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Artists Titles Number
Eagles Polka Band(Gary Come Soar with Us (CD) None given
Earl Schmidt(45) I Love to Dance P/Circling Kay Bee 6027
Earl, Bob &/T All Star One More Time Imperial Snd 2006
Eastern Sound Spellbound (CD) None given
Ebel, Craig Polka Thriller P.Intl.A1001/AA1106
Ebel, Craig (DyVersaCo A Company Affair (CD) EE 2009
Ebel, Craig (DyVersaCo Office Party (CD) EE 2011
Ebel, Craig(45) Sleighride P./Christmas Tig Aleatoric 5006
Ebel, Craig(DyVersaCo) In Lieu of) (mini CD) None given
Ebel, Craig(DyVersaCo) Unanimously Approved (CD) EE 2006
Ebel, Craig(DyVersaCo) Eye on Polka (CD) EE 2007
Ebel, Craig(DyVersaCo) iHot     CD None given
Eberle, Herb Polka Time in Old St. Louis Lark Ellen  EP 1111
Eberle, Herb Polkas! Waltzes! Lark Ellen Rec. EP1114
Echo Polish Singing So Sing Along w/a Polish Song Kapp 1272
Echo Polish Singing So Sing Along with a Polish So Kapp 1454
Eddie & His Slovenes For Your Pleasure JayJay 5072
Eddie & His Slovenes No Beer in Heaven JayJay st 5088
Eddie & the Slovenes Lil Wally Presents... Jay Jay 5102
Eddie & the Slovenes Back to the Beat o/t Polka Jay Jay 5157
Eddie & the Slovenes Happy Polka Days Lee Rcd Co. S110
Eddie & the Slovenes The Best of Eddie &t/Sloven Lee Rcds 116
Eddie & the Slovenes Favorite Polkas (CD/CS) Lee Rcds No # given
Eddie & the Slovenes Polkas & Waltzes from Yeste Lee Rcds No # given(CD)
Eddie & the Slovenes(4 On the Mountain/Kiss Me Ton Jay Jay 677
Eddie O"" Play It Again (CD) Sunshine 330
Edelburg, Gary(45) Funky Business/TN Waltz Steppin' Out 91884
Edelweiss Accordion Du Happy Accordion Dances Peters Intl: PLD 7044
Edelweiss Stars The Edelweiss & Betty Bright 1003
Edlebeck, Norm Best of Norm Edlebeck (CD) PCNE 4488
Edlebeck, Norm Live on Location (CD) Cuca KCD 2161
Edlebeck, Norm Vagabond Waltz (CD) Cuca 2163
Edlebeck, Norm Mike Marks Memorial Album ( Cuca 2164 (CD)
Edlebeck, Norm(45) Drinking Billy Beer/same ti Ray 1001
Eidsor, Josh Lakeside (CD) None given
Ellinger Combo Orchest From Ellinger with Love Guide Rec. 1004
Emeralds, The Dancing with You Crescendo 2086
Emeralds, The Just for You (A/CD) Boot Rcds 002/CD-5009
Emeralds, The Dance Party Album (CD) Royalty Rcds 0062
Emeralds, The The Best of The Emeralds (C EMCD 5012 (CD)
Emeralds, The Old Time Saturday Night(CD) J&B Rcds JB585/3(Dbl CD
Emeralds, The All Time Best (CD) Royalty Rcds300-9230
Emeralds, The Great Polka Hits (CD) Royalty Rcds300-9436
Emeralds, The 25th Anniversary Waltz Albu Royalty Rcds300-9541(CD
Emeralds, The Dance & Romance (Dble CD) Royalty Rcds300-9751
Emeralds, The Dance Dance Dance (CD) EM 5011
Emeralds, The Sentimental Favorites (CD) Emerald Rcds 5015
Emeralds, The Look at Us (CD) EMD 5016
Emter Family Button Ac Country Kids & Polkas(CD/CS None given:EFBA001CD
Emter Family Button Ac Christmas Special (CD/CS) EFBA0002
Emter Family Button Ac We Are Family (CD/CS) EFBA004
Emter Family, The Greatest Hits of...(CD) None given
Energy Pure Energy (CD/CS) Mungry Rcds m1001
Energy Shine a Little Light (CD) Mungry Rcds M1002CD
Enneking Family God and Country K-Ark 6015
Enneking Family Enneking Family Singers Joel 1587
Enneking Family Volume 2 EFS 1998
Erhlich, Jim Polkas Too Much Is Never En JE 5798 (CD/CS)
Erickkson, Walter(W.An Dancing with a Swede-Heart Dana 8018
Erickson, Cathy Music for the Polka Mass(CD None given (CD)
Erickson, Cathy Melodies of the Heart (CD) None given
Erickson, Cathy Taste for Old Tyme (CD) None given
Erickson, Cathy I Wanna Dance (CD) None given
Erickson, Cathy Me & My Mom (CD) None given
Erickson, Cathy In the Mood for Dancing(CD) None given
Erickson, Rod(45) Party Girl/Oo-Wee Sparky 1344
Erickson, Rod(45) She Taught Me How to Yodel/ MGM 14342/Sparky 1343
Erie Shores The Best of Erie Shores(CD) P.C.NE.4486
Eriksson, Anders Dans Pa Angbatsbryggan(Swed Request Rcds 10062
Eriksson, Walter Holiday in Scandinavia Colonial 109
Eriksson, Walter Memories of Scandinavia Colonial 113
Eriksson, Walter Memories of Finland Colonial 169
Eriksson, Walter Scandinavian Favorite Dance Colonial 162
Eriksson, Walter Old Time Dance Music from S Colonial 172/672
Eriksson, Walter Musical Greetings from Scan Colonial 187
Eriksson, Walter More Dances from Scandinavi Colonial 226
Eriksson, Walter Sven Palm Sings Swedish Son Standard 427
Eriksson, Walter Country Dances fr/Scandinav Colonial 837
Eriksson, Walter Scandinavian Midsummer Fest Colonial ST.LP 215/715
Eriksson, Walter Old Country Dances from Sca Colonial 797/297
Eriksson, Walter Musical Greetings fr/Norway Colonial 853
Eriksson, Walter Norwegian O.T.Cmdy Songs&Da Standard449/Col.949
Eriksson, Walter Scandinavian Dance Music Harmony Music LP # 1
Eriksson, Walter Scandinavian Dance Music,Pl Harmony Music LP # 7
Eriksson, Walter The Best of Scandinavian Da Colonial 940
Eriksson, Walter & And Music in the Scandinavian M Colonial 134
Eriksson, Walter & Han Scandinavian Dance Music#10 Harmony LP-S-10
Eriksson, Walter & Tol Jens Book Jenssen Sings Nor Standard 432
Eriksson, Walter&Sven Glada Toner Fran Sverige Colonial ST-LP-764
Eriksson, Walter&Svend Holiday in Norway Colonial 185
Eriksson, Walter(45) Variety P./Kristiania W. Standard 156
Eriksson, Walter(Nordi Dance Time in Scandinavia Colonial 180
Eriksson, Walter(Scand Scandinavia (hambo vals pol Colonial 252
Eriksson, Walter, et a Swedish Folksongs Harmony Music 13
Essery, Art Drinking Champagne AMC-Country Rec. KS 11-
E-Z Tones Those E-Z Years:1975-1993(C WRS WRD 2806(CD)
Fabulous Six, The The Fabulous Six Are Back Austin Rcdng Stud7811
Fabulous Six, The Standing Tall (CD/CS) none given
Fabulous Six, The 40 Years of Family, Friends None given (CD)
Falcon Orchestra, The Party Polkas Unart S21011
Falk, Wilmer(45) Four Henry's P./Concertina Flint 2738
Falk, Wilmer(45) Yessiree P./Pond Lily W. Flint 81361
Family Tradition Family Tradition Polka Band Famtra Prod.2087(CD)
Family Tradition Come Dance with Me (CD) FAMTRA 1002
Family Tradition Time for Another One (CD) Famtra FT1003
Farone, Chuck &the Pol Polka Party Hollywd Rec.H-2B 8997
Fedorchak, Joe For That Old Gang of Mine(C Ppprmnt 1536 (CD/CS)
Fedorchak, Joe The Best o/Joe Fedorchak(CD Ppprmnt Pr. PV-4022
Fedorchak, Joe Through the Years with Bob Lolly Rcds (dble CD)
Fedorchak, Joe The Best of the Rest(CD) Peppermint 4028
Felling, Merle M.F. & His Concertina Band JBM Sound 191-81
Fellowship Band(45) O America, My America/Candy Gold Label 510
Fellowship Band(45) Christmas Tree P./Christmas Gold Label No #
Fendermen, The(45) Mule Skinner Blues/Torture Soma 1137
Ferko String Band Happy Days Are Here Again Somerset SF-12700
Ferko String Band(45) Alabama Jubilee/Sing a Litt Media 1010
Fiddle-Anonymous Artis 25 Old Tyme Fiddle Hits K-Tel FH 1
Fiddle-Frenchie Burke Fiddlin Frenchie Burke 20th Century T-479
Fiddlin' Bill Johnson Toe Tappin' Tunes Jomar Rcds JR 10814
Fiddling ClarenceTate" Country Favorite Waltzes Sutton RRCT 213
Fiddling-Henry, Thomas Friendly Tunes Century Rcds 27123/24
Fiddling-Jim Price Cross Country Fiddle Artesian Dream
Fiddling-Multiple Arti Southern MN Old Time Fiddli TJ-4042
Fiddling-Oscar Whittin Old Time Waltzes Rural Rhythm RRTT 174
Fiddling-Tater Tate Tater Tate Rimrock 3000
Fiedler, Arthur Polkas (Great Moments ofMus Time/Life7016/6008
Filipczak, John Dance, Classic Honky Style Antek Prod. 19901B
Filipczak, John Encore Antek 19921
Filipczak, John Back Again (CD/CS) Antek 19991
Filipczak, John Simply Honky (CD/CS) Antek 20041
Filipczak, John Dancers' Choice (CD) None given
Finn, Mickie(45) Beer Barrel P./K.C. Jerk Dunhill 4035
Finseth, Leonard Scandinavian Old Time Banjar Rcds 1834
Fischer, Carl Waltzing in the Woods Pl. Psnt 82-62
Fischer, Carl New & Old Time Favorites Mark Rcds.MC 4136
Fischer, Carl Old Time Hits Recar V.6 PF4006
Fischer, Carl(45) Unhappy Lover P./Carmen Lak Pl.Psnt. 46-61
Fischer, Carl(45) Bubble Gum P./Westphalia W. Pl.Psnt. 83-62
Fischer, Jim Golden Star P./Down Yonder DK 027
Fisher, Eddie(45) Just Another P./I'm Walking RCA Victor 5293
Fisher, Schnickelfrit" Remembering...(CD) Onkel Hansie
Fitch, Art Old Time Soma 1204
Fitch, Art Classic Collection (CD) Tom Jones Rcdng-No #
Fitch, Art(45) Kapootzer P./La Paloma North Star 2002
Fitch, Art(45) Chere Est Anna P./Polka Dot North Star 2008
Fleury, Don Toe Tappin' Time Blue Eagle 1011
Flis, Joe(45) Mambolka Mambo P./Clarinet Vitam 1010
Floren, Myron Come Dance with Me Brunswick BL 54032
Floren, Myron Most Requested Brunswick BL54046
Floren, Myron On the Accordion Brunswck BL54053
Floren, Myron Polkas with Lawrence Welk Ranwood R2004
Floren, Myron Accordion Concert Dot 3315/Ranwood 8015
Floren, Myron Disco Polka GRT 8026
Floren, Myron The Nashville Sessions GRT 8019
Floren, Myron Myron Floren Polkas Dot 3536 & Ranwd8029
Floren, Myron Great Polka Hits Ranwood R8047
Floren, Myron Old Time Waltzes Ranwood R8106
Floren, Myron Polka!Polka!Polka! Ranwood R8065
Floren, Myron The Best of the Wurstfest Ranwood R8119
Floren, Myron Happy Polkas Ranwood 8098
Floren, Myron Great Schottische Hits Ranwood R8141
Floren, Myron The Polka King Ranwood R8147
Floren, Myron Memory Waltzes Ranwood 8187
Floren, Myron Accordion Man Ranwood R8199
Floren, Myron Shall We Dance? Dot DLP 25787
Floren, Myron 24 Greatest Polkas Ranwood R15005
Floren, Myron 22 Great Polka Hits,V.2(2RS Ranwood RAN 7010
Floren, Myron 22 Dance Party Favorites(2R Ranwood 7024
Floren, Myron Polkas Greatest (2RS) Polka City 406
Floren, Myron Dance Little Bird (A/CD) Polka City 8003/6673-2
Floren, Myron The Best of Myron Floren(2R MCA Rcds 2-4014
Floren, Myron 22 Great Accordion Classics Ranwood R7020 (2RS)
Floren, Myron 24 Polka's Greatest Hits(CD Holland:Ross 6627-2
Floren, Myron Great Accordion Hits Dot 25583
Floren, Myron Inspirational Songs Ranwood 7003 (2rcds)
Floren, Myron(45) Helena P/Beer Barrel P Ranwood 885
Floren, Myron(45) Mountain Belle Sch./La Rasp Coral 65602
Floren, Myron(45) Peanuts P/It's a Small Worl Ranwood 870
Floren, Myron(45) Put Your Little Foot/Cuckoo Coral 65550
Floren, Myron(45) Royal One Step/Dad's W. Coral 65613
Floren, Myron(45) German Medley W./Over the W Coral 65537
Florida Honky Polka Ba Can't Play Polkas in a Dixi Sunshine 228 (CD)
Florida Honky Polka Ba Back to Honky (CD) Sunshine 239
Fogel, Arne(45) Sven Ivan O'Myran Wisnewski Maplewood 501
Fontana Slovenian Butt in a Tribute to Slovenska I Ameritone 1820
Fontana Slovenian Butt Na Stare Harmonike N 1750
Foran, Mike Edelweiss Souvenirs Edelweiss Rcdng 201LPM
Forman, Eddie Play a Song for Me Polkatown USA 6078
Forman, Eddie Tiger by the Tail Halo 5012
Forman, Eddie Everybody Needs a Rainbow Halo SHL 5018
Forman, Eddie Listen to the Music Halo Rcds 5024
Forman, Eddie Good Time Polka Party (25th Starr Rcds 583
Forman, Eddie EFO-Way to Go! (CD/CS) Starr 578
Forman, Eddie Everybody Loves a Polka(CD/ EFO No # given
Forman, Eddie Bride & Groom (CD/CS) None given
Forman, Eddie A New Shake (CD) None given
Forman, Eddie Come Dancin' (CD) None given
Forman, Eddie(45) By the Lake P./Sing Along P JRJ Rcds104
Forman, Eddie(45) Mexico P./Play a Song for M Polkatown USA 4078
Fornek, Steve Sing Along in Polish w/S.F. Stella 940
Fornek, Steve Package of Polkas (CD) Chicago Polkas 8006
Fornek, Steve(45) Country Style P./Old Timers Dyno 8802
Fortuna, Joe jak to Wszkole W Mtodych La Polish Eagle 706
Fortuna, Joe Polkas for Lovers Polish Eagle 717
Foss, Jarle Jarle Foss & His Fiddler Fr Mark 6249 V. 8
Foss, Jarle & Wilbur Old Fashioned Gospel Sing, Mark MC 6292
Foss, Jarle & Wilbur 1979 Yankton, S.D. Fiddling DM 105
Foss, Jarle & Wilbur Ynktn SD'77Fddlng Contest None given FC 4
Foss, Jarle & Wilbur We Remember the Good Times Westmark WMC21594
Foss, Jarle & Wilbur Fiddler's Reunion, 1979 Mark MC 6323
Foss, Jarle & Wilbur Old Time Norwegian TunesV.2 Westmark 21646
Foss, Jarle (South Dak Play Old Time Tunes(CD/CS) None given #47
Foss, Wilbur (Fiddling Family Fiddling & Country S Westmark 21609 V.22
Four Kings & a Jack(45 Do Your Thing P/I Don't Wan Early Bird 1783
Fox, Jay & t/Bavarian The Unique Sound 4 (CD/CS) Jay Fox 4
Frana, Marc Happy Hour, Vol. 2 JBM Snd.Prod.IRC42589
Francis, Connie Sings German Favorites MGM 4124
Francis, Connie Greatest American Waltzes MGM 4145
Franek, Pan" & the Po" Family Tree (CD) Red Hat Rcds No# given
Franek, Pan" & Zosia" Special Request (CD) Red Hot Rcds AVL95079
Franek, Pan" & Zosia(" Not Just Fiddling Around(CD Red Hot Rcds(No # given
Frank, Eric Accordiana (10 disc)" London LP 539
Frank, Gary Different Strokes for Polka Bright Pr. BP1013
Franta Band, The Concertina Favorites A&R Rcd95-04&JBM2379
Franzen, Arvid (Alf Ny I Remember Arvid Franzen Apollo 495
Freddy K There's a Reason for It All L-Kay 1488
Freddy K 30 Years of the Freddy K Ba LKay 598 (CD)
Freddy K Band, The Polka Explosion L-Kay Rcds LPK-01
Freddy K Band, The It's Polka Time! LK Rcds LPK-02
Freddy K Band, The We Got Luv L Kay Rcds LPK-03
Freddy K Band, The Out to Get Ya! Polka Style Starr Rcds 527
Freddy K Band, The Remember When  (CD/CS) L.Kay Rcds. LKR94
Freddy K(45) Early Morning P/Scotch on t L-Kay (extended play) N
Freese, Stan Tuba Is Beautiful Oxboro 2025
Freeze Dried Artistically Challenged(CD) Chicago Rcds 6801
Freeze Dried Deliberate Confusion (CD) Chrome Pierogi 002
Freeze Dried Fear of Rubber Cushions(CD) Chrome Pierogi 003
Freeze Dried DeGeneration Gap (CD) CP 004
Freyberger, Dorothy Dorothy Swings Heavy Studio 5 9031
Fricker, Helmut Gemutlichkeit Enzian RcdsNR 5353
Fritsche, Fezz Beer Garden Melodies Soma 1207
Fritsche, Fezz Skal, Skal, Skal Soma 1227
Fritsche, Fezz F. Fr. & the Goosetown Band Czech 555
Fritsche, Fezz Remembering Fezz Fritsche R.Nadherny FFL 680
Fritsche, Fezz Plays Polka Days USA NU Rec. NU101
Fritsche, Fezz Collection Vol.1 (CD) CD re-issue of previous
Fritsche, Fezz Collection, Vol. 2 (CD) None given
Fritsche, Fezz Collection, Vol. 3 (CD) None given
Fritsche, Fezz Collection, Vol. 4 (CD) None given
Fritsche, Fezz Collection, Vol. 5 (CD) None given
Fritsche, Fezz(45) Birds Nest P./Blue Eyes W. Soma 1004
Fritsche, Fezz(45) Fishermaid P./Who Pays? MGM 11986
Fritsche, Fezz(45) Herr Schmidt/Butterfly W. Soma 1008
Fritsche, Fezz(45) Parade P./Gretchen Laendler Soma 1058
Fritsche, Fezz(45) Pepper Pot P./Elissa W. Soma 1059
Fritsche, Fezz(45) Susie P./Beautiful Youth W. MGM 11341
Fritsche, Fezz(45) Tanta Anna P./Innocence W. FM Rcdng 494
Fritsche, Fezz(45) Tick Tock P./Tanta Anna P. Soma 1178
Fritsche, Fezz(45) Waltz Quadrille/Lot is Tott Soma 1005
Fritz's Polka Band Fritz's Polka Band No Co. or #
Fritz's Polka Band Give Polka Music a Chance(C None given (CS/CD)
Fritz's Polka Band Can't Get Enough of Polka M None given  (CS/CD)
Fritz's Polka Band For All Our Friends (CD) None given
Fritz's Polka Band Polka With All Your Might(C None given (CD)
Fritz's Polka Band The Party's Just Begun(CD) None given (CS/CD)
Fritz's Polka Band The Party Continues (CD) None given
Fritz's Polka Band A Taste of Switzerland (CD) None given
Fritz's Polka Band Jagermeister:FPB on Tap(CD) None given
Fritz's Polka Band Jagermiester:Live at the Ne None Given (CD)
Fritz's Polka Band Reflections (CD)  
Frodl, Don Old Time Favorites KL Rcdng KLP 18
Frodl, Don Polka Time-Our Style KL Rcdng 53
Froelke Sisters(45) Don't Cry Johnny P./Apples, Oxboro 3065
Froelke Sisters, The Apples,Peaches,Pumpkin PieP Oxboro3065
Froelke Sisters, The Three Lovables None given 808A-7144
Frohnhofer, Jack Orche Polka Dance Time Estate Plka Pr.ATS548
Fudala, Tom Remembering Fr.Yankovic V1 RDP 1001 (CD)
Fudala, Tom Remembering Fr.Yankovic V2 RDP 1002 (CD)
Fudala, Tom Together in Dreams (CD) RDP 1003
Fudala, Tom Christmas in Virginia (CD) RDP 1004
Fudala, Tom Remembering Johnny Pecon (C RDP 1007 (CD)
Furmaniak, John After All These Years One M Chicago P's 8112(CD)
Futa, Paul Top of the World Family Affair GE-FA 118
Futa, Paul Jr. From One to Another PJ Rcds 1001
Futa, Paul Jr. Polkas on the Move PJ Rcds 1002
Futa, Paul Jr. Family Affair Ray Rcds 1101


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