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Artists Titles Number
Cactus & The Jolly Bre 50 Years & 50 Beers(CD/CS) RY 20052
Cactus & The Jolly Bre This Brew Is for You(CD/CS) RY 21081
Cactus & the Jolly Bre A Long Time A Brewin'(CD) RY 22081
Cactus & the Jolly Bre A Case of Old Tyme (CD) RY 24081
Caddell, Connie That's When/The Little Pupp Cuca 1277
Cafe Accordion Orchest Cafe Accordion (CD) None given
Cafe Accordion Orchest Dancing on the Moon (CD) DNO32
Cafe Accordion Orchest On Holiday (CD) DNO34
Cafe Accordion Orchest Cafe Christmas (CD) DNO36
Cafe Accordion Orchest Live! (CD) DN0040
Cafe Accordion Orchest La Vie Musette (CD) DN0038
Cafourek, Harold & the Dance Awhile to Our Novel S Volume 3 (CD/CS)
Cajun-R.J.&Bayou Zydec Bayou on Fire Takoma No# given
California Connection California Here We Come(A/C World Rnwn Snds20106
California Connection( California P./Jessie's P. WRS 2004
Canadian Fiddlestix, T Half/Napol WRS 20040
Canadian Fiddlestix, T Blazing Fiddles WAM 4068
Capps, Jimmy(45) Free Wheelin'/What am I Liv Papa Joe 707
Captain Stubby Animal Ditties for t/Kids Jay Jay 5108
Captain Stubby & Lil W The Old Ball Game/Stars & S Drum Boy 122
Captain Stubby &the Bu Polkas! Harmony 7260
Captain Stubby(45) Let's Go Go Go White Sox/Ol Drum Boy 121
Cards, The A Stacked Deck Pl.P.31-61/PF 4018
Cards, The(45) Dick's P./Card Party P. Pl.Psnt. 30-61
Carroll, Andy (Slovaka Remember Slovakia Pav Rcd 44
Carroll, Andy(Slovakai American Slovaks Sing Slovak No #
Carroll, David Waltzes Mercury 12256/20121
Carroll, David David Carroll Galaxy Mercury 20690
Casciola, Gene Polkas w/That Certain Touch Lynn Rcds 101
Casciola, Gene You Meet t/Nicest People Wh Lynn Rcds St. 104
Casinos(45) My Sweetheart Rosalinda P./ Bel Aire 1002
Casinos(45) Tin Lizzie P/Mother Dearest Bel Aire 1003
Casinos, The (D.Mack) Happy Go Lucky Polkas Bel Aire 4002
Casinos, The (D.Mack) Polka Varieties Bel Aire 4013
Castle, Jo Ann Accordion in Hi-Fi Roulette R-25022/Forum
Castle, Jo Ann RAgtime Piano Gal Ranwood 2003
Castle, Jo Ann 12 Great Hits in Ragtime Dot 3433/Ranwood R8012
Castle, Jo Ann Yellow Rose of Texas Ranwood 8063
Castle, Jo Ann Great Million Sellers Dot 3574
Castle, Jo Ann Queen of the Ragtime Piano Dot 25799
Castle, Jo Ann Lawrence Welk's Ragtime Gal Pickwick SPC 3072
Castle, Jo Ann Tiger RAg & Her Wild Piano Pickwick 3109
Casuals, The An American Polka Band(CD/C Cleveland Intl 1021
Cavaliers(45) Haunted House P/Aunt Peggy RCA Victor 53-9327
Cavaliers(45) Quiet Joanne P/Redhead Obk. RCA Victor 9329
Cavallaro, Carmen(45) Artist's Life/Vienna Life Decca 23887
Cavallaro, Carmen(45) Blue Danube/Tales from Vien Decca 23886
Cavallaro, Carmen(45) Voices of Spring/You & You Decca 23889
Ceferin Brothers, The The Next Generation (CD/CS) El Wacko 2001
Cernik, Matt Polka Spotlight Jo Al SLP1020
Cernik, Matt Old Time Polka Music Audio Fidelity RR 42355
Cernik, Matt Festival Time Evergreen 1015
Cha Cha Helen(45) TX P./Different State O'Lov LeMans 1019
Chalets, The The Chalets (Dieter&Gunter) Polydor CP 5006
Champa, Ray Favorite Slovenian Polkas & Greyko 1011
Champa, Ray(45) Castle Rock P./Sunset W. Piknik 1010
Champa, Ray(45) Sweet Dreams P/Diamond P. Piknik 1013
Champa, Ray(45) Hickory P/Glen Park P. Piknik 1009
Change of Pace Setting the Pace (CD/CS) Sunshine 188
Change of Pace You'll Be Back (CD) ben-jam 2004
Change of Pace Room for Change (CD) Change 2655
Changing Times&Casey H Kathy's P/Becky's P/Hey goo CAsey 101
Changle, Johnny Ramble Along Blue Diamond BD-761 st.
Charles, Jackie(45) Cutie P./Yankee P. Ole Tyme Jamboree 121
Charles, Jimmy(45) Hop Scotch P./A Million to Promo 1002
Charlie B & Friends Some of Your Tuesday Night None given (CD/CS)
Charm City Sound Turn on the Charm (CD/CS) Ppprmnt 5046
Charm City Sound Charmed (CD) S Rcds 2001
Charm City Sound Third Time's a Charm (CD) None given
Charm City Sound Charmed and Dangerous (CD) Chicago P's WE1160
Charm City Sound Christmas Lights (CD) Westwood 1164
Check, John WJRT TV All-Time Polkas Jay Jay 1045
Check, John Beer & Dutchmen Polkas Jay Jay 5016/1030
Check, John Michigan Dutchmen Play Lil Jay Jay 1048
Check, John Bohemian Singalong Jay Jay 5066/1066
Check, John Umpa, Umpa, Umpapa, P., W., Jay Jay 5024
Check, John Let's Dance the Laendler Jay Jay 5054
Check, John New Polka Compositions Jay Jay 5087
Check, John The MI Dtchmn Go Bohemian S Jay Jay 5029
Check, John Midwest Polka Favorites Jay Jay 5093/1093
Check, John More New Polkas Jay Jay 5090
Check, John Memories of Czechoslavakia Jay Jay 5100/1100
Check, John German Polka Favorites Jay Jay 5070
Check, John German Favorites Cuca KS 2093
Check, John John Check & the Wisconsin NSA 110 (A)
Check, John Polka King for '68 Cuca KS 2083(2082on rcd
Check, John Old Style... NSA 120
Check, John Musical Moments You'll Cher NSA 160 (CD)
Check, John Check This One Out (CD) NSA 162
Check, John All Your Favorites(CD) No.Star Appli.168
Check, John Dance Time (CD) North Star App 182
Check, John All Originals (CD) No.Star Appli 178
Check, John Our Best to You (CD) NSA 190
Check, John The Three of Us (CD) NSA 193
Check, John The Three of Us Again (CD) North Star Appli 197
Check, John Dill Pickle Polka (CD)(The NSA 201
Check, John Pearl Queen Polka (CD)(The NSA 208
Check, John 27 Songs of Polkas, Waltzes NSA 226 (CD)(reissue)
Check, John (The 3 of The First & the Latest(CD) HQ1403
Check, John (The 3 of Standards & Originals (CD) NSA 240
Check, John (The 3 of Originals & Standards (CD) NSA 237
Check, John(45) Flint P./Player's W. Jay Jay 234 B
Check, John(45) 7Days&7Nights w/o You/I Wis Jay Jay 264
Check, John(45) Club Roma P./Back to Wisc. Jay Jay 310
Check, John(45) Good Time P./Come Wet Your Cuca 505
Check, John(45) Dutchmen Bohemian P/Algoma Jay Jay 240
Check, John(45) W.J.R.T. P/Michigan Dutchme Jay Jay 251
Checkalski, Arnie Granpa Having Fun (CD) Hoya Hoya Rcds 1001
Checkalski, Arnie Concertina Polka Party(CD) ACHH 1002
Checkmates, The Polish American & Proud LeMans LPC-106
Chelewski Brothers Tri Polkas & Waltzes Heritage Disk 4701
Chermak, Bill B.Ch.Presents His Varieteer KL Rcdng KL 16
Chermak, Frankie(45) Dill Pickles Rag/Livet I Fi Soma 1046
Chermak, Frankie(45) Frankies Hambo/Johan Pa Sni Soma 1048
Chesky, Larry Polka Caravan Stella 905
Chesky, Larry Larry Chesky & His Orchestr Stella 913
Chesky, Larry Polka Wonderland Rex 653
Chesky, Larry Polkarama Rex 654
Chesky, Larry Polka Tour Rex 658
Chesky, Larry Polka Style Hits Rex 660
Chesky, Larry Polka Hits Rex 668
Chesky, Larry Polka Favorites Rex 678
Chesky, Larry Polkatively Yours Rex 679
Chesky, Larry Polkas for the Girls Rex 723/725
Chesky, Larry Polka w/L.Chesky & His Orch Rex 753
Chesky, Larry Polka, Polka, Polka, Polka Rex 754
Chesky, Larry Super Polkas Rex 755
Chesky, Larry TV Polkas Rex 757
Chesky, Larry Mr. Polka-Larity Rex 759
Chesky, Larry WHYN Frank Knight Presents. Rex 761
Chesky, Larry The Polka Dolls Plus One Rex 803
Chesky, Larry 47 Polka Hits Rex 820
Chesky, Larry Polish House Party, Vol.4 Tifton TS 79
Chesky, Larry Polka Tour Rex 6600
Chesky, Larry R.Kujawa:Polska Wspolna Zab Tifton TS81
Chesky, Larry Polish Dance Party, v.6 Tifton TS84
Chesky, Larry Regina Kujawa/Hello Laika Tifton 88
Chesky, Larry Super Hits Dance Party Tifton Intl. TS 90
Chesky, Larry More than 50 Great Polka Hi Tifton TS91
Chesky, Larry Wonderful World of Polkas(C Michele Audio 7221(CD/C
Chesky, Larry & Happy Bells P/Girl in the Window Rex 687 (extended play)
Chesky, Larry(45) Beautiful Doll P./same titl Rex 708
Chesky, Larry(45) Sweet Helen/Where Is My Son Rex 826
Chesky, Larry(45) Dancetime P/In My New Jalop Stella 2067
Chesky, Larry(45) Corporal P/My Sweetheart P. Musico 105(red disc)
Chesky, Larry(45) Top Banana P/Love Bird's P. Musico 115
Chesky, Larry(45) Massachusetts P/Our Gang Ob Stella 2070
Chesky, Larry(45) Dark Cloud P/Happy Go Lucky Rave 108
Chesney Brothers Old Time Music no co.given 9003
Chesney Brothers(45) Happy Time P./Dreaming Fish Soma 1070
Chesney Brothers(45) Let's Dance Again P./At the Soma 1069
Chi Town Express Introducing the Chi Town Ex Bel Aire 4066
Chi Town Express Chi Town Style Polkas Bel-Aire 4072
Chicagao Laires(45) Hot Peppers P/Terry's P. Vibrant No# given
Chicago Boys Club Conc Bicentennial of Czech Songs Rcdd Publ. 435232
Chicago Concertina All Concertina Jam Session Ampol Rcds. 5016
Chicago Concertina All Ice Cream P./Happy times P. Ampol 529
Chicago Laires Chicago Style Polkas Polka Train ST.7502
Chicago P. All Stars(4 Old Country P/Write Me a Le Chicago Rcds 244
Chicago P. All Stars(4 Grey Mare P./Dusty Shoes P. Chicago Rcds 255
Chicago Polka Stars Girls and Polkas Chicago Rcd 504
Chicago Polka Stars Featuring Lush, Stas & Dude Chicago Rcd 3800
Chicago Slovene Button First Time Around Button Box RcdsBP3320
Chicago Sound(45) Green Horse P./Up in the Mt Chicago P's 470
Chicago Sound(45) Mix & Match P./Uptown Satur Chicago P's 469
Chicago-Laires(45) Hot Peppers P./Terry's P. Vibrant No #
Chicago's Milw. Ave(45 Life in Chicago/There Are S Bel Aire 83-449-2
Chicago's P. All Stars Old Country P./Write Me a L Chicago Rcds 244
Chicago's P. All Stars Lumberjack P./At Pa's Place Chicago Rcds 240
Chicago's Polka All St Chicago Polka All Stars(CD) Chicago P's 3801(reissu
Chicago's Polka All St Picnic Polkas (CD) Chicago P's 3802
Chimes Family, The Rodzina Chimes W Polsce Request Rcds 10080
Chmielewski(45) What Do You Know P/I Wanna Pl. Psnt5067
Chmielewski(45) Johann Pa Snippen Sch/Blue V Rcds V-510
Chmielewski(45) Cabaret/Viking Salute C Rcds 45 2
Chmielewski(45) Cherry P./Blue Eyes W. Pl.Psnt. 5030
Chmielewski(45) Finnish Sauna Song Sch./Mar C Rcds 45-1
Chmielewski(45) Good Luck P./Cherry Pink & V Rcds 504
Chmielewski(45) Jerry's P./Over 3 Hills W. North Star 2034
Chmielewski(45) Johan Pa Snippen Sch./Blue V Rcds 510
Chmielewski(45) Lucky P./Lenny's Mazurka North Star 2033
Chmielewski(45) Spoonful of Sugar P./Lakesi Oxboro 3060
Chmielewski(45) Street Fair P./Beloved Be F C Rcds 45-3
Chmielewski(45) Neapolitan Nights W./Tiny B Oxboro 3064
Chmielewski(45) What Do You Do Now P./I Wan Pl.Psnt. 5067
Chmielewski, Patty Patty and More (CD) 218 372 3616
Chmielewski's Chm.Bros.Play Dancing Favor Pl.P. PP 146
Chmielewski's Chmielewski Funtime C Rcds CRLP 101
Chmielewski's Funtime Favorites C Rec. CRLP 102
Chmielewski's Happiness Is When You're Sm C-Rec. CRLP 103
Chmielewski's TV Chmielewski Favorites C Rec. CRLP 105
Chmielewski's Intl.Polka Fest(cfMult.Arti C Rec. CRLP 107
Chmielewski's Most Requested Polkas & Wal C Rec.8001/P.P.131
Chmielewski's Spoonful of Sugar-Chm.Funti C Rec.CRLP 8003
Chmielewski's Danceland in Stereo v.1 Sentinel Rec.8004
Chmielewski's Danceland in Stereo, Vol. 2 Sent.Rec.S8-9259
Chmielewski's Funtime: The Swinging Senat C Rec. CRLP 8007
Chmielewski's The Chmielewski's on Stage V Rec.SVLP 8008
Chmielewski's Chmielewski Polka Anniv. Classic Rec.3004
Chmielewski's Across the Plains (CD/CS) None given 1994
Chmielewski's Polka Hall of Fame (CD/CS) None given 1995
Chmielewski's Better than Ever (CD) None given
Chmielewski's Over the Years (CD) None given
Chmielewski's Another Generation (CD) None given
Chmielewski's Potpourri 1945-2005 (CD) None given
Chmielewski's 24 Greatest Polkas & Waltze 218 372 3616 (CD)
Chmielewski's 28 Greatest Waltzes (CD) 218 372 3616
Chmielewski's Together Again (CD) DeeZee Prod. No # given
Chmielewski's Ein Prosit (CD) None given
Chmielewski's Memories of 1955 (CD) None given
Chmielewski's & Jolly The Best of Sturgeon Lake Dee Zee Prod. (CD/CS)
Chop, Frankie Drummer Man Spectrum 755
Chop, Frankie Looking Back Spectrum 757
Chopin Group, The Poland Forever Lesko Rcds 001
Chor Kosciola Najslods Wielkanoc (small disc) Stella 959 (extended pl
Chor Kosiola Najslodsz Sacred Heart of Jesus(Easte Stella 959(mini disc)
Christensen, Kerry Volksmarsch (CD) Yodeling Tooth Pr.No#
Christensen, Kerry Hooked on Yodeling (CD) Yodeling Tooth No # giv
Christensen, Kerry Yodeling Over the Edge(CD) Yodeling Tooth(No # giv
Christensen, Kerry Swiss Cowboy (CD) Yodeling Tooth(No # giv
Christensen, Kerry Western Yodel Express (CD) Fanfare (No # given)
Christensen, Kerry U2 Can Yodel (CD) Yodeling Tooth(No # giv
Christensen, Kerry Yodeling fr/t/Old West to t None given (CD/CS)
Christensen, Kerry By Request (CD) Yodeling Tooth(No # giv
Christensen, Kerry An Evening to Remember(Zith None given
Christensen, Kerry Hymns of Grateful Praise(CD Fanfare (No # given)
Christmas Polkas for the Christmas Se Sunshine 221 (CD)
Christmas Belles, The Carols of the Millennium (C LRCD 101
Christmas:2 Children's Polish Christmas Carols-Kol Chicago Rcds 9301(CD)
Christmas:Mult.Art Merry Christmas From All of RY Rcds 8910 (CS)
Christmas:Polish Ameri Polish Village Christmas Sunshine 143 (CD/CS)
Christmas-American Slo Jaslickare"" WAM 4003
Christmas-Elmo & Patsy Grandma Got Run Over by a R Epic 39931
Christmas-Hej Koleda Polish Christmas Carols(CD) Rivershore No #.
Christmas-Lennon Siste Christmas with the Lennon S Dot 3343
Christmas-Lennon Siste Noel The Lennon Sisters Mercury SR 61180
Christmas-Mult. Artist Boze Narodzenie Polish Xmas Dana 1219
Christmas-Mult.Artists Polkas for the Christmas Se Sunshine 200 (CD/CS)
Christmas-Mult.Artists P's for the Xmas Season II( Sunshine 210(CD/CS)
Christmas-Mult.Artists A WRS Christmas Vol. 1 WRS 20094
Christmas-Multiple Art Merry Christmas fr/All of U RY 97122(CD/CS)(vrsn 2)
Christmas-Multiple Art Christmas in Chicago (CD) Bel Aire 4079
Christmas-Polish Wesole Boze Narodzenie(A Me Request Rcds S8101
Christmas-Polish Wsrod Nocmej Ciszy HK Rcdng 82/82
Christmas-Polish Polish Christmas Carols HWR-567
Christmas-Polish Kolendy Na Boze Narodzenie Ampol Rcds 5008
Christmas-Polish St.Ann Children'sChr:Koledy Chicago Polkas 9300
Christmas-Polish Christmas in Poland(Schola Capitol SM-10196
Christmas-Polish Koledy (Najpiekniejsze Pols Melodia SLPM 1001
Christmas-Polish Polish Xmas Carols in/Engli Ridgemoor 902
Christmas-Polish Koledy Wsrod Nocnej ciszy HK Studio 82/83 01
Christmas-Polish Koledy-Polish Xmas Carols Dana 1218
Christmas-Polish Echoes of a Polish Christma Rex 667
Christmas-Polish Silent Night (Cicha Noc) St Request Rcds 8102
Christmas-Polish Polish Village ChristmasV.2 Sunshine 234 (CD)
Christmas-Polish Chris Sounds ofa P.Chr.Ftrng St.C Le-Mans LPC 16
Christmas-Polish Chris Koledy:Waclaw Betlejewski Chicago Rcds 9100
Christmas-Polish Chris Koledy:St. Francis Children Chicago Rcds 591
Christmas-Polish-Joe S Making Christmas Special-Jo BMK 15
Christmas-Polskie Kole Polish Christmas Carols Stella 922
Christmas-Scand Christmas in Sweden(Ake Jel Capitol 10079
Christmas-Slovak Vesele Vianoce-St. Matthews Corona Rcds GHP-70603
Christmas-St.Hedwig Pa Golden Jubilee 1925-1975 QSR 0375
Christmas-St.Wenceslau Czech Christmas Carols(CD/C RRS 2752/PC-NE2000(CD/C
Christmas-Ukrainian Christmas in the Ukraine-St Request 8103
Christmas-WRS Presents A Very Merry Polka Christma WRS 2802 Vol.1(CD)
Chuck & the Harmony No Chubby Valley P./Swinging B Brothers 4012
Chuck & the Harmony No Chubby Valley P/Swinging Br Brothers 4012
Chuck & the Woodchucks Chuck and the Woodchucks art-8017
Cialkoszewski, Don(45) Happy Whistler P./Dark Eyes Sound 303
Cialkoszewski, Don(45) Polish Hoedown/PA Dills P. Sound 298
Cialkoszewski, Don(45) Polish Kid P./18 Pound Kiel Sound 293
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol The Polish Kid on Record Sound,Inc. S1048
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol The Polish Kid Sounds Off Sound,Inc. S1052
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol A Whole Bunch More Sound,Inc.S1068
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol For All Time Sound Inc. 1088
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol The P. Kid Rides Again Sound Rec. S1158
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol What? The Polish Kid & Co. Keruzam 790509
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol Button Box Wiz Kid (CD) Lordon Music 1984
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol Gone West (CD) None given
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol Polka Music (CD) Not Available
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol The Polish Kid Plays All In None given (CD)
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol Wow! (CD) No Co.or # given
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol Polka Music (CD) None given
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol The Polish Kid Cooks (CD) None given
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol Accordion Showtime (CD) None given
Cialkoszewski, Don-Pol Here's a Good One (CD) None given
Cienava, Danny(45) Bingo P./Open the Window & Steljo 608
Cieslik, Walt Polish Cupie Doll Rex LP 779
Cieslik, Walt Polkas from Our Hearts to Y Rex st 787
Cieslik, Walt Polka Wonderland Dyno DLP 1629
Cieslik, Walt(45) Cupie Doll P./Spoons P. Don-Joe 914
Cieslik, Walt(45) Happy Hearts P./Hello Mary Rex 2001
Cieslik, Walt(45) Itsy Bitsy P./Babes in Polk Sound 278
Cilka & 2nd Generation Polka Nova/He Left Me Behin Sidro 107
Cilka & 2nd Generation Who's Who P./Darling, who W Sidro 106
cing (CD)" None given  
Cisar, Jim Sings Just for You (CD) PCNE 1135
Citkowicz, Felix Stereo Goes t/a Polka Party Warner Bros.1299
City Side Buffalo-Past & Present (CD) Sunshine 119(CD/CS)
City Side Just Like Downtown (CD/CS) Sunshine 178
City Side Perfect Harmony (CD/CS) Sunshine SNCD 195
City Side Stas & Stella's Mostly Trad CSB 2006
Clarinet Kings, The The Best Polkas Hudson 204
Class Action Live at Frank's (CD) None given
Classics(45) Enie Minei Mo/Till Then Musicnote 1116
Clayton, Tommy Polka-Go-Round Acorn 661
Clean Living(45) In Heaven there Is No Beer/ Vanguard 35162
Clevelanders(45) Hey Mr. Nemo/Tampa Obk. Delta 1008
Clewell, Bob(45) Pierogie/Boy Friend Giz-ella 1000
Clinton, Larry(45) Hi Diddle Diddle/Show Me Dana 2115
Clooney, Rosemary(45) Danke Schon/Swing Me RCA Victor 7806
Cloverleaf Orchestra Fun Fest Guide 1036
Cloverleaf Orchestra, Pick a Polka Cloverleaf Guide Rec. 1027
C-Notes(45) C-Notes P/Good-bye W. Ridgemoor 2002
Coal Diggers Coal Diggers Rave RLP 211
Coal Diggers, The Oh Yeah! It's Payday at a P Somerset SF 30100
Coldiron, Curley(45) Sun Valley P/Come On, Get U Windy City Rcds 35037
Collections Polka Party (6 rcd set) Reader's Digest 162
Collections 127 Polka Hits (4RS) Rex 1300
Collections 60 Polka Hits/17 Great Band Polka City 361
Collins, Dorothy(45) Ski Ride P./Tintarella Di L Top Rank 2040
Collins, Robert(45) Romance P./My Baby Doesn't MGM 11595
Colonial Orchestra(45) Take It or Leave It P/Cucko Standard 45105
Concertina All Stars Dancing with the AllStars(C Sunshine 229
Concertina Allstars Concertina Hero (CD) Sunshine 243
Concertina Millie(45) Clairene W./From Me to You Jay Jay 325
Concertina Millie(45) Swiss Girl/The Whole World Fortune 331
Concord Singers, The New Ulm Das 1st Eine Shoene Mark Rec.MC4171
Concord Singers, The Musikanten aus New Ulm Mark MC 4387
Concord Singers, The Christmas in New Ulm Mark MC 4534
Concord Singers, The Freunde Lasst Uns Singen Westmark WMC 4614
Connecticut Twins Famous Polka Orchestra Stella 901
Connecticut Twins Famous Polka Orchestra Stella 906
Connecticut Twins Sing Along With Stas Stella 923
Connecticut Twins My Girl Duda Stella 917
Connecticut Twins Holiday in Poland Stella 926
Connecticut Twins Jaka-To-Kara" Polka" Stella 932
Connecticut Twins Starodawne Polskie Wesele Stella 947
Connecticut Twins Connecticut Twins in Poland Stella 954
Connecticut Twins(45) Nikt Nie Funduje P/Moja Cur Stella 2110
Connecticut Twins(45) Only Efter Veddin'/John Don Stella 2108
Connecticut Twins(45) Middletown P/Down on the Fa Stella 2074
Connecticut Twins(45) Jeden Za Duzo P/Chlopacy Z Stella 2020
Connecticut Twins(45) Antek I Jagusia P/Nie Bede Stella 2035
Connecticut Twins(45) Brooklyn Dodgers P/New York Stella 2075
Connecticut Twins(45) Chlopoacy Bruklyna P/Jeden Stella 2020
Connecticut Twins(45) Dziadek P/Nanka Na Bycyklu Stella 2047
Connecticut Twins(45) Hot Pretzels P/Accordiana Stella 2036
Connecticut Twins(45) The Thief P/Conneticut Obk Stella 2007
Connecticut Twins(45) Too Young to Marry P/My Gal Stella 2053
Constellation Housewife's Rap Polka Constellation 1-041589
Continentals, The Polka Time Lemans 108
Continentals, The Plain Brown Wrapper (CD) None given (CD only)
Continentals, The(Bob The Continentals Ftrng Bob KL Rcdng 90
Contino, Dick An Accordion in Paris Mercury(Wing)SRW16147
Contino, Dick D.C.& His Accordion Mercury Wing MGW 12122
Contino, Dick at the Fabulous Flamingo Mercury MG 20375
Contino, Dick It's Dance Time Mercury 60006/20300
Contino, Dick Squeeze Me Mercury SR 600090
Contino, Dick Accordion Magic Hamilton HLP 12135
Contino, Dick Roman Holiday Mercury SR 60635/MG 206
Contino, Dick Something for the Girls Mercury MG 20141
Contino, Dick South American Holiday Mercury MG 20668
Contino, Dick 12 Immortal Songs Dot 3609
Contino, Dick Favorites of Dick Contino(1 Mercury MG 25208(10dis"
Contino, Dick Twilight Time & Other Golde Dot 25680
Contino, Dick(45) El Rancho Grande/Butcher Bo Mercury 70492
Contino, Dick(45) Beer Barrel P./Roman Guitar RCA Victor 303
Contino, Dick(45) A Gay Ranchero/Goodbye My L Mercury 0366
Contino, Dick(45) Nightingale/Adios Mercury 70536
Contino, Dick(45) Favorites of D.C:Bewitched/ Mercury 3298(
Cook, Georgie Polkas by Georgie Cook Delta 7033 LPS
Cook, Georgie What's Cookin? Delta DL 8438
Cook, Georgie Sweet Cookie Polkas Vocalion 3689
Cook, Georgie(45) Blue Chip P./Enjoy Yourself Decca 30261
Cook, Georgie(45) Buggy Whip P./Floor Duster Decca 29916
Cook, Georgie(45) Floor Duster's P./Cherie's Delta 1050
Cook, Georgie(45) Golden Nugget P./Mr. Polkam Decca 29364
Cook, Georgie(45) Key to the City P./Good as Decca 29525
Cook, Georgie(45) Happy Music P./Wishing Well Decca 29657
Cook, Georgie(45) Hot Pizza P./Cotton Pickin' Decca 30072
Cook, Georgie(45) Ketchikan P./The Real McCoy Decca 30796
Cook, Georgie(45) Lefty's P./Dixie W. Decca 29214
Cook, Georgie(45) Maple Leaf P./By the Beauti Decca 28595
Cook, Georgie(45) Merrymakers P./Winter Garde Decca 30451
Cook, Georgie(45) Seaway P./This Is the Last Decca 30586
Cook, Georgie(45) Sugar & Spice P./Where did Decca 28908
Cook, Georgie(45) Sun Valley P./Hamburgers & Decca 29086
Cook, Georgie(45) Cookie's P/Mr.Polkaman/Gold Decca 2374(extended pla
Cook, Georgie(45) Fidgety Feet P/Sweet Cookie Decca 30996
Cook, Georgie(45) My Sweetheart P/Michigan W. Decca 45145
Cook, Georgie(45) Wishing Well P/Happy Music Decca 29657
Cook, Georgie(45) Yacht Club P/Polka Doll P. Decca 31150
Coopman, Ernie(45) Pepperpot P./Good Luck P. JBM 92-49
Coopman, Ernie(45) Holiday P/Happy Time P. JBM 14980
Coopman, Ernie(Stageme Good Luck and Other Favorit A&R Rec.JBM 1279
Coopman, Ernie(Stageme Miles and Smiles JBM14980
Coppersmiths, The (Fra One More Time (CD/CS) Redball No # given
Coppersmiths, The (Mel The Coppersmiths (CD/CS) Copper98
Coppersmiths, The(Fran From Out of the Past (CD) None given
Coppersmiths, The(Fran Polka Time 2000 (CD/CS) Copper 00
Correll, Lloyd L.Correll w/Lorraine & Her Mark  MC5297
Cortese, Dominic Accordion Continental Time Rcds 52077
Coufal, Ernie Songs for a Dancing Heart Ray Rcds 3001
Country Polkateers Oh Ya (CD/CS) JBM 28634
Country Polkateers Country Polkateers for 35 Y Gilly Maus #4
Country Polkateers, Th Gospel & Country Music(CD) None given
Country Ramblers, The Disc 1 None given
Country Ramblers, The Disc 2 None given
Counts, The Meet the Counts Rite Rcds 25972
Cousin Fuzzy Dance the Polka Polkaland 2
Cousin Fuzzy Polka Rhythms Polkaland 4
Cousin Fuzzy Fiddlin' Brass Happy Time LP5
Cousin Fuzzy Uncle Ozzie Happy Time LP140
Cousin Fuzzy & Uncle O Memory Sounds (CD) KCG 1000
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Wisconsin P/Homecoming W. Polkaland 518
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Bunny Hop Sch./There Was a Polkaland 530
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Snowflake W./I Can't Change Polkaland 208
Cousin Fuzzy(45) It's Santa Claus Time/Chris Polkaland 98
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Laughing P./I'll Always Be Polkaland 532
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Leap Year P./Dutch Festival Polkaland 217
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Mambo P./Starlight W. Polkaland 536
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Julayda P./Trust Me Darling Polkland 189
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Ole Pappy Time P./Dream of Polkaland 55
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Ping Pong P./Nite After Nit Polkaland 561
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Red Wing P./Whirlaway W. Polkaland 570
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Squeezebox P./Why Don't You Polkaland 541
Cousin Fuzzy(45) 3 D Polka/Peek A Boo W. Polkaland 519
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Toy Trumpets P./Blue Eyes W Polkaland 545
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Twilight Sch./La Golondrina Polkaland 633
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Honeymoon W./Why Do You Gal Polkaland 210
Cousin Fuzzy(45) Nando P./Just Because P. Pop 65-092
Cousing Fuzzy(45) Goody Goody Gum Drops/Tulip Polkaland 190
Cousing Fuzzy(45) Snowflake W./Dutch Festival Polkaland 208
Cousins Polkas, Waltzes & Other Ent Nonesuch 71341
Covington, Warren Big Bands Greatest Hits(CD) Holland 6618-2(2 V.set)
Creash, Bob Polka Pops Waldorf Mus.Hall MHK33-
Crooked River Button B Selections of Lojza Slak(CD HT 4114 (CD)
Crooked River Button B Bavarian Button Box (CD) HT 4118
Crooked River Button B Button Box Jubilee (CD) HT 4121
Crooked River Button B Slovak/Bohemian BBX P's(CD) HT 4132 (CD)
Crooked River Button B Slovak-Czech BBX Polkas(CD) HT 4139
Crooked River Button B Ken Umeck's BBX Magic (CD) HT 4147
Crusade A New Twist on an Old Tradi Sunshine 140 (CD)
Crusade In Your Face (CD/CS) Sunshine 159
Crusade Utopia (CD/CS) Runner Rcds EBC9803
Crusade A Powerful Story (CD) Danny Mack EBC 9904
Crusade Medley'itis (CD/CS) EB7789
Crusade In Response to Exile (CD) EBC 9906
Crusade Purple (CD) Runner Rcds No # given
Crusade Tournament (CD) Ppprmnt 5074
Custie, John POLKA A New Dawning (CD) Drewjo Prdctns No #
Cvek, Joe(also the Var In a Lighter Vein Sound 80 952-4108
Cynor, Dan Polka Fans Requests(CD) Cuca 2151 (CD)
Czech & Then Some Christmas (CD) CATS 1
Czech & Then Some Festival Time in Ennis(CD/C CATS 2
Czech & Then Some Polkas for Everyone (CD) CATS 5
Czech & Then Some A Texas Tribute to Ernie Ku D-Z Records (CD)
Czech & Then Some Play Old Time Music (CD) Dana 754
Czech Buttoneers Kucera, Fortik, Coufal, Stu Ray Rcds 3006
Czech Lites, The Best of Czech Lites V.1(CD) 62798.3  (Reissue of vo
Czech Lites, The Best o/t Czech Lites,V.2(CD Reissue of V's 4&5
Czech Lites, The Organized Confusion (CD/CS) 234399.06
Czechaholics, The Jeste Jednou(1 More Time)(C CZE 1002
Czechaholics, The Spreading the Tradition(CD) None given
Czechaholics, The Beyond the Shadows(CD) CZ 1003
Czechaholics, The CTYRI  (CD) Ctyri #4
Czechlanders Orchestra Polkas & Waltzes D.L.Records LS #3
Czechlanders Orchestra Easy Listening Renee Rec. R-1199
Czechlanders Orchestra Having Fun A & R Rec.Mfg.LS #6
Czelusniak, Al Cocoa"" Polka Carnival Rex LP 670
Czelusniak, Al Cocoa"" Polka-Go-Round/Polka Caball Rex 657
Czelusniak, Al Cocoa"" Let's Do the Basahu Polka Rex LP 680
Czelusniak, Al(45) Mermaid P./Ferns Tune Rex 681
Czerniak, Bill B.Czerniak & Polka Soul Aleatoric A2002
Czerniak, Bill You've Got It Coming Aleatoric A2003
Czerniak, Bill Concertina Encore Aleatoric A2004
Czerniak, Bill Crazy Polkas Aleatoric A2005
Czerniak, Bill Road to the Hall of Fame Polka Soul 2008(CD/CS)
Czerniak, Joe Twin Concertinas Pl Psnt 135
Czerniak, Joe(45) Martha P./Back Porch Obk. Pl.Psnt.5031
Da Yoopers Yoopy Do Wah (CD) Yah Hey Music #71168
Da Yoopers For Diehards Only (CD) 71169
Da Yoopers One Can Short of a 6-Pack ( 81170 (CD)
Da Yoopers We're Still Rockin'(CD) 81171
Da Yoopers Jackpine Savage (CD) 81172
Da Yoopers Da Turdy Point Buck (CD) None given
Da Yoopers(45) 2nd Week of Deer Camp/My Ca You Guys 11248
Dahlander, Bert Dance Music from the Old Co (Kapp)FC54255 4Corners
Dahlander, Bert Popular Swedish Dances Fiesta 1412
Dahlander, Bert Popular Swedish Folk Dances Fiesta 1668
Dahmen, Dale & the Pol In the Old Tyme P & P Prod 1983
Dahmen, Dale & the Pol Variety on Wheels P & P Prod 1985
Dahmen, Dale & the Pol Concertina Solos (CD) None given
Dahmen, Dale & the Pol 2nd Generation (CD) None given
Dahmen, Dale & the Pol Sounds of the Past (CD) None given
Dahmen, Dale (Polka Be The Good Stuff (CD) None given
Dain's Dutchmen (Dain Numbers from New Ulm (CD) None given
Dakota Rangers Just for Fun (CD) None given
Dakota Roundup(45) Auctioneer Song/Roly-Poly P Soma 390
Dan & Dale The Sleepwalk Guitars of Da Diploma S22351
Dana, Walt Bije Mamcia P/Dawn Patrol P Dana 547
Dana, Walt(45) Happy Harmonica P./Helen P. Dana 2002
Dana, Walt(45) Sloneczko na Zachodzie P/Cz Dana 532
Dana, Walt(45) White Christmas/Swiety Miko Dana 1006
Dana, Walt(45) White Christmas/Swiety Miko Dana 1006
Dana, Walt(45) Rosnie Trawka W/Czyja to Dz Dana 10016
Dana, Walt(45) Helen P/Toolie Oolie Doolie Dana 10009
Dana, Walter Tanga I Piosenki(Tangos & S Dana 1252
Dana, Walter Polish Dances: Opus 32 Echo Rcds WD 501
Dana, Walter Cho'r Dana Echo Rcds WD 502
Dana, Walter Polskie Walce Ludowe(Polish Fiesta 1754
Dana, Walter Polskie Walce(Polish Waltze Fiesta 1694
DANCE (VARIETIES) Cotton-Eyed Joe,Hokey Pokey Paid 2005(Isaac Payton
Dance Instr.-Constanti Rhumba,Samba,Cha Cha,Mambo Constantine 4-2459
Dance Instr-Constantin Fox Trot,Waltz,Swing,Novelt Constantine KB 2461
Dance Instruction Basic Dance Tempos Honor Your Partner501-A
Dance Instruction Swing City (CD) Ross Rcds 6682
Dance Lessons-Betty Wh How to Polka Convrsa-phon Int/D108
Dance Lessons-Kalogers It's Fun to Dance V.2(Varie Panaural PA 3-85
Dance-Children's dance Around the World in Dance Activity Rcds 542
Dancing Instruction Learn the Polka-Schottische Ken Mathews KM-PS-007
Dankworth, Johnny(45) African W./Moanin' Roulette 4353
Darlak, Jerry & the To Touch This (CD/CS) Sunshine 163
Darlak, Jerry & the To For Our Friends (CD/CS) Sunshine 179
Darlak, Jerry & the To Let the Good Times Roll (CD Sunshine 202(CD/CS)
Darlak, Jerry & the To Polkas in Black & White (CD Sunshine 213 (CD)
Darlak, Jerry & the To Polkas from the Tavern(CD/D Sunshine 225(CD/DVD)
Darlak, Jerry & the To America's Most Requested Po Sunshine 233 (CD)
Darlak, Jerry & the To Flirty Squirty (CD) Sunshine 246
Data, Marisha Sings Polka Data Capitol T882
Data, Marisha Old Time Favorites Musicale LP#2
Data, Marisha Sings Old Time Polish Favor JayJay 1076
Data, Marisha More of Aggie's Telephone G Chicago Polkas 9200
Data, Marisha Original Christmas Carols Ridgemoor 901
Data, Marisha Hello Aggie Chicago Polkas 9500
Data, Marisha Na Wesolo (Pol. Cmdy Albm) Dana 1289
Data, Marisha & Steve The Songs & Music of M.D.(C Chicago Polkas5201(CD/C
Data, Marisha(45) Goodnight W/Falling Leaves Capitol 2238
Data, Marisha(45) Tyrolski W/Lawende Z Bieral Musicale 101
Data, Marisha(45) Paslam Sobie Gaseczki P/W. Dana 784
Data, Marisha(45) Przelecial Slowiczek P/Mirt Musicale 100
Day, Paula The Two Sides of Paula Day Jude Rec.390
Daye, Davey(45) Little Polish Boy/So.Side P Epic 9838
De Chicio, Mike Krazy Kays Fun for You Drum Boy 1004
De Haven, Doc The Pirate Ship (CD) Cuca 3100
Dean,Al & the All Star Kick'n Kik-R  LP 10012
Debonaires(45) Violins Play for Me/Letter Rite 6470
Debonaires(45) Polish Hop Obk./Wooden Shoe Rite 6472
Debonaires(45) Krakowiak/Tam Za Go Rami W. Woody No #
Debonaires(45) Come Dance with Me/Clairene Jay Jay 299
Debonaires(45) Summertime/Never Mistaken Rite 0785
Debornaires(45) Marianne/Hot Stuff Obk. Jay Jay 293
Dee, Johnny My Star (CD) Euro-Class 967
Dee, Mickey Bang! Cleveland Style Polka Peppermint 5080 (CD)
Deinema, Glen All Time Favorites (CD) None given
Dejarlis, Andy Waltzes to Remember (fiddle London EBX 4153
Delugg, Milton Roll Out the Barrel Kapp KL-1049
Demerski, John Something for Everyone Rola 162
Demerski, John Especially for You Rola 163
Demerski, John Polkas Anyone? Rola Rcds 164
Denny, Al(45) Tough Luck P./Al's Obk. Delta 1010
Denny, Al(45) Polish Sweetheart P./Al's O Delta 1019
Derke, Aloysius Going Wild Custan Studios
Derke, Aloysius Lilac Time Der-Mu Rec. 99-40
Derwin, Eddie All Praise to Him (CD) PNR9801
Dessens, Bill I've Waited a Lifetime(CD) None given
Deszcz, Stasia Romantic Hits IRC 9841
Deutschemeisters(45) Johnny's P./Honey Bee W. Golden Wings 3023
Deutschemeisters(45) Yo Ho Mazurka/No Beer Today Polka City 4501
Deutschmeisers(45) Lindenau P./Kujawiak # 6 Flint 62561
Deutschmeisters(45) Everybody Sch./Beautiful Ro Pl.Psnt. 5032
Deutschmeisters(45) Concertina Bounce/North Sou Recar 101
Deutschmeisters(45) Faded Rose W/I Love You Bec Pl.Psnt 5011
Deutschmeisters(45) E.I.E.I.O.P/Isabella W. Oxboro 3059
Deutschmeisters(45) Hu-La-La P/Smile Awhile W. Pl.Psnt.5019
Deutschmeisters(45) Black John P./Alpine Laendl Golden Wings 3012
Deutschmeisters(45) Circle 2 Step/Bicycle Built Pl.Psnt. 5027
Deutschmeisters(45) Ginger Snap P./Lobo Stomp Pl.Psnt. 106-64
Deutschmeisters(45) Granite City P./In the Conc Flint3962/Pl.Psnt.3962
Deutschmeisters(45) Johnny's Knocking P./Du Du Pl.Psnt. 5042
Deutschmeisters(45) Kinder P./Oriole W. Flint/Pl.Psnt.8361
Deutschmeisters(45) Hangover W./Why Did I Get M Oxboro 3056
Deutschmeisters(45) No Beer Today P/Yo Ho Mz. Polka City 4501
Deutschmeisters(45) Johnny's P/Honey Bee W. Golden Wings 3023
Deutschmeisters, The Polkas & Waltzes by the Deu St.City 3862&Pl.P/Golde
Deutschmeisters, The Your Favorite Polkas Pl.P.104/Golden Wings
Deutschmeisters, The Wunderbar Music Pl.Psnt 105
Deutschmeisters, The The Deutschmeister Family Polka City 108
Deutschmeisters, The The Deutschmeister's Story Polka City 205
Deutschmeisters, The Try It, You'll Like It,V.1 Polka City 501
Deutschmeisters, The Peanuts & Polkas & Waltzes Recar-V.2 (2 vol. in 1)
Deutschmeisters, The 20 Great Hits Recar-V. 6(2 v. in one)
Deutschmeisters, The The Deutchmeisters Recar V. 46
Deutschmeisters, The Deutchmeisters & Friends(2R Polka City 389
Deutschmeisters, The Enter World Concertina Hall Polka City 395(2RS)
Deutschmeisters, The The Deutschmeisters Concert Polka City 405(2RS)
Dial A Tones(45) Thank You for This Day/Come Archer 1501
Dial A Tones(45) Pots & Pans P./Letter to Po Bel Aire 1366
Dial-a-tones(45) Come Dance with Me P/Thanks ARCHER 1501
Dial-A-Tones, The Something Old/Something New Bel-Aire 4041
Dighton, Dave Western Swing '72 Double Dee Rcds 1001
Dighton, Dave Country Clover Double Dee Rcds 111
Dinges, Herman Beetoppers A 2-11
Dinges, Herman Colorado Is Paradise A 2-11
Dinges, Herman Cheerio A 10-64
Dinges, Herman Round 'n Round VAB Rec. H-4-67A
Dinges, Herman Old Time Hochzeit None given A3-65
Dinges, Herman Old & New Favorites VAB Rcdng St.A10-66
Dinges, Herman Coming on Strong Chas.Bennett Prd.D4-18-
Dinges, Herman Grand Old Flag None given A2-00-71
Dittrich, Willie The Singing Zither Amana Colonies 1001
Dittrich, Willie Souvenir Album None given 1003
Dittrich, Willie Christmas Music & Old Time PHP 13171
Dittrich, Willie Request Album None given #1004
Dittrich, Willie Remember Christmas Jim Loyd Presents 1009
Divis, Ernie E.D.&His Orch.Playing Your Cam Sound Stud.1734
Divis, Ernie Stereo Polka Benson Sound LPS 124
Divis, Ernie Squeeze Box Polkas Benson Sound LPS-235
Dmuchowski, Eddie D"" Polka Holiday Stella 965
Dmuchowski, Eddie D"" Live at the Quiet Village D" Rcds 1007"
Dmuchowski, Eddie D"" The Little Ol' Winemaker Eurotone 142
Dobosenski Bros. & Cav Polka Portrait Aleatoric 3001
Dobosenski Bros. & Cav We're Talking Polkas Aleatoric 3002
Dobosenski Bros. & Cav Lookin' Ahead Studio 5 Rec.S5-7519st
Doctor Kielbasa The Doctor Is In (CD/CS) Sunshine 162
Doctor Kielbasa Just What the Dr.Ordered(CD Sunshine 187
Doctor Kielbasa Tastes Like Chicken (CD) Sunshine 227
Doddy, Frank Songs that Touch the Heart Rave Rcds 206
Dodich, Ron(45) The Whole Thing P./Do You R Sound 302
Dodich, Ronnie One More Round Sound 1038
Dodich, Ronnie Polka Polka Polka Arc 623
Dogs, Normie A Touch of Classics(CD/CS) Cuca W008/PCNE 7601-CS
Dogs, Normie Little Girl(CD)Hall of Fame None given
Doke, Russell Polka Extraodinaire V.2(CD) None given
Doktorski, Henry Celebrated Polkas V.1 (CD) TCFR 01
Dolgan, Cilka Breakthrough Sidro Rcds SR 1007LP
Dolgan, Cilka A Touch of Cilka Sidro Rcds SR 1009
Dolgan, Cilka (Cecilia Smooth as Cilka Sidro Rcds SR 1008
Dolgan, Cilka (Cecilia Slovenian Melodies w/Love(C Sidr Rcds SR 115
Doll, Andy(45) Hot Chicken/ Milwaukee W. Jay Jay 300
Dombkowski, Walt(45) Shoemaker P/Blackjack P. Dana 3260
Dombkowski, Walt(45) Mama Calypso P/Oh, Oh, Oh, Dana 2122
Dombkowski, Walt(45) Hokey Pokey P/Whoopee P. Decca 45121
Dombkowski, Walter W.D. & His Polka Kings of P Dana 1276
Dombkowski, Walter(45) Why Not? P/Old Whiskey Shoe Dana 2131
Dombkowski, Walter(45) Blackjack P/Shoemaker P. Dana 3260
Dombkowski, Walter(45) Mama Calypso P/Oh, Oh, Oh P Dana 2122
Dombrowski, Norm Something You Haven't Heard Gold Rec. G1000
Dombrowski, Norm Polka Varieties for Young & Gold Rcds 1002
Dombrowski, Norm Polkas & Waltzes that Turn Gold Rcds 1004
Dombrowski, Norm Dance & Sing in 76 Gold Rcds ST. GS-1005
Dombrowski, Norm Ya Ya Polkas (CD) Gold Rcds 5002
Dombrowski, Norm(45) Great Musicians P/Spinning Gold Rcd G-113
Dombrowski, Norm(45) Enjoy Yourself P/No Assatal Gold Rcd G-112
Dombrowski, Norm(45) Astronaut P./Sweet Violets Gold 109
Dombrowski, Norm(45) A Drinking Man's P./I Love Gold 107
Dombrowski, Norm(45) Pollack from Polonia./I'm L Gold 115
Dombrowski, Norm(45) Will You Love Me P./Johnny' Gold 114
Dominoes(45) Pretty Polish Girls P./It's Bel Aire 1312
Dominoes, The Dominoes Anyone? Bel-Aire 4008
Doppel Adler Band(Jack Good Music Good Friends Goo Ppprmnt 5066
Dorine Dorine and Her Concertina Pleasant Peasant 67-62
Dorine(45) Susie P./Politician P. Pl.Psnt. 17-61
Dorschner, Ray Music and Fun for Everyone Pl. Psnt. 37-61
Dorschner, Ray Old Time Favorites Pl. Psnt. 68-62
Dorschner, Ray Clean & Clear Lodestar 10132
Dorschner, Ray Something Old/Something New Lodestar 1139
Dorschner, Ray What's New in Rainbow Valle Mark 4590
Dorschner, Ray On Stage(Live) Mark 4374
Dorschner, Ray On Stage(Live), V.2 Rainbow Valley R. 90706
Dorschner, Ray Great Old Time..Dorschner S Rainbow Val.RVD118/WRA1
Dorschner, Ray Fortieth Anniversary 1950-1 Rainbow Valley Rec.RD 1
Dorschner, Ray Concertina..Dorschner Style CDS42397CD V.2(CS)
Dorschner, Ray Polka Hall of Fame (CD/CS) Rainbow Valley Rcds(No#
Dorschner, Ray Two Classic Albums (CD/CS) (Reissue of 2 previous
Dorschner, Ray Artistry in Polka (CD/CS) Rainbow Valley Rcds DDD
Dorschner, Ray (Randy) Concertina...Dorschner Styl None given V.3(CD)
Dorschner, Ray(45) Polka Day P./Old Dutch Mill Pl.Psnt. 36-61
Dorschner, Ray(45) Two Canaries P./Winter Gard V Rcds 516
Dostal, Jerry Bohemian Style Ltl Crow LCS 2414
Dostal, Jerry Polkas Until Sunrise Ltl Crow LCS 2427
Dostal, Jerry(45) My Fanny P/Whose Girl Are Y Lttl CrowS801811771S
Dostal, Jerry(45) After the Morning/You Promi Soma 1033
Dostal, Jerry(45) Harvest Sch./Sailing Across Coral 61008
Dostal, Jerry(45) Prune Dumpling P./Lakeside Soma 1001
Doszak, Bob Fasten Your Seatbelt KL Rec. KLP 49
Doszak, Bob Polka Time Ampol Rcds 5011
Doszak, Bob Here Goes Day Star DSLP 8002
Doszak, Bob Musical Memories (CD) JUDO 1110
Doszak, Bob Doszak Delivers (CS) HG 6088
Doszak, Bob Holiday Melodies (CD) Judo Rcds H 1095
Doszak, Bob Here Goes It's Entertainmen (CD)Reissue of 2 LP's
Doszak, Bob Fasten Your Seatbelts It's (CD)Reissue of 2 previo
Dottie Mae(45) He Taught Me How to Yodel/T Polkatown USA 5079
Dr. Srb's Orchestra Hudebni Vzpominky SRB Rcds SRB 1
Drabczyk, Paul Detroit Goes Polka Micro A-101
Dragon, Chet Have Polkas Will Travel Rex Rec.746
Dragon, Chet On the Polka Road Lemans Rcds 31
Dragon, Chet Top Shelf Polkas Rola Rcds 156
Dragon, Chet Plays the Polka in Chicago Bel Aire LP 4017
Dragon, Chet Rendezvous in Warsaw Eurotone Polish 137
Drewniak, Leon Good Time Melodies Sound Eperienc7063N6
Drontle, Ray(45) Merry Go Round P./Orphan W. UA 65-69767
Drzewicki, Stan(45) Who La La P./Sweetheart Spo Stan Sal 301
Drzewicki, Steve Featuring Polka Stan S & S Rcds No # given
Duchow, Lawrence Dancetime with L.Duchow RCA Cam.DAS 839(e)
Duchow, Lawrence Old Time Polka Time Vocalion 3739
Duchow, Lawrence Red Raven Polkas RCA Victor 2563
Duchow, Lawrence(45) Dutch Garden Sch./Tulip Ser RCA Victor 4825
Duchow, Lawrence(45) Hot Clarinet P./Emila P. RCA Victor 0127
Duchow, Lawrence(45) I Betcha P./Blue Skirt W. RCA Victor 0038
Duchow, Lawrence(45) Barbara P./Ole, Come Home W RCA Victor 5394
Duchow, Lawrence(45) Polish Piano P./Isabella & RCA Victor 5464
Duchow, Lawrence(45) Quiet Nook P./When We Parte RCA Victor 4462
Duda, Tom Our Polka Festival Highland Rcds 810324
Duda, Tom Duda Strikes Again Royden Rcds 724
Duda, Tom It's Polka Time in DuBois Highland HA 042078
Dujka Brothers On St. John Road (CD) JMD 1007
Dujka Brothers Dance Dance Dance (CD) JMD 1008
Dujka Brothers Shining Up Old Favorites(CD JMD 1009 (CD)
Dujka Brothers, The It's Country Time! (CD) JMD 1004
Dujka Brothers, The The Best of the Dujka Broth JMD 1005 V.1 (CD)
Dujka Brothers, The Grandpa's List Best of..V.2 none given
Duluth Accordionaires, On Tour Behind the Iron Cur none given #-367
Duluth Accordionaires, Polka w/t/Duluth Accordiona None given E-1025
Duluth Accordionaires, The Duluth Accordion. Sing Encore E 943
Duluth Polka Dots(45) Garden P/Musik P. Pl.Psnt. 5045
Duncan, Dopey in His PA Dutch Accent Malvern 1000
Durham, Johnny Polka Country Oxboro OX 2013
Durham, Johnny Johnny's All Stars Oxboro OX 2018
Durham, Johnny(45) Barley Pop P/Cindy's W. Oxboro 3074
Durham, Johnny(45) 110 Polka/Valdeslust W. Oxboro 3066
Durham, Johnny(45) Dumb W./Shut Up & Drink You Oxboro 3062
Durlak, Joe Joe Durlak Sings Polish Son Chicago P's 4100(CD)
Dutch Hops (Marilyn Im Volume 4 (CD) Volume 4
Dutch Treat Puttin' on the Squeeze (CD) DT954CD
Dutchmeisters(45) Kjuawiak #6/Lindenau P. Flint 62561
Dvorak, Charlie The Old Time Stylings of... Czech Rcds 25
Dvorak, Charlie Again, OT Stylngs...C.D. Or Czech Rcds 35
Dvorak, Charlie More Old Time Stylings o/C. Czech Rcds SCR 48
Dydak Diamonds Thru the Years Le Mans 112
Dydak Diamonds From the Bottom of Our Hear DD Productions 555(CS)
Dyna Brass The Dream Lives On (CD/CS) Ppprmnt Pr.PR 5009
Dyna Brass In the Heat of the Night(CD Peppermint 5015(CD/CS)
Dyna Brass Unfinished Business (CD) Calls Head Rcds 1001
Dynamics(45) On the Move P./No Brains Ob Bel Aire 2004
Dynasonics You Requested It (CD) Comb 0002
Dynasonics(45) Under the Bridge /Sing with WAM 571
Dynasticks Detroit's Spirit of Polkas Ampol Rcds 5025
Dynasticks(45) Shoeshine P./I've Lost Your Ampol 541
Dyna-Tones Just a Little Bit More WAM 20016
Dyna-Tones We Like Polka Music WAM 20023
Dyna-Tones Buffalo is a Polka Town WAM 20027
Dyna-Tones The 6 Million $ Band WAM 20032
Dyna-Tones Chapter VII WAM 20050
Dyna-Tones Live Wire (A) WAM 20067
Dyna-Tones 25th Anniversary Tour(CD/CS Sunshine 123
Dyna-Tones Til the End of the World Ro Ethnic World 109
Dyna-Tones Vintage Dynatones (CD) WRS 2808
Dyna-tones Ania Meets The Dynatones Sunshine 139 (CD/CS)
Dyna-Tones & Prime Dri XV & IX and Overdrive(CD) Sunshine 147
Dynatones(45) Goral P./You've Got to be M WAM 6042
Dynatones(45) You're the One P./Broken He WAM 2010
Dynatones(45) What's the Reason P/Mary An WAM 573-14
Dyna-Tones, The Where's Your Portki?(CD/CS) EWCD 105
Dynek, Florian(45) When I Leave P./Harvest Tim Ridgemoor 2001
Dyno, Johnny Go Dyno Go Jody Rcds 1801
Dyno, Johnny Tamborine Polka Jody Rcds JLP 1802
Dyno, Johnny Two Lovey Doves Jody Rcds 1803
Dyno, Johnny(45) The Rebel Sch./Little Lisa Jody 904
Dyno, Johnny(45) Tijuana Tumble P./Tears of Jody 905



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