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Artists Titles Number
Saborski, Eileen(45) Baby Doll/W Tym Malym Kosci Musicale 103
Saborski, Eileen(45) Pamientacie Kiedy/Yesterday Launch Sound 671
Saborski, Eileen(45) Edziu(Eddie)/Play Me a Song Launch Sound Prod.730
Sackett, Bill Swiss Girl KL Rcdng KLP 65
Sadrack, Johnny Happy Polkas Imperial Rcds 9123
Sainters(45) Polka Re, Polka Ra/Are You Vik 0323
Saldana, Doug(45) Whiter Shade of Pale/Will Y Kevin Kat Rcds 116
Salmons, Dave Kufstein Lied (CD/CS) None given DSCD 295
Sam and Oscar The Polk Polka Around the World Ameritone A-1700
Sam, Oscar & the Polka The Big Sound of Polkas Ameritone StLP 1621
Sands, Ray 60 years of Polka'n Around None given(CD)
Sands, Ray (Polka Dots Just Country (CD) Tom Jones Rcdng-no #
Sands, Ray(Polka Dots- Sandy & the Original Polka Plsnt Psnt 138
Sands, Ray(Polka Dots- Music by the Polka Dots Chrrywd Stud. 3017
Sands, Ray(Polka Dots- Celebrate 50 Yrs.of Music(C JBM 3566 (CD/CS)
Santiago Musical Holiday Coronet CX 151
Santiago & His Silver Ping Pong Percussive Polkas Coronet 134
Santos, Al Gaiety Polkas Rex 818
Sariego, Michael Solitaire (CD) None given
Sauerkrauts, The Waltzing in a Winter Wonder  
Sauerkrauts, The Auf Der Autobahn (CD/CS) Heartbeat Prdctns 1994
Sauerkrauts, The Live at the Festhalle(CD/CS Apfel Rcds No # given
Sauerkrauts, The Best o/t Sauerkrauts,V.1 MCS 8176 (CD/CS)
Sauerkrauts, The Fresh Sauerkraut (CD/CS) Apfel Rcds 8179
Sauerkrauts, The Waltzing in a Winter Wonder MCS 8178 (CD/CS)
Sauerkrauts, The Soused at the Border(CD/CS) CDS 8181
Savatski, Bill Most Requested Polkas & Wal Bright Prd. BP 1008
Savatski, Bill(45) Village Inn P/Moonlight W. Cuca 1517
Saylor, Stan Czech Sounds of S.S.(CD/CS) Crescendo 62498
Schafer, Matt(45) Mr. Joe Trolli's P/My Pop's Ppprmnt 1094
Schaible, Wesley Can You Hear Me Now? (CD) None given
Schanta, Emil Wir sind Musikanten (CD) WRA8 3026
Scheid, Elmer Old Time Polka Party Epic  LN 3669
Scheid, Elmer E.Scheid Plays Old Time Soma 1226
Scheid, Elmer The Newest The Best In Old Pl.P19-61/Maplewd1003
Scheid, Elmer Scheid by Scheid Pl.Peasnt LP57-62
Scheid, Elmer Hoolerie Holiday Pl.Peasnt LP99-63
Scheid, Elmer Greatest Hits Pl.Peasant PP 126
Scheid, Elmer Old Time Hoolerie Decca 4577/74577
Scheid, Elmer Hoolerie Hullaboo Decca DL 4652
Scheid, Elmer Hoolerie Special Decca DL 4802
Scheid, Elmer On Whose Scheid Are You? Oxboro OX 2015
Scheid, Elmer Czech Rec. Pres.E.S.&His Ho Czech  SL 900
Scheid, Elmer Musicians Play All Night Czech  SCR 27
Scheid, Elmer The E.S.Story V.1(2RS & CS) Polka City 384 (2rcds/C
Scheid, Elmer Collection of E.Scheid (CD) D. Brown No # given
Scheid, Elmer(45) 3M Polka/Echo in the Hills Oxboro 3071
Scheid, Elmer(45) Three Yanks P/Little Boy W. Pl. Psnt 5002
Scheid, Elmer(45) Two Eddies P/Red Handkerchi Mplwd 101
Scheid, Elmer(45) Girls from Oland Sch/Cuckoo Pl.Psnt 5024
Scheid, Elmer(45) Under the Dble Eagle P/My W Pl. Psnt 58-62
Scheid, Elmer(45) Miller Laendler/Lida Polka Soma 1040
Scheid, Elmer(45) Barnyard P/Kitzberger W. Soma 1119
Scheid, Elmer(45) Bye Bye Baby P/Warren's W. Soma 1122
Scheid, Elmer(45) Die Hans Wurst P/Die Hooler Soma 1029
Scheid, Elmer(45) Eddie's W/Faded Rose W. Soma 1120
Scheid, Elmer(45) Essig P/Brides W. Soma 1121
Scheid, Elmer(45) Little Dick P/Patti's W. Pl.Psnt 16-60
Scheid, Elmer(45) Red Head P/Old German Lndlr Pl.Psnt 11-60
Scheid, Elmer(45) Sigel Town P/Clarinet Lndle North Star 2051
Scheid, Elmer(45) Sharpshooter's P/Cuckoo W. Decca 25657
Scheid, Elmer(45) Jolly Lumberjack P/Falling Decca 25669
Scheid, Elmer(45) Grain Belt P/Sweet Violets Pl.Psnt. 73-62
Scheid, Elmer(45) Merry Go Round P/Elephant W Pl. Psnt. 24-61
Schell's Hobo Band March Along Polka Style Bud-Jet 306
Schenk, Lila Let the Sun & Moon Shine On N.Star NSA119
Schermann, Franz(45) In a Train P/Cuckoo W. Bowery 205
Schermann, Franz(45) Mountain Belle Sch/Woodchop Bowery 215
Schermann, Franz(45) Mus Ich Denn Zum Stadtl Hin Bowery 207
Schermann, Franz(45) Hofbrau House Lndlr/Heavenl Bowery 2003(
Schlauberger, die Play It Loud (CD) Wise Guy 101
Schlauberger, die Total Kaos (CD) Wise Guy 102
Schlauberger, die Call It What You Want(CD/CS Wise Guy 103
Schlauberger, die Live (CD) Wise Guy 104
Schlauberger, die Live 'N' Kickin' (CD) Wise Guy 105
Schlies, Don We Played It Just for You KL Rcdng 13
Schlies, Don at the Cinderella Ballroom KL Rcdng 36
Schlies, Don Polkas + Waltzes = Don Schl KL Rcdng 51
Schlies, Don Live Dancing  (CD/CS) 2426/Po.Cs o/NE R-5060
Schlies, Don Four Great Albums (CD) NSA 209/210  (We Played
Schlies, Don Here Comes that Band Again PCNE 2426
Schlies, Don(45) Friendship W/Does Your Hear KL Rcdng 72
Schlies, Don(45) Graceful Doris P/Testimonia KL Rcdng 73
Schmidt, Earl & Jerry Greatest Hits(Same asPP20/K Pl Psnt 127
Schmidt, Earl(45) Red Bird P/Premium W. Oxboro 3054
Schmidt, Earl(45) Green Meadows P/Homecoming Mplwd 102
Schmidt, Earl(45) Clarinet Lndlr #1/Holz Auct Pl.Psnt 5022
Schmidt, Earl(45) Sauer Kraut P/Green Meadows Pl.Psnt 78-62
Schmidt, Earl(45) Jet P/Die Dorfmusik W. Oxboro 3073
Schmidt, Earl(45) Musicians Come & Play P/Mea Kay Bee 6019
Schmidt, Earl(45) Seven Days P/Homecoming W. Pl.Psnt 102-63
Schmidt, Earl(45) I Love to Dance P/Circling Kay Bee 6027
Schmidt, Earl(45) Green Is Green P/Oh Marie W Pl. Psnt. 111-64
Schmidt, Earl(J. Schuf Dick's P/Beautiful Youth W. Kay Bee 6026
Schmidt, Earl(J.Schuft Bartender P/Dutchmaid W. Kay Bee 6018
Schmidt, Earl(J.Schuft Fritzie P/Fairy Tale W. Soma 1139
Schmidt, Earl(J.Schuft Green Is Green P/Oh Marie W Pl.Psnt 111-64
Schmidt, Earl/Jerry Sc E.Schm.Orch.Ftg.J.Schuft P& Pl.Peas LP109-64
Schmidt, Earl/Jerry Sc Welcome in Waltzes Oxboro LP 2004
Schmidt, Earl/Jerry Sc The Best of J.Schuft P.City, Vol.II 502
Schmidt, Earl/Jerry Sc Polka & Waltz Dance Series( V Rcds3079(PP20/KBnk237
Schmidt, Joey,L.Welk,M Joey Lawrence Myron Ranwood 8202
Schneider, Jerry J.S.Plays P.& Oasis KL Rcdng Service 75
Schneider, Jerry Music from Winnebagoland Winnebagoland JV0050
Schneider, Jerry Plays Your Requests (CD) None given
Schneider, Jerry Let's Be Happy (CD) None given
Schneider, Jerry Over the Years V.1 (CD) None given
Schneider, Jerry Over the Years V.2 (CD) None given
Schneider, Jerry Let's Have a Party (CD) None given
Schneider, Jerry Wunderbar (CD) None given
Schneider, Jerry(45) That's Why She Cried/Huntsm KL Rcdng 146
Schneider, Mike The Pursuit of Polka's Lost PP 5014 (CD/CS)
Schneider, Mike Polka Visions (CD) MS 6989
Schneider, Mike A Stretch of the Imaginatio MSB2330
Schneider, Mike Live! (CD) MSB 2331
Schneider, Mike Pint Size Polkas V. 1 (CD) None given
Schneider, Mike Pint Size Polkas, V. 2 (CD) None given
Schoencheneers, The German Christmas Carols & F A11-64
Schott's, The Introducing the Schott's Sound 1016
Schroeder, Diana I Love to Dance Polkaland LP 41
Schroeder, Diana The Opera House Presents... KL Rcdng KLP-77
Schroeder, Tom It's Dance Time (CD/CS) TS-01-2001
Schuft, Jerry 1962-1964 Volume 2(CD/CS) none given 116295.04
Schuft, Jerry 1964-1967 Volume 3(CD/CS) none given 116395.4
Schuft, Jerry German & Czech P. & W. Nadherny Ent. JSO-3
Schuft, Jerry 1970-1976 Volume 4(CD/CS) none given 116495.4
Schuft, Jerry 1979-1980,1995 Vol.5(CD/CS) none given 116595.4
Schuft, Jerry Come Spend an Evening(CD/CS Volume 6
Schuft, Jerry Earl Schmidt Orch. ftrng J. reissue:(CD)Pl.Psnt.109
Schuft, Jerry Welcome in Waltzes(CD)V.4 reissue:Oxboro 2004
Schuft, Jerry & Lester J.Schuft & L.Schuft P.City, Vol.7 207
Schuft, Lester Toe Teasing Tempos w/Mello Pl.Peasant PPS 143
Schuft, Lester Polka Parade Pleasure Little Crow 2401st
Schuft, Lester Polkas for You Red Rose 1000
Schuft, Lester Here's Polka Joy Little Crow 2415
Schuft, Lester Polka Power Little Crow 2419
Schuft, Lester Polkas on Tap Little Crow 2421st
Schuft, Lester Polkas in the Country Little Crow 2428st
Schuft, Lester Polka Wonderland Red Rose 1005
Schuft, Lester It's Polka Time Red Rose 1009
Schuft, Lester Polka Picnic Red Rose 1013
Schuft, Lester It's Gasahol Polka Time Red Rose 1020
Schuft, Lester Let's Dance with Les Oxboro 2017
Schuft, Lester Polka Favorites Recar vol.25
Schuft, Lester Polka Field of Dreams(CD/CS JBM34778
Schuft, Lester Hoolerie & Waltzes Down by  
Schuft, Lester(45) Chicago Concertina Club P/B Little Crow 1771
Schultz, Dick(45) Hey, Mister! P/Oh, Marie Prim 1353
Schultz, Jack with the Big Band Sound Gem Rcds 140
Schwahn, Vic Accordion Favorites (CD) None given 701 223 6556
Scibek Brothers Polka Pleasures Bel Aire 4034
Scibek Brothers(45) Fan Club P/Our Mothers Obk. Bel Aire 1357
Sclauberger, die Call It What You Want (CD) Wise Guy 103
Sebetka, Johnny Polkas Just for You Ray Rcds RRSLP2805
Second Generation(45) Shuffle for You/Dreamer 2G ZEM-2-78
Seibert, Gary Playing Hardcore Polkas & W Copperwood Rcds 321610
Seibert, Gary Polkas Jubilee (CD/CS) No Co. or # given
Seibert, Gary This Side of Heaven (CD) GLS 1967      (CD done
Seibert, Gary & Joe Ba Twice as Nice (CD/CS) Ppprmnt Pr. No # given
Seibert, Nancy Potpourri of Polkas (CD) Fraternity CD 62094-45
Seibert, Nancy I'm a Polka Lovin' Gal(CD/C Fraternity CD/CS62094-5
Seibert, Nancy Loca for the Polka (CD/CS) Artistry Rcds 800-01
Seitz, Toni Blum Yodels from Swissconsin(CD) None given
Seles, Bill(Mult.Artis 20 Polkas & Waltzes That Yo Marjon 70 (CD/CS)
Seles, Bill(Mult.Artis 20 Beautiful Waltzes(CD/CS) Marjon 74
Semonski, Joe(45) Have Another Beer Boys P/Do Starr 1433
Sennert, Robert Die Edelweiss Musik (CD) None given
Serafin, Ray Here We Go Again with Polka Le-Mans 73
Serro, Martin Slovenian Picnic Melodies Greyko 1013
Serro, Martin(45) New Herminie P/Slovenian Pi Ser Val 1003
Serry, John Squeeze Play Dot DLP 3024
Setniker, Ron Tradition (CD) Setniker 17737
Setniker, Ronny Snappy, Happy,P's & W's RY 9201/92021(CD/CS)
Setniker, Ronny Button Box Showcase(CD/CS) RY 93031
Setniker, Ronny That Button Box Touch(CD/CS RY 97042CD
Setniker, Ronny Button Accordion Classics/D RY8702-8801 (CD)
Setniker, Ronny Buttons & Bellows (CD) RY 90032
Seven Dutchmen Back to My Homeland (CD) Lone Star 8016
Seven Dutchnen, The Back to My Homeland(CD/CS) LS8016
Seventh Avenue Band Welcome to Seventh Avenue BMK Prod. BMK 1
Seventh Avenue Band Polka with Smolka (CD/CS) BMK Prdctns BMK6cd
Seventh Avenue Band Down Polka Lane (CD) BMK Prdctns BMK-9
Seventh Avenue Band Polkas from Del-A-Where(CD/ BMK Prdctns BMK-12
Severinsen, Doc(45) Tennessee W/In a Little Spa Command 4080
Seymour(45) Harbor Lights/My Blue Heave Argo 5334
Seymour(45) Margie/Always Heartbeat 2801
Shalins, Pete Pistol Packin' Polkas Le-Mans LPC 57
Shalins, Pete(45) Detroit P/Real Bum P/Shake LeMans 101(
Shalins, Pete(45) Jingle Bells P/White Christ LeMans 1010(
Shand, Jimmy(45) Bluebell P/The Barn Dance Capitol 364
Shard, Jerry(45) Cuckoo W/By the Beautiful S Capitol 9493
Shard, Jerry(45) Heart of My Heart/Sing High Capitol 2520
Sheeder, John(45) Pennsylvania Lovers P/Pan J Jay Jay 224
Sheeder, John(45) Pennsylvania Lovers P/Pan J Jay Jay 224
Sheppard, T.G.(45) Last Cheater's W/You Did It WBS 49024
Shiner Hobo Band Volume 1 (CD) PCNE 36
Shiner Hobo Band Volumen 2 (CD) PCNE 37
Shoemaker, Shorty Shorty's Old Favorites V.2 KL Rcdng KLP 119
Shollack, John I Love Accordions (CD/CS) ADD 1998
Shoreliners, The Put Some Pep in Your Step(C MMM101 (CD/CS)
Shott, Joe(45) Mader's Schnitzelbank/Milwa Musical Star 1902
Shott, Joe(45) Mader's Schnitzelbank/Medle Spin Rcds 703
Shriner, Herb Polka Dot Party Dot DLP 25149
Shuda, Kenny V.1 Broke But Happy Nadherny 102585
Sidemen, The (Noltkamp Busting Out (CD/CS) HG Studios 5067
Sidor, Joe Polka Dance Music Stella 951
Siebold, Tom A Golden Selection of P&W's No.Star Appli 104
Siewierski, Casey High Shoes Ridgemoor Rcd 502
Siewierski, Casey New Hits Chicago Polkas 4800
Siewierski, Casey Polka Lifestyle Chicago Rcds 7200
Siewierski, Casey Lovable Jay Jay 5129st
Siewierski, Casey Enjoyable Music Jay Jay 5131
Siewierski, Casey Push In--Pull Out Jay Jay 5139st
Siewierski, Casey New Casey Siewierski Hits Ridgemoor Rcdg R-501
Siewierski, Casey Polka Session Bel Aire 4023
Siewierski, Casey Squeeze Box Polkas Bel Aire 4031
Siewierski, Casey Polka Fireworks Bel-Aire 4035
Siewierski, Casey Honky Style Jay Jay 5144
Siewierski, Casey Polka Music Hall of Fame Chicago P's 7202
Siewierski, Casey Early Hits (CD) Chicago P's 7200
Siewierski, Casey(45) Canoe Song/How Can I Be wit Jay Jay 361
Siewierski, Casey(45) Hej Ha Um Pa Pa/You Get Mar Jay Jay 354
Siewierski, Casey(45) Little Doll P/Pleasant Year Ridgemoor 5003
Siewierski, Casey(45) Pink Eyes P/Happy Birthday Ridgemoor 5005
Siewierski, Casey(45) Pot of Gold/Good & Hot P. Chicago P's 467
Siewierski, Casey(45) Natalie's P/Haystack P. Chicago P's 473
Siewierski, Casey(45) Concertina Hop P/Daddy's Ob Bel Aire 1344
Siewierski, Casey(45) Jig Saw P/Echo W. Ridgemoor 5002
Sikora, Lou Mi Sme Mladi Slovaci WAM W4001
Sikorski, Mark(45) I'm Confessing/Stormy Cloud Talented Artists 11731
Silver Tone(45) Ohio P/Sunny Valley W. Polka Artists 106
Silver Tones(45) Ballroom P/Strawberries, Ra TransAudio 7612
Silver-Tone Orchestra( Ohio P/Sunny Valley W. Jay Jay 106
Simpson, Jimmy Sings Alcan Run & Other AK Sourdough Rcds 101
Simpson, Jimmy The Oilfield Boy Sourdough Rcds 201
Sinchak, Del HELLO (CD/CS) Ppprmnt PR5020CD
Sinchak, Del Polka, Or Else! (CD/CS) Ppprmnt Pr.PP 5030
Sinchak, Del Let the Sunshine In (CD/CS) Ppprmnt 5040
Sinchak, Del Live! at Kuzman's (CD/CS) Peppermint 5054
Sinchak, Del Look at Us (CD) Ppprmnt 5063
Sinchak, Del Polkapizzazz (CD) Ppprmnt 5067
Sinchak, Del Pittsburgh's on the Road to None given
Sinchak, Del Looking Back & Remembering PR 5071 (CD)
Sinchak, Del The Best of the Best (CD) Peppermint 5079
Sinchak, Del Our 24 Favorite Waltzes(CD) Peppermint 5083
Sinclair, Dick Dick Sinclair Polka Parade Capitol ST1340/T1340
Sinclair, Dick Fr/t/Gay 90s t/t Roaring 20 Capitol ST 1478
Sinclair, Dick(45) Polka Parade Capitol 2067
Singing Dutchmasters, Treasure Chest of Hits Guide 1042
Singing Slovenes, The See Bucar, Frankie  
Sintic, Marty(45) Lucky Lindy/Elaine's W. Spotlight 710602
Sister Mary Renee Waltzes & Polkas by Sister Sentinel Rec. Co. 8-933
Sister Mary Renee The Old Is New Sound 80
Siwicki, Bob Polkas Rex 720
Siwicki, Eddie World's Fair Polkas Glo 701
Siwicki, Eddie Brakuja! Polki i Oberkie! ( Request 8117
Six Fat Dutchmen Merry Polkas RCA Vic. LPM 1418
Six Fat Dutchmen Six Fat Dutchmen RCA Victor 1769
Six Fat Dutchmen Schottisches RCA Victor 1957
Six Fat Dutchmen Hoop-Dee-Do & Other Great P Dot 25644
Six Fat Dutchmen Dutch Treat Polkas Dot 25900
Six Fat Dutchmen Polka's Greatest Hits Dot 25358
Six Fat Dutchmen Polka's Greatest Hits, V.2 Dot 3358
Six Fat Dutchmen Polka's Greatest Hits, V.3 Dot 3527
Six Fat Dutchmen More Great Polkas Dot 3554
Six Fat Dutchmen Old Time Waltzes Dot 3599
Six Fat Dutchmen On Tour Dot 3734
Six Fat Dutchmen Tavern in the Town Paramount PAS 5017
Six Fat Dutchmen A Polka Parade Hamilton 121
Six Fat Dutchmen A Waltz & Polka Party Hamilton 151-12151
Six Fat Dutchmen I Just Love the Six Fat Dut Hamilton 12170
Six Fat Dutchmen All Time Polka Hits (2RS) Fms TwnPAS2-1039/0698
Six Fat Dutchmen Greatest Hits-the 6FD(2RS) Polka City 371
Six Fat Dutchmen SFD Enter the P.Hall of Fam Polka City 375(2RS)
Six Fat Dutchmen Six Fat Dutchmen (2RS) Polka City 382
Six Fat Dutchmen Ten Fat Hits Pickwick SPC 3083(reiss
Six Fat Dutchmen SFD:America's Greatest Polk Polka City 391(2RS)
Six Fat Dutchmen SFD Polka's #1 Band (2RS) Polka City 402
Six Fat Dutchmen The Best o/t/Six Fat Dutchm Polka City 213
Six Fat Dutchmen Sixteen Great Performances ABC Rcds 4008
Six Fat Dutchmen The 6FD Greatest Hits(CD) Holland: Ross 6656-2
Six Fat Dutchmen The Great Arrival (CD/CS) SFD 2000-1
Six Fat Dutchmen Greatest Hits V.2 (CD/CS) Holland 1028-2
Six Fat Dutchmen America's Greatest Polka Ba Polka City 1048-2(CD)
Six Fat Dutchmen Polkas: Greatest Hits V.II Dot 25413
Six Fat Dutchmen Great Polka Band (CD)(20 Hi Holland 1049-2
Six Fat Dutchmen #1 Polka Band (CD) Holland 1054
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Minnesota P/Harvest Time Sc RCA Victor 0034
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Hengel's P/Echoes in the Hi Dot 17197
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Hangover W/Luigi's W. Dot16783
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Old Veteran's P/Yankee W. Dot 16414
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Champagne P/Johnny's Concer Dot 17196
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Barnyard P/Slip Horn Laendl RCA Victor 1181
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Dinner Bell P/What Do They Dot 16574
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Dutch's Tavern P/3 Little G RCA Victor 5560
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Fatman's P/Skal Skal Skal W RCA Victor 0053
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Foxy P/The Sundown W. RCA Victor 4855
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Hoop de Doo P/Blue Skirt W. Dot 16784
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Jolly Crown P/Solo P. RCA Victor 6455
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Jolly Sleigh Ride P/Haunted RCA Victor 1231
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Jumpin' Jack P/Swiss W. Dot 16254
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Listen to the Mockingbird P RCA Victor 6223
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Ocean Waves W/Casey's Old T RCA Victor 5684
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Old Heidelberg P/Winona W. RCA Victor 6296
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) St. Paul Polka/Leanders Lnd RCA Victor 0136
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Tuba Polka/Kristiana W. RCA Victor 0043
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Ursczula P/Chicadee W. RCA Victor 1229
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) When It's Springtime in the RCA Victor 5426
Six Fat Dutchmen(45) Old Fashioned Dance Party RCA Victor 3226(2 rcds-
Skaja Sisters(45) Let the Sun Shine in P/Wish Chicago P's 416
Skawinski, Stan Happy Polka Music LeMans 3
Skawinski, Stan Rockin the Polka LeMans 4
Skawinski, Stan Polka Fun LeMans 8
Skawinski, Stan Polkas on Parade LeMans 26
Skeets, Eddie Dancing at the Woodcliff Pl.Psnt.63-62
Skeets, Eddie The Roaring Twenties Plus 4 Lodestar 97-63
Skeets, Eddie Polka Party Sound 585
Skeets, Eddie Shaggin' in Sioux City Sound Rec.SR1094
Skeets, Eddie Now Is the Hour Sound Rec. SR 1864
Skeets, Eddie Happy Time Sound Rec.SR6894A
Skeets, Eddie Music Played at the Bavaria R.Nadherny JES4237
Skeets, Eddie Let's Dance R.Nadherny JES4238
Skeets, Eddie(45) Sioux City Sue fxtrt/Dandel None 4045
Skeets, Eddie(45) Ah Ha Polka/Now Is the Hour None given 2194
Skeets, Eddie(45) Mexican Joe/Bride & Groom W Pl.Psnt.64-62
Skeets, Eddie(45) Susie Polka/Prettiest Girl Soma 1039
Skeets, Eddie(45) Uncle Joe's P/Swiss Echo W. North Star 2046
Skinger, Eddie From Me to You BenDee Rcds 8704
Skinger, Eddie Just Fiddlin' (CD) BenDee 9304
Skovenski, Ray Family Album (CD) 3001RS
Skvarch, Lori From the Heart (CD) Peppermint 5084
Skwee, Casey(45) I'll See You Tonight/I Won' Jay Jay 394
Skylarks(45) Polish Girl P/Our Gang Obk. TransAudio 7610
Skyler, Eddie(45) All Around the Christmas Tr Usana 3279
Skytoppers(45) Prairieland P/Acres of Diam RCA Victor 0302
Sladky, Math Look Here Waverly Rec.WMS 4
Sladky, Math Lifetime in Music Waverly Rec. WMS 6
Sladky, Math Friendship Album Waverly Rec. WMS 7
Sladky, Math Our New Sounds Waverly Rec. WMS 8
Sladky, Math Polkas of Midwest #1 Waverly Rec. WMS 9
Sladky, Math Polkas oft/Midwest,Neb.Styl Waverly Rec.WMS 10
Sladky, Math Double Album #1 (2RS) Waverly Rec.WMS 11
Sladky, Math 45th Anniversary (CD) (Same WMS 16 2 51397.04
Sladky, Math Our New Sounds&the Math Sla Waverly 8/9 (CD)
Sladky, Math The Math Sladky Band (CD) Waverly Vols. 10/12
Sladky, Math Trio Only/Polkas & Waltzes Waverly 11/14 (CD)
Sladky, Math The Math Sladky Band/Polkas Waverly WMS 13/15 (CD)
Sladky, Math The Math Sladky Band (CD) Waverly Vol.11(Full ban
Sladky, Math 45th Anniversary Release(CD Waverly WMS 14
Slaka, Lojzeta Po Dekle Jugoton LPUS-V-761
Slaka, Lojzeta Visoko Nad Oblaki Helidon 04-011
Slaka, Lojzeta Pod Gorjanci Je Otocek Helidon 04-020
Slaka, Lojzeta Okrogla Polka RTL LD 0789
Slaka, Lojzeta Glas Harmonike Helidon 04-027
Slaka, Lojzeta Deset Veselih let (2RS) Helidon 04-042
Slaka, Lojzeta Od Sanjave Mure Preko Gora Helidon 04 057
Slaka, Lojzeta Mama prihajam domov Helidon 04 070
Slaka, Lojzeta Slovenian Holiday Monitor 710
Slaka, Lojzeta Na Vseh Siraneh Sveta Helidon 04-055
Slaka, Lojzeta Triglav Jugoton 795 LPVY-S
Slaka, Lojzeta Iz Bogate Glasbene Skrinje Helidon 04 063
Slechta, Vernon Live Bohemian Soul Music(CD none given
Slewfoot Five Hot Time Tonight Decca 78883
Slewfoot Five(45) Drifting & Dreaming/Ka-Lu-a Decca 25726
Slewfoot Five(45) My Adobe Hacienda/Short Dog Decca 29098
Slewfoot Five, The Man Alive! It's the S.F.5 Vocalion 73844
Slewfoot Five, The The Happy Sound of T.S.F.5 Decca 74915
Slim Jim Nikolina & Other Favorites Soma 1225
Slim Jim(45) Nikolina-English/Nikolina-N Soma 1014
Slivinski, Dave Serving It Up My Way (CD) None given
Slogar, Don Slovenia Kenik 02353
Slogar, Don Spomin Kenik 4122N1
Slovak, David Polkas & Waltzes (CD) None given
Slovak, David Echoes from Creechville(CD) DFS 002
Slovak, David Forever Czech (CD) DFS 003
Slovak, David Christmas Polkas & Waltzes DFS 004 (CD)
Slovakaires See Carroll, Andy  
Slovenian Men Choralee Present a Collection of Son SMC 8-9013
Sluga, Ron Something Special (CD/CS) Volume 1
Sluga, Ron Something Special V.2(CD) Volume 2
Smilin' Scandinavians, The Tom & Toby Show (CD/CS) Lutefisk Rcds 0002
Smiling Sam(45) Twin Pines/Just for You Jay Jay 358
Smith, Frank(45) Na Jednej Nodze P/In the Ha Usana 112
Smith, Frank(45) Full House Obk/Going Steady Hamtramck 104
Smith, Jerry(45) Papa Joe's P/The Toy Piano Decca 32769
Smola, Joey Love Story A & R(Smoky Rcds0001)
Smolka, John Czechoslovak Music Time Ray Rcds 2519
Smulewicz, Max Max Is Back Rave Rcds 219
Smulewicz, Max Maxim Melodies Maxim 007
Smulewicz, Max Up with Polkas Starr Rcds 518
Smulewicz, Max Enjoy Yourself Maxim MSLP 1008
Smulewicz, Max(45) Layin' Eggs P/4 Beers for M Rave 134
Snidarich, Johnny Live at Nick's (CD) Snidarch No # given
Sodja, Joe Coast to Coast Normandy Rcds NL-7164
Sokach-Habat(45) Uncle Nick'sP/Blue Skirt W. Decca 45068
Sokolowski, Ted Polish Tunes for Dancing & Sound 1071
Soldridge, Jimmy Music for You Resound 113
Soldridge, Jimmy Happy Yanks (CD) Marjon 934
Solecki, Kevin Solecktions (CD) None given 4830
Solecki, Kevin Solective Sounds (CD) None given
Solek, Walt Tribute (CD)(Polish House P Rave 235
Solek, Walt Walter Solek Tribute (CD) Rave 235 (reissue)
Solek, Walt & Henry, R Domino P/Who Stole the Kees Dana 10013
Solek, Walt(45) Dreamboat P/Pajama Party P. Dana 3257
Solek, Walt(45) Fire Fly P/Simplicity P. Dana 3274
Solek, Walt(45) Sweater Girl P/Happy Family Dana 3247
Solek, Walt(45) To-Night P/It's Raining P. Dana 2110
Solek, Walt(45) Who Stole the Keeshka/Hoya Dana 2112
Solek, Walt(45) Starlight P/Umbriago P. Dana 3198
Solek, Walt(45) Flirting Eyes P/Wedding Bel Dana 3240
Solek, Walt(45) Round & Round/Georgie Porgi Dana 2121
Solek, Walt(45) 40-20-35 P/Yes, Yes, Yes P. Dana 2116
Solek, Walt(45) Bartender Song/Green Grass Dana 2129
Solek, Walt(45) Daddy P/Stop & Go P. Dana 2117
Solek, Walt(45) Whoo-Pie Shoo-pie/Morris-Mo Dana 2125
Solek, Walt(45) Krakowiak from Boo-Fah-Low Dana 3246
Solek, Walt(45) Gwizdzacy Zolnierz P/Nalejc Dana 823
Solek, Walt(45) Jolly Wally P/Czarnina Kid Dana 2109
Solek, Walter Tambourine Polka Dana 1206
Solek, Walter Who Stole the Keeshka? Dana 1226
Solek, Walter Have Fun with Walter Solek Dana 1273
Solek, Walter Dance & Sing with Walter So Dana 1291
Solek, Walter The Clown Prince of Polka(2 Dana 598-12(2RS)
Solek, Walter Polka Power! Starr Rcds 514
Solek, Walter Clown Prince of Polkas Rex st 731
Solek, Walter Plays the Bartender Polka Rex St 733
Solek, Walter Polkas for You from Us Rex st 734
Solek, Walter Walt Solek S(w)ings Rex st 735
Solek, Walter Polkas Rex 745
Solek, Walter Hanky Panky Polkas Rex st 751
Solek, Walter Polka Fun Rex st 784
Solek, Walter Curtain Call Polkas Rex st 785
Solek, Walter Hey Jude Tifton TS 87
Solek, Walter My Girl Friend Julayda Harmony 7069
Solek, Walter Polish House Party Reprise 6044
Sommerfeld, Myron The Bon Bon Brass Mark 5291
Sommerfeld, Myron Cab Driver&Somewhere..Combi Westmark 14096,14097
Sonics, The (Larry O) Polka Story Dynastar PP1459
Sorensen, Woody(45) Gray Bonnet P/Happy Dane W. Pl.Psnt 103
Sorensen, Woody(45) Maggies P/Unfinished Schott Golden Wings 3018
Sorensen, Woody(45) Polka on a Piano/Life in th Golden Wings 3003
Sound Connection, The On Polka Road (CD) SoCon2001
Sound Express(45) When You Say Love P/Army P. Usana 345
Sound of Polkas(45) Yellow Ribbon P/Lucky Day P Bel Aire 1369
Sound-A-Bouts Polka Time Tanda 740752
Sound-A-Bouts One More Time Tanda ES91575
Sounds(45) Up in the Attic P/Pt.1&2 WAM 1058
Sounds(45) Pennsylvania Hills P/Peanut WRS 20087
Sounds, The Polka Music that SOUNDS Goo WAM 4044
Sounds, The Sounds Like Old Times WAM 4058
Sounds, The Soundsational Polkas WRS 20087
Sounds, The SOUNDS From a Polka Party WRS 20090
Sounds, The ALIVE WRS 20097
Sounds, The Great Polka Hits V. 1 (CD) WRS 2800
Sowada, Dave Concertina Carnival(CD) None given
Soyka, Al Polkas: Happy Music for Hap Glo 651
Soyka, Al Polka Tropicale Glo 655
Soyka, Al Invitation to Polka Glo 659/Request 8116
Soyka, Al Buggy Ride Polka Glo 665
Soyka, Al Swieci Gwiazdeczka (Bright Glo 674
Soyka, Al 51 Polka Favorites Glo/Rex 713/19400-4
Soyka, Al Hottest in Polkas & Obereks Jan 455
Soyka, Al Tanczmy Let's Dance Request Rcds 8078
Soyka, Al Hello Dolly Polka Musicor Rcds 2016
Soyka, Al Favorite Polish Polkas Musicor MM3080
Soyka, Al Polkas Rex 722
Soyka, Al Polka Favorites Rex 723
Soyka, Al Horse and Buggy Days Polkas Request 8120
Soyka, Al Good Time Polkas (CS) Michele 7225
Soyka, Al I Love to Dance the Polka ( Nesak Intl 1900-2(CD)
Soyka, Al(45) Flamingo P/Fortune Obk. 27-Jan
Soyka, Al(45) Godfather P/Butterfly Obk. Jan 5024/Rainbow 5024
Soyka, Al(45) Jolly Caballero P/Trip to P Glo 5213
Soyka, Al(45) Hi-Hat P/Accordiana P. 25-Jan
Soyka, Al(45) Seabreeze P/Hydli Dydli P. 26-Jan
Sparko, Billy(45) Dancing Dolls P/One Two Thr Steljo 604
Sparta Orchestra Polkas & Waltzes (CD/CS) PCNE2523 SX 825
Special Delivery Special Delivery to You Polka West Rec. #1001
Spetich, Frankie & Sta At the Beer Garden (CD) None given
Spetich, Frankie Sr. Magic City Music Button Box Ppprmnt 1278
Spetich, Frankie Sr. Through the Years (CD/CS) Peppermint Prd.PR2056
Spetich, Frankie Sr. Button Box Magic (CD/CS) None given
Spetich, Frankie Sr. The Stars Shine (CD/CS) None given
Spetich, Frankie Sr. Reminiscing (CD) Harvest Rcdng No# given
Spetich, Frankie Sr. Magic Moments with Fr. Spet Harvest Rcdng(CD)(No#gi
Spetich, Frankie Sr. At the World Affair (CD) No info. given
Spetich, Frankie Sr. Heirlooms (CD) No info. given
Spetich, Frankie Sr. Remembers the Golden Times Harvest No # (CD)
Spetich, Frankie(45) Polka Time P/Connie's W. Q Cue 05
Spetich, Frankie(45) Pony Tail P/Stop & Go P. Q Cue 07
Spetich, Frankie(45) Prima Donna P/Rocky Bye P. Q Cue 10
Spetich, Frankie(45) Half & Half P/Sing Sing Sin Q Cue 106
Spisak, Ray(45) Hurrah for Santa/Ridem Sant Rite 1000
Spitzbuben, Die Die Spitzbuben 41366
Spotanski, Mike 50 Great Czech P & W Ray Rcds 6000
SQUARE DANCE RECORDS-4 Approx.400 45's(Various Art Varies-rcd to rcd
Squeezebox See Mollie B  
Sredzienski, Gary From the Porch-Old Country Ossian 1995 (CD/CS)
Sredzienski, Gary Accordion Languages (CS) Bellows Music 77142
Sredzienski, Gary From Poland to America (CD/ Bellows Music 77143
Stahla, Ray Music of the World P & W II P 18265
Stahla, Ray Fun Time Polkas & Waltzes(C Stahla 970 663 9125
Stahla, Ray Music of the World(Modern)( None given (CD)
Staiduhar, George Polkas on the Slope Delta 7016-LPS
Staiduhar, George Polka Swingin' w/Staiduhar Delta 7029
Staiduhar, George The Best of Harry Faint Rev PPMNT PV4025(CD)
Staiduhar, George Y2K Polkas (CD/CS) Ppprmnt PR5044
Staiduhar, George Staiduhar's Finale (cd) Peppermint 5085
Staiduhar, George(45) Syncopated P/Euclid W. Edcom 101
Stangler, Andy The Northern Lites, V. 2 (s JBM 18429
Stanky & His Coal Mine Next Generation (CD) DKAA20
Stanky & His Coalminer It's Not Christmas Without DKA 415 (CD)
Stanky & His Coalminer Wedding Memories (CD/CS) DKAA17
Stanky & His PA Coal M Stanky...w/Singing Wesoty A Stella 945
Stanky & His PA Coal M Stanky & His...Polka Band Stella 949
Stanky & His PA Coal M Now Coal Mines Are Closing Dyno DSLP 1646
Stanky & His PA Coal M Statue of Liberty (CD) DKAA21
Stanky & His PA Coal M Live" at the Lakeside Ball" None given (CD)
Stanky & His PA Coal M On the Roll (CD) None given
Stanky & His PA Coal M Something Old Something New DKA 22(CD)
Stanky & His PA Coal M Coal Miners Memories (CD) Same as Frogs in the Be
Stanky & His PA Coalmi Through the Years (CD) JS 410
Stanky & His PA Coalmi A Little Bit O'This A Littl ERM 5569 (CD/CS)
Stanky & His PA Coalmi Frogs in the Beer Pail(CD/C None given
Stanky & the Coal Mine Stanky Meets B. Witkowski a None given (CD)
Stanky, Joe & His Cade The Switch Is On (CS/CD) Kriss Kross 102
Stanky, Joe & His Cade Sing Me Back Home (CD/CS) Kriss Kross Rcds JCC069
Stanky, Joe(45) Wedding Bells/Bouquet of Ro TransAudio 7616
Stanky-Coal Miners(45) Detroit P/My Wife Gets Drun Stella 711
Stanky-Coal Miners(45) Maryna P/Pick a Shovel P. Stella 777
Stanley & the Polaks The 1919 Kielbasa Factory C Rex 682
Stanley, Baron The Fun of the Polka, Vol. Parade  SP334
Stanley, Bob and Polka Polka Time (10 disc)" Royale 1803
Stans Country Dutchmen Volume 1 (CD/CS) None given
Stans Country Dutchmen 10th Anniversary (CD/CS) None given
Stans Country Dutchmen Dance Time Favorites(CD/CS) None given
Stans Country Dutchmen Most Requested Favorites (C None given
Stanulis, Johnny Polka Twirl Studio 5-9061
Stanulis, Johnny Springtime Waltz (CD) PCNE S1033
Star Lighters(45) Two Bucks P/Pija Kuba None given
Star Lighters(45) Bad Boy P/I'm a Polka Fan None given
Stardust (R. Fore & W. Stardust NONE MMS 7163
Stardust(45) Cuca Vica W/Clear Water W. Stardust 7168
Stardust(45) Just Because P/Star Dust W. Stardust 7167
Stardust(45) Shyster Sch/Fall in Love Stardust 7169
Starlites(45) Iron Foundry P/Tiny's P. Ampol 507
Starlites(45) Julida P/Carefree P. Dyno 7703
Starlites, The Polk-a-Plenty Ampol Rcds 5003
Starr, Jimmy(45) Delta Dawn/I'm so Lonesome Starr 1438
Starr, Kay(45) Rangers W/Saturday Night Crescendo 468
Stary & Staro An Evening at Home with the S&S Rcds 1101 V.1
Stary & Staro Spiewajmy Razem! (Sing-a-lo S&S Rcds 2051 V.3
Stavins, Bobby Celebrated Polkas Request Rcds 10123
Stavins, Bobby Polka Encore Starr 512
Stawiarski, Stan Something New for Me & You Ram Rcds 503
Steel City Brass Polish Picnic Favorites (CD EWR 106 (CD/CS)
Steel City Brass Polish Picnic Favorites II Sunshine 206 (CD/CS)
Steel City Brass(45) Lovesick P/Shoe Goes on the LeMans 109
Steelton Polka Platter Button Box Bonanza Haller Rcds HH-5004
Stehle, John & the Alp Musically Yours V.1(CD/CS) None given
Stehle, Johnny & the A Souvenirs Polka Dot JJ 2
Steiermark Quartet Slovenian Echoes Steiermark Rcds 101
Steiermark Quartet A Bavarian Musik-fest Steiermark Rcds 103
Steiermark Quartet Return to Scandia Steiermark Rcds SR104
Steiermark Quartet Slavija Steiermark Rcds SR105
Steil, Gil Dance in Style w/G.Steil Richmond 2726
Steil, Gil Steil Style Pl. Psnt 88-62
Steil, Gil The Gil Steil Band Plays... V Rcds SLVP 3082
Steil, Gil Minnesota Style(P.Favs V.9) Polka Fav. PF4009
Steil, Gil(45) Boopsy P/Little Boy W. Richmond 2734
Steil, Gil(45) Dog House P/Owl Waltz Soma 1078/North Star205
Steil, Gil(45) Foolish P/Luigi's Waltz Richmond 3002
Steil, Gil(45) Gary's Polka/Hunter Waltz QT 1604
Steil, Gil(45) Hopeless P/Silver Bells P Pl.Psnt 5036
Steil, Gil(45) Jolly Crowd P/Kitzberger W. Soma 1083
Steil, Gil(45) Elephant W/No Beer in Heave Pl.Psnt 5037
Steil, Gil(45) Old Lady P/Lakeside Waltz North Star 2052
Steil, Gil(45) Our Mike P/Who Pays Waltz Richmond 3001
Steil, Gil(45) Rainbow Sch./Waltz You Save Richmond 3003
Steil, Gil(45) Rhonda's P/Danny's Waltz Pl.Psnt 5040
Steil, Gil(45) Rock & Roll P/Farmers Weddi Soma 1105
Stein, Bernie Polkas and Waltzes for you Jomar JR-10832
Steinbach, Herold Music for Listening & Danci Intl Rcdng Co.S3332
Steinbach, Herold Polkas & Waltzes Lewein Rcdng Co L110
Steinbach, Herold Be Our Guest Down Melody L" Intl.Rcdng Co.S 3331
Steinbach, Herold(45) Five Points P/That Saxaphon Pentagon 1001
Steinbach, Herold(45) Texarkana P/Tinkabell W. IRC 4501
Stephanie (formerly Wa Live! (CD/CS) Sunshine SN177
Stephanie (formerly Wa Are You Ready...I Can't Hea W & S Rcds 1002(CD)
Stephanie (formerly Wa Polka Memories (CD) Bel Aire 8258
Stephanie(formerly Wan Honky Polka Favorites (CD) W & S Rcds 1001
Sterling, Jay Variety Dance Band (CD) JCP011
Sternadel Orch(45) Just Because P/Saturday Nig Guide 126
Sterne Der Heimat, Die The Stars of the Homeland KL Rcdng KLP 12
Sterne der Heimat, Die Was War die Nacht Ohne 901069-1810
Stevens, John Come On, Let's Dance(CD/CS) DSR101
Stevens, John Everyone's Having Fun (CD/C Dble Shot Rcds 102
Stevens, John Going to a Dance (CD/CS) Dble Shot 103
Stevens, John Everyone's Dancing (CD/CS) Sunshine SNCD 185
Stevens, John You're the Reason (CD/CS) Sunshine 194
Stevens, John 2002 Live (CD/CS) Doubleshot Rcds DSR105
Stevens, John The Image of You...It's All Sunshine 203 (CD/CS)
Stevens, John Gonna Have a Party (CD) DSR 106
Stevens, John Polka Spree by the Sea Live DSR 5201 (CD)
Stevens, John Played for a Fool (CD) 1886
Stevens, John The Best of...(CD) DSR109
Stevens, Mike Taking Off With Polkas LeMans LPC 44
Stevens, Mike Everything's Coming Up Polk Le-Mans LPC 52
Stewedshiedzel Bavarian Stew (CD) No Co.or # given
Stix 'N' Tones A Full Serving of Polkas Admiral 4001
Stok, Gigi Fisarmonica Indiavolata Fiesta 1819
Stok, Gigi Italy Dances! Capitol T-10184
Stolzenberg, Ray The Best..Northern Playboys R.S.Entpr. 1
Stolzenberg, Ray The Best...Northern Playboy R.S.Entpr. 2
Stolzenberg, Ray The Best...Northern Playboy R.S.Entrp. 3
Stolzenberg, Ray(45) Northern Sch./Jolly Coppers Soma 1018
Stolzenberg, Ray(45) Playboy's Sch/Hasselby Step Soma 1019
Storm, Walter &His Pol Polskie Trebaczie Request RcdsSRLP8150
Stosh & His Orchestra Polka All the Way! Pickwick SPC 3061
Stosh & His Polka Tone It's Polka Time Design(Pickwick)1025
Strack, Jerry A Time, a Sound, A Memory(M JLS3098
Strack, Jerry A Salute to the Great Midwe JLS 21401
Strack, Jerry Strike Up the Band (CD) JLS 103102
Strack, Jerry Big Band Polka Party (CD) 112007
Strack, Jerry Keep Dancing (CD) JLS 9798
Strack, Jerry In a Festive Mood, Christma JLS 522398
Strack, Jerry Swling'n with Dixie (CD) JLS 80408
Stratton Mountain Boys Tirolean Evening at Stratto Strattco one
Stratton Mountain Boys Octoberfest w/t Str.Mtn.Boy Strattco 86-39
Strauss, Johann (Andre Strauss Waltzes Columbia 4993
Stroiwas, Karen K.Stroiwas & t/Polka Teens Sound St 1067
Stroiwas, Karen Polkas with Love Sound St 1089
Stroiwas, Karen Another Album Buttoned Up Sound St 1115
Stroiwas, Karen Mini Record:Lover Oh Lover/ Beechworld Rcds 7125
Stroll, Frankie Polka Time Hurrah Records H 1017
Stuart, Frankie(45) Puka Jasiu P/Puanny Johnny Laurel 101
Stubby(Captain) &t/Buc POLKAS! Harmony 7260
Studenka Brothers, The The Studenka Brothers ftrg. Studio 5 2201(A)
Studnicka, Frank Let's Dance the Polka SS4744
Studnicka, Frank  Trio Frank Studnicka Plays Polka Sears Rcdng 3116A
Stumpf, Ernie Old Time for the Record JBM  107N5
Stumpf, Ernie Let's Dance Tonight JBM  13947
Sturr, Jimmy Polka Festival Glo 702
Sturr, Jimmy Polka Saturday Night Jay Jay 5126
Sturr, Jimmy Polkas at Their Best Polka Tone Rcds 5002
Sturr, Jimmy Polka Fever (2RS) Bruno-Dean Ent.RBS112
Sturr, Jimmy Polka Christmas with Jimmy Star 589/Laserlight12 1
Sturr, Jimmy Polka Holiday Glo 707
Sturr, Jimmy Polka Christmas in My Home Bruno-Dean RBD 116(2RS)
Sturr, Jimmy The Best of Jimmy Sturr(4RS Bruno Dean 117
Sturr, Jimmy Stir Up a Musical Mix Starr 501
Sturr, Jimmy The Big Band Polka Sound Star 502
Sturr, Jimmy Pure Polka (2RS)(A/CD) Starr 504/P.C.1068-2
Sturr, Jimmy Make Mine Polkas (2RS) Starr 505
Sturr, Jimmy Let's Have a Polka Party(2R Starr LSP504-505
Sturr, Jimmy Play a Tribute to Ray Budzi Starr 507
Sturr, Jimmy Happy Snappy Polkas Starr 508
Sturr, Jimmy This Is Polka Country Starr 509
Sturr, Jimmy Trip to Poland Starr 515
Sturr, Jimmy Another Trip to Poland Starr 520
Sturr, Jimmy Knee Deep in Polka Music Starr 535
Sturr, Jimmy Live-in Person at the Playb Starr 526
Sturr, Jimmy On Tour with Jimmy Sturr Starr 548
Sturr, Jimmy First Class Polkas! Starr 557
Sturr, Jimmy I Remember Warsaw Starr 561
Sturr, Jimmy The Greatest Hits of J.Stur Starr 566
Sturr, Jimmy Polkas ftg. G.Wisniewski Rex 764
Sturr, Jimmy Born to Polka Starr 568
Sturr, Jimmy Saturday Night Polka(CD/A) Starr 581
Sturr, Jimmy I Love to Polka  (CD/CS) Rounder CD 6067
Sturr, Jimmy Super Polka Party (CS) BMD 159 Beautiful Music
Sturr, Jimmy Living on Polka Time(CD/CS) Rounder 6082
Sturr, Jimmy Polka Your Troubles Away(CD Rounder 6057 (CD/CS)
Sturr, Jimmy Presents More Magic V.2 Starr 585 (CD/CS)
Sturr, Jimmy Polka! All Night Long(CD/CS Rounder 6077
Sturr, Jimmy Dance with Me (CD/CS) Rounder 11661-6087
Sturr, Jimmy Jimmy Sturr's Polka Favorit K-Tel 4031 (CD)
Sturr, Jimmy Life's a Polka (CD) Polka City 1071-2
Sturr, Jimmy Polkapalooza (CD/CS) Rounder 6092
Sturr, Jimmy The Best of J.Sturr V.2(CD) Starr Rcds 587
Sturr, Jimmy Touched by a Polka (CD/CS) Rounder 6097
Sturr, Jimmy Gone Polka (CD) Rounder 6103
Sturr, Jimmy Top of the World (CS/CD) Rounder 82161-6104-2
Sturr, Jimmy Let's Polka Round (CD) Rounder 6106
Sturr, Jimmy Rock 'N Polka (CD) Rounder 6109
Sturr, Jimmy Shake, Rattle & Polka (CD) Rounder 1161-6111-2
Sturr, Jimmy Greatest Hits of Polka(CD) Rounder 11661-6113-2
Sturr, Jimmy Polka in Paradise (CD) Rounder 6115-2
Sturr, Jimmy Come Share the Wine (CD) Rounder 11661-6116-2
Sturr, Jimmy(45) Girl in Love P/Polish Lulla Starr 1440
Sturr, Jimmy(45) Hey!Niekro P/Clarinet-Ala N Starr 1448
Sturr, Jimmy(45) Ashes of Love P/Let's Dance Starr 1425
Sturr, Jimmy(45) Blue Eyes Crying in the Rai Starr 1439
Sturr, Jimmy(45) Just Another P/Wabash P. Starr 1431
Sturr, Jimmy(45) How to Be a Polka Star/A Li Starr 1443
Sturr, Jimmy(45) Paloma Blanca/If Your Polis Starr 1430
Sturr, Jimmy(45) Premier P/Wake Up, Jacob Starr 1436
Sturr, Jimmy(45) Polka Saturday Night/Ride t Jay Jay 353
Sturr, Jimmy(45) Sunshine & Happiness P/Mary Starr 1429
Sturr, Jimmy(45) You Are My Sunshine/I'm so Starr 1434
Sturtz, Howie H.S. Grassland Butter Orch. World's Fair Rcds 101
Sturtz, Howie What a Wonderful World(CD)a Cuca S010  CD
Sturtz, Howie We Remember the Good Songs( Cuca S016 (CD)
Sturtz, Howie Over the Rainbow (CD) Cuca S017
Sturtz, Howie Howie, Lawrence & Tiny(CD)a Cuca S018
Sturtz, Howie The Grassland Album(CD) Cuca S014
Sturtz,Howie Your Favorites Album # 6 Love Rcds 713
Styczynski, Alvin The Songs You've Requested EWCD 100 (CD)
Styczynski, Alvin Thank You America (CD) Bel Aire 2003(reissue)
Styczynski, Alvin(45) Derbytown P/Helena P. Don Joe 901
Styczynski, Alvin(45) Mountaineer P/Tomorrow Morn Cuca 1622
Styczynski, Alvin(45) Pulaski Is a Polka Town/Nor Cuca 1414
Styczynski, Alvin(45) Pulaski That's My Hometown/ Cuca 1620
Styczynski, Alvin(45) Black John P/My Wife She go Cuca 1446
Styczynski, Alvin(45) Hup Sadyna/Marina Cuca 1272
Styczynski, Alvin(45) Mary's Knocking P/From Town Don-Joe 908
Styczynski, Alvin(45) Polish Girlfriend/Don't Cry Cuca 1510
Styczynski, Alvin(45) Derbytown P/Helena P. Don Joe 901
Suchey Brothers & Judy Polka Band Promoter Polka Sika PS001
Suchey Brothers & Judy In Polka Heaven Ppprmnt Pr.PP1293-PS003
Suchey Brothers & Judy The Sky's the Limit WAM 4041
Suchey, Judy & Brother Celebrating 25 Years (CD) Amerition 155
Suchey, Judy(45) My Heart Skips a Beat/Old R Polska Sila 1401
Suda, Ray Featuring A Rose to Mama W" Le-Mans LPC 82
Suda, Ray We've Done It Again LeMans LPC-104
Suess, Erwin The Best of E.S. & Family(V ES 1999 (CD)
Suess, Erwin The Best of Erwin Suess(CD) JBM 30665
Suess, Erwin You Asked for More(CD#2) JBM 32466(CD)
Suess, Erwin 30th Anniversary (CD/CS) JBM 34888
Suess, Erwin Glad to Meet You (CD/CS) JBM 35459
Suess, Erwin Best of Erwin Suess (CD) PC/NE 4495
Suess, Erwin(45) 7 Days P/Lakeside Waltz Bonnelyn 105
Suess, Erwin(45) New Ulm P/Chicago Waltz Bonnelyn 104
Suess, Erwin(45) Jolly Swiss Boys P/Aunties Bonnelyn 103
Suhay, Dick Cleveland Style Polkas (CD) BCI Music 671
Suhon, George A Polka Illusion (CD/CS) No Co. or #
Suhon, George Come On, Let's Polka!(CD/CS N12D9
Suhon, George Cleveland Style Polka (CD) BCCD 671
Suhon, George When You're Smiling (CD) WYS003
Suhon, George My Way (CD) MW001
Suhon, George Songs in the Key of Polka(C None given (CD)
Suhon, George Avella Polkas (CD) None given
Suhon, George Polkas that Are Out of This None given
Sullivans(45) Good Luck Medley/Sullivan's Daka 1675
Sumowski, Frank Spiewam Dla Ojca(My Father' Request RcdsSRLP8118
Sumrada Brothers, The Make Me Smile Reeltime RT1001
Sumrada Brothers, The Christmas Time Is Here (CD) RT 1002
Sunglows(45) Peanuts P/Happy Hippo Sunglow 107
Sunglows, The The Original Peanuts MasterRelease 103
Sunshine(45) Red Beer P/Zippity P. LeMans 103
Surratt, Mike & the Co Apolkalypse (CD/CS) Peppermint PR 5013CD
Surratt, Mike & the Co Ein Tag in Deutschland (CD) Lonely Rcds No # given
Surratt, Mike & the Co The Polka Element (CD) Keytone 200601
Surratt, Mike & the Co Polka World (Dbl CD) Eclectic Coalition Rds
Surratt, Mike & the Co Polkanception (CD) ECRO208
Sveen, Olaf Springtime Along the Fjord London EBX 4152
Sveen, Olaf Olaf Sveen at the Hofbrauha London EBX 4164
Svenson, Ole(Polka Dot Hi-Fi Polka Party Verve MG V 2066
Svestka, Ray Krsne Vzpominky(Beautiful M Czech Rcds 52
Svet, Frank No Svet(CD) Kravos No # given
Svoboda, Ed The Red Raven Orchestra(CD) None given (CD)
Svoboda, Ed More of the Red Raven Orche None given (CD)
Svoboda, Ed A Tribute to the Red Raven Renee Sound No # given
Svoboda, Ed Let's Dance (CD) None given
Svoboda, Ed Red Raven Polka Hall of Fam None given
Swani, Don Scandinavian-American Lodestar  LP 8123
Swani, Don(45) A Happy New Yr. Ev'ryone fx Lodestar 8124
Swanson, Brad 22 All-time Organ Favorites Thunderbird Rcds 8901
Swanson, Brad The Whispering Organ Sound Thunderbird S/9001
Swanson, Brad Peg O' My Heart Thunderbird Rcds9002
Swanson, Brad Brad Swanson's Greatest Hit Thunderbird Rcds9007
Swanson, Brad Party Time Thunderbird Rcds 9011
Swanson, Brad Goes Hawaiian Thunderbird Rcds 9013
Swanson, Brad A Little Bit o/B.S.&His Whi Thunderbird Rcds9016
Swanson, Brad Dance to the Happy Time Pol Thunderbird Rcds9017
Swanson, Brad Thank God I'm a Country Boy Thunderbird Rcds 9021
Swanson, Brad(45) Darktown Strutters Ball/Sta Thunderbird 518
Swanson, Brad(45) Hello Dolly/Satin Doll Thunderbird 526
Swanson, Brad(45) Sioux City Sue/It's a Sin t Thunderbird 536
Sweet Dreams Dreams of Christmas (CD) None given
Swendra, Mel Polkas After Sunset Red Rose st1001
Swiatek, Marty The Legacy Continues (CD) Mass Sound Productions
Swierad, Ed(45) Sharpshooters P/Don't Cry S Piknik 1003
Swierad, Ed(45) Polka Anna P/Helen's Weddin Piknik 1005
Swinging Ambassadors, The Swinging Ambassadors CPO 221
Switch, The In the Polka Tradition(CD/C Sunshine 144 (CD/CS)
Sydzyik, Tony Tony's Good Time Music(CD) None given
Sydzyik, Tony Polka Music Lives (CD) None given
Sydzyik, Tony Tony's Good Time Music(CD) None given
Sydzyik, Tony (Tony's Good Time Music Renee Rcds 1190
Sylvia&t/Fjordsong Ban Dance Favorites Part 1(CD) No info given
Sylvia&t/Fjordsong Ban Dance Favorites Part 2(CD) No info given
Sztaba, Mike Polka-Motion Rola Rcds 151
Szubski, Ralph A Christmas to Remember(CD) AM001
Szubski, Ralph Polkas to Sqz-N-Plz (CD) AM002
Szubski, Ralph Sentimental Journey/Italian AM003 (CD)
Szurka, Tony New Polkas Lemans Rcds 12
Szymanski, Bob Bay State's Finest Polka Ba Rex 692
Szymanski, Bob(45) Q Club Polka/Peanuts P. Rex 701
Szymanski, Bob(45) Q-Club Polka/Peanuts Polka Rex 701
T.K.O. (Tommy Karas) Round 1  (CD/CS) Sunshine 129
Tabish, Anthony(45) Beatnik Polka/Chlopski Obk. LeMans 1012
Tabor Bohemian Band Czech Days, Tabor,SD Tabor Rcds TLP 102
Tacca, Mario Internationally Yours (CD) Gioia GA056
Tacca, Mario Fleur de Paris  (CD) Gioia GO521
Tacca, Mario Accordion Unlimited (CD) Gioia GO501
Tady, Dick The Polka Workshop Greyko 1023
Tady, Dick Award Winning P.& W.(CD/CS) Corjal CD108
Tady, Dick A Special DTO Xmas(CD/CS) Corjal 109
Tady, Dick The Greatest Slovenian Polk PR72601 (CD)
Tady, Dick The Best of D.T.O. V.1 (CD) Corjal 110
Tady, Dick The Best of D.T.O.V.2(CD)A" Corjal 111
Tady, Dick The Best of D.T.O. V.3(CD)",Corjal 112"  
Tady, Dick Button Box Magic(CD) The Be Corjal Vol. 4 (CD)
Tady, Dick(45) Umpapa P/Dance Little Bird Corjal 104
Tady, Jack Pride of Pittsburgh (CD) None given (single rcdn
Take Five Take Five Comes Alive(CD/CS Sunshine 146
Take Five Scene II (CD/CS) Sunshine SNCD 157
Talcott, Ray Plays Your Requests Black Gold Rcds 6-7096
Talcott, Ray(45) Up a Lazy River/St.Louis Bl Soma 2593
Tamburitza Orch(45) Chachak Kolo/Stade Se Cvece Balkan 568
Tamburitza Serenaders Tamburitza Soma 1235
Tamburitzan Songs & Dances of Croatia Monitor 405
Tamburitzans Rukovet Du-Tam 52 & 53
Tamburitzans(45) Jelena P/Palme:Sloboda Tamb Stanchel 1025
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Tamburitza Serenade Gateway Rcdgs 1210
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Tamburitza Echoes Gateway 1212
Tamburitzans(Duquesne An Evening w/t/Tamburitzans Du-Tam29&30/Gateway 123
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Christmas in a Croatian Vil Du-Tam 13/14
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Tamburitzans:Kranjska Gora Du-Tam 2005
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Stari KrajThe Old Country"" Du-Tam 27 & 28
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Tamburitza Du-Tam 31 & 32
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Selo Du-Tam 42 & 43
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Tamburitzans:Yugoslav Moods Du-Tam 48 &49
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Treasury of Song Vol.3 Du-Tam 50 & 51
Tamburitzans(Duquesne Rukover Du-Tam 52 & 53
Tamburitzans, Royal Ta Vise More Royal Tamburitzan Request Rcds 8108
Tamburitzans, Royal Ta Su Ponovo Ovde (Are Here Ag Request Rcds 8125
Tamburitzans-Balkan Se Play Tamburitza Gypsies(CD) Marjon 909
Tamburitzans-Balkan Se Happy Tamburitza Melodies(C Marjon 200 (CD)
Tamburitzans-Duquesne Ballads of the Balkans Du-Tam 26-27
Tamburitzans-Gus Rogan Tamburitza Memories (CD) Marjon 912
Tamburitzans-Gus Rogan Balkan Strings Tamburitzans Marjon 916 (CD)
Tamburitzans-Gus Rogan Golden Anniversary (CD) Marjon 927
Tamburitzans-Joe Marmi Tamburitza USA (CD) Marjon 901
Tamburitzans-Kossovo T Sounds of the Kossovo Tambu Marjon 922 (CD)
Tamburitzans-Kossovo T As We Remember (CD) Marjon 928
Tamburitzans-Marjon Ta Croatian Gospel Songs (CD) Marjon 903
Tamburitzans-Pozega Br Tamburitza Moments (CD) Marjon 957
Tamburitzans-Silver St Zivot Je Lijep Raynard 843K 1124
Tamburitzans-Silver St American Croatian Tamburitz 581N1
Tamburitzans-Svi Skupa Prijateli Stari (CD/CS)(Old Marjon 953
Tamburitzans-The Royal The Newest from the Royal T Request Rcds 8159
Tamburitzans-Trivanovi As We Remember (CD) Marjon 2040
Tamburitzans-Veseli Ta The Original Veseli Tamburi Marjon 100 (CD)
Tamburitzans-Vesolich, Steve Vesolich & His Tambur Marjon 921
Tamburitzan-The Royals Tamburitza Music as You Lik Tambura 4910
Tannenberger, Henry A Return to Germany Doggett 1043
Tannenberger, Henry A Touch of Germany HMP Rcds Guide1005
Tansek, Charlie Original Polkas & Obereks Bel Aire 4007
Tarka, Gerry Premier Polkas(CD) Bel Aire 4075 (CD/CS)
Tasz, John P's, W's&Some Razz-ma-tasz Pprmnt 1118
Tasz, John The Best of John Tasz (CD) Ppprmnt PV 4024
Tatomir, Dennis On Tour Tatomir Prod.ST-57972
Tatomir, Dennis Your Favorite Polkas & Walt Tatomir Pr. WRC1-860
Tatomir, Dennis Dance Little Bird CTN Prod. CRLP 111
Tavern Polka Band(45) Clarinet P/Pennsylvania P. RCA Victor 294
Tavern Polka Band(45) Domino P/Beer Barrel P. RCA Victor 294
Taylor, Johnnie(45) Toe Hold/Little Bluebird Stax 202
Teddy's Lumber Jills Polka & Old Time Timber Lodestar 65-119
Tenbusch Brothers, The Don't Think Twice (CD/CS) TBB 103
Tennessee Cutups(45) Beer Barrel P/I Know You're King K4094
Tercek, Al(45) Wind Song/Just Because/Thos Delta 1039
Terry, Ron Polkas and Waltzes Mercury(Wing) 12108
Terry, Ron Music for Happy Dancers Mercury MG 20150
Terry, Ron(45) Jak Tam Squeegee P/You'll B Mercury 70848
Terry, Ron(45) Kissin' P/Hand in Hand P. Mercury70802
Texas Dutchmen (Czarne Are You Ready to Party(CD) CD 104
Texas Dutchmen(45) Charming Katy P/Rangers W. Guide 143
Texas Dutchmen, The White Horse (CD) CD 102
Texas Dutchmen, The Days of Youth (CD) CD 103
Texas Dutchmen, The (H Festival of Music (CD) None given
Texas Dutchmen:Czarnek Songs of the Old Country(CD None given (CD/CS)
Texas Dutchmen:Czarnek A Tribute to Happiness Guide 1035
Texas Sound Check A Music Makin' Goodtime 1001 (CD/CS)
Texas Sound Check Sundown (CD/CS) 1003
Texas Troubadours(45) Gardenia W/Honey Fingers Decca 33121
The Stars The Stars J B 1104-2(minny LP)Loo
Thiel, Chuck A Barrel of Polkas Little Crow 2423
Thiel, Chuck For Old Times Sake(CD/CS) JBM 24641
Thiel, Chuck You're Something Special(CD JBM 279N3 (CD/CS)
Thiel, Chuck Share Christ w/Your Neighbo Encore 2110 (CD/CS)
Thiel, Chuck That Polka Feeling(CD/CS) Encore 2111
Thiel, Chuck The Love of Christ Proclaim Encore 2206 (CD/CS)
Thiel, Chuck Christmas with the Jolly Ra Encore 2301 (CD/CS)
Thiel, Chuck I Love to Polka (CD/CS) E-2494
Thiel, Chuck The Message of Salvation(CD E-2495 (CD/CS)
Thiel, Chuck I Am the Vine (CD) E 2780
Thiel, Chuck The Tradition Continues(CD) E 2781
Thiel, Chuck Something Old, Something Ne E3051
Thiel, Chuck Good Old Polka Rhythm (CD) E 3428
Thiel, Chuck Beautiful, My Savior Be (CD E 3427
Thomas, Gene Polka Favorites (CD) JTJB01
Thomas, Gene&t/Jolly B Polka Special Studio Four6301st
Thomas, Gene&t/Jolly B The Polka Beat Show Studio 5 Rec. S59002
Thomas, Gene&t/Jolly B Gene Thomas & His Band Studio 5 Rec.7001S
Thomas, Gene&t/Jolly B Gene Thomas and the Brother Stud.5 Rec.S571015
Thomas, Gene&t/Jolly B Polka Saturday Night Studio 5 8001-s
Thomas, Gene&t/Jolly B The Best o/t/Jolly Brothers Polka City 504,vol 4
Thomas, Gene(45) Crazy Polka/Derbytown Studio 5 8001
Thomas, Gene(45) Drinking with My Pal P/Appl Studio 5 7001
Thomas, Tommy Lucky Seven (CD/CS) None given
Thomas, Tommy Trio The Tommy Thomas Trio Triple T Rcds 0002
Thomas, Tommy(45) Pots & Pans P/On the Road A LeMans 1015
Thompson, Hank(45) Favorite Waltzes by H.T.(Sh Capitol 1111(
Three Jacksons, The Jacksons' Reuzenpotpourri Philips 625 825 QL
Three Suns(45) Hoop Dee Doo/Helena/PA P/Be RCA Victor 3146(ext.pla
Three Tenors, The(Bula Performing Polish Songs(CD) Chicago P's 1501
Thunander, Hank Solitaire (CD/CS) HT 1008
Thunander, Hank(45) Riverboat P/Monte Carlo Sch V Rcds 511
Thunander, Hank(45) Tennessee W/Every Breath of HT Rcds 2001
Thunander, Hank(45) Solitaire/Music Box Dancer HT Rcds 2003
Thunander, Hank(45) Sparkys P/Eh Prijatelj P. V Rcds 514
Thunander, Hank(45) White Cap Mountain P/Gina M Maplewood 103
Tibor Brothers, The Lieber von Wandern Jomar 1087
Timko, Bob Happiest Sound Around Funtime Rcds 1001
Timko, Bob Polkas on Tour--2nd ed. Funtime Rcds 1002
Timko, Bob Polkas on Tour Delta 7010
Timmer, Joe(45) Oh Oh Polka/My Little Boy Rave 137
Timmer, Joe(45) Old Gang P/Old Lady Czardas Rave 104
Timmer, Joe(45) Hi Sweet Pea P/Back by Popu Rave 142
Timmer, Joe(45) The Lady Had Old Shoes P/Po Rave 136
Timmer, Joe(45) Mamma's P/Cameo W. Rave 119
Timmer, Jolly Joe Polka Dance Party Rave Rcds 202
Timmer, Jolly Joe Polka Fun for Everyone Rave Rcds 221
Timmer, Jolly Joe The People's Choice Rave Rcds 223
Timmer, Jolly Joe J.J.Timmer at Lehigh Rave Rcds 227
Timmer, Jolly Joe Back by Popular Demand Rave Rcds 230
Tiny and His Polka Boy With Love IRM Rcds 503
Tiny and His Polka Boy Motor City Polkas Rex 780
Tiny(45) Beer Belly Obk/Can't Believ IRM 1014
Tishmack, Joe J. Tishmack Plays W & P Count 002
Tishmack, Joe J.Tishmack Plays Old Time Count LP004
Tishmack, Joe Bits of Country Count LP006
Todd, Art & Dotty(45) Sig Sakowicz for Pres/Lonel Mishawaka 5001
Tokarz, Richard (Lush) For Adults Only X-Rated Pol Dyno 1653 (CD)
Toledo PolkaMotion Fun with TPM (CD) PC-NE 2233
Toledo Polkamotion Polka Heaven ToPoMo 003
Toledo Polkamotion Polkas in Motion LeMans 114
Toledo Polkamotion Favorite Polkas & Waltzes ( Wrld R.Snd 2801(CD)
Toledo Polkamotion Visions (CD/CS) WRS WRD 20121
Toledo Polkamotion Live at Holy Toledo Polka D Sunshine 158 (CS)
Toledo Polkamotion No Illusion (CD) Sunshine 172
Toledo Polkamotion Blackjack (CD/CS) Sunshine 145
Toledo Polkamotion Timeless (CD) Topomo Rcds 2000
Toledo Polkamotion The Beat Goes on...(CD/CS) TPM 2001
Tom & Jerry Tom & Jerry's Dance Band  ( 3208454761 (CD/CS)
Tom & Jerry Krautmeister's Guild Zommer Vol. 2 (CD/CS)
Tomaszewski, Joe & His This Is Joe Tomaszewski & H Studio 5 Rec.S5 7122
Tomaszewski, Joe & His Country Polkas Studio 5 Rec. S5 7321
Tomaszewski, Joe & His Melody of Love Studio 5 Rec.S5 7519
Tomaszewski, Joe & His Saturday Night Studio 5 Rec.S5 7520
Tomaszewski, Joe & His The Many Sounds of Joe Toma Studio 5 Rec.S5 9021t
Tomaszewski, Joe & His Polish Show Band Studio 5 St-7324
Tomaszewski, Joe(45) Grind Your Concertina P/I W Studio 5 712201
Tomaszewski, Joe(45) Polka Soul P/Love Is the An Studio 5 4532
Tomaszewski, Joe(45) Sunshine & Rainbows P/It Ai Studio 5 4533
Tomaszewski, Joe(45) Hard Times P/Girls in Every Studio 5 4531
Tomaszewski, Joe(45) Kiss Me P/Kujawiak #6 Studio 5 9021
Tomaszewski, Joe(45) Polka Soul/Love Is the Answ Studio 5 4532
Tomsic, Frank Spominek (CD) None given
Tomsic, Frank Nazdravje Vsem (CD) None given
Tomsick, Joey Button Box:Joey T.&Lynn Mar TBP 10655 (CD/CS)
Tomsick, Joey Smile (CD/CS) PR 4053
Tomsick, Joey The Best of J.T.O. (CD) Peppermint PV 4027
Tomsick, Joey Polka Funhouse (CD) None given
Tones(45) Linda's P/Wally & Ted's Hop Ampol 531
Tones, The Polkas fr/t/Heart of Chicag Ampol 5009
Tones, The On Top of the World Ampol Rcds 5013
Tones, The 200 Years of Polka Music Ampol 5022
Tones, The(45) Ten Pin P/We'll Play for Yo Ampol 539
Tony's Polka Band All Mixed Up (CD) None given
Tony's Polka Band Tonight's the Night (CD) Hillside Rcds 2002
Tony's Polka Band That's What the Devil Said Hillside Rcds 2003
Tony's Polka Band With My Fiddle & My Bow (CD Hillside Rcds 2004
Tony's Polka Band Dance to This (CD) Hillside Rcds 2006
Tony's Polka Band Come and Listen (CD) Hillside Rcds 2011
Top Notchmen There's Magic in 2000(CD) None given
Top Notchmen Extra (CD) None given
Top Notchmen Country Classics/Ctry Flash Double CD! None given
Top Notchmen Intrigue (CD) None given
Top Notchmen Keys to Happiness (CD) None given
Top Notchmen Southern Exposure (CD) None given
Top Notchmen Look At Us (CD) TNM Prod.2006
Top Notchmen Gospel Favorites (CD) Top Notchmen No # given
Top Notchmen, The Country Classics (CD/CS) No Co or # given
Top Notchmen, The Top Notchmen Style (CD/CS) No Co. or # given
Top Notchmen, The Country Flashback (CD/CS) No Co. or # given
Top Notchmen, The Merry Christmas (CD/CS) No Co. or # given
Top Notchmen, The Anywhere (CD/CS) No Co. or # given
Top Notchmen, The TNT Today/Songs of Love(CD) No Co.or#given(CD)
Top Notchmen, The For Beat Sake! (CD/CS) DRT Studios No # given
Top Notchmen, The Cajun Crazy (CD/CS) None given
Top Notchmen, The Get'n High (CD/CS) none given
Toriskie, Joe & the Ca Casual Time (CD/CS) Ppprmnt PR5025
Torrent, Shay(45) Lover's W/Rock-a-boogie Heartbeat 18
Town & Country Swinger Town & Country Swingers UA Rcdng 22127
Town & Country Swinger Something Old, Something Ne IGL 33163
Trace, Al Down Yonder/Half Fast W. Mercury 5695
Trace, Al & Lil Wally( Tell Me/If I Knew You Were Jay Jay 374
Trace, Al(45) Lil Wally Story/Play It Aga Nostalgia 8130
Trapp Family Singers Farewell Concert Decca DL 9838
Trel Tones(45) How Much I Love You P/Don't Bel Aire 1327
Trel-Tones Vintage Collection (CD) Bel Aire 5990(Reissue)
Trel-Tones, The Polka Lovers Bel-Aire 4014
Trel-Tones, The Super Polkas f/Super People Bel-Aire 4027
Trel-Tones, The Polkas Pod Nogi (Footstompi Bel-Aire 4036
Trel-Tones, The Polka Encounters o/t/Honkey WAM 4043
Trel-Tones, The Celebrating 25 Yrs. WRS 20055
Trel-Tones, The The Bridal Dance & Sweet Ma Trel Rcds (CS)
Trel-Tones, The Polka Extravaganza (CD) None given
Tri City Plus Band A New Dimension (CD/CS) PP 1584
Triads Plus Two, The Polkas Anyone? Seeco  SCLP 9142
Tripol Aires(45) 101 Proof P/Let the Sunshin Tri-Pol 0034
Tripol Aires, The First Class Polkas Prog.Rcdng Orch 4001