Frankie Just Another Polka!(10)" Columbia CL 2580
Yankovic, Frankie Polka, Anyone? (10 disc)" Columbia 2524
Yankovic, Frankie Polka Variety w/F.Yankovic RCA 3915
Yankovic, Frankie Yankovic's Favorite Polkas RCA 4033
Yankovic, Frankie Polka Dots RCA Victor LSP 4182
Yankovic, Frankie Polka Parade w/J.Vadnal Camay Rec. CA 3021
Yankovic, Frankie F.Y. Plays Just for You V Records 8009
Yankovic, Frankie The Best of Frankie Yankovi Polka City 212
Yankovic, Frankie 40 Polkas & Waltzes (2RS) Polka City 381
Yankovic, Frankie 40 Great Waltzes (2RS) Polka City 386
Yankovic, Frankie Fr. Y. Plays Everyone's Fav Polka City 390(2RS)(CD:
Yankovic, Frankie Polkas for Dancing (2RS) Polka City 403
Yankovic, Frankie Fr. Yankovic the Polka King Polka City 701
Yankovic, Frankie Christmas Memories Cleveland Intl 10002
Yankovic, Frankie Really Hooked on Polkas Polka City 8002
Yankovic, Frankie Super Polka Volume 2 TeeVee Prod. TV1020
Yankovic, Frankie The Greatest Requests of F. Wstrn Wrld Music501
Yankovic, Frankie F. Yankovic's 16 Favorite P ABC Rec. ABCD 873
Yankovic, Frankie All Time Hits by...(10LP)" Columbia CL6303/FL9503
Yankovic, Frankie A Yankovic Dance Party RCA 4087/ANL1-1922
Yankovic, Frankie Featuring the Great Johnny Polka City 1043-2(CD/CS
Yankovic, Frankie Christmas Party Clmbia9053/2253/11186
Yankovic, Frankie Plays the Hits (CD/CS) Polka City 1046-2
Yankovic, Frankie Fr.Y.-Blue Skirt W.;Fav.W's Harmony 3049
Yankovic, Frankie F.Y.& His Yanks Greatest Hi Columbia CS9287/2487
Yankovic, Frankie Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (CD) Polka City 1013
Yankovic, Frankie The Great One (CD/CS) Polka City 1050-2
Yankovic, Frankie Polka Time RCA 4252
Yankovic, Frankie King of Polka(CD/CS) Polka City 1051-2
Yankovic, Frankie His Greatest Hits (2rcd set Good Music P2-19214/P-1
Yankovic, Frankie 60th Anniv. Greatest Hits(C Holland: Ross 6655-2
Yankovic, Frankie 48 Polka & Waltz Medley(CD) Holland: Ross 6626-2
Yankovic, Frankie One More Time (CD) Crescendo 2217
Yankovic, Frankie The Complete Standard Trans Soundies 4106(2CD set)
Yankovic, Frankie Buttonbox Favorites (CD) Polka City 1067-2
Yankovic, Frankie Plays Polka Hits (CD) Polka City 1053
Yankovic, Frankie The Happy Wanderer (CD/CS) Sony BT 23327(Both 4 sa
Yankovic, Frankie Greatest Hits (CD) Polka City 1043-2
Yankovic, Frankie Frankie Yankovic & His Yank Polka City 1040-2(CD)
Yankovic, Frankie More Polkas & Waltzes (CD) Polka City 1045-2
Yankovic, Frankie Greatest Polka Hits (CD) RCA 07863 67933-2
Yankovic, Frankie & Do Live on the Big Joe Polka S CD/DVD 2007
Yankovic, Frankie & Fr Songs o/t Polka King V.2(CD Clvlnd Intl Rcds 1017-2
Yankovic, Frankie & Fr Songs o/t Polka King(CD/CS) Clvlnd Intl Rcds 1015-2
Yankovic, Frankie & L. 14 Great Polka Hits Trolley Car 5016
Yankovic, Frankie & L. L.Welk Plays for Dancing Ft Rondo-lette A20/Galaxy
Yankovic, Frankie & Th Polkas by Frankie Yankovic Rondo Rec. RS2003
Yankovic, Frankie & W. One Last Time (CD) MME 70022-2
Yankovic, Frankie & Wa The Two of Us (CD) Sunshine 244
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Polka Marie P/Josef Palians Columbia 42838
Yankovic, Frankie(45) My Mary P/Andrea's W. Columbia 40552
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Old Oklahoma W/Tie a String Columbia 4112
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Tick Tock P/Blue Eyes Cryin V Rcds 506
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Just for you P/Gone Away W. WstrnWrldMsc 5508
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Polish power P/Sing Da-Ye-N ABC Rcds 12081
Yankovic, Frankie(45) There's No Joy Left Now In Columbia 4-43672
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Baby Doll P/Ja Sam Majko P. Columbia 4-43117
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Just Because P/Lichtenstein V Rcds 508
Yankovic, Frankie(45) All Time Hits(2rcds-8slctns Columbia B-360(
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Waltz Favorites(4 slctns) Columbia B 1652
Yankovic, Frankie(45) F.Y's Polka Party(4 slctns) Columbia B 1992(ext.pla
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Frankie Yankovic (4 slctns) Columbia B 2548(ext.pla
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Bar Room P/Hey Baba Reba P. RCA Victor 47-9469
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Blonde Sailor/Only You Columbia 39630
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Bruno's P/ P.T.A. Polka Columbia 41960
Yankovic, Frankie(45) The Butcher Boy/Smile Sweet Columbia 39694
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Bye Bye My Baby P/St. Berna Columbia 12528
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Carol Ann P/St. Louis P. Columbia 41657
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Charlie Was a Boxer/Just Be Columbia 12527
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Cheers, Beers & Tears/Saigo Columbia 43596
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Chicagoland Twirl P/Diane W Columbia 40816
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Chop Suey P/Roseann P. Columbia 41232
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Crying P/Sunset Valley P. Columbia 40203
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Daisy P/Herkulovic W. Continental 036
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Dance Dance Dance/Goodnight Columbia 40520
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Dance Little Bird/Sweet Nea P.City 4500
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Dancing with Alice/Last Tim Columbia 43400
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Duluth P/Until You Came to Columbia 40171
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Felicia No Capicia/Josephin Columbia 39960
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Flemish P/I.O.U. Polka Columbia 40678
Yankovic, Frankie(45) The Happy P/Next Time Aroun Columbia 41412
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Happy Wanderer P/Geraldine V Rcds 507
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Henrietta P/I'm Dreaming Crescendo 842
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Hey, Mr. Banjo P/Pretty Mus Columbia 40506
Yankovic, Frankie(45) I'll Wait for You/You'll Be One M Rcds 1102
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Jing A Ling/There'll Always Columbia 43173
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Johnny's P/Beautiful Rose Columbia 40722
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Just Because P/Blue Skirt W Columbia 33050
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Kringleville P/You & Me Columbia 42010
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Let's Go Skiing/Teach Me Ho Columbia 43863
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Mark P/Remember Dear Columbia 40114
Yankovic, Frankie(45) My Favorite P/Let's Be Sent Columbia 40950
Yankovic, Frankie(45) My Girl Friend Julayda/The Columbia 39116
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Old Family Album/Who Stole Columbia 42680
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Old Milwaukee P/Summer Nigh One M 1103
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Once a Year Day/June W. Columbia 40247
Yankovic, Frankie(45) One Note P/Sing a Yodeling Columbia 40637
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Pittsburgh P/Neapolitan Nig Columbia 40282
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Pocatello P/Anniversary W. Columbia 42181
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Polka Pal P/Wondering W. Columbia 40740
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Red Wing/I've Got a Wife Columbia 41806
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Robbie's P/A Thing of Beaut Columbia 41169
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Rosa Rosa Nina/Moonlight W. Columbia 41457
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Roseann P.#2/Over the 3 Mou Columbia 41303
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Silk Umbrella P/My Sweethea Columbia 42527
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Skylark P/Alpine Climbers B Columbia 40012
Yankovic, Frankie(45) So Long Darlin'/Fall in Lov Columbia 10104
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Squeezebox P/Must We Say Go Columbia 41026
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Teach Me How to Yodel/Morni KL 41
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Too Fat P/Who Stole the Kee Columbia 45555
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Top of the Hill P/The Engag Columbia 42652
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Town Tap P/My Darling Ann Columbia 41565
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Valley Spring P/One More Da Columbia 40075
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Village Inn P/I Don't Wanna Columbia 40418
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Turned on Polkas (7 slctns) P.City 4503 (
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Tic-Tock P/When Banana Skin Columbia 12447
Yankovic, Frankie(45) Tony's P/Golden Pheasant Columbia 4-39870
Yankowsky, John Polka Dots& Polka Chips Crown Rcds 5493
Yemc, Rodney Bound for Polka City Pppmnt 1255
Yessian, Dan(45) The Dodge Main Ski Team/??? Stardisc 9544
Yodeling-Austria Yodeling in the Alps Peters 7068
Yodeling-Slim Whitman Slim Whitman Yodeling Imperial Rcds 9235
Yorgesson, Yogi(45) Yingle Bells/I Yust Go Nuts Capitol 5091
Young, Steve Always Happy Bright Prod.BP 1019
Yovorski, Stanley Polka Party Hollywood Rcds LPH 2
Yttri, Mike M.Yttri Pres.t/ Music Mates KL Rcdng KLP1
Yttri, Mike Sweet & Sassy KL Rcdng KLP 19
Yukevic, Tony(45) Jimmy Jimmy P/Sweet Ellen P MP Rcds 133
Yukon Button Box Club Our Favorites (CD) 3001YBBO
Yurkovich, Gabe & Rich Beatin' It Up (CD) RY 333
Yurkovich, Richie Polka Holiday Artronics 7404
Yurkovich, Richie Plays Those Dam" Polkas" Artronics 7645
Yurkovich, Richie When It's Dawn RY Rcds 7707
Yurkovich, Richie Polka Picnic RY Rcds 8002
Yurkovich, Richie Variety w/R.Yurkovich Band RY Rcds 8105
Yurkovich, Richie Classy Polkas RY Rcds 8201
Yurkovich, Richie Surrounded by Music RY Rcds 8403
Yurkovich, Richie Old Fashioned Memories(CD) RY Rcds 8605
Yurkovich, Richie Alpine Memories (CD) RY 93012
Yurkovich, Richie Button Box Delight (CD) RY-94021
Yurkovich, Richie Oktoberfest Party (CD/CS) RY Rcdngs 96012
Yurkovich, Richie A Midwest Christmas (CD/CS) RY 97121
Yurkovich, Richie Music Box Dancer (CD) RY 22051
Yurkovich, Richie Polkariety (CD) SK 6901
Yurkovich, Richie Squeeze Box Man (CD) SK 6902
Yurkovich, Richie Showtime! (CD) Polkariaty 211051
Yurkovich, Richie Musical Menu (CD) RY 201306
Z.C.B.J. Teen Polka Ba Czech Records Present Teen Czech Rec.SCR 24
Zacharias, Helmut Strauss Waltzes Decca 78985
Zack, Richie(45) Beer Barrel P/Send Me the P Big M Rcds 1002
Zadel, Lenny Come on & Polka w/Lenny Zad Intl Sound Rcds 1001
Zadel, Lenny Bartender Polka JB Rcdng 1102(Same sele
Zadel, Lenny Plays All Star Polkas J.B.Rcdng 1102(Same Sel
Zadel, Lenny Have Fun w/L.Z. Polkas J.B.Rcdng 1105
Zadel, Lenny Firefighter Joe Rex 774
Zadel, Lenny(45) Carnival P/Girls from the H Delta 1009
Zadel, Lenny(45) 5 Days in May P/Ice Cubes & J-B 1105
Zadel, Lenny(45) Monopole P/Chcial'a sie Zos Delta 1014
Zagozda, Bob and His Polka Joy (CD) PCNE2204
Zagozda, Bob and His Multiple Choice(CD) PCNE2205 (CD)
Zahara, Jerry J.Zahara & His Happy Stars Bel Aire 4053
Zahara, Jerry Go Original Bel Aire 4055
Zahara, Jerry All Your Favorites (CD/CS) Bel Aire 4077
Zalar, Ken & t/Captain A Whole Life Long (CD) Ppprmnt 5061
Zalenski, Joe(45) Dla Ciebia/Hudson Valley Ho Mak Rcds 134
Zapletal, Danny A Texas Tribute to Ernie Ku DZ Rcds
Zapletal, Ray Loves the Texas Polka (CD) PCNE 1380
Zapletal, Ray Favorite Polkas & Waltzes(C PCNE 1340 (CD)
Zapletal, Ray Bluebonnet Czech (CD) PCNE 1343
Zapolska, Teresa(45) Ain't It a Shame P/So Long, Polka Towne 1006
Zapolska, Teresa(45) Smile P/I'm Proud to Be Pol Polka Towne 1003
Zavaski, Eddie Everybody Polka Bay Rcds 676
Zavaski, Eddie Polskie Odglosy(Polish Echo Eurotone ELP 115
Zavaski, Eddie Mamusiu I Tatusiu Eurotone ELP-125
Zavaski, Eddie Polka Happiness Eurotone 150
Zavaski, Eddie Polka Country USA Halo Rcds 5013
Zavaski, Eddie We Believe In Polkas Halo 5023
Zavodny, Dick High Country Polkas(CD/CS) No Co. given DZ-2-577
Zavodny, Dick Here's to You (CD) Zavodny RS001
Zavodny, Dick Sizzlin' Buttons (CD/CS) DZD 5-498
Zavodny, Dick Smokin' Polkas (CD/CS) No Co. or # given
Zawierucha, Ray Storm" Jak Sie Masz/Sailor Imperial Sound 444
Zdrazil, Louie All I Need Is You North Star Appli 114
Zdrazil, Louie Dbl CD:Music for all Season NSA 204 (CD)
Zdrazil, Louie Dbl CD:Forever & Ever/All I NSA 205 (CD)
Zdrazil, Louie(45) May Love P/Cross the Brook KL Rcdng 75
Zeitz, Frankie Jolly Hop Polka Rec. Co. 002
Zeitz, Frankie Polkas at Twilight Polka Rec.Co. 004
Zeitz, Frankie Red Wine Polka Rec.Co. 006
Zeitz, Frankie Hoyer Trio Style Polka Rec.Co. 008
Zeitz, Frankie P's. & W's. from Slovenia Polka Rec.Co. 0010
Zeitz, Frankie Holiday in Slovenia Polka Rec.Co. 0012
Zeitz, Frankie Polkas on Parade Polka Rcd Co. 0016
Zeitz, Frankie Riding High Polka Rec.Co. 0020
Zeke & Charlie & Frien Just a Jolly Group from Cle None given (CD)
Zembruski, Victor(45) Polka Hits:Canary/Alexander Remington 41(Ext.Play)
Zembruski, Victor(45) Sunshine P/Guitar P. Continental 005
Zenzen, Gary Flying High (CS) None given
Zenzen, Gary Keys from the Heart(CD/CS) RY 99053
Zenzen, Gary Warm Holiday Memories(CD/CS RY 99091
Zenzen, Gary A Musical Affair(CD/CS) RY 20051
Zenzen, Gary Til We Meet Again(CD/CS) RY Prod.No#given
Zesut, Bob (Polish Eag Pacifically for You RZ Rcdng PEO 110
Zesut, Bob (Polish Eag Polka with Bob Zesut R.Z.Rcdng PEO 120
Zibert, Johnnie Passin' It On (CD) None given
Zielinski, Bob Award Winning Polkas Bob & Ray Prod. 1002
Zielinski, Bob Toledo's Finest Polka Band Rex ST 783
Zielinski, Bob Enough Polkas to Go Around Rex LP 794
Zielinski, Bob Polka Favorites K R Rcdng 7122N6
Zielinski, Bob Something Special Polkas To D&B Sound 101159
Zielinski, Bob Polka Memories (CD/CS) Sunshine SNCD 120
Zielinski, Bob More Polka Memories (CD/CS) Sunshine SNCD 141
Zielinski, Bob Tribute to Ray Budzilek(CD/ Sunshine SNCD 151(CD/CS
Zielinski, Bob More Polka Memories V.3(CD/ Sunshine 169
Zielinski, Bob Polka Memories IV (CD/CS) Sunshine 183
Zielinski, Bruno Jr. Polka Festival Liberty 7026/3085
Zima, Eddie Polkas with Eddie Zima Dana 1216
Zima, Eddie Baby Shoes Dana 1232
Zima, Eddie Dancing to Eddie Zima's Ban Dana 1266
Zima, Eddie Polish Hillbilly Dana 1277
Zima, Eddie Folksie"" Dana 1296
Zima, Eddie Polkas--Eddie Zima Style Jay Jay 5062/1062
Zima, Eddie Maly Wladziu Spiewa Po Pols Jay Jay 5099/1099
Zima, Eddie