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Artists Titles Number
G Notes(45) My Margie P/You're the One Early Bird 1778
G. T. Express, The Beer, Women & Chicken(CD) Talented Artists 050896
Gadica, Len All My Own V.2 (CD/CS) Volume II
Gale, Bill All-Time Great Polkas RCA Camden 957
Gale, Bill Polka Pops Vik(RCA) LX1117/RCA Cam
Gallet, Ray(45) Chicken P./Rain Rain P. Mercury 70729
Gallo, Frank Let's Dance Marjon 53
Gaona, Ramon(45) La Punzada/El Otro Ranchera 2066
Garber, Jan Golden Waltzes from the Blu Decca DL74300(MCA 93)
Garchar, Steve For Old Time Sake (CD/CS) Marjon 93
Garrett, Harold(45) Can't Start Stoppin'/We Bel NSD 267
Gart, John 38 All Time Great Polkas Kapp KL-1065
Garven, Ernie(45) Klickety Klackety P./Missis Red Wing No #
Gasch, Bert Button Box by Gosh(CD/CS) RY Rcds 23101
Gasch, Bert Volume Two (CD/CS) RY 90033
Gasch, Bert Oktoberfest Singers(CD/CS) RY 92072
Gasch, Bert Button Box Party (CD/CS) RY 93021
Gasch, Bert Button Box on CD by Gosh (C RY 97043 (CD)
Gasch, Bert Im Biergarten mit Oktoberfe HT 8915 (CD)
Gasch, Bert Button Box & Yodeling(CD/CS RY 22041
Gasch, Bert Oktoberfest Music (CD) RY 90033
Gawron, Chet(45) Co-Ed P/Lover Boy P. 6-Jan
Gawron, Chet(45) Hay Ho P/Pioneer P. Rainbow 5016
Gawron, Chet(45) Rhapsody P/Beechwood Obk. 5-Jan
Gawron, Chet(45) Skylark P/Seaside Obk. 7-Jan
Gawron, Chet(45) Night Owl P/Varsity Obk. 31-Jan
Gawronski, Dave Mamo Moja Mamo Dala Rcds 341
Gawronski, Dave Old,New,Borrowed,Blue(CD/CS Sunshine SNCD 150
Gawronski, Dave What a Lovely Way to Be Tog Sunshine 171
Gawronski, Dave Do You Believe in Magic (CD MMAG 9901
Gazda, Bob POLKAS Polish Wonderland Gateway Rcdngs 1601
Gazda, Rick Adventures in Mind Control( SC RB003 (CD/CS)
Gazda, Walt & Adam Now Polka Piknik 504
Gazda, Walt(45) Philadelphia P/Polka in Par Piknik 1012
Gazda, Walt(45) Show Off P/Second Boss Piknik 1011
Gazda, Walt(45) Stashu Pandowski/Charlie Br Piknik 1016
GB's Dance Band 288 Years of Music (CD) RY 29032
Gee, Frankie Polish Melodies Rex 696
Gee, Frankie Polka Whoopie Rex 726
Gennie O Christmastime (CD) Archer 3309
Gentleman Jim Polkas & Waltzes Under t/St KL Rcdng 24
Gentleman Jim(45) Cherry P./Little Old Wine D Wright 824W-7131
Gentleman Jim(45) Flutophone P./Three & One O Wright 824W-3543
George's Concertina Ba This Is My Heart (CD) None given (Vol. 1)
George's Concertina Ba Memories are Precious(CD) None given V. 2
George's Concertina Ba By Request (CD) none given V.3
George's Concertina Ba I Love to Dance (CD) Volume 4
Gergek Orchestra(45) Hot Clarinet P./Jolly Coppe Standard 45104
German Accordion Orche German Favorite Folk Dances Colonial 660/160
German Americans(45) Golden Stairs P./When the S IRM 1013
German Americans, The Just for the Fun of It IRM 508 St.
German Americans, The Polka Time IRM 511
Gil Trio(45) Good News P./Old Smoothy Ob Jan-33
Gil Trio(45) Great Day P./Dancing Doll O Jan-32
Ginter, Jim That Good Old Tyme Music 10249-50(Aljay)Tetrason
Gise, Russell(45) Keep Movin'/Georgia Papa Joe 70
Gizmo(45) Bye Bye Baby P./Kermiss W. Oxboro 3052
Gizmos, The Gizmo Throws a Party Oxboro 2002
Glahe, Will Happy Days Are Here Again London PS 397
Glahe, Will Beer Garden Rhythms London 311/1039 (10 di"
Glahe, Will Beer Garden Musik London LL 3021
Glahe, Will The Polka King...Will Glahe London LL 3046
Glahe, Will Old Heidelberg London LL 3099
Glahe, Will The Big Polka Band Hits London LL 3344
Glahe, Will Christmas Greetings from Ge London TW91223/LL3090
Glahe, Will The New Beer Barrel Polka London SP 44069
Glahe, Will Oktoberfest London SP44145/Phase4 S
Glahe, Will Strictly Oompah Decca PFS 4166
Glahe, Will Will Glahe t/Polka King V.1 London SP44224
Glahe, Will Bavarian Merry Go Round London SP 44257
Glahe, Will Viennese Carnival London 44282
Glahe, Will Cafe International London TW 91225
Glahe, Will More German Sing-A-Long London 99419
Glahe, Will Polka Hits Richmond B 20016
Glahe, Will Welterfolge Decca SLK 16240-p
Glahe, Will Musik Macht Munter Decca ST 6454 015
Glahe, Will Tanzende Finger, Vol. 1 Decca 6.21427/Telefunke
Glahe, Will Das Goldene Akkordeon Decca 17004-P
Glahe, Will Portrait in Musik (2rcd set Decca 6.28122
Glahe, Will Portrait in Musik V. 2 (Dbl Decca 6.28137
Glahe, Will Will Glahe in Bavaria Decca PFS 4071
Glahe, Will Tanzende Finger(2 rcd set) Electrola C 148 311172/
Glahe, Will Das goldene Akkordeon Decca 6.21604
Glahe, Will Das goldene Akkordeen Folge Decca 6.22587 AF
Glahe, Will(45) Liechtensteiner P/Schweizer London 45-175
Glahe, Will(45) Duschka/Pretzel W. London 1818
Glahe, Will(45) Tavern in the Town/Sweet El London 1788
Glass Town Sound Glass Town Sound KR 005043X
Glowacki, Joe (Nordeas Hi Rolling Polkas Aleatoric A-3501
G-Notes, The The Last WAM 4029
G-Notes, The G-Notes Encore WAM LPW 4054
G-Notes, The G Notes 1980 Halo 5030
G-Notes, The Polka Nite Life Starr 525
Goblirsch, Cletus Dreams & Memories (CD) JBM 29515
Goblirsch, Cletus Our Homeland in Our Hearts( JBM 33357(CD)
Goblirsch, Cletus Best of C. Goblirsch (CD) PC-NE 4489
Goblirsch, Cletus From the Top of New Ulm (CD JBM V.7(CD)
Goblirsch, Cletus From Around the World (CD) Alpenrose Vol. 8
Goblirsch, Cletus From Back Home (CD) Alpenrose Vol. 9
Godlewski, Eddie Polka Dances Metro M 586
Goetsch, Jerry Mostly Polkas Czech Rcds 38
Goetsch, Jerry Presents T.V. Favorites Joyous Noise P.Rcdngs40
Goetsch, Jerry Old and New (CD) PC-NE2443
Goetsch, Jerry(45) Kozlovsky's Hop/Midnight Ro Pl.Psnt. 60-62
Goetsch, Jerry(45) Tom Cat P/Blooming Rose W. Cuca 1219
Golden Aces, Orchestra The Best of the G.A.(CD/CS) NSA 165
Golden Aces, The An Ace in the Hole (CD/CS) North Star Appli 157
Golden Bells(45) Golden Bells P./Oh, Yes, I LeMans 105
Golden Brass, The The Golden Brass Steljo 718
Golden Tones(45) Take Me Baby P./GTO Polka LeMans 1006
Golden Tones(45) Dave's P./The Girl Next Doo Cuca 1221
Golden Tones, The Long Overdue (CD) None given
Golonka, Stas King of Honky WRS 20096
Golonka, Stas Horn if You're Honky(CD/CS) Sunshine 127
Golonka, Stas Live (CD) General Rcdngs 0051
Gomulka, Lenny As Sweet as Candy (CD) Push Rcds 9508
Gomulka, Lenny Join the Polka Generation W.R.Snd.WRP20092
Gomulka, Lenny D.J.'s Choice (CD/CS) Bel Aire 4062
Gomulka, Lenny A Twelve Pack of Polkas Bel-Aire 4059
Gomulka, Lenny Where Were You Back Then? WRS 20110
Gomulka, Lenny Most Requested Hits (CD) WRS WRD 2803
Gomulka, Lenny 26 Hits (CD) Chicago Polkas CD-7801-
Gomulka, Lenny For Old Times Sake(CD/CS) Push Rcds CPE 9501
Gomulka, Lenny Irrestible You (CD/CS) CPE9502
Gomulka, Lenny Home Is Where the Heart Is( CPE 9503 (CD/CS)
Gomulka, Lenny Push It to the Limit(CD) CPE 9504
Gomulka, Lenny Mi Lenny Um (CD/CS) Push Rcds 9505
Gomulka, Lenny Lenny Live (CD) Push No #given
Gomulka, Lenny(45) Park Avenue P./Reminiscing Bel Aire 1379
Gomulka, Lenny(45) Little Children P./Oh Baby WRS 2003
Gomulka, Lenny(45) Gina's P/Polka Magic Bel Aire 1382
Gomulka, Richard(45) Best Wishes P./Sad Girl W. Bel Aire 1359
Gomulka, Richie Here's Richie Gomulka Bel-aire 4030
Gomulka, Richie Meets t/Paliga Polka Dots Bel-Aire 4038
Gomulka, Richie A Chicago Polka Tradition ( Bel Aire 000000
Gomulka, Richie The Sweetest P's & W's & Ob Chicago P's 2301
Gomulka, Richie(45) Dark Forest P./Lonely Lover Bel Aire 1310
Gomulka, Richie(45) Don't Cry P./Why did I W. Bel Aire 1325
Gomulka, Richie(45) She Wants Me P./Met My Swee Bel Aire 1314
Gomulka, Ted(45) Chicago Bound P/There's a C None given
Gonzalez, Eddie Mi Charchina (CD) Sony 82430/2-469927
Good Ole Boys(Schuft,H Hang 'em Out to Dry(CD/CS) None given
Good Sounds, The(Johnn Polka Fun with... Le-Mans 9002
Good Time,Fun Time,Par Cactus Pie, Wavy Gravy & Ot Marjon MJCS-57
Good Times The Best of the Good Times( Chicago P's 1995
Good Times(45) Under the Cherry Tree P./Su Ampol 540
Good Times(45) Over the River P/In the Woo Ampol 537
Good Times, The Let the Good Times in Ampol 5019
Good Times, The Rollin' Along with The Good Ampol 5021
Good Times, The Love & Marriage & More 95-351D (CD/CS)
Good Times, The Do You Remember (CD/CS) Good Times 970137D
Goodtime Dutchmen Try It, You'll Like It(CD) None given
Goodtime Dutchmen All in the Family (CD) None given
Goodtime Dutchmen, The Autumn Spice (CD/CS) NSA 180 (CD/CS)
Goodtime Dutchmen, The Who's in Charge (CD) GTD No #given
Goodtime Dutchmen, The Thanks to You (CD/CS) GTD No # given
Goodtime Dutchmen, The Going Nuts on Polkas (CD) GTD No # given
Goose Island Ramblers From Blue Grass to Russian Plklnd 825(K1110&1112 C
Goose Island Ramblers Songs from the 1999 Barrymo Cuca 1116(Dble CD)
Goose Island Ramblers Best of the G.I.R. (CD) Cuca 1100
Gora, John Ready for Takeoff! (CD) Sunshine 112
Gora, John Take a Spin (CD) Sunshine SNCD 125
Gora, John Can-Am Polkas (CD/CS) Sunshine 204
Gora, John Pangora's Box (CD/CS) Sunshine 215
Gora, John Bulletproof Polkas (CD) Sunshine 130
Gora, John Polka Playin' Fool (CD) KMCD127
Gorak, Bernie Polka Through a Child's Eye None given
Goral Boys Orchestra, Make Room for Another Polka Goral Rcd co. 1101
Goral Boys(45) Goral P./Post Obk. Goral 1001
Gordick, Ron(45) Merka Merka/Midnight Creep TransAudio 7604
Gore, Lesley(45) Small Talk/Say What You See Mercury 727287
Gosz, Romy Vol. 5 Polkaland 40
Gosz, Romy The 1 & Only Polka King V.8 Polkatime NR7220/PT7501
Gosz, Romy Vol. 10 Waltz Time Polkaland 23
Gosz, Romy Vol. 11 Golden Polkas Polkaland 24
Gosz, Romy V.13:T/Polka King's Return King 841/Polkatime 502
Gosz, Romy Vol. 14 In Person (A) Polkaland 19
Gosz, Romy It's Old Time" Time" Vocalion 73799
Gosz, Romy R.G.with Paul Gosz Orch(CD) Polkaland CD 601
Gosz, Romy 1935-1936 (CD) Polkaland 602
Gosz, Romy 1938-1939 (CD) Polkaland 603
Gosz, Romy The 1 & Only Polka King1945 Polkaland 604 (CD)
Gosz, Romy 1950-1952 (CD) Polkaland 605
Gosz, Romy Polkas & Waltzes 1961(CD) Polkaland 607
Gosz, Romy In Person 1960 & 1963(CD) Polkaland 608
Gosz, Romy 1952-1954 (CD) Polkaland 606
Gosz, Romy Romy Gosz Documentaries(CD) Polkaland 638
Gosz, Romy(45) Cloverleaf P./Tipsy W. Polkland 634
Gosz, Romy(45) Coffee Party P/Meadowbrook Polkaland 641
Gosz, Romy(45) Don't Give Up P./Behind the Polkaland 3768
Gosz, Romy(45) Golden P./Waltzing in the W Mono 012
Gosz, Romy(45) Jumping Jimmy P./Cottage Un Polkaland 602
Gosz, Romy(45) Loudmouth P./Favorite w. Polkaland 3769
Gosz, Romy(45) Village Tavern P./Circling Polkand 1051
Gosz, Romy(45) Dove W/Who's Going to Love Mono 008
Gosz, Romy(45) Four Leaf Clover/Alone in t Polkaland 430
Gosz, Romy(45) Merry Month of May P/Let's Polkaland 643
Gosz, Romy(45) Old Lager P/Fairy Tale W. Polkaland 2208
Gosz, Tony(45) Cloverleaf P./Evening Breez Polkaland 068
Gottscheer Blaskapelle Die Originale Gottscheer Bl Century Advent GB-46-75
Goydish, Bernie Polka Party V.1 Le-mans LPM 1
Goydish, Bernie Polkas V.2 Le-Mans LPC 2
Goydish, Bernie Polka Party V. 3 Le-Mans LPC 5
Goydish, Bernie 12 Smashing Hits  V.4 Le-Mans LPC 6
Goydish, Bernie Woodbridge CenterV.5 Le-Mans 13
Goydish, Bernie Something Old Something New Le-Mans 30(2RS)
Goydish, Bernie Polish Dance Party Gateway Rcds GSLP-3532
Goydish, Bernie Greatest Polkas (CD) PC-NE2239
Goydish, Bernie(45) North Shore P./Honey Open t LeMans 7
Goydish, Bernie(45) Chicago Land P./Two Bucks P LeMans 6
Goydish, Bernie(45) Peace Chant P./Red White & LeMans 2
Grabinski's(45) Snowmobiler's Ball/Vadnal's DJ Intl 0016
Graham, Roy Mexicali Rose/The Happy Cor Heartbeat 44
Graham, Roy(45) Beer Barrel P/Blue Skirt W. Heartbeat H-38
Gralak, Don Encore KL Rcdg 45
Gralak, Don The Happy Polkateers Cres.Rec. 2143
Gralak, Don Concertina Polkas SunyvleRec9330-323
Grambau, Bryant Our Best to You (CD) BJG1006
Granary Girls Patchwork (CD) None given
Granary Girls Sowing Seeds (CD) GG 2829
Granary Girls Wild Roses (CD) None given
Grandovic, Tony Let's Polka 'round Greyko 1027
Grandovic, Tony An ENCORE Tribute to Benzy None given
Grandovic, Tony & Othe A Tribute to Benzy Rathbone Grandovic (CD)
Graniteers(45) Chimney Sweep P./My Darling Oxboro 3078
Gray, Pat Polka Showcase V.2 (CD/CS) Peppermint 5055
Graysen, Ted (Adult Hu Laughs at the Carousel Jay Jay 5060/1060
Graysen, Ted (Adult Hu Laffs Jay Jay 1065
Greater Detroit Musici Polka Music at It's Best IRM 505
Grebnick, Al Czech Polka Spectacular JayJay 5085/1085
Grebnick, Al Play & Sing Czech P & W NE Rcd.NLP 102
Grebnick, Al Play & Sing More Czech P & NE RCDs 103
Grebnick, Al Play & Sing More and More C NE Rcds 104 (A)
Grebnick, Al Play & Sing Some More Czech NE Rcd 105
Grebnick, Al Play & Sing Some More Czech NE Rcd 106
Grebnick, Al with Even More Czech P & W NE Rcd 107
Grebnick, Al More & More Czech P & W Neb. Rcds 108(Also a 6"
Grebnick, Al Even More Czech P & W with Neb. Rec. S109
Grebnick, Al Play & Sing More Czech P & Neb. Rec. S110
Grebnick, Al Many Many More Czech P & W Neb. Rec. S111
Grebnick, Al Play Czech and Sing Czech Neb. Rec. S112
Grebnick, Al Czech and Centennial P & W Neb Rec S113
Grebnick, Al Play More Czech  Sing More Neb. Rec. S114
Grebnick, Al Al Grebnick & the Boys NE.Rcd.Co. 115
Grebnick, Al The Midwest's Favorite Czec NE. Rcd. 116
Grebnick, Al The Midwest's Favorite NE. Rcd. 117
Grebnick, Al The Midwest's Favorite More NE. Rcd. 118
Grebnick, Al A Tribute to Del Hamann NE. Rcd. 119
Grebnick, Al Anniversary Time NE. Rcd. 120
Grebnick, Al Al Grebnick on TV NE. Rcd. 121
Grebnick, Al Al Grebnick on Tour NE. Rcd. 122
Grebnick, Al Al Gr.& the Boys Play Carpe NE. Rcd. 123
Grebnick, Al Play & Sing No Beer Today NE. Rcd. 124
Grebnick, Al Living on in His Music V.1 JCP 002
Grebnick, Al Play & Sing P's & W's(CD) PC-NE2486
Grebnick, Al Living on in His Music(CD) JCP 004
Grebnick, Al Nebraska Polka King (CD) PCNE 2419
Grebnick, Al Plays Great Hits (CD) PCNE 2418
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PCNE 2481
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PCNE 1482
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PCNE 2483
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PCNE 2484
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PC-NE2485
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PC-NE2487
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PC-NE2488
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PC-NE2489
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PC-NE2490
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PC-NE2491
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PC-NE2492
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PC-NE2493
Grebnick, Al Polkas & Waltzes (CD) PC-NE2494
Grebnick, Al(45) Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie NE Rcds 120929
Grebnick, Al(45) Peanuts P/In Heaven there I NE Rcds 1208
Greco, Leo Old Time Variety Lodestar 10133
Greco, Leo(45) Ach Du Lieber/Prune Song Lodestar 85-62
Greco, Leo(45) Baby Doll P./Rain Rain P. Dot 16790
Greco, Leo(45) Beer Barrel P./Wings of a S Lodestar 10131
Greco, Leo(45) Clarinet P./Swiss Boy W. Lodestar 10134
Greco, Leo(45) Mockingbird Hill/Waltz with Lodestar 10135
Gregg, Matt Happiness Is Polka Music Sound 1043
Gregorich, Fred Polka's Ala Carte Mlay 224
Gregorich, Fred It's Polka Harvest Time Denise Rcds St.001
Gregorich, Fred Slovenian Polka Harvest(Pol Rex 770
Gregorich, Fred 41 Slovenian Favorites Rex LP 771
Gregrash, Jim Plays 7 Step Polka Twist Regis RLP 4021
Greiner Brothers 50th Anniversary (CD) RY 26012
Greiner Brothers(45) That's the Way It Is P./Gra Northland 7031
Greiner Brothers, The One for the Road (CD) Redbird 1199041
Griffin, Ken Anniversary Songs Columbia 8781/586
Griffin, Ken Let's Have a Party Columbia 1127
Griffin, Ken Cruising Down the River Columbia CL761
Griffin, Ken Plays Romantic Waltzes Columbia 1365
Griffin, Ken Moonlight and Roses Columbia CL 1207
Griffin, Ken Ebb Tide Harmony 11226
Griffin, Ken(45) Beer Barrel P./You Are My S Columbia 42138
Grkman, Joe Super Slovenian Button Box Slov.Polka Star 268ST
Grkman, Joe GRK on the Button Box G&C Rec. Mfg.
Grkman, Joe Heavy Button Music (CD/CS) Joe Grkman 1189
Grkman, Joe Traditional Slovenian Favor KT2005D1
Grocholski, Floyd 3 Generations of Polka Musi Frankenmuth Rcds 301(CS
Grocholski, Floyd(Li'l Family Style Polkas Ppprmnt PP 1315
Grocholski, Floyd(Li'l This One's for You LNS Rcds 1472
Groeschl, Syl Ye Get So Soon Oldt (CD) Cuca 2076
Groller, Walt The Gals in Pennsyltucky Stella 924
Groller, Walt Dance-Drink-Sing w/Walt Gro Stella 939
Groller, Walt New Christmas Songs Stella 948
Groller, Walt W.Groller with Pany Sisters Stella 953
Groller, Walt It's Close to Heaven Stella 960
Groller, Walt Polka Pops(w/t/Panny Sister Stella 964
Groller, Walt Going Home Chalet SLP302
Groller, Walt There I'll Be Chalet Rcds 306
Groller, Walt Christmas Time Chalet Rcds 312
Groller, Walt Sing with Me a Hallelujah(C Chalet CD 319(CD/CS)
Groller, Walt Polka Fun! (CD) Chalet 318
Groller, Walt A Heart Full of Music(CD/CS Chalet 320
Groller, Walt Polka Memories V. 1 (CD) Chalet 322
Groller, Walt Sharing Memories V.1 (CD) Chalet 323
Groller, Walt We Speak the Language of Mu Chalet 234
Gronet, Eddie Polka Party ClrtneC33 4925/1410
Gronet, Eddie(45) Wishing Well P/Happy Days O Coral 6054
Gruber, Al This Ain't the Last Time(CD No info given
Gruetzmacher, Dan The New D.G. Orch. (CD/CS) JBM 35239
Gruetzmacher, Dan(45) Pilson P./Blue Eyes Blink P Joyous Noise 4031
Grzanna, Don Plays Old Milwaukee (CD) None given
Gubala, Frankie Fr.G.Polka Band fr/Little R Stella 943
Gubala, Frankie The Greatest Polkas You Eve Tiffany Rcds2009/1009
Gubala, Frankie Polka Fun Boys Rex 728
Guca, Ed Fiddlin' Around with Polkas Ram Rcds 502
Guca, Ed From Poland with Love Ram Rcds 504
Guca, Ed Polka Music with a Big Beat Bel-Aire 4025
Guca, Ed Polka Music Made in Canada Be-Aire LP 4032
Guca, Ed Polish and Proud Bel Aire 4043
Guca, Ed Let Us Entertain You Bel-Aire 4050
Guca, Ed A Tribute to Lil Wally (CD) Chicago P's P2002
Guca, Ed(45) Tatusiu P./Papa & His Fiddl Ram 504
Guchenheimer Sour Krau Sour Kraut in Hi-Fi:4 selec RCA Victor EPA 1 1453
Guckenheimer Sour Krau Sour Kraut in Hi-Fi RCA Victor 1453
Guckenheimer Sour Krau Oom-pah-pah in Hi-Fi S.Fran.Rcds3305/Barbary
Guckenheimer Sour Krau Music for Non Thinkers RCA Victor 1721
Guenther, Emil(45) Tinker P/Baggage Car Ahead/ Polkaland 542 (
Gurka, Joe His Accordion & Orchestra RBT Rcds 33-500
Gury, Dan Polka Radio (CD) DJRC 1006
Gury, Dan & the Dyna D Greatest Hits of the 20th C Sunshine 184
Gury, Dan &/t Dyna Duk A Bagful of Polkas DJRC 1003
Gury, Dan &/t Dyna-Duk Polkas Dyna-Dukes Style Bel-Aire 4021
Gury, Dan &/t Dyna-Duk Polkas You Can't Refuse Bel-Aire 4026
Gury, Dan &/t Dyna-Duk Not Your Average Polka Band DJRC1002
Gury, Dan(45)(Dyna Duk Bless You Boys/Same title DJRC 101
Gury, Dan(45)(Dyna Duk Polka Happiness/Polka Joe & Bel Aire 1338
Gury, Dan(45)(Dyna Duk Pennsylvania Hills P./Try I Bel Aire 1343
Gutowski, Frank Polkas by Request Glo LP 709
Gutowski, Frankie(45) The Happy Shepard/Coquette Stella 2082
Guy & Ralna Lovelight Ranwood 8146
Guzel, Bill B.Guzel & His Polka Stars Orange Coast 1071
Gwisdala, Gene(45) Frankenmouth P/Bavarian Sch Dearborn 127419
Gwizdala, Gene Grandma's Oberek Dearborn Rcds 1008
Gwizdala, Gene American Style Polkas IRM 507
Gwizdala, Gene Catch the Polka Spirit Sound 1135
Gwizdala, Gene(45) Everybody Hop P/Bride & Gro Luck's Rcds 1008
H & V Melodies By Request (CD) None given
H & V Melodies He Keeps Me Singing (CD) None given
H & V Melodies To Friends Far & Wide(CD) None given
H & V Melodies(Harold Keep Dancing (CD) HVM0902
Haas, Gaby & His Barnd Old Time Dancing Party!!! Apex AL 71617
Habat, Eddie Happy Polkas Decca 8754
Habat, Eddie(45) Bartender's P./Blue Dancing Decca 28240
Habat, Eddie(45) Because P./Hambone Habat P. Decca 28717
Habat, Eddie(45) Cascade P./Wishbone P. Decca 29561
Habat, Eddie(45) Crackerjack P./Tiny Tim P. Decca 31216
Habat, Eddie(45) Hawaiian P./Rock 'N Roll P. Decca 29730
Habat, Eddie(45) Hoyer's P./We're Bound for Decca 45146
Habat, Eddie(45) Paint Brush P./Mountain Flo Decca 30847
Habat, Eddie(45) Papa's P./One for the Road Decca 29865
Habat, Eddie(45) Snappy J P./P-A Polka Decca 45162
Habat, Eddie(45) Strawberry Hill P./Our Perf Decca 45112
Habat, Eddie(45) Uncle Nick's P./Blue Skirt Decca 45068
Habat, Eddie(45) Go Man Go P/Sharpey's P. Decca 28873
Habat, Eddie(45) Glass Slipper P/Hi Li Hi Lo Decca 45154
Habat, Eddie(45) Petticoat P/Stoney Hill P. Decca 30740
Habat, Eddie(45) Waddling Duck P/Put Me in Y Decca 30558
Habat, Eddie(45) Jack on St. Clair/Strawberr Decca 2092(
Habat, Eddie(45) Silver Bar P/Old Grandad W. Decca 28958
Hagedorn, Dick &/t 8th Playing Old Time & Modern M No co. CPO 250L
Haiser, Val 60 Years of Polkateering(CD None given
Haiser, Val 60 Years of Polkateering(CD None given
Haiser, Val (Polka Cou Ole Tyme Music (CD) RVCD 203
Halata, Mark Texavia (CD) 1/5/2001
Hall, Norm & Opal Polka Hop Lessons Red Rose RR1007
Hall, Norm & Opal Midwest Dance Instructors, Red Rose RR1026
Haller, Hank Czech-American Melodies Haller Rcds 5020
Haller, Hank Oberkrain mein Heimatland Haller Rcds 5018
Haller, Hank Christmas with H.H.(CD/CS) Haller Rcds 5104/2107
Haller, Hank Best of Haller (CD) Haller Rcds 4106
Haller, Hank Hank Haller Visits Alpenlan Haller Rcds 4102
Haller, Hank Beautiful Alpenland (CD/CS) Haller Rcds 4100
Haller, Hank You're in Haller Country(CD Haller Rcds 4103
Haller, Hank Bavarian Beer Garden Polkas Haller Rcds 4104(CD)
Haller, Hank German Sing Along (CD) Haller Rcds 4105/5040
Haller, Hank 40th Anniversary Jubilee Po Haller Rcds 4107(CD/CS)
Haller, Hank Favorite Bohemian Polkas & Haller Rcds 4108 (CD/CS
Haller, Hank The Polka Variety Show(CD/C WRD 3800
Haller, Hank Beautiful Bohemian Polkas HT Studios 4109
Haller, Hank The World Renowned Sound(CD WRD 6800 (CD/CS)
Haller, Hank Plays Cleveland Style Polka HT 4110
Haller, Hank Amazing Polkas (CD) WRD 6801
Haller, Hank Slovak Musical Memories(CD) HT 4112
Haller, Hank Haller's International Fest HT 4115 (CD)
Haller, Hank The Sounds of Austria (CD) HT 4111
Haller, Hank Memories of Croatia (CD) HHMJ 2001
Haller, Hank Alpine/Avsenik (CD) HT 4116
Haller, Hank Slovak-Czech Musical Treasu HT-4119 (CD)
Haller, Hank Veseli Muzikanty (CD) HT 4120
Haller, Hank World's Greatest Waltzes-Mu Haller 4124 (CD)
Haller, Hank Slovak Folklore (CD) HT 4127
Haller, Hank Slovenian Favorites (CD) HT 4126
Haller, Hank Heinrich und Fritzie BBX Po HH 2024 (CD)
Haller, Hank Polkas for Grandma (CD) HT 4129
Haller, Hank Czech-American Melodies(CD) HH 5020
Haller, Hank Slovenian Holiday (CD) HT 4130
Haller, Hank Ein Prosit (CD) HT 4131
Haller, Hank Slovak/Bohemian BBX P's:Cro HT 4132 (CD)
Haller, Hank Polkas in Margaritaville(CD HT 4128(CD)
Haller, Hank Thanks for the Memories(CD) HT 4133
Haller, Hank Old Time Polkas (CD) HT 4134
Haller, Hank Polkas w/Heinrich & Fritzie Haller Rcds 5024
Haller, Hank Oberkrainer Sextet (CD) HT 4136
Haller, Hank Alpine Schlagers Gold (CD) HH 4137
Haller, Hank Yodeling in the Alps (CD) HH 4138
Haller, Hank Love Those Old Bohemian Pol HT 4140 (CD)
Haller, Hank German Schlager/Tango Gold( HH 4141 (CD)
Haller, Hank German Waltzes (CD) HT 4142
Haller, Hank Christmas Concert with Ken HT 4143 (CD)
Haller, Hank Flying & Sweet Memories(CD) HT 4144
Haller, Hank Polka Fun (CD) HT 4145
Haller, Hank Polka Archive (CD) HT 4146
Haller, Hank Dance Little Bird (CD) HH 5016
Haller, Hank Swiss Button Box Polkas (CD HT 4149
Haller, Hank Polka All Stars V. 1 (CD) HT 4150
Haller, Hank Button Box All Stars V.2(CD HT 4151
Haller, Hank & John Kr Polka Time Croatia (CD) HHMJ 2007
Haller, Hank & Johnny Golden Tamburitza (CD) Haller/Marjon 2004
Haller, Hank & Johnny Fun Fest Polkas (CD) HHMJ 1986
Haller, Hank & W. Osta Hands Across the Border(CD) Haller 4125
Haller, Hank(45) Clarinet P./Happy Clarinets Delta 1011
Haller, Hank(45) Schnaps!/Liechtensteiner P. Delta 1022
Hammerschmidt, Stephen Mountain Excursion P./Edelw SH 101
Hamsa, Don Live at the Music Box(CD) Renee Sound No#
Handbill Wanted by the FBI KL Rcdng KLP 93
Hankins, Will(45) Teeter Totter P./The Curse Soma 1060
Hanner, Frank Musically Yours Family Rcds 102
Hans, Otto(45) Clarinet P./Helena P. Mercury 70673
Hansen, Dean Over Two Villages (CD) None given
Hansen, Dean More o/Your Favorites(CD/CS None given/ACC 7(CS)
Hansen, Dean 15th Anniv. Musical Memorie None Given/ACC#8(CD/CS)
Hansen, Dean Evening Shadows (CD/CS) ACC-9
Hansen, Dean Happy Moments (CD/CS) 2002
Hap-E-Notes(T.Altenbur Come on Smiling Ampol 5010
Happy Accordion Polka Time SunnyvaleRcds9330-314
Happy Accordion Feelings Sunnyvale Rcds 9330-307
Happy Bachelors Smile A Lot! Rocksan Rcds 1007
Happy George(45) Me & My Concertina/Coo Coo Jay Jay 393
Happy Hans Ranier Jr. Willkommen Zu Unserem Fest 2005 (CD)
Happy Hans Ranier, Jr. The Best of Happy Hans' Mus None given
Happy Hans Ranier, Jr. Harmonika Hansl (CD) None given
Happy Hugo(45) Clarinet P./St. Paul W. Soma 1123
Happy Joe(45) Happy Joe P./Lovely Rita P. Planet 66432
Happy Louie Let's Sing Together Rex 690
Happy Louie Polish Dance Melodies Rex 695 (A/CS)
Happy Louie Red Hat Polkas(T/Best o/H.L Rex 724
Happy Louie Sing Along w/ Happy Louie Halo 5001
Happy Louie Christmas Carols Halo 6006
Happy Louie Real HOT Polkas Halo 5010
Happy Louie Country Sounds Halo 5020
Happy Louie Peanuts & Other Nutty Polka MGM E 4296
Happy Louie Red Hot Polkas MGM SE4331
Happy Louie Candy Candy Polka MGM E4473/Dyno5003
Happy Louie Polka Party MGM 4507/Dyno 5004
Happy Louie Your Polka Sweethearts(CD/C Halo 5035
Happy Louie(45) Forever & Ever 66/Apples Pe MGM 13620
Happy Louie(45) Beer Mug P./Good Luck P. Halo 508
Happy Louie(45) Hey, Cavalier P./Take It Ea Halo 5004
Happy Louie(45) Jasiu, Stasiu P./Springtime Halo 1062
Happy Louie(45) Julie/My Polish Love Halo 5020
Happy Louie(45) My 1 & Only P./Green Leaf O Halo 510
Happy Louie(45) North Shore P./Rose Marie P Halo 509
Happy Louie(45) Our First Polish Pope-Eng.v Halo 5028
Happy Louie(45) Paloma Blanca/Sing Along Md Halo 5022
Happy Louie(45) Vic & Lou'sP./Mother of Min Halo 511
Happy Notes (Dombrowsk An Evening with... Gold Rcds G1001
Happy Organ(45) Dance Little Bird/I'll Neve Crescendo 825
Happy Organ(Bob Kames) High Life in Hi Fi Bally 12014
Happy Organ, The The Chicken Dance (CD) Crescendo 1403
Happy Organ,The(Bob Ka Golden Years in Hi-Fi King 598
Happy Organ,The(Bob Ka Good Songs-Rare Wine..Live King 601
Happy Organ,The(Bob Ka Polkas,Waltzes,Fox Trots by King 747
Happy Organ,The(Bob Ka Polka Magic & Golden Waltze King 915
Happy Organ,The(Bob Ka Favorite Polkas & Waltzes Sunnyvale 9330-302
Happy Organ,The(Bob Ka Happy Organ Goes Country Snnyvl Rec. 9330-305
Happy Organ,The(Bob Ka 12 More Fav.Polkas & Waltze Sunnyvale 9330-308
Happy Organ,The(Bob Ka 20 Polkas & Waltzes Crescendo GNPS 2134
Happy Organ,The(Bob Ka Dance Little Bird Crescendo GNPS 2149
Happy Polka Hearts(45) Time to Dance P./Happy Hear Jay Jay 190
Happy Richie Buffalo's Happiest Polka Ba Bel-Aire 4045
Happy Richie Polka Convoy Bel-Aire 4047
Happy Richie I Love Polka Music (CD) Sunshine Rcds Sncd 114
Happy Richie Put on Your Dancing Shoes(C Sunshine 142 (CD/CS)
Happy Richie(45) I Fall to PiecesP./While I WAM 912004
Happy Richie(45) Lovesick P/From Me to You P Royalaire 2950
Happy Singers(45) Annemarie/Rosa-Rosalie Telefunken 4503
Happy Stefan The Small World of H. St. Esseff Rcds 9099
Happy Stefan's Polka O Open Up Your Heart Essef Rcds SB 9098
Happy Times Polkas (&) Modern Happy Times Rcd Co.4002
Happy Times(45) 1-2-3 P./Happy Times Obk. Happy Times 40001
Happy Times(45) That Good Old Christmas P./ Happy Times 4004
Happy Times, The Hello Happiness Happy Times Rcds 4003
Happy Wanderers(45) Hupaj Siupaj P./Hofbrauehau Wanderer 123
Happy Wanderers, The Wandering w/the Happy Wande Wand.Rcd.39622-CPO148
Happy Wanderers, The Alles auf Deutsch Wanderer Rcds,MplsMN No
Happy Wanderers, The The Happy Wanderers Sentinel Rd Crp8-8820
Happy Wanderers, The Wunderbar No Co.;No #
Happy Wanders, The Resi Dux at the Zum-Brauhau V Rcds 3104
Harbar Brothers(45) Happy Slovenes P./Ice Cubes LeMans 311
Harden, Harry(45) Tinkle P./Pizzicato P. Decca 45129
Harlanders Old Tyme Swings Little Crow LCS 2411
Harlanders Polkas on the Road Little Crow 2426
Harmoneers, The The Happy Sound of The Harm Dyno 1618
Harmonica Rascals, The The Harmonica Rascals AK 177
Harmonizers(45) You Are My Sunshine P./Spri Bel Aire 1336
Harmony Boys Best of Harmony Boys (CD) PC-NE2202
Harmony Heroes, The Take One No.Star Appl. 126
Harmony Jacs Polka Experience Sound 1152
Harmony Kings Harmony Kings Polka Album Chicago Rcds 501
Harmony Kings Polka Ballroom Hits Chicago Rcds 505
Harmony Kings Polka Album Chicago Rcds 601
Harmony Kings Doin' the Polka with... Chicago Rcds 1400
Harmony Kings Chicago's Own Harmony Kings Chicago P's 1603(CD)
Harmony Kings(45) Baggy Pants P./Rose W. Chicago Rcds 214
Harmony Kings(45) Brewery P./Charm of Your Be Chicago Rcds 248
Harmony Kings(45) Cherry P./Rain Rain P. Chicago Rcds 264
Harmony Kings(45) Chocolate Soda P./I'll Alwa Chicago Rcds 219
Harmony Kings(45) Debbie's P./Tra La La La W. Chicago Rcds 232
Harmony Kings(45) Golden Wedding P./Butterfly Polkatunes 115
Harmony Kings(45) Gray Mare P./Tick Tock P. Polkatunes 111
Harmony Kings(45) Helena P./Wishing Well W. Chicago Rcds 220
Harmony Kings(45) Hop Cyk Cyk P./Apple Taffy Chicago Rcds 233
Harmony Kings(45) Hot Peanuts P./Archer Ave. Chicago Rcds 239
Harmony Kings(45) Jolly Times P./Merry Widow Chicago Rcds 260
Harmony Kings(45) Just Because P./Where's My Chicago Rcds 343
Harmony Kings(45) Rain Rain P./Winterland W. Polkatunes 105
Harmony Kings(45) Sophie(Zosia)P./The Picnic Polkatunes 106
Harmony Kings(45) Tick Tock P./I Love to Danc Chicago Rcds 825
Harmony Kings(45) Tinker P./Anita P. Polkatunes 110
Harmony Kings(45) Harmony Kings P/Anniversary Polkatunes 114
Harmony Notes, The Flyin' High Brothers Rcd Co.7004
Harmony Sharps, The On Target With... WAM W4015
Harmony Tones(45) Oh Yeah P./Near the Shore P WAM 1004
Hart, Gloria(45) Red Rose W./Oh How I Love Y Sharp 45-36
Hartman, Jerry(45) Highways Are Happy Ways/Whe Cuca 1265
Hartmann, Gordon Premiere (CD/CS) HG Studios HG 5037
Harvey, Bill(45) Es Wird Ja Alles Wieder Gut Polkaland 528
Harvey, Ron (w/Jan Gar Moments to Remember (CD) Cuca 9292
Harvey, Ron(45) Just Another P/Wisconsin W. Cuca J1158(P.Dot)
Haus Band, The An Evening at the Matterhor None given PPI 9584
Hause, Ed Down at the Friendly Tavern PP 5018
Havalda, Tony An Evening w/T.Havalda & t/ Sound S-1137
Havranek, Leonard Ftrng the John Deere Polka Renee Rcds 1264(CD)
Havranek, Leonard Jam Session (CD) PCNE 44
Hawkins, Joanne & the Alaskan Souvenir (CD/CS) NSA 234
Hawkins, Joanne& the A Having Fun Jammin' (CD) NSA 236
Hawkins, Ken You Asked for It (CD) Hawkins2
Hawkins, Ken Love (CD) HPVD101
Hayes Boys Introducing...(CD) None given
Hazuka, Frank Here We Go F.H.Plays P&W Czech SCR 40
Hazuka, Frank Exciting Polkas (CD) PC-NE2406
Heavy Chicago Heavy Chicago StelJo SLP 723
Heavy Chicago Mighty Heavy Polkas WAM Rec.LPW 4025
Heavy Chicago Polkas Lite & Lively Halo 5025
Heavy Chicago Nobody Does It Better Halo 5027
Heavy Chicago(45) Chicago Hop P./I Know I'm L Steljo 613
Hedrich, Jim Polka Swing (CD) JH Studio 2000
Hedrich, Jim Polkas Are Really Hot (CD) JH Studio 2001
Hedstrom, Al Back Home Tunes from Dakota No Co.given S80-736
Hedstrom, Al & Bob Tri All Time Favorites Mark MC1105
Hefti, Neal(45) Midnight P./Baby Doll P. Coral 62062
Heier, Gene Presents Old Time Varieties Diversified Media LP201
Heier, Gene Dbl Album:40th Anniv&Music NSA 216
Heier, Gene(45) Country Girl P./Glad to Mee Polkaland 55-047
Heier, Gene(45) When the Linden Blooms Agai Polkland 581
Heileman Orchestra(45) Heileman Beer Song/Heileman Heileman No # given
Helay, Herman Tribute to the Mike Helay F Album # 1
Helena Polka Band Big Band Polkas Halo/Ultraphonic 50332
Helget, Johnny Johnny Helget Band Triple Crown 3033
Helget, Johnny Johnny Helget and his band JH 2002
Helget, Leon The Leon Helget Band Red Rose 1015
Helget, Leon Old Tyme Helget Style(CD) JBM 38244
Hencek, Burkat Stari Meh Jugoton LPSV 50915
Hengel, Christy Concertina Concert Lodestar 64-112
Hengel, Christy(45) Goosetown P/The Old Man'sW. Lodestar 6000
Henny & The Versa J's A Tribute to Our Dad(A/CD/C West-North AM1207(CS/CD
Henny & the Versa J's If I Could Be Like You(CD/C Ppprmnt 1005(CD/CS)
Henny & the Versa J's Sharing Our Blessings(CD/CS Jazzo 1006
Henny & the Versa J's Mother's Hands (CD/CS) Jazzo 1007
Henny & the Versa J's Come on Over (CD) Jazzo 1008
Henny & the Versa J's Don't Stop (CD) None given
Henry, Ray Trumpet Polka Dana 1222
Henry, Ray Polka Time Dana 1236
Henry, Ray Trombone P.& Saxophone Ober Dana 1233
Henry, Ray Polka Date with Ray Dana 1253
Henry, Ray Rendezvous Polka Dana 1262
Henry, Ray Blind Date Dana 1271
Henry, Ray Polka Session w/ Ray Henry Dana 1278
Henry, Ray Ballroom Polka Dana 1283
Henry, Ray Twist Polka Dana 1297
Henry, Ray Wesole Muzykanty Dana 1301
Henry, Ray Dance & Sing Along w/R.H. Dana 1305
Henry, Ray Ray's Polka Scrapbook Steljo 713
Henry, Ray Ballroom Polkas (2RS) Dana D598-4
Henry, Ray Polka with Ray Henry & the Dana 598-5
Henry, Ray Dl a Matki Polki (For Polis Dana 1312
Henry, Ray Dance with me (2RS) Dana D598-14
Henry, Ray Polkas to Remember (2RS) Dana D598-20
Henry, Ray Swingtime Polka Rola 159
Henry, Ray Look Out Here Comes R.Henry D.E.B.Assoc 102
Henry, Ray 12 Polka Hits Rex 811
Henry, Ray Polka Favorites Rex 821
Henry, Ray Great Polkas (CD) Kielbasa 7223
Henry, Ray 50 Years and Better (CS) DEB 104
Henry, Ray I'm Available The Gallery 103
Henry, Ray Wicked Good Polkas (CD/CS) DEB 106
Henry, Ray Unforgettable Hits 1994(CD) DEB 105
Henry, Ray(45) Hay Ride P/Blonde Bombshell Dana 3005
Henry, Ray(45) Candy P./Highway Patrol P. Dana 3226
Henry, Ray(45) Clarinet P./Julaida P. Dana 539
Henry, Ray(45) Domino P./Rain Rain P. Dana 2010
Henry, Ray(45) Gold Apple P./Pleasant Drea Dana 3148
Henry, Ray(45) Horseback P./Trombone P. Dana 3244
Henry, Ray(45) Ivory Fingers P./Please Dan Dana 3233
Henry, Ray(45) Red Shoes P./Shut Out P. Dana 3139
Henry, Ray(45) Stashu Pandowski/Ding Dong Dana 2119
Henry, Ray(45) Sugar Baby P./Hi There P. Dana 3255
Henry, Ray(45) Trip to the Moon P/Skiddles Dana 3213
Henry, Ray(45) Zig Zag P./Time of Your Lif Dana 3175
Henry, Ray(45) Hillside P/Hootenany Dance Dana 3307
Henry, Ray(45) Teddy & Eddy P/Blue W. Dana 3291
Henry, Ray(45) Rendezvous P/Motivation W. Dana 2126
Henry, Ray(45) Lindy P/Baby Obk. Dana 3245
Henry, Ray(45) Speakeasy P/Skating Obk. Dana 3203
Henry, Ray(45) Stamp Your Feet P/Saxophone Dana 3227
Henry, Ray(45) Ali Baba P/Cry Baby P. Dana 3020
Henry, Ray(45) Ding Dong P/Ballroom P. Dana 10007
Henry, Ray(45) Blonde Bombshell P/Clarinet Dana 10001
Henry, Ray(45) Domino P/Julida P. Dana 10002
Henry, Ray(45) Kaleidoscope P/Big Boy Obk. Dana 3201
Henry, Ray(45) Skyrocket P/Ball of Fire P. Dana 3072
Henry, Ray(45) Jedziemy, Jedziemy P/Oj Nie Dana 538
Henry, Ray(45) Zen Sie Jasiu P/Jedziemy, J Dana 75 (
Henry, Ray(45) Hit Polkas: NA Wesele Pojdz Dana E.P. 88
Henry, Ray(45) My Buddy P/Tony, the Bachel Dana 3298
Henry, Ray(45) Dawn Patrol P/Rain Rain P. Dana 10021
Henry, Ray(45) Indian Chief P/Irene P. Dana 103
Henry, Ray(45) Winding Brook P/Barber P. Dana 3272
Herauf, Mark Album # 1 Jomar Rcrds JR-10848
Herman, Ralph cf Rhythm Playboys  
Herman, Ryan Music that Will Move You(CD None given
Herman, Ryan Strictly Keys (CD/CS) 36501.02
Herman, Ryan For the Good Times (CD/CS) 125102.04
Herman, Ryan Off the Beaten Path (CD/CS) None given
Hermanek, Frank More Polkas For You Artists' Life 1206
Hermanek, Frank(45) Bessie P./Matterhorn P. Artist's Life 07
Hermanek, Frank(45) Coffee Party P./Midnight Ro Polkas for You 298
Hermanek, Frank(45) Fontana P./Picnic in the Wo Artist's Life 03
Hermanek, Frank(45) Jolly Peter Sch./Clairene W RCA Victor 5159
Hermanek, Frank(45) Peter Piper P./Midnight Ros Artist's Life 10
Hermanek, Frank(45) Ruthie P./Arise My Darling Artist's Life 08
Hermanek, Frank(45) Six A.M. P./The Dove W. RCA Victor 5310
Hermel, Cliff H & H Polka Nutz-Gibbon Pol Ltl Crow LCS2417
Hermel, Cliff Polka Days Album #2 Little Crow 2424
Hermel, Cliff Polka Days Album #3 Katies Rec. CH 2003
Hermel, Cliff Polka Days #4 Album Cherrywood CH 3034
Hermel, Cliff Polka Days Album #5 JBM  IRC-H#5
Hermel, Cliff Polka Days Album #6 JBM  1RC-H#6
Hermie Alfred & Hermie Play & Sing PC-NE 2405
Herzog, Arwin A.Herzog at Laack's Ballroo KL Rec. KLP 85
Herzog, Arwin Musically Yours Polkaland LP38
Herzog, Arwin Music from Beautiful Wiscon Polkaland LP46
Herzog, Arwin Favorite Old Time Melodies Cuca 2116 (CD)
Herzog, Marv At the Bavarian Festival Sound 1002 st
Herzog, Marv Breaks Out the Polkas Sound 1006 st
Herzog, Marv Sing and Dance W/M.Herzog Sound 1014st
Herzog, Marv World of Polkas & Waltzes Sound 1031st
Herzog, Marv M.H. Presents Wally Loesel Sound 1034st
Herzog, Marv M.Herzog's Oktoberfest Albu Sound 1046st
Herzog, Marv Schnitzelbank Sound 1049st
Herzog, Marv One More Polka... Sound 1061
Herzog, Marv Polka Funtime Sound 1064st
Herzog, Marv Country Sound 1114st
Herzog, Marv Schuetzenfest Sound 1118st
Herzog, Marv Alpine Holiday Sound 1127st
Herzog, Marv On Tour Sound 1130
Herzog, Marv Memories of my Homeland Sound 1140
Herzog, Marv Home for the Holidays Sound S-3001
Herzog, Marv Christmas Greetings from Fr Sound S-3002/Herzog Rcd
Herzog, Marv Christmas Wonderland(Live a Herzog Rcds 3003(CD)
Herzog, Marv Frankisches aus Frankenmuth Colosseum SM 3027
Herzog, Marv Rhonda Herzog Rcds 7771
Herzog, Marv All About Love Herzog Rcds 7772
Herzog, Marv It's Party Time Herzog Rcds 7773
Herzog, Marv Bavarian Flavored Country Herzog Rcds 7775st
Herzog, Marv Home on the Range (CD/CS) H 7777
Herzog, Marv International Album (CD/CS) Herzog Rcds 7778st
Herzog, Marv European Favorites (CD) Herzog Rcds CD/H-7779
Herzog, Marv Slow Dancing (CD) H 7781
Herzog, Marv Songs of Faith (CD) H 7782
Herzog, Marv Live at 2002 Summer Music F H-7783 (Dble CD set)
Herzog, Marv Requested Hits (CD)(Same as H-7780
Herzog, Marv & Mike Ga It's a Small World (CD) HH Rec. CD/H-7776
Herzog, Marv(45) Barbara P./Ozark P. Sound 164
Herzog, Marv(45) Du Waggle P./Old Country Rh Sound 295
Herzog, Marv(45) Mary's Knocking P./Pony in Sound 1114
Herzog, Marv(45) Orange Blossom Special/Peti Sound 304
Herzog, Marv(45) Rock & Rye P./Apples, Peach Sound 270
Herzog, Marv(45) Schnitzelbank P./Woodchoppe Sound 300
Herzog, Marv(45) Snow Deer P./Night in May W Sound 281
Herzog, Marv(45) Just Another P./2 Hearts in Sound 287
Hex Play Hex Play (CD) None given
Hezoucky, Joe Memories of Old Bohemia V.5 Souvenir Rcds 1005
Hezoucky, Joe J.H.Orch.w/Marie Danek Ray Rcds 4055
Hezoucky, Joe Marie Danek (Czech Vocals) Ray Rcds 4056
Hi Notes(45) Ain't Gonna Rain P./Sharon Chicago Rcds 247
Hi Notes(45) Alcatraz P./Stomping in the Chicago Rcds 209
Hi Notes(45) Carousel Fun P./Three Way P Chicago P's 333
Hi Notes(45) Chew Gum P./Bombshell P. Chicago Rcds 222
Hi Notes(45) Crazy Goose P./Twinkletoes Chicago Rcds 216
Hi Notes(45) Ha Ha P./Let's Dance Again Chicago P's 304
Hi Notes(45) I Want a Beer P./Blue Eyes Chicago Rcds 221
Hi Notes(45) Johnnie's P./Whose Girl Are Chicago Rcds 258
Hi Notes(45) Paddy Wagon P./Stomp Your F Chicago P's 312
Hi Notes(45) Pied Piper P./With Mine Han Chicago P's 301
Hi Notes(45) Wedding Dance P./Don't Get Chicago P's 308
Hi Notes(45) Willie's Wedding P./Sitting Chicago P's 336
Hi Notes(45) Loaded on Payday P/Dreamboa Chicago Rcds 215
Hi Notes, The Gene Wisniewski Sings... Chicago Polkas 5600
Hi Toppers(45) Green Garden P./Garden W. Guide 155
Hicks, Charles(45) Brown Derby/Fancy Dancy Goodwill 1068
Hicks, Charles(45) Kochanka P./side by Side Ob Goodwill 6110
Hicks, Charles(45) Choo Choo train P./Silver L Goodwill 6111
Hicks, Charles(45) Carrot Top P/Uncle Walter's Goodwill 6117
Hicks, Charles(45) Flat Top P/Reserved Obk. Goodwill 6109
Hicks, Charles(45) Hot Chick P/Slow Poke P. Goodwill 6118
Hicks, Charles(45) That's My Boy P/Money Money Goodwill 6116
Hicks, Charles(Charlie Polka Music for Dancing Goodwill Rcds 102
Hicks, Charlie(Charles Polka Music for Dancing Goodwill Rcds LP 101
Hicks, Charlie(Charles Polkas Are Better than Ever Goodwill Rcds LP 103
Hicks, Charlie(Charles Polka Music for Dancing Goodwill Rcds LP 104
Hicks, Charlie(Charles Polkas for Dancing-Polkas, Goodwill Rcds LP 105
Hicks, Charlie(Charles Great Polka Hits (A/CS) Rex Rcds 106
Hicks, Charlie(Charles The Boys Are Back in Town Goodwill Rcds LP 108
Hieb, Orville Orville Hieb & the Music Ma Jay Rcds 1003
Hieb, Orville Music Maker None given:CPO 156
Hieb, Orville(45) Jolly Fellows P/Music Maker None given CPO 157
Hieb, Orville(45) Butterfly Dance/Im A Noch A Jay 236 2116s
Hieb, Orville(45) Jolly Fellows P./Music Make Music Makers 157
Highliners, The A Unique Style of Entertain No co. given 42727
Highliners, The Olde Tyme Polkas & Waltzes Aleatoric A 4011
Hi-Hats, The A Package for You Rave 210
Hilder's Schnitzlebank Goodbye P./Yo Ho Di Ho Di H North Star 2039
Hill Dillies(45) Eden Valley Fox Hunt/Wabash Hill Dillies 9-206
Hingston, Don(45) Toyland P./Banjo P. Free Label 3840
Hi-Notes Happy Boys P/Mox Nix P. Ridgemoor 6001
Hi-Notes Husia Susia P/Richie's P. Ridgemoor 6002
Hi-Notes New Mill P/Tony's P. Ridgemoor 6003
Hitmen(45) She Always Knew P./Rose Mar LeMans 1024
Hi-Toppers, The Top Polka Music Pl. Psnt 144
Hi-Toppers, The Polkas and Waltzes Guide 1008
Hi-Toppers, The Moving... Guide 1017
Hi-Toppers, The Silver Polka Years Guide LPS 1031
Hi-Toppers, The Hi Toppers for Czech Hearts Ray Rcds RRSLP 2802
Hi-Toppers, The Czech Smiles w/t/Hi-Toppers Ray Rcds RRSLP 2804
Hlad, Kathy Plays Stare Pesmi(The Old S A M Music 089(CD)
hlad, Kathy Button Box P's & W's(CD) Euro-Class 907
Hlad, Nancy Slovenian Carousel (CD) Errem 13503
Hocus Polka (PA) Blue Ribbon Polkas None given HP 87925
Hocus Polkas(Randy Han Magic  (CD) RBR 505061
Hodde, Fritz 40 Years of Family, Friends None given
Hodek, Matt Musicians Play Your Best(CD E 3438
Hodek, Matt & the Dako From the Wheat Fields of No Slade Rcds No #
Hodek, matt/Royal Melo Just Playin' Around(CD/CS) RMB 2000
Hodnik, Rudy Instrumentally Yours Vol 2 KL Rcdng 98
Hodnik, Rudy Dance-Dance-Dance KL Rcdng 115
Hodnik, Rudy(45) Rudy's P/Dance the Polka Balkan 11050
Hofer, Kenny Yours for Dancing 4 Leaf Clover 001st
Hofer, Kenny Dance the Polka 4 Leaf Clover 002st
Hofer, Kenny Dancing on Air 4 Leaf Clover 003st
Hofer, Kenny Let's Go Dancing 4 Leaf Clover 004st
Hofer, Kenny Dancing Around the World 4 Leaf Clover 005st
Hofer, Kenny Texas Style 4 Leaf Clover 006st
Hofer, Kenny The First Forty Years 4 Leaf Clover 007st
Hofer, Kenny I Love to Dance 4 Leaf Clover 008st
Hofer, Kenny Four Leaf Clover Country 4 Leaf Clover 009st
Hoffman, Johnny J.H.&t/Herzbuben...So Sind KL Rcdng KLP 21
Hoffmann, Johnny A Continental Toast None given JH-1
Hoffmann, Johnny So Sind Wir KL Rcdng KLP-21
Hoffmann, Johnny Von Gestern Bis Heute KL Rcdng KLP 88
Hoffmann, Johnny w/Special Guest, t/Gottsche J.Hoffmann 206086
Hohner Accordion Symph Accordiorama Vanguard 9098
Holman, Al See Polkatoons  
Homel, Casey Foot Stompin'Polkas(CD/CS) Chicago P's 8500
Homel, Casey Polka Saturday Night(CD/CS) Ameritone 145
Homel, Casey Hot and Honkey (CD/CS) Chicago Polkas 8501
Homel, Casey A Tribute to Eddie Zima & C Chicago Polkas8502(CD/C
Homel, Casey Model A Honky Style (CD) Chicago Polkas 8503
Homel, Casey Classic Casey (CD) Bel Aire 4686(Dbl CD)re
Homel, Casey Polkas R" Us (CD)" Casey Rcds 2006
Homel, Casey(45) Going to the Service/Pretty Casey Rcds 101
Homel, Jimmy & Stas Bu Polka Spirit of Chicago(CD) Chicago P's 8001(CD)
Honky Express Polka Heaven (CD) Peppermint 5082
Honky Hoppers, The All Dressed Up..No Place to Sunshine CD 149
Honky Hoppers, The Old Fashioned Polkas (CD/CS Sunshine 174
Honky Hoppers, The Standing Room Only (CD) ZZCD 001
Horban, Corky(45) Wisconsin Club P./Diamond L Master 1001
Hornak, Frank Czechoslovakian Melodies Sound 1069
Hornak, Frank At Home (CD) PCNE 1110
Horst, Emmett Mr. Polka Man (CD) Cuca 6812
Hot Tamales Polka Fever (CD/CS) HTI 9500
Hot Tamales Accordion Crossing (CD/CS) HTI 400
Hovorka, Jim(45) Czechland P./Two Handerchie Heritage Disc 5601
Hovorka, Jim(45) Evening Breeze W./Sweethear Heritage Disc 5601
Hovorka, Jim(45) Czechland P/2 Handkerchiefs Heritage Disc 5601
Howard, Rusty Rub A Dub Dub/Take These Ch Tops 367
Howerton, Jim Across the Plains (CD/CS) JLH 300
Hronek, Bill Plays Czech P. & W. Favorit 216 661 7685
Hrovat, Lud Musical Memories (CD/CS) None given
Hub City Dutchmen(45) Black Crow P./Blue Skirt W. Dutch 104
Hudak, Al The Clever Cordovox A.J.Rcds HLP 459
Hudy, Fred(45) E-I-O-P./Sad Tears W. Bel Aire 1324
Hundenski, Bud Polkas that Swing Rex 763
Hundenski, Bud Tri-State's Finest Polka Ba Rex 781
Hundenski, Bud Polkas for Today Rex 797
Hundenski, Bud Polkas with Bud Rex 819 st
Hundenski, Bud Power Packed Polkas WAM 4071
Hundenski, Bud Polkas of Distinction WRS 20083
Hundenski, Bud The Best of B.Hundenski(CD) Swingtime Music 2002
Hundenski, Bud Resurgence! (CD) Peppermint 5081
Hunt Family Fiddlers Dance in the Field (CD) FRP 4435
Hunt Family Fiddlers Be Thou My Vision (CD) HFF 6349
Hunt, Pee Wee(45) Oh!/12th Street Rag Star Line 6001
Hunter, Ernie(45) Cotton Eyed Joe/Ranger's W. Guide 146
Hutmaker, Ralph The Ralph Hutmaker Album Joy Rec.S80-435
Hutmaker, Ralph(45) Mom & Daddy's P./Barber's W Pl.Psnt. 5004
Hutmaker, Ralph(45) Polly Wolly P./Sweet 17 W. Pl.Psnt. 5009
Hutmaker, Ralph(45) 1010 P./Pussy Cat W. USA 920
Hyman, Dick & Gerald S Come & Trip It (Instrumenta New World Rcds 193
Hyman, Dick(45) When You're Smiling/Rollin' MGM 12258
Hyrczyk, Bud Fly Away with Me (CD) None given
Hyrczyk, Bud If You Only Believe (CD) HG 50121
Hyrczyk, Bud Dapper Dan The Polka Man(CD HG 50126 (CD)
Hyzny, Johnny Polka Jamboree! JayJay 5014
Hyzny, Johnny(45) Bruno's P./One Has My Heart Ampol 518
Hyzny, Johnny(45) Hard Times P./I Never Knew Jay Jay 256(from LP 102
Hyzny, Johnny(45) Joe & Jean's P./Darlene W. Jay Jay 274
Hyzny, Johnny(45) Ohio P./Money Money P. Jay Jay 242
Hyzny, Johnny(45) You're My Honey P./You Don' Jay Jay 232
Impalas Impalas  (CD) PC-NE1079
Impalas(45) Christmas Angel/Magic of Ch Usana 903
Impalas(45) Merry Go Round P./New Polon Usana 901
Impalas, The The Impalas Do Their Thing Usana Music CZ 1320
Impalas, The Polish Festival Usana 1321
Impalas, The Live & Lively Usana 1322
Impalas, The Impalas--Happiness Usana Music CZ1323
Impalas, The Something Old/Something New Don-Joe1010
Impalas, The Polka Fire Sound 1054
Impalas, The Polkas Naturally Sound 1062
Imperials Of Toledo Let's Go to a Polish Weddin Usana Music PWI-100
Imperials of Toledo How About that Polka Sound Usana Music 7510
Imperials of Toledo Thanks Mom Sound 1065
Imperials of Toledo We're Gonna Get Ya! Sound St 1072
Imperials of Toledo Goes International Imp.Sound 1976
Imperials of Toledo Play Your Favorites Imperial Sound 2005
Imperials of Toledo Just for You Imperial Sound 2007
Imperials of Toledo Thanks God, We Love You! Imperial Sound 2008
Imperials of Toledo Fiddlin' with the Brass Imperial Sound 2009 st
Imperials of Toledo Everybody Dance (CD/CS) Sunshine BWS 1096
Imperials of Toledo All Tuned" Up! (CD/CS)" Sunshine 153
Imperials of Toledo(45 How About that P/Duli Duli Detroit News 333
Imperials(45) How About that P./Duli Duli Usana 333
Imperials(45) I'm a Sport/Who Said So P. Dyno 1037
Imperials(45) My Melody of Love/Goodnight Usana 222
Imperials(45) Sailor/Jak Sie Masz Imperial 444
In Cognito A.K.A. (CD/CS) Sunshine 186
Inayski, Frank Dance Dance Dance Aleatoric A4001
International Main Str Thanks for Christmas (CD) EE 2003
International Main Str Town & Country Polkas (CD) EE 2005
International Main Str Polkas Hot (CD) IMSPB 9004
International Polka Ki Great Polkas from Around th Kapp  KS-3299/1299
International_Scandina Skal Vi Danse?:Scand.Herita Skandisk 2956(CD)
International-Asian Yma Sumac:Voice o/t Xtabay Capitol W 684
International-Asian Chinese Folk Songs (2RS) BCC Music Series 6281
International-Asian Rainy Night in Tokyo Capitol T 10287
International-Austria San Ma Lustig in Salzburg(L Request Rcds 8053
International-Austria Vienna City of Dreams(Anton London PS 319
International-Austria Yodelers from Austria:Rudi Westminister 15033
International-Austria Salzburger Volksmusik Polydor 2414 049
International-Austria Feste feiern wie die Bayern Maritim 47 110 NT
International-Austrian Zitherklange aus Osterreich EMI E 052-33 017
International-Austrian Welcome to Tyrol Epic 19013
International-Austrian Folk Songs of Austria Tradition 2104
International-Austrian In a Viennese Wine Garden Request Rcds 8043
International-Austrian Summertime in Salzburg Capitol T10265
International-Austrian The Kitzbuhelers of Austria Capitol St 10353
International-Austrian Auf Zum Tanz!(Let's Dance) Epic LF 18036
International-Austrian Music o/t Austrian Alps Capitol T10016
International-Austrian Christmas in Austria Capitol T10164
International-Austrian Austria Monitor MFS 341
International-Austrian Kirta in Salzburg Request Rcds 10060
International-Austrian Freundorfer Melodien:Alfons Isarton C 052-42 160
International-Austrian Patscherkofel Buam Tyrolis St.LP 75186
International-Austrian Willkomen in Salzburg EMI/Clmbia2E042-33001
International-Austrian Salzburger Heimatabend Amadeo AVRS 13169 ST
International-Austrian Aus Der Alpenbar(Alpine Bar Peters PLD 7076
International-Austrian Volksmusik(Toni Praxmair) Capitol T 10154
International-Austrian Wien, Wien, nur Du allein Amadeo 18013/Philips St
International-Austrian G'schichten aus dem Wiener Weltmelodie 16003/Sta 8
International-Austrian Alpine Greetings(Grusse aus Peters Intl PLD 7073
International-Austrian Lieder unserer Heimat:Die W EMI 88 006
International-Austrian Touring the Alps V. 1 Request Rcds 8222
International-Austrian Greetings from Tyrol Request Rcds 8051
International-Austrian A Visit to the Austrian Tyr Capitol T10304
International-Austrian Tiroller Zugspitz-Echo Morning Sun NR14709
International-Austrian When the Waltz Was a Scanda Request Rcds SRLP 10108
International-Austrian I Remember Austria V.2 Fiesta FLP 1297
International-Austrian Tirolean Holiday Philips PHI 449
International-Austrian Vienna Choir Boys:Waltzes & Philips 900 024
International-Austrian Polkas & Waltzes:Boys Choir Surrey Rcds S1008
International-Austrian Tiroler Avond Bij:Gerald Fu Telstar TPO 99.033
International-Austrian Alpenrosen und Edelweiss Request 8133
International-Austrian Boy's Choir of Vienna Woods Everest 324051
International-Austrian vienna Sutton Su 221
International-Austrian The Viennese Strings of Ant Design 120(A.Karas)
International-Austrian Around the World Period RL 1935
International-Austrian Viennese Sommerfest!(MN Orc Pro-Arte PAD 224
International-Austrian Vienna, City of Dreams:Anto Decca 4541
International-Austrian Frohe Weinachten:Vienna Boy Philips 6514 318
International-Austrian Vienna Boys Choir Sings Ger Capitol 10445
International-Austrian Vienna Boys' Choir Sings Au Capitol 10524
International-Austrian The Boys Choir of Vienna-Ch Holiday Rcds 1918
International-Austrian Christmas w/t/Vienna Choir RCA ARL1 2939
International-Austrian Vienna Choir Boys-Christmas RCA PRL1 8020
International-Austrian Das Kufsteiner Lied-No Orch Telefunken 6.21248
International-Austrian Vom Arlberg zum Bodensee CBS S 65962
International-Austrian Merry Christmas frohe Weihn Philips 6514 318
International-Austrian Wander-und Abendlieder:Vien Philips 842 501 PY
International-Austrian Frohe Weihnacht:Die Weiner Peters 7065
International-Austrian Folk Music of the Tyrolean Vox 515.060
International-Austrian Golden Viennese Waltzes:Ton Capito 10528
International-Austrian Christmas Festival:The Vien RCA Victor PRL1 8020
International-Austrian Souvenir of Austria Angel Rcds 65036
International-Austrian Souvenir of Vienna:Jaro Sch Angel Rcds 65033
International-Austrian Vienna:Fritz Reiner RCA Victor LM 2112
International-Austrian Alfons Bauer & Seine Alm-Du Isarton 1901
International-Austrian Tiroler Abend:Gerald Fuchs Telstar TP 99 033 TL
International-Austrian Lustig und Zunftig Tyrolis 161471
International-Austrian Immer Fidel:Grossglockner-K CBAS S 65 544
International-Austrian Sepp Viellechner Karussell 2415 051
International-Austrian Grusse aus dem Alpenland Peters 7073
International-Austrian Vom Wolfgangseee zum Tirole Europa 1110005.5
International-Austrian Viennese Bonbons:Anton Kara Period Rcds 1918
International-Austrian Music of the German Zugspit Capitol ST 10298
International-Austrian Salzburger Stierwascher EMI 2 E 042-33 009
International-Austrian Das Bayerische Wunschconzer Fiesta 1465
International-Austrian Das Bayerische Wunschconzer Ariola 71 268 IU
International-Austrian Wine Garden Music in Vienna Rondo 504
International-Austrian Wien Wird schon erst bei Na Telefunken SLK 16134-Pe
International-Austrian Quer durch's Alpenland:Edel CBS S 65 543
International-Austrian Tirolerabend:Volkstanz und Amadeo AVRS 13165
International-Austrian Zither Solos:Anton Karas London 397(10disc)"
International-Austrian O Du Mein Edelweiss Fiesta 1395
International-Austrian Gute Unterhaltung Wunschen Tyrolis 35481(2 rcds)
International-Austrian Tiroler Abend Koch 0120 198
International-Austrian Zitherama:Anton Karas Omega OSL 36
International-Austrian Zauber der Berge:Toni Noich Peters 7092
International-Austrian Heurigenstimmung:Anton Kara Fiesta 1502
International-Austrian Beim Tirolerabend Song 7902
International-Austrian Meine Heimat ist Tirol Elite Special 30080
International-Austrian Christmas Voices & Bells:Bo Holiday 1918
International-Austrian Frohliche Zitherklange(Toni Electrola  LC 0287
International-Austrian I Remember Austria-Multiple Fiesta 1291
International-Austrian Kern Buam Kirtag-Austrian C Polydor  PLD 7062
International-Austrian Ich Liebe Tirol Commonwealth CN 0171
International-Bavar/Ge Ihre Groben Erfolge - Die 3 Polydor S2418614
International-Bavaria The Music of Bavaria(Mult.A Fontana 27501
International-Bavaria I Remember Bavaria V.2-Bava Fiesta 1288
International-Bavarian Oompah Time in Bavaria London 91185
International-Bavarian Bavarian Yodeling Songs&Pol Olympic Rcds 6115
International-Bavarian In the Land of Oom Pah Pah: Mercury 12244/20241
International-Bavarian Beer & Brass in Bavaria: Sc Family Rcds 532
International-Bavarian Authentic German Bavarian V Colonial 197
International-Bavarian Oktoberfest im Hofbrauhaus: Fiesta 1626
International-Bavarian Munich's 800 Years(Authenti Capitol Rcds T10138
International-Bavarian Mein Berchtesgadener Land Capitol ST 10289
International-Bavarian Gaudi in Bavaria Aris LARS 6020
International-Bavarian Brass in a German Beer Gard Smash Rcds 67003
International-Bavarian I Remember Bavaria v.1 Fiesta FLP 1261
International-Bavarian Rudi&Inge Meixner:Folksongs Westminister Gold8198
International-Bavarian Zither Music by Ludwig Staff BP 3043
International-Bavarian Music of the German Alps-Al Capitol T10211
International-Bavarian Bauer:Music o/t/G.Zugspitze Captitol ST 10298
International-Bavarian A.Bauer:Zither mit Herz Peters Intl.PLD 7033
International-Bavarian Schutzenfest! Festival o/t/ Kapp KS-3309
International-Bavarian Bayrische Blasmusik(Village Fiesta FLP 1320
International-Bavarian Prost Bavaria Polydor 46060
International-Bavarian Bayern 2:Memories of Bav(2R Telefunken 6.28331
International-Bavarian Beer & Brass in Bavaria Family Rcds 132
International-Bavarian 28 Souvenirs from Bavaria BASF 20051
International-Bavarian Patrona Bavariae:Naabtal Du Ariola 209 356
International-Bavarian Polkas Waltzes & Marches fr Peters PLD 7035
International-Bavarian Holiday in Munich:Toni Sulz Fiesta 1626
International-Bavarian O Tannenbaum:Tolz Boys'Choi Capitol Intl SM-10568
International-Bavarian The Romantic Zither of Alfo London SW 99399
International-Bavarian Music of the German Werdenf Capitol ST 10291
International-Bavarian Your Musical Holiday in the Decca  CL 8141
International-Bavarian Bavarian Polka Party:Theo F Epic LN 3618
International-Bavarian Geschwister Gundolf Tirole" OPP  OPP 5-28
International-Bavarian Die Egerlander-Kaiserwald M PetersInt.LARS6001
International-Bavarian Kennt Keine Grenzen, Allgau Tyrolis S 18277
International-Blasmusi Auf geht's zum Oktobertest Europa E 308