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Artists Titles Number
MGM Orchestra(78) Bohemian P/Sabre Dance MGM 30048
Machulsky, Ray Memories for My Dad (CD) CD 19969
Macielag, Joe Tatus Father Silverbell 10166
Macielag, Joe Marysia (A/CS) Dyno1626/Slverbll101
Macielag, Joe Polskie Kwiaty Dana 1314
Macielag, Joe(45) Accordions on Parade/Barba Musicale 108
Macielag, Joe(45) Arlene P/Knocking on the W Musicale 109
Macielag, Joe(45) Dorothy P/Carnival Obk. Musicale 106
Macielag, Joe(45) Joanna P/Blue Moon Obk. Musicale 105
Macielag, Joe(45) Tys Byla Moja/Marysia Silverbell 501
Mack, Danny I Am an American (CS) Briar Hills Rcds No#
Mack, Danny Bridging the Gap w/Polka M Briarhill Rcds No# (
Mack, Danny What's More American(CD/CS Briarhill Rcds No #
Mack, Danny(45) After All/Heaven Bound Briarhill 93x8
Mack, Danny(45) Annabel/ On the Right Road Dynamite 5793
Mack, Danny(45) Bridge the Gap/Da Bulls Da Briarhill 93-P2
Mack, Eddie Let's All Sing & Dance(A/C Kiski Rcds 2085
Mack, Eddie A Polish Journey Dyno DLP 1617
Mack, Eddie Let's All Sing & Dance V.2 Dyno 1501
Mack, Eddie Let's All Sing & Dance V.3 Rim 1139
Mack, Wally Polkas Canadian Style Glo 662 hifi
Mack, Wally Polish Polkas Canadian Sty Request Rcds 8097
Macko, Dick Ballroom Memories Audio 38228
Macko, Dick An Evening with Dick Macko Audio V.1 1048.1
Madden, Sammy(78) Friendship P/Isabella & Ma Star 101
Madden, Sammy(78) Jolly Swiss Boys P/Waltz B Mercury 6120
Madden, Sammy(78) Kilroy Was Here/Hawaiian W Star 100
Madden, Sammy(78) Picnic in the Woods P/You Chord 102
Madjerac, Frankie(45) Seiberling P/Masters P. Cigam Rcds 145
Madura, Mattie Polskie Wesele/Polish Wedd Chicago Rcds1900/190
Madura, Mattie & Eddie Z Those Wonderful Years of M Chicago Polkas 4700(
Madura, Mattie(45) Dwanascie Listeczkow W./Z Chicago Rcds 204
Madura, Mattie(45) Strolling Girl P./Love Bir Chicago Rcds 235
Madura, Mattie(45) Julida P/Hoo Sha Shoo Sha Chicago Rcds 203
Madura, Mattie(45) Hey Hey, Ho ho P/Lilies in Chicago Rcds 201(red
Madura, Mattie(45) Julida P/Hoo-Sha Shoo-Sha Chicago Rcds 203
Maestro's Men, The Out of the Blue (CD/CS) Sunshine 155
Maestro's Men, The Once More From the Top(CD/ Sunshine SN175(CS on
Maestro's Men, The Music Maestros, Please(CD/ Sunshine 196
Maestro's Men, The Strike Up the Band (CD/CS) Sunshine 209
Maestro's Men, The It's All About t/ Music(CD Sunshine 216
Maestro's Men, The Decade (CD) Sunshine 223
Magayne, Hank Both Sides of Hank Magayne KL Rcdng 62
Magic Buttons Just Like Magic (CD/CS) Peppermint 5058
Magic Buttons, The A Little Bit of Magic!(CD/ Ppmnt 5036
Magic Buttons, The Magic to Your Ears(CD/CS) Peppermint 5053
Magic Organ(45) Street Fair/The Beautiful Papa Joe 704
Magic Organ(45) Hometown P./The Waltons Ranwood 947
Magic Organ(45) Road Show/We Have to Suffe Ranwood 939
Magic Organ, The Street Fair Ranwood R8092
Magic Organ, The Penny Arcade Ranwood R8100
Magic Organ, The The Magic Organ Ranwood 8108
Magic Organ, The Traveling w/the Magic Orga Ranwood 8116
Magic Organ, The Good Time Show Ranwood R-8125
Magic Organ, The Waltz Time (A/CS) Ranwood 8137
Magic Organ, The Organ Grinder's Parade Ranwood 8144
Magic Organ, The Polka Album Ranwood stR8150
Magic Organ, The Around the World Ranwood R8155
Magic Organ, The Favorite Hymns Ranwood 8160
Magic Organ, The Organ Magic Ranwood st R-8163
Magic Organ, The Magic Carousel Ranwood  R8177
Magic Organ, The You Light Up My Life Ranwood 8181
Magic Organ, The Music Box Dancer Ranwood 8190
Magic Organ, The Polka Magic Ranwood R-8196
Magic Organ, The Plays Movie Themes Ranwood R-8200
Magic Organ, The(2RS) Twenty-Two Original Hits Ranwood 2103-706
Magitones, The Take It from the Top (A/CS LeMans LPC 81
Magitones, The Face the Music (A/CD) LeMans 110/PC-NE2357
Magitones, The Made in New York (A/CS) WAM 4063
Magnante, Charles Polka Party Vol. 1 Grand Award G.A. 33-
Magnante, Charles Roman Spectacular (V.1) Grand Award 33-361
Magnante, Charles Polka Party, Vol. II Grand Award G.A. 33-
Magnante, Charles Polkas (10 Disc)" Waldorf RcdsMH-33-13
Magnante, Charles Polka Party (10 Disc)" Waldorf MH33-154
Magnante, Charles Roman Spectacular V.3 Grand Award 205SD
Magnante, Charles Moods for Moderns Grand Award G.A.245S
Magnante, Charles Magnante Plays Polkas Grand Award Rcd 249
Magnante, Charles Roman Carnival Grand Award GA 33 42
Magnante, Charles Spanish Spectacular Grand Award GA 212 S
Magnante, Charles Roman Accordion Command Rcds RS852SD
Magnante, Charles Fiesta! Command Rcds RS869SD
Magnante, Charles Romantic Accordion Command RS 888 SD
Magnante, Charles Carnival in Far Away Place Command Rcds RS 907S
Magnante, Charles Accordiana I Harmony 7014
Magnante, Charles(45) Too Fat P/Jolly Peter P/Be Grand Award 2006(ext
Magnante, Charles(45) Mexican Holiday/Little Bro Waldorf F 3
Magnante, Charles(45) Pennsylvania P/Helena P/La Waldorf 155(in wrong
Magnante, Charles(45) Tick Tock P/Krakowaiki P/J Waldorf 190(
Magnante, Charles(45) Barbara P/Rainy Day P/Tink Waldorf 191(
Magnante, Charles(45) Clarinet P/Baruska P/Helen Waldorf F-2
Magnante, Charles(45) Misirlou/Hora Staccato Standard 114
Magnante, Charles(78) Accordiana:folder for 3 78 No Rcds--just folder
Magnante, Charles(78) Blue Danube W/Merry Widow Columbia 36086
Mahler, Ken Trio The First Set None  KMT 2324
Mahoning Valley BBX Club Everyone's Choice V.1(A/CD Pppmnt 12161 (CD is
Mahoning Valley BBX Club Everyone's Choice V.3(CD/C Peppermint 5042
Mahoning Valley BBX Club Everyone's Choice V.1&2(CD PV4028 (CD)
Mahoning Valley BBX Club Everyone's Choice V.4(CD) PP 5073
Majeski, Roger See Jolly Harmony kings  
Majeski, Roger(45) W.F.H.R.Polka/Pretty Frien Ski 815N5478
Majestic Sound(45) Polish Sausage P./Hlopski Brothers 4014
Majestic Sounds Majestic Sounds (A/CS) Le-Mans LPC 61
Majestic Sounds Polka Around w/ Majestic S LeMans LPC 76 (CS)
Makowska Orchestra Dziesiatka Godzinka P/Zapo Victor 16242
Makowska Orkiestra Polska Zabawa (A/CD) Chicago Polkas 4101
Makselan, Halina(45) Hi, How Are You/Jimmy Jimm Polka Train 8303
Maksymowicz, Ted Dances of Poland Polka Towne 104
Maksymowicz, Ted Polka Melody Time ABC Paramount 127
Maksymowicz, Ted Polkas 'Round the World ABC Paramount 188
Maksymowicz, Ted Let's Polka,Oberek,Waltz,T ABC Paramount 229
Maksymowicz, Ted Polish Dance Melodies ABC Paramount 289
Maksymowicz, Ted We Like Polka Music TopRank342/Riverside
Maksymowicz, Ted Warm Hearted Polkas Top Rank 623
Maksymowicz, Ted(78) Iskiereczki Ognia/Polska M Dana 565
Maksymowicz, Ted(78) Usnij, Baby P/Zlamalas Mi Dana 669
Malec, Ralph at Karlin Hall (CD/CS) Ray Rcds 2780/PC-NE2
Malek's Fishermen Dance Time with M.F. R.C.SoundStud.2502
Malek's Fishermen Vol. II (A/CS) No co. MF-83
Malek's Fishermen Vol. III JBM 15728 (CS)
Malek's Fishermen 3 Generations Vol.IV (CS) JBM 25742
Malek's Fishermen Musical Memories (CD) MF 83 Vol. 4
Malek's Fishermen Sharp as a Marble (CD/CS) Volume 5
Malek's Fishermen Fired Up for a Polka(CD/CS Volume 6
Malek's Fishermen Our Green Meadow (CD) None given
Malek's Fishermen Tidings of Love (CD) Volume 8
Malek's Fishermen Let's Party! (CD) None given
Malek, Stan Old Tyme Polkas Rex Records LP 682
Malina's Accordion Orche Plays & Sings Czech P&W's Malina Rcds 1060-1
Malina, Eddie I Loved Playing Polkas(CD) PCNE2509 (CD)
Malina, Eddie Polkas Waltzes (CD) PCNE2508
Malinowski, Duane Not Just Monkeyin'Around K&R Rcdng 104032(A/C
Malinowski, Duane One Good Piece After Anoth K/R Rcds209039
Malinowski, Duane Buttons Galore (A/CS) K & R Rcdng 310029
Malinowski, Duane Wanted (A/CS) K&R studios No # giv
Malinowski, Duane Good Hoppin Tunes (A/CD) JWG No# given (5th L
Malinowski, Duane Shocked (CS) none given
Malinowski, Duane How It All Began (CD/CS) None given
Malinowski, Duane From My Heart to Yours(CD/ None given
Malinowski, Duane Through the Years(CD) None given
Manchester Polka Band (K Button Accordion Czech Mus PCNE 1500 (CD)
Mankiff Brothers, The Who Stole the Keeshka Everest 5215
Mankiss, Bill Echoes of Poland Arc 561
Mansfield Accordion Band The Years 1945-1954(CD/CS) RP 2000
Mantovani American Waltzes London 248
Mantovani Memories London PS 542
Mantovani Romantic Melodies London LL979
Mantovani Folk Songs from Around the London 3360
Mantovani Waltz Time London 1094
Mantovani Strauss Waltzes London 685
Mantovani(45) Our Dream W./Begin the Beg London 45-1543
Mantovani(45) Plays Strauss Waltzes:Blue London 6001(extended
Mantovani(45) Plays Strauss Waltzes:Vien London 6002(extended
Mantovani(45) Plays Strauss Waltzes:Empe London 6003
Mantovani(45) Collection of Favorite W's London 6005(extended
Mantovani(45) Collection of favorite W's London 6006(extended
Mantovani(45) Dancetime:Agnes W/Die Scho London 6007(extended
Mantovani(45) Dancetime:Symphony/FAith/T London 6008(extended
Mantovani(45) Highlights:Gypsy Trumpeter London 6009(extended
Mantovani(45) Dancetime:Tango Bolero/Mex London 6010(extended
Mantovani(45) Waltzing w/M.:Wyoming, Kis London 6012(extended
Mantovani(45) Waltzing w/M.:Diane,Babett London 6013(extended
Mantovani(45) Concert:Beyond the Sea/Nig London 6014(extended
Mantovani(45) Tangos:Jealousy/Red Pettic London 6069(extended
Mantovani(45) Tangos:Blue Sky/Adios Much London 6084(extended
Mantovani(45) Immortal Classics:Barcarol London 6117(extended
Mantovani(45) Big Four:Charmaine/Swedish London 6148(extended
Mantovani(45) Beautiful Dreamer:Ramona/A London 6178
Mantovani(45) Bewitched:Moonlight Serena London 6179(extended
Mantovani(45) Music of Romberg V.1:Seren London 6182(extended
Mantovani(45) Music of Romberg V.2:Deser London 6183(extended
Maple Heights Button Box Polka Jam Session Maple Prd. 902036-16
Maple Heights Button Box A Toast to Slovenia Maple Prd 2001/10201
Mar-Vels(45) Little Denise P./Krakow Ob Kielbasa 10975
Marchetti Instrumental Q Vanda P/O Isabella W. Victor 6015
Marconi Brothers(78) Over the Waves W/Estudiant Columbia 2439
Marek, Larry Our Hearts Beat in Polka T Usana LM 1100
Marek, Larry(45) Siwy Kon P./Take Me Baby P Marko 101
Marjon's Polka Poppers Polka Rendezvous (CD) Marjon 961
Mark IV Mark IV  (A/CS) Le-Mans LPC 56
Mark IV(45) Cryin' Again P./Oh How She LeMans 1008
Mark IV(45) My Girl P/My KrakowankaP/P LeMans 109(extended
Mark IV(45) Ah-Goo-Gah/I Got a Wife Mercury 71403
Mark VI The Eclectic Mix (CD) None given
Markic & Zagger Penn-Ohio Unite-P.& W. for Spotlight 2520(A/CD)
Markic & Zagger Button Box Special (CD) Janal Rcds 1003
Markic & Zagger It's About Time (CD) Janal Rcds 1002
Markic & Zagger The Best o/Markic & Zagger Ppprmnt PV 4012(CS)
Markic & Zagger Live at Slovenian American None given (CD)
Markic & Zagger Live on TV (CD) None given
Markic & Zagger & Ostane Hands Across the Border Janal Rcds 683 (A/CD
Markic & Zagger(45) Buchan's P./Golden Bear P. Penn-Ohio 5015
Markic & Zagger(45) Parisian Holiday P/Smiling Penn Ohio 5015
Markic, Al (Almars) The Best of Markic & Zagge Ppprmnt PV4012 (CS)
Marks, Herb Music of Tyrol None/HM 1002
Marks, Herb Alpine Echoes of Austria None/HM 1003
Marks, Herb The Happy P.& W.of the Alp None/HM 1004
Maroszek Brothers, The Is It Love? (CD/CS) 04-0725-97
Maroszek Brothers, The I Want to Be with You (CD) 571-4004-10
Marshall, Brian Texas Polish Roots (CD) Arhoolie 464
Marshall, Brian Texas Kapela (CD) Marszalek 001
Marsic, Duke Oktoberfest of Northeaster Delta 7028
Marsic, Duke Slovenian Songs Mama Taugh Roulette 25321
Martin, Al(45) My Shy Ann/Illusion Holts 126444
Martin, Don Instrumentally Speaking Sound 1056
Martin, Don Happy Times w/D.M.&the Hap Ray Rcds 2007
Martin, Don Arrive! Polkas Rex 786
Martin, Freddy 26 Great Waltzes, V. 2 Kapp 3271
Martin, Johnny(45) Laughing P/Monopol P. Capitol 15615
Martin, Johnny(45) Clarinet P/Bell P. Capitol 1717
Martin, Johnny(45) Julida P/Barbara P. Capitol 1710
Marv's Oakdale(45) Es Gehts Sar Gut/Sunset Sc North Star 2009
Marv's Oakdale(45) Oakdale Mazurka/Sioux City North Star 2003
Marx, Elmo(45) Praha P/Heartaches W. Flint 7961
Masek, Dottie Pleasant Listening P. & W. Haller Rcds 5011
Mass Brass, The Coming Your Way Soon (A/CS WRS 20101
Mass Brass, The Polka Girls (CD) Coral Rcds No #
Mastel, Bob Fun and Frolic Pl Psnt 29-61
Mastel, Bob Greet the Folks at Home Sc Pl.Pst 61-62
Mastel, Bob It Happened In My Heart Lodestar 8121
Mastel, Bob Polkas & Waltz Series(Reis V RecLtd3084Re:PP29-
Mastel, Bob(45) Politician P/Squirrel(Eich Lodestar 64-108
Mastel, Bob(45) Seattle-Tacoma Sch/Tempo o Pl.Psnt 62-62
Mastel, Bob(45) Swedish P/ Viking Sch. Pl.Psnt 96-63
Masterman, Marv Merry Old Time Pleasant Psnt 121
Masterman, Marv Country Hits Polka Style Pl Peasant 128
Masterman, Marv The Best of M.M.V.19(A/CS) Polka Fav. 4019
Masterman, Marv Win Twins Polka (CD) Masterman 2005
Masterman, Marv(45) Jambalaya P/You Can't Be T Pl. Psnt 5028
Masterman, Marv(45) My Fav.Partner P/Short&Lon Pl.Psnt 5010
Masterman, Marv(45) Win Twins P/Jeanie's Sch. Pl.Psnt 5003
Matasy, Bob Sounds Good to Me (CD/CS) BMB Rcds 000 1CD
Mateck, Wally Polkas for Parties Design Rcds 34
Mater Dolorosa(45) Hupaj Siupaj P./Tick Tock Rex 682
Materna, Andy(45) Times Square P./Happy Feet Jolly 108
Materna, Andy(78) Times Square P/Happy Feet Jolly Rcds 108
Mathis, Dale Beat of the Group (A/CD) Wright 824 W 2294/Cu
Matocha, Lee Roy Lee Roy Is Back Again Guide 1026 st
Matocha, Lee Roy Dance Time P. & Lee Roy Is Glad 1315 (CD)
Matocha, Lee Roy All Aboard & Something Old Glad 1316 (CD)
Matocha, Lee Roy Dance Time Polka (CS) Bellaire 1032
Matocha, Ray(45) Beer Bucket P./Headache W. Guide 105
Matthews, Tommy Still Swingin' After All T Not given (CD/CS)
Matthews, Tommy Memories of You (CD) None given
Matthews, Tommy Playing Pretty for the Peo None given
Matthews, Tommy Blue and Sentimental (CD) None given
Matys Brothers(45) Hu La La P./I Want to See Select 723
Matys Brothers(45) Humpty Dumpty P./Cut the M Select 728
Matys Brothers(45) Portki P./Who Stole the Ke Select Rcds 719
Matys Brothers, The Polka Party USA Cindy Rcds 101
Matys Brothers, The Who Stole the Keeshka? Select Records  556
Matys Brothers, The Beer+Pretzels+Music=Fun Slect Sl 1108(hifi)
Matys Brothers, The Old Time Favorites Cindy Rcds CMB3/Domi
Matys Brothers, The Dance a/t Matys Br.Polka P Dominion 93056
Maupin, Jimmy(45) Teach Me How to Yodel P/Mo KL Rcdng 41
Maves, Al Old Time Music for Water T Audio Artistry TJ 31
Maves, Al The Swingin' Laendler Band Mark MC 4330
Mayl, Gene(45) Beer Barrel P/PA P/Sugar B Airtown 2009(ext.pla
Mazanec, Jerry Bohemian Polkas Harmony 7029
Mazanec, Jerry A Tribute to J M(A/CD/CS) Czech Rcds 30/PC-NE2
Mazurek, Ernie E.M.& His White Eagle Band Aleatoric  A4006
McCarty, Brian Our Favorite Polkas (CD) MBP 1002
McEnery, David(45) Herr Schmidt/Dance Little End of the Trail 410
McGuire, Bob Mad Dog"" The Music & Humor of..(CD) Ppprmnt 5068
McIntire, Dick(78) Forever & Ever W/Drums of Mac Gregor 5007
McIntyre, Mike All Our Best (CD) IAMG 1003
McIntyre, Mike Just Like Old Times (CD) RY Productions No #
McIntyre, Mike Souvenir Album (CD) Ry Productions MM001
McMillan, Eddie(45) Waltz You Saved for Me/The Decca 9-29392
Megal, Ken & Friends Play Olde Tyme (CD) None given       Ken
Meisner, Steve Songs of Love (A/CD) HG 5015
Meisner, Steve Songs of Love, 2nd Ed.(A/C HG 5015 (2nd ed.)
Meisner, Steve An Ivory Romance HG 5044
Meisner, Steve Jammin' Polkas (A/CD/CS) HG 5045
Meisner, Steve A Meisner Mini Concert(CD/ HG Studio HG 5058
Meisner, Steve Meisner Time (CD) MMM 013
Meisner, Verne A Polka & Waltz Holiday Cuca 2002 (A/CD/CS)
Meisner, Verne Old Country Melodies Cuca 2022 (A/CD/CS)
Meisner, Verne Waltzing With You(A/CD/CS) Cuca 2032
Meisner, Verne Strollin (A/CD/CS) Cuca 2042
Meisner, Verne The Little Shoemaker Cuca 2052 (A/CD/CS)
Meisner, Verne Dance Album (A/CD/CS) Cuca 2062
Meisner, Verne Happy Sounds of V.M.(A/CD/ Cuca 2104 (A/CD/CS)
Meisner, Verne Polkarina (A/CD/CS) Cuca 2136
Meisner, Verne Plays a Song for You(A/CD/ Am.Mus.Corp.2156(A/C
Meisner, Verne Autumn Leaves (A/CS) Bright Prod.1004
Meisner, Verne El Rio Drive (CD) Bright Prod. 1016
Meisner, Verne Dance Holiday (A/CS) VM Rcds 1501
Meisner, Verne Martinis, Manhattans, & Me V.M.Prod.1511(A/CD/C
Meisner, Verne Meisner Magic (A/CD) HG Rcds 5029
Meisner, Verne Verne,Verne,Verne,Verne(CD HG Studio 5042(CD/CS
Meisner, Verne A Meisner Mix (CD/CS) Meisner Rcds 1503
Meisner, Verne 50th Anniversary Vol.1(CD/ VM2000
Meisner, Verne 50th Anniversary Vol.2(CD/ VM2001
Meisner, Verne Wanted Lost Gold (CD) MMM 2009
Meisner, Verne & Steve Live! The Way It Was Meant None given
Meisner, Verne & Steve 50th Birthday Music Anthol DVD Volumes 1 & 2
Meisner, Verne & Steve Summer Music Fest-the Best DVD
Meisner, Verne(45) Time Out/Strollin' Cuca 1131
Meisner, Verne(45) Polka Boy/Moonlight W. Leaf 103
Meisner, Verne(45) Polka '76/Mimi Bright 101
Meixner, Al Polka Portraits (CD) Jo-Al 1001(w/J. Webe
Meixner, Al Alpine Melodies (A) Jo-Al 1002
Meixner, Al On the Bridge(Na Mostu) Jo-Al 1006 (CD)
Meixner, Al Alpine Melodies, Vol. 2 Jo Al Rcds 1012
Meixner, Al Slovenian Gold (CD/CS) Euro-class 911
Meixner, Al Weihnachtszeit(Christmasti Euro-Class 917(CD/CS
Meixner, Al Like Father (CS) MC 931
Meixner, Al Im Biergarten V.2 (CS) Euro-Class MC 928
Meixner, Al Al M. Trio On Stage(CD/CS) Euro-Class 951
Meixner, Al Oktoberfest Souvenir (CD) Euro-Class CD 966
Meixner, Al The Best of Biergarten(CD) Euro-Class 938 (CD)
Meixner, Al Alpine Melodies V.1&2 (CD) Euro-Class 985
Meixner, Al International Showcase (CD Euro-Class CD 985
Meixner, Al The Music of Al Meixner 19 Euro-Class 008 (CD)
Meixner, Al M'mm! M'mm! Gut!!! (CD) Euro-Class 023
Meixner, Al The Music of A.M. V.2(CD) Euro Class 059
Meixner, Al Off the Wall (CD) Euro Class 058
Meixner, Al Plays Old Time Favorites o O86  (CD)
Meixner, Al & Alex Like Father, Like Son(CD) Euro-class CD 933
Meixner, Al & Alex Slovenian Gold & BBX Dynam Euro Class 037 (CD)
Meixner, Al & Alex Digitally Yours, V.1 (CD) CD-072
Meixner, Al & Alex Digitally Yours, V.2 (CD) CD-073
Meixner, Al & Alex Digitally Yours, V.3 (CD) CD-074
Meixner, Al & Alex Digitally Yours V. 4 (CD) CD 075(reissue)
Meixner, Al & Alex Digitally Yours V. 5 (CD) CD 076 (reissue)
Meixner, Al & Joe Weber A Polka Journey from 1970- CD 975 (CD)
Meixner, Alex Button Box Dynamite(CD/CS) Euro-class 922
Meixner, Alex Like Son (CS) MC 932
Meixner, Alex Familiar Faces in New Plac Euro-Class 961(CD)
Meixner, Alex The Legacy (CD) Euro-Class 005
Meixner, Alex Alex Plays Button Box (CD) Euro Class 034
Meixner, Rudi & Inge Yodeling in Hi-Fi Westminster WST 1502
Meixner, Rudi & Inge Yodeling in the Tyrols Vanguard 9108
Mejac, Stan As Promised (CD) Stan Mejac, no#
Mejac, Stan Sincerely Yours (CD) None given
Mel's Polka Stars Most Requested Aleatoric 9004
Mello Kings(cf#1 ofL.Sch Toe Teasing Tempos Pl Psnt 143
Mello Tones, The Polka Style Plktwn USA 4077
Melo-D-Rays Plus 2 Polkas-Waltzs Cuca KS 70-80
Melo-D-Rays(45) Apples,Peaches,Pumpkin Pie Cuca 6828
Meloch, John J.M's Hofbrau Orch.& His K Artists' Life 1202
Melody Kings(45) Shot'N a Beer P/Boy from D Varbee Rcds 101
Melody Kings, The Play Polish Pops Don-Joe1004 (A/CS)
Melody Masters Polka Dancin' (CS) P.J.Productions 2001
Melody Masters(45) Polish Jumper P/Lakeside W American Music 5048
Memory Makers We Are the Memory Makers M-M Rcds/LPC 3(A/CS)
Memory Makers Polka Break M-M Rcds LPC 4
Memory Makers Let's Get Together M-M Rcds/LPC 5
Memory Makers Happy Holidays... (A/CS) M-M Rcds MM 6
Memory Makers The Sing & Play for M-M Rcds/LPC 7
Memory Makers, The Springtime Memory Makers LeMans LPC 85
Memory Makers, The Sweet Memories of You (CD) M-M CD 9
Menart, Tony Let's Have A Mesabi Polka Encore Prod. E 239
Mendalski, Gene Music Makes t/World Go Rou Starr 579 (A/CD)
Menkin, Fritz Everybody Polka Golden Tone 4083
Menko, Johnny Polka Piknik 503
Menko, Johnny Pic-a-Polka Piknik 507
Menko, Johnny Dance with Me Eurotone 130
Menko, Johnny Star Polka & Other Favorit Rola Rcds 150
Menko, Johnny Hartford's Smartest Polka Rex 729 (A/CS)
Menko, Johnny Carefree Polkas Rex 739
Menko, Johnny Polka Jubilee (A/CS) Rex st 777
Menko, Johnny Polkas (2RS) Dana D598-16
Menko, Johnny Let's Have a Good Time Eurotone ELP 110
Menko, Johnny More Polkas w/J.M. (CS) Europa EUC 316
Menko, Johnny Menko Music-Polkas & Much JJM 012 (CD/CS)
Menko, Johnny Merry Polkas (CD/CS) Kielbasa 7226
Menko, Johnny Happy Time Polkas (CS) Michele Audio 7205
Menko, Johnny(45) Hupaj Siupaj P/Jolly Mount Piknik 1014
Menko, Johnny(45) Travelers P/Our Special P. Piknik 1004
Menko, Johnny(45) Fireside P/The 3 Uncles Ob Piknik 1006
Mercer, Johnny(78) Strip P/Air Minded Executi Capitol 103
Merck, Bill For Your Dancing Pleasure JoMar Rcds 10826
Merck, Bill Dance the Night Away Jomar Rcds 10834
Merck, Bill Invites You to Dance Jomar 10812
Merck, Bill Happy Times (A/CS) Jomar JR 10845
Merhar, Catherine & Fran Slovenske Melodije Encore 1107
Merrie Musette(78) Hot Canary P/Valencia RCA 3398
Merrylanders, The Put It All Together Le-Mans LPC 49 (A/CS
Mesaba Button Box Music from our Hearts CRLP-115
Mesaba Button Box Club More Music fr/Our Hearts RY Rcdng 8701(CS)
Messer, Don Canada's D.M.&His Islander Rodeo Rcds 5266
Messina, Frank(45) Little Brown Gal/Katy's 2 Mac Gregor 8075
Messina, Frank(78) Hurry, Hurry, Hurry/Jesse Mac Gregor 657
Meusel, Eddie(45) Polka Jan/Fisherman's Wido Rite 0472
Meyer, Frank(45) With You P/Jayne's Polka B JV Rcds 1001
Meyer, Steve Just for You! (CS) Sound S-1162
Meyers, Gene(45) Jealous Heart/Making Belie Stonewall 1104
Miami Marimba Band(78) Laugh Clown, Laugh W/Auf W Vocalion 15683
Micale, Spike Smile Awhile (A/CD) Cuca 2006
Micale, Spike Spike It to 'em Bel Aire LP 4011
Micale, Spike(45) Mitza/ Whispering W. Cuca 1135
Michelle, Mickey(45) Wooden Heart/In Heaven the Music Row 1000
Michiagan Polka Tels(45) Cheek to Cheek P/Moonlight Sound 285
Michigan Cavaliers(45) Smaczne P/Polka Cola IRM 1016
Michigan Cavaliers, The Polka Inn Intl Rcd  518
Michigan Cavaliers, The Polka Music Is Here to Sta IRM 504
Michigan Connection, The A Paragraph of Polkas(CD/C Sunshine SNCD-130?13
Michigan Polka Tels(45) Dee Shell P/Tatusiu(Father Sound 275
Michigan Polka Tels(45) Eastern P/Mike & Mania P. Sound 1104
Michigan Polka Tels(45) Motor City P/Mother My Mot Don Joe 915
Michigan Polka Tels(45) Musette P/Green Garden Obk Don Joe 903
Michigan Polka Tels(45) Yours Tomorrow P/White Ros Sound 286
Michigan Polka-Tels Just a Sample (7  disc)" Sound 324 (extended
Michigan Polka-Tels Sing, Dance, Drink (A/CS) Dyno 1624/Don-Joe 10
Michigan Polka-Tels It's No Joke (A/CD/CS) Don-Joe 1002/PC-NE22
Michigan Polka-Tels Flying High (A/CD) Don-Joe 1009/PC-NE22
Michigan Polka-Tels In the Spotlight Sound 1026
Michigan Polka-Tels Yours Today, Tomorrow & Fo Sound 1039
Michigan Polka-Tels More of the MI Polka-Tels Sound 1059 (CS)
Michigan's Saginaw Valle Polka Favorites Bohemian S Sound 1040(CD)PC-NE1
Michigan's Saginaw Valle Instrumental Button Accord Sound 1041(A/CD)PC-N
Michigan's Saginaw Valle Play & Sing Czech/Bohemian Sound 1042(CD)PC-NE1
Middlesex Express(45) Moja Danusia/Hazel Eyes W. Mas Rcds 0001
Midnight Ramblers Pride of the Dakota Prairi Jomar 10852
Midnight Ramblers The Old & the New (CS) Meyer 1993
Midnight Sons, The Scandinavian Potpourri Arctic Rcds RL 5084
Mieszala, Jimmie Polka Show on the Go! Caji Rcds 3301
Mieszala, Jimmie Chicago Magic (CD) Chicago P's 1603
Mieszala, Jimmie Polkas with a Blast Bel-aire 4058
Mieszala, Jimmie We're Glad You're Here!(CD Chicago Polkas8301(C
Mihelic, Franz Gold Edition (CS) MCP 169.440
Mihelic, Franz-Ober Vesela Polka vince in Pese RTV LD 0483
Mihelic, Franz-Ober Ein Stuckchen Heimat Diamant CBS 54454
Mihelic, Franz-Ober Ihre Groben Erfolge:Franz Tyrolis 351 138(CD)
Mihelic, Franz-Ober Musik aus Oberkrain (CD) MCP 158.456
Mihelic, Silva(45) Svet noc/Svet'/Angel Gospo Slovenia KO8W 1985
Mikesh, Al Dance Time w/Al Mikesh(A/C M Records s80-225
Mikesh, Al Waltzes & Polkas A.M.Rec.A.M.100
Mikesh, Al Accordian Duets (A/CD) M. Rec. M.101
Mikesh, Al Let's Have a Party M.RcngS80-295/Pl.P14
Mikesh, Al I Love to Polka (A/CD) M. Rec. M.103
Mikesh, Al Country Western Fav.(A/CD) M. Rcds S80-219-2049
Mikesh, Al Just A Fiddlin' and A Pick M. Rec. M104 (A/CD)
Mikesh, Al One Man Band, V.1(CS) No Co. No#
Mikesh, Al Country Gospel & Polka Mas None given (CD/CS)
Mikesh, Al Inspirational Music (CD) None given
Mikesh, Al One Man Band V. 2 (CD) None given
Mikesh, Al One Man Band V. 3 (CD) None given
Mikesh, Al One Man Band V. 4 (CD) None given
Mikesh, Al One Man Band V.5 (CD) None given
Mikesh, Al One Man Band V.16 (CD) None given
Mikesh, Al 50 Years of A.M.Music(CD/C None given (CD/CS)
Mikesh, Al Ride, Ride, Ride (CD) None given
Mikesh, Al(45) Black Berry P/Owl W. A.M. Rcds No #
Mikesh, Al(45) Go Go P/Nutty Laendler Pl.Psnt. 7-8445
Mikesh, Al(45) Happy Farmers P/Waltz # 30 M Rcds No # given
Mikesh, Al(45) No Beer in Heaven P/Kristi M Rcds 1433
Mikesh, Al(45) Our Polka/Innocents W. Pl.Psnt. 5046
Mikesh, Al(45) Hopeless P/Joliet Waltz UA 556-49980
Mikesh, Al(45) Tinker P/Scotties Waltz M Rcds 226-2049
Mikesh, Albert(45) Blackberry P/Owl W. A M Rcds8-8606
Mikesh, Albert(45) Tinker P/Scotties W. M" Rcds 17571"
Mikesh, Albert(45) Hopeless P/Joliet W. UA" Rcdng 556-49980"
Mikos, Bruno Polkas...Different But Bet Bem Star Rcds 1001
Mikos, Bruno Polkas from the Stars Bem Star 1002
Mikos, Bruno Third Time Around (A/CD) Bem-star Rcds 1003
Mikos, Bruno Time for People Pleasin' P Bem Star Rcds 1004
Mikos, Bruno Back on the Road Again Bem Star Rcds 1005
Mikos, Bruno Old Country Polish Polkas WRS 20080
Mikos, Bruno Back on the Bandstand(CD/C Sunshine 135
Mikos, Bruno Back to My Beginning (CD) BSCD 1008(Dbl CD)
Mikos, Bruno A Jukebox in My Mind (CD) Chicago P's 8001
Mikos, Bruno(45) Honky Tonk Concertina P/Le Polka Train 100
Mikula, Jodie Play Me a Polka (Tex/Czech Rounder6029(CD)
Mikula, Jodie Shades of the J.M. Orch.(C None given
Milardo, Joey The Polka Maestro's Last F Jonel Rcds No # (CD)
Milardo, Joey Smooth as Silk (CD) None given
Miller, Cory It's Miller Tyme (CD) E 2892
Miller, Mitch More Sing Along with Mitch Columbia 1243
Miller, Mitch(45) Red Wing/Get Me to the Chu Decca 25701
Milligan Legion Czech Br A Festive Holiday (A/CD/CS Heritage Disk 5100/P
Milligan Legion Czech Br A Festive Holiday & Some(C PC-NE 2425 (CD)
Milligan Legion Czech Br Sounds of Yesterday & Toda PC-NE 2463
Mills, Bobby(45) Farewell to Prague/Golden Soma 1030
Milwaukee Polka Rascals Polka Party Oscar Rcds 131
Milwaukee Polka Rascals, Favorite Polkas Oscar Rec. OS 115
Minar, Jerry Jerry Minar & Friends(A/CD JBM SoundPro.48183/9
Minar, Jerry J.Minar & Friends,Vol.2(CD JBM 221120 (CD/CS)
Minar, Jerry J. Minar & Friends V.1 & 2 JBM Sound 39487 (CD)
Minneapolis Symphony(78) Pizzicato P/Valse Bluette Victor 1757
Minnesota Over 60" Band" Favorites by... Mark MC 4012st
Minnesota Over 60" Band" Vol. II Mark MC 4243
Miron, Dave Polkas for Happy People SKI-100
Miscellaneous-(4rs) 100 P&W Hits Sound of Gold 100
Miscellaneous-GPSl(6RS) Polka Fest RCA Victor DML6-0226
Miscellaneous-I(3rs) 66 Polka & Waltz Hits Recar RCS 82
Miscellaneous-I(3rs) Sixty Polka Hits Polka City 362
Miscellaneous-I(3rs) Sixty P.& W.Hits. V.4 Polka City 363
Miscellaneous-I(3rs) Sixty-Six P&W Hits(3 rec.s Recar RS-72
Miscellaneous-I(4rs) 80 Polka Hits Recar 80/3001-3004
Miscellaneous-I(4rs) Budget Records (4 rcd set) None given 101-104
Miscellaneous-I(4rs) Polka Hits None Given#8218-21
Miscellaneous-Polish 125 Polka Hits(4RS/3CS set Rex Rcds 1000,1-4/CS
Miscellaneous: 1st Briga Band Music of the Confeder Heritage Military Mu
Miscellaneous: Heritage Battle Cry of Freedom MC 18086
Miscellaneous: The Valle A Treasury of Best Loved H Cape 202 (Dbl LP)
Miscellaneous:Band o/t G National Anthems of the Wo London PS 120
Miscellaneous:John Cali( The Banjo Minstrel Man Mercury SR 60056
Miscellaneous:The Four S World War I Songs in Hi-Fi ABC Parmount 196
Mischief Makers Polka Ba Cavalcade of Polkas B.S.F.Rcds LP-503
Miskiewicz, Mike All-Time Hit Parade Everest 1046/5046
Miskiewicz, Mike Saturday Night Polka Date Everest 1086SDBR
Miskiewicz, Mike Polka Time Everest 5006
Miskiewicz, Mike(Dick Ma Polka Favorites Sunset 5164/1164
Miskulin, Joey All by Myself Western World 502
Miskulin, Joey Mis-Tre"Polkas & Waltzes" Polka City 211(A/CS)
Miskulin, Joey Miskulin and Trebar 2 Polka City 216 (A/CS
Miskulin, Joey Hooked on Polkas(CD/CS) K-Tel 378-4/CS:6134-
Miskulin, Joey Hooked On Polkas 2(CD/CS) K-Tel 6134-2
Miskulin, Joey Country Polkatime (CD) Intersound 9321
Miskulin, Joey Christmas Album (CD) HMS-3001-2/BMG75517
Miskulin, Joey The Mis-Tre Together Again Musicwagon 1001(CD)
Miskulin, Joey & W. Osta Polka Celebration (CD) Sunshine 251
Miskulin, Joey(45) Remembering/Every Night WW 5501
Mistalski, Andy(45) Happy Fellow P/Milosc Ojca Mark 5331
Mistalski, Andy(45) Happy Fellow P/Milosc Ojca Mark Rcds 5331
Misterious Five(78) (unidentified)Polka & Walt Soundcraft No #
Misti, Joe Let's Roll Out Another Bar Rise Rcds 125
Misty Blues Polka Glitter (CS) P3 102
Misty Blues I'm So Happy When I'm Blue none given (CS)
Misty Blues Enjoy Yourself (CD/CS) Bel Aire 4076
Mitas, Harold Live Brass w/t Mitas Touch Frankenmuth Rcds 105
Mitas, Harold More Brass w/t Mitas Touch Ray Rcds 1110(A/CD)P
Mitas, Harold Brass with the Mitas Touch Sound 1035
Mitas, Harold Bohemian Brass w/t Mitas T Sound 1053(A/CD/CS)P
Mitas, Harold Down Home w/t/Mitas Touch Sound 1096
Mitas, Harold Presents the Mitas Touch Sound 1156
Mitas, Harold Some of the Best at the Su Sound 1157
Mitas, Harold(45) Poor Boy/If You Love Me Frankenmuth 105
Mitas, Harold(Boh.Brass) Country Brass (A/CD) Frankenmuth Rcds 107
Mitas,Harold(cfBoh.&Cntr Polka Festivals with Mitas Sound Rec. st 1077
Mitchko, Gene Let's Dance the Polka Family Rec. SFLP 554
Mitchko, Gene Polki Do Syto(Polkas Galor Request Rcds10112
Mitchko, Gene Rocket Age Polkas Request Rcds 10113
Mitchko, Gene Polka Polka Polka (CS) Madacy,CNDA 2005
Mitchko, Gene New Sound Polkas Family Rcds 147
Mitchko, Gene(45) Murder P/Traffic P. Request Rcds 2024
Mitus, Ray Polkas with the Mitus Touc Le-Mans 96
Mitus, Ray(45) Stop & Hop P/Just Let IT B Steljo 615
Mix N' Match(45) Someone's Looking P/Caroli M.N.M. Rcds8101
Mlakar, Joe Akrabolt! Mayco 2621
Mlakar, Joe Akrabolt II JM Rcds 2622
Modern Rhythm Makers(45) #1:10 different modern tun Play Along 26259
Modern Rhythm Makers(45) #2:10 different modern tun Play Along 26299
Modernaires(45) Unita P/If I Had a Wish P. WAM No # given
Modernaires(78) Jingle Bell P/The Whistler Columbia 37980
Modernaires, The One Way Only Ppprmnt Rcds 1045
Modernaires, The Live on Stage WAM W4028
Moldenhauer, Glenn Polka Power Plus Astre Rcds NSLP 0243
Moldenhauer, Glenn Polka-Go-Round Blue Eagle Recds. LP
Moldenhaver, Glenn(45) Concertina Holiday/Honky T American 7406
Mollie B & Ted Lange Freshly Squeezed (CD) SB 1002
Mollie B & Ted Lange(Squ Squeeze Me (CD) None given
Mom & Dad's(45) Anniversary W/Angry fxtrt Crescendo 461
Mom & Dad's(45) Blue Skirt W/Quentin's E B None given 1322
Mom & Dad's(45) Cab Driver fxtrt/Skirts fx None given 1324
Mom & Dad's(45) Mom&Dad's Schottische/Blue None given 1323
Mom & Dad's(45) Ranger's W/Anytime fxtrt None given 1296
Mom & Dad's(45) Silver Moon fxtrt/St. Loui None given 1320
Mom & Dad's(45) Somewhere My Love W/Ever T none 1316
Mom & Dad's(45) White Silver Sands fxtrt/O None 1312
Mom & Dad's(45) Whispering fxtrt/When It's None 1325
Mom & Dad's(45) Your Cheatin' Heart fxtrt/ None 478
Mom & Dad's(45) Ragtime Annie P/Georgianna None 1321
Mom & Dad's(45) Ranger's W/Quentin's E Fla Crescendo 439
Mom & Dad's(45) Rippling River W/Amazing G Crescendo 455
Mom & Dad's(45) When the Saints Go Marchin Crescendo 466
Mom & Dads(45) Ragtime Annie/Georgianna M None given 1211
Mom & Dads(45) Amazing Grace/Rippling Riv Crescendo 455
Mom and Dads, The 20 Favorite Waltzes Warner Sp.Prd OP1507
Mom and Dads, The Album #2 Crescendo M&D002
Mom and Dads, The The Rangers Waltz Crescendo 2061
Mom and Dads, The In the Blue Canadian Rocki Crescendo 2063
Mom and Dads, The Souveniers Crescendo 2065
Mom and Dads, The Merry Christmas w/t Mom & Crescendo 2067
Mom and Dads, The The Mom and Dads Again! Crescendo 2068
Mom and Dads, The Reminiscing w/the Mom & Da Crescendo 2072
Mom and Dads, The The Best of the Mom and Da Crescendo 2087
Mom and Dads, The Dance w/t/Mom & Dads Crescendo 2078
Mom and Dads, The Play Your Favorite Hymns Crescendo 2082
Mom and Dads, The Dream w/the Mom & Dads Crescendo 2092
Mom and Dads, The In the Good Old Summertime Crescendo 2102
Mom and Dads, The Down the River of Golden D Crescendo 2106
Mom and Dads, The Waltz Across Texas Crescendo 2139
Mom and Dads, The(2RS) 22 Fav. W. w/the Mom & Dad Crescendo 2103
Mom and Dads, The(2RS) The Best of the Mom & Dads Crescendo 2103-711
Mom and Dads, The(2RS) Gldn Cntry:M&Dad's 22 C.Fa Crescendo 2-2123
Mom and Dads, The(2RS) The Very Best of... Crescendo 2129
Mon Valley Push Reality (CD) None given
Monsen, Jimmy Have I Got a Night for You 1001
Monsen, Jimmy Candles, Cocktails & Conce None given (CD)
Monti, Lee(45) Tutone P/Mama's Gone Goodb Sharp 35
Monumentals(45) Grandma's Feather Bed P/Ma Bel Aire 1364
Monumentals, The Polkas that Swing Bel aire 4042
Mooney, Art(45) Hop Scotch P/Liechtenstein Decca 31318
Moostash Joe Polkas & Waltzes Czech Rcds 31
Moostash Joe In Europe w/the M.J. Band Czech Rcds 36
Moostash Joe Radio KHUB's Most Requeste Czech Rcds 42
Moostash Joe Vol. 1 Polkas & Waltzes Czech Rcds 55
Moostash Joe Dance Little Bird Czech Rcds 58
Moostash Joe P. & W.w/Czech Vocals V.II Czech Rcds 60
Moostash Joe The Best of...V.1 (CD) JCP 003
Moostash Joe The Best of...V.2 (CD) JCP 007
Moostash Joe The Best of...V.3 (CD) JCP 009
Moravanka Potreti Panton 11 0633
Moravanka Sounds from Top to Bottom Ray Rcds 1001(A/CD)
Moravanka International Favorites Ray Rcds 1002(A/CD)
Moravanka Polka Tunes and Dances Apon 1517
Moravanka Polkas & Songs Apon 2518
Moravanka (Jan Slabak) Podruhe Panton 01 11 0523
Moravanka (Jan Slabak) Holiday Time (CD/CS) IRR 1003/Pc-NE 2002
Moravcik, Frank Play That Accordion (CS) Ppprmnt PP1552
Moravcik, Frank Land of Dreams (CD/CS) MP02
Moravcik, Frank Polka Music Oooh Boy!(CD) Normandy Rcds 7165
Moravcik, Frank & Linda An American Oktoberfest(CD HER 2011
Morgan, Lee(45) Swiss Chalet/Remember Me Jay Jay 212
Morouse, Al Polka Fun Button Sounds Greyko 1025
Morouse, Al Polka Fever MJM Rcds 1106
Morouse, Al Slovenian Polka Time Gateway 1104
Morouse, Al Polka Favorites on the But Dyno 1105
Morouse, Al Bandstand Polkas Evergreen ERS-0001
Morouse, Al Let's Go Dancing Olympic RCds 1016(CS
Morouse, Al Slovenian Style P's & W's( Meixner CD003
Morris, Don D.M.& t/Jolly Germans V.1( Vol 1(Reissue)(CS)
Morris, Don D.M.& t/Jolly Germans V.2( Vol 2(Reissue)(CS)
Morris, Don & The Jolly Special Delivery Old Coun" Pl. Psnt 87-62
Morris, Don & The Jolly Reunited Triple Crown DM3018
Morris, Don & The Jolly P.& W.Dance Series V-Rcds 3085
Morris, Don & The Jolly Jolly Germans P.Favs, V.8 Polka Favs.PF4008
Morris, Don(45) Bouncing Annie's P/Bavaria Pl.Psnt. 112-64
Morris, Don(45) Jerry's P/Shoemaker P. Pl.Psnt. 75-62
Morristown Kids, The Happy Songs from Eur/Ameri No Co./# given(CD)
Mosch, Ernst Bohemian Holiday London SW 99015
Mosch, Ernst Festival in Bohemia London 99014/91247
Mosch, Ernst The Sound of German Brass London 99499
Mosch, Ernst Straben-Musikanten Telefunken 6.21128
Mosch, Ernst Di schonsten Lieder meines Telefunken 6.22351
Mosch, Ernst Wie's Fruher War...So Wird Telefunken 6.22925
Mosch, Ernst ein Klang Begeistert die W Telefunken 6.21354
Mosch, Ernst Stunden, die man nie vergi Telefunken SLE 1458
Mosch, Ernst Rosamunde 2 Telefunken 6.22026
Mosch, Ernst Lieblings-Melodien Telefunken 6.21044
Mosch, Ernst Portrait in Gold(Mosch)(2r Telefunken 3011
Mosch, Ernst Musikantenliebe Telefunken 14735
Mosch, Ernst Goldner Klang vom Egerland Telefunken 6.21021
Mosch, Ernst Wenn der Tag erwacht(2rcds Telefunken 6.28009
Mosch, Ernst 15 Jahre Spielen und singe Telefunken 14591
Mosch, Ernst Vergiss die Heimat nicht! Telefunken 6.22326
Mosch, Ernst Een Avondje Met Ernst Mosc Parade 385.203
Mosch, Ernst Das Beste von Ernst Mosch( Telefunken 6.284590(
Mosch, Ernst en Zijn Original Egerlande K-Tel CN 0051
Mosch, Ernst Speziell fur Sie (E.Mosch) Telefunken 14565
Mosch, Ernst Sonntag 13 Uhr10 Telefunken 6.28082
Mosch, Ernst Junge Liebe Alte Weisen Telefunken SLE14707-
Mosch, Ernst Ewig junge Blasmusik Telefunken 6.22320 A
Mosch, Ernst Egerlander Musikanten Telefunken 540 042
Mosch, Ernst en zijn Original Egerlande Common Wealth 0051
Mosch, Ernst Moldau-Klange Telefunken SLE 14684
Mosch, Ernst Marsche Mit Pfiff und Schw Telefunken SLE 14602
Mosch, Ernst Wien und der Wein Telefunken 6.21080
Mosch, Ernst Musikanten sind da Telefunken 6.23061
Mosch, Ernst Rosamunde Telefunken KRO-10
Mosch, Ernst Die Egerlander Musikanten Telefunken GA 5206
Mosch, Ernst Daar bij die molen Telefunken 447.031/S
Mosch, Ernst & Slavko Av Egerlander Musikanten(Mosc Telefunken 261200
Motor City Polka Jacks(4 Motor City P/Devil's P. Usana 73
Mountain Fever At the Peak SH 472
Mrocek, Stanislaw(45) The World's Greatest Polka Royale EP 125
Mroczek, Stanislaw&Gene All Time Favorite Polkas Varsity 6906(10disc"
Mroczek, Stanislaw(45) The Party P/Ring the Bell Royale 119
Mroczek, Stanislaw(45) Pennsylvania P/Ruby P. Royale 110
Mroczka, Tom At Last,The Music Box(CD/C ACD 140/TAM Rcdng 40
Mroczka, Tom Happy Birthday Baby Jesus( Roadside Rcds 2005
Mroczka, Tom Daj Mi Buzi(CD)(Give Me a Chicago P's 1008
Mrozek, Stanley(45) All Time Favorites:Party P Royale EP 168
Mrozinski Brothers Here We Are Aleatoric A-1001
Mrozinski Brothers Music Aleatoric A-2002
Mrozinski Brothers In Session Aleatoric A-2003
Mrozinski Brothers Collection (3 LPs on 1 CD) None given
Mrozinski, Peter See Twin Cities Soundz(CD) Title:Time to Change
Mueller, Mert Golden 60 Minutes (CD) NSA 187
Mueller, Mert Ballroom & Polka Variety ( NSA 198 (CD)
Mueller, Roger R.Mueller's Orch.& Trumpet Cuca 2055 (CD)
Mulcays(45) Beer Barrel P/You Can't Be Cardinal 1277
Mulcays(45) You Call Everybody Darlin' Panlin 7301
Mullec, Frankie High Kickin' Polkas (CD) Spotlight Intl.No #
Mult. Artists-Polish(45) Polish Polka Festival(2 rc RCA Victor 1078(ext.
Mult.Artists-G,P (CD) Polka Dance Party V. 1 Holland: Ross 6654-2
Mult.Artists-G,Sl(CD) Polka's Greatest Dance Ban Holland:Ross 6661-2
Mult.Artists-G,Sl(CD) V.1 T/World's Greatest Wal Holland: Ross 6658-2
Mult.Artists-G,Sl(CD) V.2 T/World's Greatest Wal Holland:Ross 6663-2
Mult.Artists-G,Sl(CD) Polka Dance Party V.3 Holland: Ross 6659-2
Mult.Artists-G,Sl(CD) Polka Dance Party V. 4 Holland: Ross 6660-2
Mult.Artists-G,Sl(CD) V.1 Polkas 24 All-time Gre Holland:Ross 6628-2
Mult.Artists-G,Sl(CD) V.2 Polka's 24 All-time Gr Holland: Ross 6629-2
Mult.Artists-G,sl(CD) Polka Dance Party V. 2 Holland: Ross 6657-2
Mult.Artists-P,G,Sl(CD) T/World's Greatest Polka P Holland:Ross 6662-2
Mult.Artists:Glahe&Wyte( Hot Pretzels(B.Wyte)Beer B RCA Victor 0148
Multiple Artist-Cz,G,Boh 25 Polkas by 25 Bands (CD) PC-NE2258
Multiple Artists The Old Time Dance Album Cuca KSTV 5 (CD)
Multiple Artists January Is National Polka IPA C666(6 disc)Loo"
Multiple Artists Thank You for Being a Polk PCNE No # given
Multiple Artists Laughing Polka & Waltz Fav PCNE-696
Multiple Artists Ultimate Jukebox (CD) Holland Ross 66683-2
Multiple Artists 50 Greatest Love Songs (CD Ross 6684-2
Multiple Artists Oldies Wyncote 9008
Multiple Artists(2rs) Happy Time Polka Party RCA DVL2-0223
Multiple Artists(45) Beer Barrel P/Sunrise Sere RCA Victor 527(ext p
Multiple Artists(45) Hipity Hop P/Modern Polka Panlin 7310(Stosh,Yo
Multiple Artists(45) Hootananny P(V.Just)Hop Sc Dana 10005
Multiple Artists(45) 25 Famous Polka Hits/A Mes IPA No # given
Multiple Artists(78) Gosta Johnson-Fylle-Dille- Scandinavia 3349
Multiple Artists(78)B.Cr Jingle Bells/Santa Claus I Decca 23281
Multiple Artists(78)Rex Broken down Merry Go Round Mercury 6231
Multiple Artists(78)Zeid Goldrehen W/Sz?ukapo? ipse Columbia E962
Multiple Artists-(Sturr First Class Polkas (CD) Polka City 1074-2
Multiple Artists-BB Beer Barrel Polka Party CamdenRCAACL1-0575
Multiple Artists-BB Polka's Greatest Hits: 20 ComnwlthMus.BU4990
Multiple Artists-Bluegra Smokey Mountain Waltzes(CS SMW 17
Multiple Artists-Button Button Box Melodies V.1 IAMG 1001 (CD/CS)
Multiple Artists-Button Button Box Melodies V.2 IAMG 1002 (CD/CS)
Multiple Artists-Button Button Box Melodies V. 3 IAMG 1003 (CD/CS)
Multiple Artists-CZ&G 25 P&W by 25 Neb.Bands Ray Rec.RRSLP 2001
Multiple Artists-Christm Boze Narodzenie (2rcd set) Dana D598-9
Multiple Artists-Co A Colorado Dutch Hop Semin T&M Snds989-5377(CS)
Multiple Artists-Cz 25 Polkas & Waltzes by 25 Ray Rcds 2001(A/CD)P
Multiple Artists-Cz Czech Buttoneers Ray Rcds 3006
Multiple Artists-Cz Texas Czech Bohemian & Mor Arhoolie 7026(CD/CS)
Multiple Artists-Cz Roman Rezac Czech Favorite Recar V. 24
Multiple Artists-Cz,G Beautiful Polkas & Waltzes PC-NE 3000 (CD)
Multiple Artists-Cz,G Let's Have a Party (CD) PC-NE8000
Multiple Artists-Cz,G Welcome Polka Time (CD) PC-NE4000
Multiple Artists-Cz,G Red Hot Polkas (CD) PC-NE9000
Multiple Artists-Cz,G Purrrfect Polkas (CD) PC-NE5000
Multiple Artists-Cz,G,P Big Joe Polkafest V.1 (CD) PCNE 2005A
Multiple Artists-Cz,G,P Big Joe Polkafest V.3 (CD) PCNE 2005C
Multiple Artists-Cz,G,P Big Joe Polkafest V.4 (CD) PCNE 2005D
Multiple Artists-Cz,P,G Big Joe Polkafest V.2 (CD) PCNE 2005B
Multiple Artists-Czech Texas Czech-Bohemian Bands Arhoolie 9031 (CS)
Multiple Artists-Far Out Extreme Polka (CD) Shot Glass Rcds 5G-6
Multiple Artists-Fiddlin 16 Fiddler's Greatest Hits Gusto Rcds SD3014
Multiple Artists-G Concertina Favorites(A/CD) Soma 1232   (PC-NE)
Multiple Artists-G Wisconsin Orchestra Leader KL Rcdng 70
Multiple Artists-G All Star Concertina Album Pl.Psnt. 79-62
Multiple Artists-G Polka Favorites by the Bes Soma 1230 (A/CD)(PC-
Multiple Artists-G Waltz Favorites by the Bes Soma 1231 (A/CD)(PC-
Multiple Artists-G OldTime Favorites from New Pl. Psnt 115
Multiple Artists-G The All Time Great O.T.Wal Cuca KTV 2 (A/CD)
Multiple Artists-G The O.T. Dance Album Cuca KSTV 5
Multiple Artists-G Bl.Banners&Other Great P.B Polka Fav.PF 4054
Multiple Artists-G Polka Favorites(B.Rbts&Deu Recar V. 16
Multiple Artists-G Polka's Greatest Polka City 709
Multiple Artists-G Elmer Scheid/ Ivan Kahle V Polka City 208
Multiple Artists-G Old Time Record Breakers Polka Fav. PF 4060
Multiple Artists-G Do the Polka LP 10 Polkaland 1290
Multiple Artists-G 4 Radio Programs Budget 3704
Multiple Artists-G Let's Polka-Cousin Fuzzy & Polkaland 1
Multiple Artists-G The Best of KL featuring t KL Rcrdng KLP 17 V.1
Multiple Artists-G Polkas for Two Polkaland LP 17
Multiple Artists-G Polka Time (12 Great P&W) Polkaland 27
Multiple Artists-G Ach Ya! Trad.G-Amer.Music WI Flklife Cntr 301(
Multiple Artists-G I Just Love to Polka Polkaland LP 15
Multiple Artists-G Hang 'em Out to Dry (CD/CS None given
Multiple Artists-G KNUJ 50th Anniversary Coll KNUJ-Am 1999
Multiple Artists-G Polka's Greatest Hits (CD) Polka City 6654
Multiple Artists-G Polka Joe Wojkiewicz Elect NSA 127 (CD)
Multiple Artists-G Elmer Scheid & Earl Schmid Budget Rcds 101
Multiple Artists-G Schell's Hobo Band & Misc. Budget Rcds 102
Multiple Artists-G The All Time Great Polka B Cuca KTV-1 (A/CD)
Multiple Artists-G Polka Party: 15 Great Hits K-Tel N1 4740
Multiple Artists-G Old Time's Greatest Pl.Peas.LP 117
Multiple Artists-G V.6The Best P. Bands inthe Polka City 506
Multiple Artists-G Polka's Greatest Hits:20 M Polka City 202/1002
Multiple Artists-G Polka's Greatest Hits/20 M Polka City 203
Multiple Artists-G The Bernie Roberts Story H Polka City 206
Multiple Artists-G The Best P.Bands in the La Polka City 509
Multiple Artists-G The Best P.Bands in the La Polka City 510
Multiple Artists-G Really Hooked on Polkas Polka City 8002
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Multiple Artists-G All Star Concertina - Polk Polka Fav.PF 4001
Multiple Artists-G New Ulm's Greatest-Polka F Polka Fav.PF 4002
Multiple Artists-G Let's Have a Party - Polka Polka Fav.PF 4003
Multiple Artists-G Most Requested-P.Fav.Vol. Polka Fav.PF 4005
Multiple Artists-G Concertina Holiday - Polka Polka Fav.PF 4011
Multiple Artists-G Golden Favorites-P.Fav. Vo Polka Fav.PF 4013
Multiple Artists-G Polka Band Wagon-P.Fav. Vo Polka Fav.PF 4014
Multiple Artists-G Everybody's Fav. P&W-P.Fav Polka Fav.PF 4015
Multiple Artists-G I Love to Polka-P.Fav.Vol. Polka Fav.PF 4059
Multiple Artists-G Golden Goodies-P.Fav. Vol. Polka Fav.PF 4004
Multiple Artists-G The Deutschmeisters/Bernie Recar V. 17
Multiple Artists-G 20 Great Polkas-Recar v.3 Recar V. 3
Multiple Artists-G Fabulous Polka Tunes(Recar Recar V. 33
Multiple Artists-G Polka Parade(Recar V.43) Recar V. 43
Multiple Artists-G Happy Polka Time(Recar V.4 Recar V. 44
Multiple Artists-G 20 Great Polkas (Recar Vol Recar V. 11
Multiple Artists-G Polka's Greatest Recar V. 26
Multiple Artists-G Polka's Golden Goodies Recar V. 27
Multiple Artists-G Merry Polka Time Recar V. 30
Multiple Artists-G All Time Polka Fav. Recar V. 32
Multiple Artists-G Polka Party Recar V. 35
Multiple Artists-G Polka Greats Recar V. 36
Multiple Artists-G Let's All Dance the Polka Recar V. 31
Multiple Artists-G Polka Favorites Recar V. 38
Multiple Artists-G Good Ole Polka Music Recar V. 39
Multiple Artists-G Good Time Polka Recar V. 42
Multiple Artists-G 20 Great Polkas Recar V. 14
Multiple Artists-G Polka Dance Party Recar V. 41
Multiple Artists-G&Cz P.Favs.Vol 20 (B.Rbrts&R.R Recar V. 20
Multiple Artists-G&Cz Romy Rezac & Other P.Bands Polka Fav.PF 4053
Multiple Artists-G&Cz Polka Favorites (Recar V.2 Recar V. 22
Multiple Artists-G&Cz Everybody Loves to Polka(R Recar V. 28
Multiple Artists-G&Sl All-Stars of Polkaland, US King 833(A)
Multiple Artists-G&Sl(2R The World's Greatest Polka Polka City 372/CS:10
Multiple Artists-G&Sl(2R The World's Greatest Waltz Polka City 379
Multiple Artists-G&Sl(A/ Happy Birthday from... Polka City 1009
Multiple Artists-G&Sl(CS World's Grtst Wltzs(20Mill Polka City 1015
Multiple Artists-G(2RS) The World's Greatest W.:40 Polka City 379
Multiple Artists-G(2rs) Polka's Greatest Bands Pla Polka City 392
Multiple Artists-G(2rs) Polka's Greatest Hits:40 M Polka City 364
Multiple Artists-G(2rs) The World's Greatest P.Pac Polka City 372
Multiple Artists-G(CS) Whoopee John & Others Polka City 1021
Multiple Artists-G,CZ Polka Favorites B.Rbrts&R. Recar Vol. 21
Multiple Artists-G,CZ A Salute to the American F PC-NE JD2004
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Multiple Artists-G,Cz,Sl 40 Polkas-14 Stars (2RS) Recar 3002 V. 2
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Multiple Artists-G,P,Sl European Party Pac K-Tel NC 421
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Multiple Artists-G,Sl Polka Joe Wojkiewicz Sr. NSA 127
Multiple Artists-G,Sl The Best of Polka (2 CD se Polka City 1072-2
Multiple Artists-G,Sl Polkas-They Don't Get No B Polka City 6659 (CD)
Multiple Artists-G,Sl World's Greatest Polka Pac Polka City 6657
Multiple Artists-G,Sl,Sw Wanna Hear a Polka? (A/CD) Cuca 2001
Multiple Artists-G,p,sl, KDHL Old Tyme Favorites V. None given (CS)
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Multiple Artists-GPCzSl The Best Polka Bands inthe Polka City 507
Multiple Artists-German Hofbrau Haus Oktoberfest USR 8187
Multiple Artists-German German Dining Songs (CD) PCNE150
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Multiple Artists-P Polskie Wesele (Polish Wed Dana 1237
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Multiple Artists-P The Best of Rex Rex 760
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Multiple Artists-P Polka Jamboree Vol 3(2RS) Dana D598-21
Multiple Artists-P Trigger Happy Polka Dana 1244
Multiple Artists-P Polka Celebrities in Hi-Fi Jay Jay 1011
Multiple Artists-P Polskie Walce (Polish Walt Dana 1231
Multiple Artists-P T/Best of Ron Terry's P.Pa Dyno 5501/C1654(A/CS
Multiple Artists-P Two Guys from Buffalo Dala Rcds 336
Multiple Artists-P An Hour o/Sq.Dances&Polkas Parade Rcds 2047
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Multiple Artists-P The Best Polkas:Solek&Zemb Allegro 1615
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Multiple Artists-P Awards Presentation Album Briar Hill 85-1943(A
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Multiple Artists-P All Time Great Polka Singe Kielbasa 7229(CD)
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Multiple Artists-P The Best of Steljo V.1(CD) Steljo 738
Multiple Artists-P 25 Million Seller Polka Hi Dyno 6001/07/11(A/CD
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Multiple Artists-P Concertina Sessional, V.1 Aleator.Rdgs A4002
Multiple Artists-P Club 505(Chicago Sound&Pol Chicago Polkas 7400
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Multiple Artists-P Party Polkas Fortuna 927
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Multiple Artists-P&G 72 World's Greatest P.&W. C.Rec.CRLP#1030
Multiple Artists-P&Sl Three of a Kind(Yankovic,S Design DLP  940-B
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Multiple Artists-P&Sl Polka Party Vol.1 Longines Sym.Soc9399
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Multiple Artists-P(3rs) The World's Biggest P.Extr Smrst SF317&SF11700
Multiple Artists-P(E.Zim Those Wonderful Years Chicago Rcds 4700
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Multiple Artists-P,G,Cz 20 Great Polkas (Misc.) Recar V. 7
Multiple Artists-P,G,Sl Hot Chicken JayJay 1069
Multiple Artists-P,G,Sl The Legends of Polka V.2 ( Polka City 1073-2
Multiple Artists-P,G,Sl, MN Polka:Dance Music fr/4 MN Hist.Society No#
Multiple Artists-P,Sl Polka Party Vol.2 LonginesSym.Soc.9399
Multiple Artists-Polish 25 Mill.Seller Polka HitsV Dyno6001(A/CD)(lof3r
Multiple Artists-Polish 25 Mill.Seller Polka HitsV Dyno 6007(A/CD)2of3r
Multiple Artists-Polish Hits in Polish Dana 1257
Multiple Artists-Polish 25 Mill.Seller Polka HitsV Dyno 6011(A/CD)3of3r
Multiple Artists-Polish Welcome to Polkamotion V.2 Sunshine 198 (CD)
Multiple Artists-Polish 20 Jukebox Polka Favorites Gateway 4901(CD/CS)
Multiple Artists-Polish Polskie Piosenki i Tance(P Fiesta 1791
Multiple Artists-Polish National Polka Festival at Starr 524
Multiple Artists-Polish More Polish Songs Chicago Polkas 518
Multiple Artists-Polish Polish Village Music (CD) Arhoolie 7031
Multiple Artists-Polish Polish Village Music 1927- Arhoolie CD7031(CD)
Multiple Artists-Polish Pamietam Polske (I Remembe Dana 1287
Multiple Artists-Polish Polski Dom Narodowy (Polis Dana 1293
Multiple Artists-Polish Welcome to Polkamotion V.1 Sunshine 190 (CD/CS)
Multiple Artists-Polish Honky Holiday (CD)(Bulanda K&C Events 104
Multiple Artists-Polish Polish Disco (The Polka Ha Fiesta 1770
Multiple Artists-Polish Wesole Piosenki (Gay Polis Dana 1303
Multiple Artists-Polish 25 Million Seller P. Hits NPD 73(7 disc Radio"
Multiple Artists-Polish A Tribute to Casimir Pulas Chicago Rcds 223
Multiple Artists-Polish Four Six-Packs of Polkas ( Chicago P's 7401(CD)
Multiple Artists-Polish Let's Get This Party Start Polkas for Charity 2
Multiple Artists-Sc Across the Fields (Trad.No FVF 201
Multiple Artists-Sl Four Star Polka Review Delta Intl 7038
Multiple Artists-Sl Dance the Polka(Bass,Cook, Decca DL 8690
Multiple Artists-Sl Some of the Best V.1(CD) HG Studios 5060(CD)
Multiple Artists-Sl The People's Choice Battle Ppprmnt 5029 (CS)
Multiple Artists-Sl Here's Velma(Adamic/Klancn K & R Rcdng 105013(A
Multiple Artists-Sl Polkas w/Feil & Haller(CS) Haller Rcds HH 5036
Multiple Artists-Sl Happiness Is P.&W.(CS)(Ost Marjon MJCS 943
Multiple Artists-Sl Pecon & Kuhar:Side X Side( Classic Rcds CL 5359
Multiple Artists-Sl The People's Choice Battle Ppprmnt PR5029 (CS)
Multiple Artists-Sl Side by Side:Kuhar & Pecon classic Rcds CL 5359
Multiple Artists-Sl Your Favorite Old Time Pol Marjon 939 (CS)
Multiple Artists-Sl Crystal Classics (CD/CS) Ppprmnt PP1565(Cleve
Multiple Artists-Sl Umpapa: Polkas & Waltzes S Umpapa (CD/CS)1998
Multiple Artists-Sl 6 Pack of What Made Milw.F HG Rec. HG 5013
Multiple Artists-Sl Penn Ohio Polka Pals Souve Marjon MJCS 76(2rcd
Multiple Artists-Sl Slovenefest Potpourri(CS) Marjon Rec.LPMJ 938
Multiple Artists-Sl The Best of Polka Time USA PepmintPro.PP1314
Multiple Artists-Sl(CS) Polka Hall of Fame Awards