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Artists Titles Number
101 Strings Play the Soul of Russia Alshire 5049(No cvr)
101 Strings 101 Strings Play Polkas Alshire Intel S5260-
101 Strings Songs of Poland Alshire S 5309
101 Strings Memories of Germany (CD) Exal 2 2581
4 Wheel Drive Polkas with 4 Wheel Drive( Victory 26 1C711
A Touch of Brass A Touch of Brass Ppprmnt 1432
A Touch of Brass When the Brass Play Polkas Ppprmnt Rcds 5003
A Touch of Brass Polish and Proud (CD/CS) Sunshine 134
A Touch of Brass Long Live Polkas (CD/CS) Sunshine 164
A Touch of Brass Party Down (CD/CS) Sunshine 192
A Touch of Brass Million Dollar Polkas (CD) None given
A Touch of Brass Silver Salute (CD) None given
A Touch of Chicago 2001 A Polka Odyssey(CD/CS Sunshine 193
A Touch of Chicago Honky Y-2K (CD) Gray Room
A Touch of Chicago Every Day's a Polka Holida Gray Room (CD)
A Touch of Chicago Yee-Haw! (CD) Hunter Rcds
A Touch of Chicago The Final Touch (CD) Hunter Rcds No # giv
A Touch of Chicago Arizona Style (CD) Hunter Rcds No #
Ablemen, The Dressed Up Polkas Starr Rcds 560
Ablemen, The Polka Fest Able Rcds VPA AR 797
Ablemen, The Love Notes (CS) Able Music Prd.No#
Ablemen, The Still Kickin (CD) Able Rcds 201-967 72
Abratowski, Jurek Polka Organ Magic Chicago 5300
Abratowski, Jurek Polish Christmas Carols(al Chicago Polkas 9700
Accordeon Kings Accordeon Favorites Acorn 649
Accordeonaires, The Accordeon Favorites Hudson 261
Accordion Artists Legends of Accordion (CD) Rhino R2 71847
Accordion Duet(78) Harvest Feast/Cuckoo W. Columbia E3886
Accordion Instruction How to Play the Accordion Mus-Ed(No#)5 rcd set
Accordion Masters Acc. Mstrs Play 12 Fav.Wal Colonial Col LP 115
Accordion Masters(45) Emperor W./Vienna Blood W. Standard 45120
Accordion Masters(45) Over the Waves W./Wabash W Standard 45115
Accordion Masters(45) My Treasure W./Espana W. Standard 45171
Accordion Orchestra(78) Underneath the Arches/Side London 238
Accordion Powerhouse(45) Liza/Oodles of Noodles Capitol 307
Accordion Showstoppers O Volume 2 Eastern Sound 792309
Accordion(45) Italian P/Bella Bambina/Ac London 6055(
Accordion-Andy Ferrier Accordia Gloria Chapel Rcds 5239
Accordion-Anonymous Arti Accordion Hits Oscar Rcds OS 113
Accordion-Anonymous Band Accordion Party Beautiful Music Co.B
Accordion-Arruda Accordi Music of Today & Yesterday Mark 8698
Accordion-Art Van Damme Art Van Damme & Friends Neofonic 107
Accordion-Art Van Damme The Best of Art Van Damme Sears 408
Accordion-Art Van Damme The Many Moods of Art (2rc BASF 26113
Accordion-Art Van Damme Martini Time (10 rcd)" Columbia 6265
Accordion-Art Van Damme( Cordovox:A New Accordion E Autographed 45 rpm r
Accordion-Christian DiMa Christian DiMaccio Monitor 2143
Accordion-Christian DiMa Recital A Copenhague BDM 1002
Accordion-Classical Concerto for Accordion, Ba Monitor 2074
Accordion-Francois Chant Parisienne Accordion Coronet Rcds 154
Accordion-Henri Coene One, Two Une, Deux Philips(10 LP)"
Accordion-Henry Doktorsk Celebrated Polkas V.1(CD) TCFR 01
Accordion-Joe Biviano Accordion Antics Regent MG 6023
Accordion-Lolita 20 Superhits in Superstere Ariola 27005
Accordion-Mario Kostella Accordion Fantasy Spin O Rama S-41
Accordion-Maurice Larcan Avec Moi A Paris London SP 44013
Accordion-Mel Brandt Accordion Favorites Tops L1662
Accordion-Multiple Artis Accordion Pioneers (CD)(BB Arhoolie 7016
Accordion-Pietro Deiro Presents the Accordion Orc Coral 57323
Accordion-Robert Davine Robert Davine, Accordion Crystal Rcds 106
Accordion-The Sophistica Accordion Capers Modern 7028
Accordion-Tommy Gumina Hi-Fi Accordion... Decca 8404
Accordion-Tommy Gumina Mood Italiano Decca DL 8630
Accordion-Tony Compton & Cafe Continental Savoy 156
Accordion-Tony Dannon Accordion Italiano (CD) Ranch Rcdng 0043
Accordion-Tony Mureno Vive Paris Time Rcds s/2060
Accordion:Angelo Di Pipp The World's Greatest Accor Kapp 3460
Accordion:Bernal, Paulin Y Sus Polkas (CD) URB 30159 (CD)
Accordionettes, The A Streetfair of Music (CS) Renee Records R1174
Accordions International Polish Wedding Fantasy/Min Sound 299
Accordions International Danube Waves/Party Pooper Aloys 5695
Accordions International Ferris Wheel P./Bingo Bett Aloys 6620
Adair, Beegie Dancing in the Dark (CD) Greenhill Music 5573
Adam & the Jolly Jammers Memories Are Precious (CD/ AJJ 002
Adam & the Jolly Jammers Keeping the Tradition (CD) Alpenrose Studios No
Adam & the Jolly Jammers Premium Old Tyme Music(CD) AJ 003
Adam & the Jolly Jammers Going Back to My Homeland AJJ 004 (CD)
Adamczyk, Steve Clarinet Parade P/Come Bac Dana 3250
Adamczyk, Steve Baby Doll Polka Dana  1201
Adamczyk, Steve Polkas w/S. Adamczyk Dana 1215
Adamczyk, Steve Polka (same as Baby Doll) Dana 1201
Adamczyk, Steve Billy Goat Polka Dana 1229
Adamczyk, Steve Carnival Polka Dana 1261
Adamczyk, Steve Uncle Steve's Dance Album Dana 1274
Adamczyk, Steve Keekee Reekee Polka Dana 1290
Adamczyk, Steve Polka w/Steve Adamczyk (2R Dana D598-8
Adamczyk, Steve Polka! Capitol T805
Adamczyk, Steve Polka Music hall of Fame Chicago Plkas4303
Adamczyk, Steve Marisha Data Sings Chicago Polkas 5200
Adamczyk, Steve St. Adamczyk & His Orch(CD Chicago P's 5202(CD)
Adamczyk, Steve & Marish New Vocal Originals Ridgemoor RLP 701
Adamczyk, Steve & Marish The Songs & Music of M.D.( Chicago Polkas 5201(
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Disc Jockey P/Reques P/Awa Dana 64(
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Big Oak P./Steam Shovel P. Dand 3124
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Billy Goat P./Waltz with M Dana 2111
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Don't Kid Me P./Rolling St Dana 3185
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Fan Dancer P./Joyce Obk. Dana 3205
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Happy Days P./It's Never t Dana 3251
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Potato Chips P./Going to T Dana 3141
Adamczyk, Steve(45) At the Brook/I Am a Musici Capitol 1218
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Ballroom P/Around & Around Capitol 1320
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Carousel P/Hungry Six P. Dana 3265
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Concertina P/Jolly Drinker Rondo 45594
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Jubilee P/Hold That Gal Ob Dana 3239
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Lazy Horse P/Twirl YOur Gi Dana 3264
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Hit Polkas:Violins Play fo Dana 100(
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Polka:Cash My Check/Drive Capitol EP 2-805
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Big Oak P/Steam Shovel P. Dana 3142
Adamczyk, Steve(45) Cuckoo P/Steve's Special P Dana 3204
Adamczyk, Steve(78) Ballroom P/Around & Around Capitol 1320
Adamczyk, Steve(78) Disc Jockey P/Request P. DAna 3113
Adamczyk, Steve(78) Good Luck P/Salt & Pepper Dana 3092
Adamczyk, Steve(78) Steam Shovel P/Big Oak P. Dana 3142
Adamczyk, Steve(78) Tickle Tickle P/Cash My Ch Capitol 1083
Adamczyk, Steve(78) Fan Dancer P/Joyce Obk. Dana 3205
Adams, Jim(45) 6 Drunken Nights of an Iri Pink Pig 215
Adams, Lenny A Time to Remember Polish Adams Prdctns BRC 42
Adamzyk, Steve(45) Ridin' High P/Strolling in Capitol 1397
Adolph's Adolph's Polka Time Ray Rcds 2517
Ahvenainen, Veikko Old Dance Music of Finland Accordia Alp 108
Ahvenainen, veikko Accordion Variety Concert Accordia 107(LP or S
Akavickas, Eddie (Polka P.E.& His Jolly Gentlemen Ampol Rcds 5007
Akavickas, Eddie (Polka Polka Eddie"&t/Jolly Gent" Cuca 2070 (CD)
Akavickas, Eddie (Polka Polka Festivals 1969 (CD) Cuca 2080 (CD)
Akavickas, Eddie(Polka E Dutchman Style Polkas Jay Jay 5027/1040
Akiras-Buzys(78) Polka Nadzia/Noriu Miego I Victor 14044
Al-Ray Combo Hot Dogs & Button Box (CD) Peppermint 5060
Alaska Button Box Gang On Fire! (CD/CS) ABB 4278
Alaska Button Box Gang Our Own (CD/CS) 1CD2099
Alaska Button Box Gang Polka Fury (CD/CS) AKBBG5707
Alaska Button Box Gang Under the Northern Sky(CD) None given
Alaska Polka Chips Oldtime, Goodtime, Anytime Alaska Polka Music
Alaska Polka Chips Alaska Gold (A/CS) Oldtime Music Co
Alaska Polka Chips Dancehall Dazzlers (CS) Two Sisters Prod DD4
Alaska Polka Chips Squeeze Box Alaska (CS) Two Sisters Prod 859
Alaska Polka Chips Fancy Dancer (CD/CS) APC94782
Alaska Polka Chips Celebration (CD) APC94783
Alaska Polka Chips In the Chips (CD) Best of...Vol.1
Alaska Polka Chips Sittin' Pretty (CD) Best of...Vol.2
Alaska Polka Chips High Rollers (CD) Best of...Vol.3
Alaska Polka Chips Polka Hooty Booty (CD) None given
Alaska Polka Chips Triple Crown Serenade (CD) None given
Alese, Joe Polka Mania JVL Rcds 1003
Alfred's Bohemian Band Barn Dancing Polka Style(A Ray Rcds 2500/PC-NE2
All Occasions The All Occasions Album V1 Gateway 8504 (CD)
All Occasions All Occasions Album V.2(CD Gateway 8505
All Occasions 20 Jukebox Party Dance Fav Gateway 4903 (CD)
All the King's Men Positively Polkas! Starr 523
Allan, Russ Shaky Business (CD) AAEA-1000
Allen, Bobby Special Request (CS) BA 4765
Allen, Bobby Special Request & Second E None given (CD/CS)
Allen, Gary(45) Life, Love & Me/That's Wha Cacus Rcds 558
Allen, Gary(45) Life,Love & Me/That's What Cactus Rcds 558
Almars(45) Look Sharp/Dream Awhile Delta 1025
Almars, The Cecilia sings in Polkatown Delta 5006
Almars, The Polka Smasheroos Delta 7003
Almars, The Slam Bang Polkas Delta 7005
Almars, The Music Box Polkas Delta 7014LPS
Alongi, Mike Polka Update Taggart CAL.105
Alpen Echos Just Because (A/CS) PET Rcds PRA 102
Alpen Echos Off the Autobahn (A/CS) PET Rcds PRA 103
Alpen Glow By Special Request (CS) AGC 1089
Alpenlaenders, Original Am Almsee (CD) MB Enterprises 08169
Alpenrose Heimatmelodie (CD/CS) Dietdisk 101
Alpenrose Musical Passport (CD) Dietdisk 202
Alpenrose Hallo Freunde (CS) Dietdisc 303
Alpenrose 2002 (CD/CS) Dietdisk 404
Alpensterne Alpensterne V. 1 (CD) Alpensterne V. 1
Alpensterne Alpensterne V. 2 (CD) Alpensterne V. 2
Alpine Brass A Musical Sleighride w/t/A Natural SoundNSR 120
Alpine Brass Alpine Brass...Record #3 NSR 1201
Alpine Brass, The The Alpine Brass (CD) Cuca 2091
Alpiners Joy Bells P/Sunnyside P. Davis 525
Alpiners(78) Johnny's P/Josie's P. Davis 539
Alte Kameraden Band, The Music from Freistadt U.S.A KL Rcdng 64
Alte Kameraden, Die Oktoberfest mit Die Alte K KL Rcdng 109
Altenburg, Kevin(45) Never Been Kissed P./Carol HG 5016
Ambassadors, The Swingin Play Your Requests Audio 09
American All Stars, The America, This Song's for Y P.Pple o/America1001
American Czech Band Sounds from the Homeland(C Renee Rcds 1227(CS)
Ampol Aire(45) Hot Pants P./White Table P Ampol 530
Ampol Aires Let's Polka JayJay 1009
Ampol Aires Polonia Ballroom & Grove(C Dyno 1331 (CD)
Ampol Aires Polka Dance (A/CS) Jay Jay 1015/5003
Ampol Aires On the Move Ampol Rcds 5001
Ampol Aires Polka Nite Life in Chicago Ampol 5004(A/CS/CD)
Ampol Aires Polish Picnic (A/CD) Ampol Rcds 5006
Ampol Aires Lucky Seven Ampol Rcds 5014
Ampol Aires Hit Again!(A/CS) Ampol Rcds 5015
Ampol Aires Memories (A/CS) Ampol Rcds 5017
Ampol Aires The Untouchables of Polka Ampol Rcds 5020
Ampol Aires One More Time (A/CS) Ampol Rcds 5031
Ampol Aires The 2 Sounds o/t Ampol Air Ampol Rcds 5050(A/CD
Ampol Aires Life Is Short (A/CS) Starr Rcds 582 hGene
Ampol Aires Kochana Mama Jay jay 5114/1114
Ampol Aires Greatest Jay Jay Hits(A/CS Jay Jay 5146
Ampol Aires Ampol Aires Go Wild(A/CD/C Dyno 1613
Ampol Aires Pull Out Some Old Time Fav Starr CD 586 (CD/CS)
Ampol Aires They Keep Going & Going(CD Ampol AMCD5034(CD/CS
Ampol Aires The Best of the A.A.V.2(CD Ampol Rcds 7001
Ampol Aires Pure Gold (CD) KCCD 110
Ampol Aires 50th Anniversary (CD) General GR0050
Ampol Aires Reflections (CD) General Rcdng GR0053
Ampol Aires Polkas in General (CD) GR0052
Ampol Aires(45) Ah-Pooh-Shay P./4 Horses P Ampol 515
Ampol Aires(45) Ampol Aires Special P./Loo Ampol 903
Ampol Aires(45) Angel Face P./Jimmies P. Ampol 519
Ampol Aires(45) Butchers P./Hay Ride P. Jay Jay 215
Ampol Aires(45) Circus P./Happy Nites P. Jay Jay 183
Ampol Aires(45) Chum Chum P./Jolly Hop P. Jay Jay 185
Ampol Aires(45) Gold Digger P./Up the Hill Ampol 526
Ampol Aires(45) Lollipop P./Twinkle Twinkl Dyno 1131
Ampol Aires(45) Love It Up P./Calling on M Ampol 0528
Ampol Aires(45) Lucky 7 P./Stan & Ann Obk. Ampol 525
Ampol Aires(45) Lucy's P./Open the Window Ampol 510
Ampol Aires(45) Parade P./Mary Mine P. Ampol 505
Ampol Aires(45) Psiakrew P./Wally's P. Ampol 513
Ampol Aires(45) Temptation P./Sleeping Bea Dyno 3304
Ampol Aires(45) That's for Me P./Happy Bou Jay Jay 195
Ampol Aires(45) Where's Johnny P./Lovers W Ampol 512
Ampol Aires(45) Yak Tam P./Waltz & Sway Jay Jay 233
Ampol Aires(45) Ampol Aires P/Terry's P. Jay Jay 182
Ampol Aires(45) Hula Hoop P/Suzie's P. Jay Jay 192
Ampol Aires(45) Creamy Eyes P/Wish Me Luck Ampol 520
Ampol Aires(45) Pin Up Girl P/Stubborn Gir Ampol 516
Ampol Aires(45) Hey Muzykanci P/Helena P. Ampol 509
Ampol Aires(45) Mary's Wedding P/Side by S Jay Jay 188
Ampol Tones Ampol Tones 1983 AT Rcds AT 1001
Ampol Tones It's Time to Polka AT Rcds 1002
Ampol Tones Take Me Baby/Chopin's Obk/ CSS 116 (extended pl
Ampol Tones(45) Aiming High P./Yes Sir He' Rite 1004
Anderson, Slim(45) 4 Day Weekend P./Official SA 1001
Anderson, Slim(45) MN W./We're Gonna Swing Recar 3001
Anderson, Slim(45)& Rhyt Tretbar W./Hey There Littl Recar 3000
Andre Musette(78) Caviar with Vodka/Bowling Standard 5002
Andresen Guitar Group Jack Pine Style (CD) Banjar No #listed
Andrews Sisters The Greatest Hits Decca 4919
Andrews Sisters(78) Beer Barrel P/Well All Rig Decca 2462
Andrews Sisters(78) Strip P/Mister 5 by 5 Decca 18470
Andrews Sisters(78) Down in the Valley/Red Riv Decca 25149
Andrews Sisters(78) You Call Everybody Darling Decca 24490
Andrews Sisters, The The Best of the A.S.V.2(2R MCA2-4093
Andrews, Stan Polka Power Stamco Rcds 201
Anonymous Artist 50 Polkas! (2RS) Pickwick PTP 2081
Anonymous Artist 51 Polka Favorites Music MDS 1044
Anonymous Artist Polka Party Sutton 248
Anonymous Artist Party Polkas Treasure 827/Fortuna
Anonymous Artist All the Best Mariachi(CS) Cluc 086
Anonymous Artist 16 Most Requested Polkas(C Columbia Legacy 4510
Anonymous Artist 25 Polka Favorites (CS) Top-18
Anonymous Artist Beer Garden Favorites TDP 14
Anonymous Artist Polkas Made in Poland (CD) Lyra 1649
Anonymous Artist 35 Organ Favorites Premier 9038
Anonymous Artist Polka Time Riviera R0014
Anonymous Artist (2CS) Polka Polka Polka 24 Fav.P Madacy4549/4550 (Can
Anonymous Artist(45) Valdeslust W./Valdeslust W Oxboro 3066
Anonymous Artist(45) Beer Barrel P/Just Because Seeburg 3103
Anonymous Artist(45) Never Ending Love/Oh My Go Ray 21028
Anonymous Artists It's a Polka Party (2 CD's Good Music 142937(db
Anonymous artist(s) Polish Polkas&Other Favs(C Legacy Intl. CD 364
Anthony, Ray Anthony Italiano Capitol T1149
Antratones, Danny & Rose Polka Memories Trans Audio 7605
Antratones, Danny & Rose Polka Favorites TransAudio St. 7615
Applejacks Play It Again A & R Rcdg AJR2001
Appleseeds Polka Band Johnny and the Appleseeds Ameritone A-1810
Aqua String Band Best of the Mummers Sure Vol. 1
Aqua String Band Favorite Tunes Old & New Sure Vol. 24
Archerd, Curt C.Archerd &the Merry Vagab JBM 65083
Aristocrats Chardas Treasure PAV 555
Aristocrats & The Slovak American Slovaks Sing Requ Pav Rcd 53
Arnish, Freddy(45) Beer Barrel P./St. Louis B X-L-P 103
Aro, Bobby The Fabulous Finn Aro 277
Arpaia Sound, The The Arpaia Sound Vol. I Vandalia Rcds 1976-9
Arpaia Sound, The Refreshingly Radiant #3 Vandalia Rcds 1977-6
Arpaia Sound, The Volume II Vandalia Rcds 1002
Arpaia Sound, The The Arpaia Sound IV Vandalia Rcds 1977-9
Arpaia, Howard(45) Bear Hug P./In my Salad Da Vandalia 122
Arpaia, Howard(45) Big John P./Watch Your Ste Vandalia 113
Arpaia, Howard(45) Broom Hilda P./Your Love's Vandalia 107
Arpaia, Howard(45) Cherry Pie P./Lizzie Vandalia 115
Arpaia, Howard(45) Ferris Wheel P./Yoolee O'D Vandalia 116
Arpaia, Howard(45) Flying Flag Forever/Heaven Vandalia 124
Arpaia, Howard(45) I am In Your Spell/Dowagia Vandalia 127
Arpaia, Howard(45) I'm a Catastrophe/Christma Vandalia 117
Arpaia, Howard(45) Jelly Roll P./Tilly Vandalia 125
Arpaia, Howard(45) Lady Bird P./ Jumbo Vandalia 108
Arpaia, Howard(45) Listen Mr.Hat/Grand Ball M Vandalia 106
Arpaia, Howard(45) Lovely..Lovely..You/Wall S Vandalia 109
Arpaia, Howard(45) MI Lottery P./Open up the Vandalia 103
Arpaia, Howard(45) Mickey Mouse P./When You T Vandalia 128
Arpaia, Howard(45) Milestone March/Me as Jack Vandalia 112
Arpaia, Howard(45) On Account of You Because/ Vandalia 129
Arpaia, Howard(45) Pie in the Sky P./Come to Vandalia 102
Arpaia, Howard(45) Schutzen Park March/When Y Vandalia 121
Arpaia, Howard(45) Shoe String P./Marriage Vandalia 120
Arpaia, Howard(45) Sky Blue P./Under the Trua Vandalia 119
Arpaia, Howard(45) Sousie Lou P./On That Hill Vandalia 105
Arpaia, Howard(45) Story Book P./I Am Blue ov Vandalia 111
Arpaia, Howard(45) Tattle Tale P./Inch by Inc Vandalia 104
Arpaia, Howard(45) They Won't Go Away/Hillhou Vandalia 114
Arpaia, Howard(45) Ting A Ling P./Sunset on t Vandalia 100
Arpaia, Howard(45) Town & Country March/You H Vandalia 123
Arpaia, Howard(45) Wedding Bells P./Merrily.. Vandalia 126
Arpaia, Howard(45) You My Heart Invade/Devil Vandalia 110
Art Van Damme Art Van Damme Swings Sweet Coloumbia CS 8594
Art Van Damme Everything's Coming Up Mus Columbia CL 1382
Art Van Damme Lover Man! Pickwick 3008
Art, Bobby(45) Pickle P./Pretzel Baum W. Arrow 1102
Aston, Adam(78) Bez Przerwy Smieje Sie P/J Dana 611
Aston, Adam(78) Panie Janie!/Cicho, Grajci White Eagle 716
Astros Astros Polka w/a Blast WAM Records W4033
Atlantis We're a Polka Band! Ram Rcds 506
Atwood, Robert Musicians, Come & Play(CD) Mabel No # given
Atwood, Robert This Old Accordion V.2(CD) None given
Atwood, Robert Aus Bohmen kommt die Musik None given
Atwood, Robert(Sauerkrau This Old Accordion(CD)V.1 Mabel ????
Atwood, Robert(Sauerkrau The Way to the Heart(Rbt.A MCS 8180 (CD/CS)
August, Jan(45) Skater's W./I Never Knew Mercury 70726
Aust, Don(45) Fairview Park P./In Love w Delta 1021
Aust, Don(45) Starford PA.P/Jam Session Delta 1027
Austin, David Party Time Polkas (CD) IAMG Music (No#given
Austin, David It's a Good Day (CD) None given
Austrian Boys, The The Austrian Boys None given: Aus 1002
Austrian Boys, The Noch Einmal Servus Rcds DM 88037
Austrian Trio Grande Heut gehts uns guat Heut h ATG 1001
Avsenik, Slavko Zwieser Bayrischer wald(1 5 Juli, 1972 CD 1
Avsenik, Slavko Happy Music from Bohemia London SW 99294
Avsenik, Slavko Jagerlatein in Oberkrain Telefunken SLE 14543
Avsenik, Slavko Daheim in Oberkrain London SW 99534/Tele
Avsenik, Slavko Goldene Schallplatte Telefunken BLE 14320
Avsenik, Slavko Jagerlatein in Oberkrain London SW 99509/Tele
Avsenik, Slavko Olympiade in Musik Telefunken SLE 14646
Avsenik, Slavko Sonntagskonzert Telefunken 6.22260
Avsenik, Slavko Frohliche Klange Telefunken 6.22398
Avsenik, Slavko Goldene Klange aus Oberkra Telefunken TS 31071/
Avsenik, Slavko und Seine Original Oberkra Telefunken 6.24050
Avsenik, Slavko Gut aufgelegt in Oberkrain Telefunken 6.21040/S
Avsenik, Slavko und seine Orig.Oberkrainer Telefunken 28 307-7
Avsenik, Slavko Das Schonste von(Seine Mus Telefunken 6.21366
Avsenik, Slavko mit musik und guter laune( Telefunken 6.28336(A
Avsenik, Slavko Immer gern gehort Telefunken 6.23095
Avsenik, Slavko Zlati Zvoki (2 rcds) Helidon 04-021-1
Avsenik, Slavko Frohliche Stunden mit Musi Telefunken 6.28476
Avsenik, Slavko Slovenian Melodies Monitor MFS 445
Avsenik, Slavko Glasbeni Pozdrav Helidon 04-103
Avsenik, Slavko Wenn am Sonntagabend die D Telefunken SLE14234-
Avsenik, Slavko Die 20 Besten K-tel 1171
Avsenik, Slavko 35 Jahre Jubilaums Klange Koch Rcds 5680
Avsenik, Slavko Mit Polka und Walzer Durch Telefunken SLE14610-
Avsenik, Slavko Ein Feuerwerk der Musik Koch FB 121 500
Avsenik, Slavko Portrait in Gold(2RS) Telefunken ST 3007
Avsenik, Slavko 25 Jahre uberall sind wir Telefunken 6.28423
Avsenik, Slavko Lustig beim Wein in Oberkr Telefunken 6.21045
Avsenik, Slavko Een avondje met de Origina Telefunken 385.196
Avsenik, Slavko Original Oberkrainer Telefunken 540.043
Avsenik, Slavko Aus unserer Heimat (2rcds) Telefunken 4.28401
Avsenik, Slavko Es ist so schon ein Musika Telefunken TS3270/6.
Avsenik, Slavko He! Slavko! Spiel uns eins Telefunken 6.23522
Avsenik, Slavko Ein Abend mit Slavko Avsen Telefunken 4527
Avsenik, Slavko Heiteres Wunschkonzert Telefunken 6.21013
Avsenik, Slavko Freunde, wir bleiben Freun Telefunken 63274
Avsenik, Slavko Das Grosse Jubilaumskonzer Telefunken6.28465DP(
Avsenik, Slavko Ein Leben lang fur die Mus Teldec 3706/6.25761
Avsenik, Slavko 16 Welterfolge Telefunken 6.22089 A
Avsenik, Slavko Portrait (dble LP) Telefunken 6.28553 D
Avsenik, Slavko Die Oberkrainer Kommen Telefunken-Marcato 7
Avsenik, Slavko Jeder hat sein Hobby K-Tel TA113/Telefunk
Avsenik, Slavko 20 Jahre Telefunken SLE 14 68
Avsenik, Slavko Hallo, Freunde, Hallo! Telefunken 6.28543(D
Avsenik, Slavko und seine Original Oberkra Telefunken 6.25227AF
Avsenik, Slavko 30 Jahre Slavko Avsenik(Db Telefunken 6.28607
Avsenik, Slavko(45) Bei der blonden Kathrein/W Telefunken U 55390
Baca, Gil Polkas and Waltzes Kermit Rcds KB-1200
Baca, Gil Baca's Style Music KB-1202
Baca, Gil(45) Flying Goose P./Annie in t Kermit 2407
Baca, Gil(45) Wein Rhein Liebes P./Up th Kermit 2405
Baca, Ray Fr/t/Heart o/TX Bluebonnet Doggett 1006
Baca, Ray(45) Hayseed P./ O Susanna Sch. Guide 119
Bachmann, Al & Elizabeth German Oktoberfest (CD) DJ Companion Rcds 16
Backus, Gus(45) Meine Gitarre/Ein Koffer V Polydor 52864
Backus, Gus(45) Wooden Heart/Said the Old Fono Graf 123
Badale, Andy Nashville Beer Garden Sunbird Rcds 3001
Badale, Andy Beer Garden Band Heartland 1008
Badale, Andy(45) Nashville Beer Garden(inst Sunbird 7563
Badale, Andy(45) Finger Pickin' Good/Nashvi GP Rcds 577
Badale, Andy(45) Annalisa's Dance/Penny Arc Dandray 507
Badale, Andy(45) Acapolka MN/Opryland in Pa Sunbird 7570
Baker, Don(Polka Dots)(7 Blond Sailor/Skaters'W. Continental 3309
Baker, George(45) Paloma Blanca/Dreamboat Warner Bros 8115
Baker, Ken You and Me (CS) None given
Baker, Ken Country Livin' (CS) None given
Baker, Ken Here to There (CS) None given
Baker, Ken Texas Style (CS) None given
Baker, Ken I'll Fly Away(Gospel)(CS) None given
Baker, Norbie Everybody Polka! Epic LN 3395
Baker, Norbie(45) Tino's P/A Beer A Sandwich Ole Tyme Jamboree 11
Baker, Two Ton(45) Lawrence Welk P./No Beer i Heartbeat 3
Baker, Virgil We Left Our Wives at Home! No Co. or # given(CS
Baker, Virgil I Wanna Dance with You(CD) None given
Baker, Virgil Just for Fun-Why Not?(CD) None given
Baker, Virgil Just 4 Fun (CD) None given
Baker, Virgil A Polka Lovers' Dance Part None given (DVD)
Bal Aires, The Introducing...the Bal Aire Bel-Aire 4003
Bal Aires, The A Groovin' Polka Style Bel Aire 4005
Bal Aires, The Polish Jam Session (with P Bel Aire 4001
Bal Aires, The Hello Again-Revisited (CD) Bel Aire 5979(reissu
Balaires, The(45) Wedding Bells P./Happy P. Bel Aire 1101
Balaires, The(45) Lover Lover P./My Darling Bel Aire 1104
Balaires, The(45) Wojenko Wojenko P./Czego K Bel Aire 1105
Balcer, Leo Jak Sie MasP/Yakety Sax/Ha Beechwood 7128(ext.p
Balmer, Johnny(45) Metro P./Juke Box Rag Old Timer 7003
Banasiak, Dave (Polka Kn Swing BAM Rcds 19830
Banasiak, Dave(45) All My Loving/Nashville TN Lamar 5-101
Banasiak, Dave(45) When Santa Does the Polka/ WRS 2005MF 395
Band Boys, The The 2nd Time For You North Star Appli 109
Banjo Boys, The(45) Hey Mr. Banjo/Kvi Vi Vi Vi Capitol 1365
Bannon, Kenny It's a Small World Spectrum Rcds SLP 75
Bannon, Kenny Bicentennial Salute Le-Mans Rcds LPC-29
Bannon, Kenny(45) New Sounds of K.B.&t/P.Jak Polkatown USA 3077(e
Bannon, Kenny(45) Wedding Memories Polkatown USA 4078
Barbara & the Karousels Fun Frolicking Polkas KL RcdngKLP 71
Barbara & the Karousels On Call Rainbow Rcds NR 1738
Barbara & the Karousels Mmm Mmm Good Rainbow Rcds NR 1746
Barbara & the Karousels Rcded Live-Dodge Cty Fair( HQ Audio414/545-1425
Barbara & the Karousels Happy Holidays (CD) No co. or # given
Barbara & the Karousels Pot of Gold Karpek 16681
Barbara & the Karousels Polka Wishes (CD) HG Studio #12
Barbara & the Karousels Kroozin' on CD  (CD) 414-545-1425
Barbara & the Karousels On Parade (CD/CS) #14
Barbara & the Karousels( For Heaven's Sake (A/CS) KL Rcdng 106
Barbara & the Karousels( 25 Years of Souvenirs Rainbow Rcds #6
Barbara & the Karousels( Polka Bandits (A/CD) HG Studio #9
Barbary Coast Banjo Bras Live at Diamond Jim's E-395
Barbour, Jack(78) Canadian Barn Dance/Spanis Mac Gregor 850
Barbour, Jack(78) Happy P/Hour W. Ac'cent 111
Barbour, Jack(78) Lindy Lee/Veleta W. Mac Gregor 848
Barbour, Jack(78) Jessie P/Maxina Mac Gregor 622
Barefoot Becky See Becky & the Ivanhoe Du  
Barich Brothers, The How Bout This One? (CS) RY Rec. RY 8904
Barich Brothers, The Here's Another One (CS) Ry Rcdngs RY 91031
Barich Brothers, The Here's to You (CD/CS) RY Prod. RY97101
Barlow, Jack(45) Step Down/House of Stone Soma 1175
Barnstormers, The(78) Party Quadrille/Circle W. Silvertone 5401
Barons, The The Barons a/the Heidelber Sound 1098
Barron, Blue(78) Sueezin' P/You'll Always b MGM 10952
Barsukiewicz, Ray Polkas from Cyberspace(CD/ Sunshine 166 (CD/CS)
Barta, Ben For the Good Times(A/CD/CS A&R/JBM 4679 V.1/PCN
Barta, Ben Round & Round (A/CS/CD) JBM 30081/PCNE152(v.
Barta, Ben Under the Wheatland Bridge JBM 83884/PCNE153/V.
Barta, Ben Reminiscing (A/CS/CD)v.4 JBM 98885/PCNE154
Barta, Ben Upper MidWest Favorites(A/ JBM 14367/PCNE155(A/
Barta, Ben Dance & Party Tyme (CD/CS) JBM 1991/PCNE156(V.6
Barta, Ben One More Time for Old Time JBM 36621 (CD/CS)
Barthalt, Adam Ein Prosit:Festival Melodi Admor SLP 1001
Barthalt, Adam Adam's Polka Party Admor SLP 1002
Barthalt, Adam Happy Times in Tyrol Admor SLP 1004
Barthalt, Adam You in My Arms Admor SLP 1005
Barthalt, Adam On Tour Admor 1006
Barthalt, Adam Where Do the Good Times Go Admor 1007
Barthalt, Adam Dedicated to You (CS) Admor SLC 1008
Barthalt, Adam With Love Adam (CD/CS) CD 1019
Bartusek, Billy Better than Ever Aleatoric A-4003
Bartusek, Elmer The Band with Many Friends Trip.CrownEB3013-JDu
Basgall, Eddie Old Time Polka Fun Vab Rcdng L-169V.1
Basgall, Eddie It's Polka Time & More(CS) Danceland E869/Plk C
Bashell, Louie Polkas(That Made Milwaukee King 842
Bashell, Louie Silk Umbrella Polkas RCA Victor 2562
Bashell, Louie The Polka Special RCA Vic 1917
Bashell, Louie Once Upon a Time (CD/CS) Cadet 202
Bashell, Louie The Best of Louie Bashell Cadet 203 (CD/CS)
Bashell, Louie Old Milwaukee (CD) Cuca KCD 2001
Bashell, Louie(45) Apple Jack/Strauss W.Medle RCA Victor 5721
Bashell, Louie(45) Norwegian Sch./Boy & Girl RCA Victor 3494
Bashell, Louie(45) Brown Bottle P./Spaghetti RCA Victor 5793
Bashell, Louie(45) Chiu Chiu Chiu P-samba/Goo RCA Victor 6410
Bashell, Louie(45) Silk Umbrella P./Messin Ar RCA Victor 5422
Bashell, Louie(78) Louie P/Silk Umbrella P. Mercury 6088
Bashell, Louis(78) Linda P/Dew Drop W. Mercury 6100
Bashell, Louis(78) Morning Dew P/Give Back My Mercury 2083
Basile, Jo Accordion de Paris Audio Fid. 5815/1815
Basile, Jo Accordion de Paris V.2(als Audio fidelity 1821
Basile, Jo Rome with Love Audio Fidelity 1822
Basile, Jo Accordion D'Espana Audio Fidelity LP187
Basile, Jo Viennese Waltzes Audio Fidelity 5868/
Basile, Jo Paris! Audio Fidelity 1955/
Basile, Jo Irma La Douce Audio Fidelity 1949
Basile, Jo Accordion Polka Audio Fidelity 5914
Basile, Jo Moscow with Love Audio Fid. AFSD 5940
Basile, Jo Berlin with Love Audio Fidelity 5944
Basile, Jo My World Columbia CL 2631
Basile, Jo Accordion di Roma V. 2 Audio Fidelity 5871
Basile, Jo Cafe Italiano Audio Fidelity 5893
Basile, Jo Movie Theme Hits Audio Fidelity 5979
Basile, Jo Madrid with Love Audio Fidelity 6190
Basile, Jo Music from...Cabaret Columbia CS 9375
Bass, Kenny Polka Lovers' Time Coral 57102
Bass, Kenny Polka! Polka! Polka! Roulette SR 25105
Bass, Kenny It's Happy Polka Time Roulette R25141
Bass, Kenny The Top Million Polka Sell Roulette 25165
Bass, Kenny Old Country Polkas & Waltz Roulette R25223
Bass, Kenny Your Favorite Wedding P.& Roulette R 25268
Bass, Kenny Polka Spectacular Roulette R25309
Bass, Kenny Polka Shindig UAL 3559
Bass, Kenny Toe Tappin' Polkas Vocalion VL 3673
Bass, Kenny Snap Happy Polkas Vocalion VL 3674
Bass, Kenny Dancing Doll Polkas Vocalion VL 73707
Bass, Kenny(45) Dancing Doll P./Jolly Lumb Decca 30694
Bass, Kenny(45) Everready P./Blue Eyes Cry Coral 61697
Bass, Kenny(45) Kenny's P./Crystal Ball P. Coral 62358
Bass, Kenny(45) My Polka Lovin Gal/Eins Zw Decca 30527
Bass, Kenny(45) One Potato Two Potato P./M Decca 31664
Bass, Kenny(45) Paper Kisses P./I'll Alway Decca 30250
Bass, Kenny(45) West View P./Blue Bonnet P Decca 31224
Bass, Kenny(45) Hot Diggity P/Waterloo P. Coral 61623
Bass, Kenny(45) Payroll P/El Gusto United Artist 50167
Bass, Kenny(78) Hookey Song P/I Went to Yo Coral 60847
Battistelli, Al New Songs for Old Friends( PR 5027(CD/CS)
Battistelli, Al New Songs for Old Friends None given
Battistelli, Al Italian Medleys (CD/CS) None given
Battistelli, Al Just for You By Request(CD None given
Battistelli, Al Mark of Excellence (CD) None given
Bauer, Jindrich Persuasive Polkas Parliament PLP(S)-14
Baumgartner, Walter(78) De Seppetoneli P/Come into Elite 1995
Bavarian Brass Compliments of Bavarian Br Multi-Scope MSP 6001
Bavarian Fun Maker Band The Bavarian Fun Maker Ban HBR 703
Bavarian Fun Maker Band, Vol. III RSR 1074
Bavarian Hofbrauhaus Ban The Bavarian Hofbrauhaus S None given 3073-3
Bavarian Musikmeisters, Minnesota Gemutlichkeit(CS None given
Bavarian Trio, The Ein Prosit Polydor 542.002
Bavarian Village Band Bavarian Village Band(CD) PC of NE 4491
Baxter, Eddie Organ Songs We Love Dot 25435
Bay Musicians Don Peterson &t/Bay Musici Cuca K-2067/CS: 769
Bay State IV Our First One Polka Train 8201
Bay State IV Salutes t/Polka Stars(A/CS Polka Train 8401(A/C
Bay State IV Polka Treasures Polka Train 8602
Bay State IV Who Could Ask for Anything Polka Train 8901(A/C
Bay Staters, The Polka Hop Rex 697
Beaconaires, The Most Requested P.&W.-V.I VAS 701-55480
Beaconaires, The Most Requested P.&W.-V.II Sound 80,5801911885
Beat, The Meet the Beat (CD/CS) Sunshine SN167
Beat, The When I Saw You (CD/CS) Sunshine SN176
Beaver, Lyle Let My Light Shine (CS) None given
Beaver, Lyle Sharing His Time (CS) Volume 2
Beaver, Lyle Songs of Inspiration (CS) Volume 3
Beaver, Lyle Near the County Line (CS) Catamount LB 8
Beaver, Lyle Could I Have This Dance(CS Catamount LB9
Beaver, Lyle Cajun Love (CS) Catamount LB 10
Beaver, Lyle How I Love Those Old Songs Catamount LB 11
Beaver, Lyle We're Back Polka (CS) Catamount Vol. 12
Beaver, Lyle Polkas Make Me Happy(CD/CS Brass Notes Prd LB 1
Beaver, Lyle You and Me (CS) Brass Notes Prd LB 1
Beaver, Lyle Wanna Dance with You (CS) LB 16
Beaver, Lyle Goin' Dancin' (CD) LB 18
Beaver, Lyle & the Brass Polka Time Trip.CrwnRcd 2019
Bechle, Jim A Circle of Music KL Recording KLP 37
Beck, Peter & Mississaug P.B.& His Mississauga Expr Nibu Rcds(CD)196.12
Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutc Becky & t/I.D. Vol.1(CS) Miser Ard's Red.Rec.
Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutc Just Like Mama Raised Me(C no co. 1990(CS)
Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutc Me and the Guys (CS) Redball Rcds 1991
Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutc If Dey Wan' It...(CD) Becky08
Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutc Heart to Heart(CD) Becky09
Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutc Look at Us (CD) None given
Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutc Road Trip Special (CD) None given
Becky &t/Ivanhoe Dutchme Ach Ja!! (CD/CS) Becky 05
Becky &t/Ivanhoe Dutchme Sing Your Dancing Drink(CD Becky 06
Becky &t/Ivanhoe Dutchme Collections (CD/CS) None given
Becwar, Leonard Oldtime Polka Party(A/CD) Herit.DiskHDLP8850
Becwar, Leonard In Your Town (A/CD/CS) Czech SCR 41
Becwar, Leonard Live (CS) Plk CS of NE 8851
Becwar, Leonard More Music (CD/also on2CS) 2451/LB 590-1&590-2
Becwar, Leonard Old Time P.Party in Your T PC-NE2411 (CD) reiss
Bedrock Boys, The Rock Solid Polkas (CD/CS) Sunshine 205
Beer Barrel Polka Band Big Band Polkas Rondo-lette SA 102
Beer Barrel Polka Band Polka Polka Polka Hi-Life HL 49
Beer Hall Gang Beer & Pretzels Premire 1012
Belik, Vernon For All My Friends (CD/CS) Micste 9003/PO CS of
Belik, Vernon Good Times & Good Friends( PCNE 2450 (CD/CS)
Bell Hops Polka Hops Jay Jay 5084/1084
Bell Hops(45) Battman P./Staro Baba Obk. Dyno 913
Bell Hops, The New Polkas for You by the Jay Jay 1096
Bellin, Clete Czech it Over (CS) N9436 Fir Rd. Forest
Benedict, Ernie & Zeitz, Famous Waltzes & Polkas Colonial 122
Benedict, Ernie(45) Springtime P./Charlie W. RCA Victor 1203
Benedict, Ernie(45) Rock'n Roll P/It's Too Soo Canyon Rcds 101
Benedict, Ernie(45) Dance with Me This P./Take Canyon Rcds 100
Benedict, Ernie(45) Red Barn P/Marlene W. RCA Victor 0039
Benedict, Ernie(78) Jolly Rhythm P/Ace P. RCA 1066
Benedict, Ernie(78) Red Lips & Red Wine/Over 3 RCA 3389
Benedict, Ernie(78) Village Square P/Tivoli Pa Standard Intl. 106
Beno, Joe Plays for Dancers (A/CS) Memory Rcds 1403
Beno, Joe Old Country Favorites(CS) Memory Rcds 7071n12
Beno, Joe I Love to Dance Memory Rcds 8052n6
Beno, Joe Polkas! Joe Beno!& a Littl Memory Rcds 103
Beno, Joe We Love Polkas! (A/CS) Memory Rcds PP 1273
Beno, Joe Salutes the Karlin Brass Memory Rcds 1404(A/C
Beno, Joe The Best of J. B.(V.1)(CD) PC/NE 4485
Beno, Joe The Best of J. B.(V.2)(CD) PC/NE 4492
Benz, Elroy Music Slovenian Style(A/CD Cuca 2061
Benz, Elroy Music from Cedarburg(A/CD) Cuca KS-2105
Berendt, Frank Concertina plus Zither Chicago Polkas 6200
Berendt, Frank Concertina Concert (CS) Chicago Polkas 8201
Berendt, Frank Concertina Stylings (CS) Chicago Polkas 8202
Berendt, Frank Dancing Fingers (CD/CS) Chicago Polkas 8203
Berendt, Frank There's a Tavern in the To Chicago Polkas 8204
Berendt, Frank My Secret Love (CD) Chicago P's 8205
Berendt, Frank(45) Red Wing P/Annie's P. Chicago P's 456
Berendt, Frankie & Polka We Sing & Play Just for Yo Chicago P's 8206
Berg, Lenore The Golden Sounds of..(CD) Cuca 2097
Berg, Lenore Life Begines at 80 (CD) Cuca 2127
Berg, Lenore & the Rhyth Beautiful Wisconsin Cuca 2117
Berger, Chuck Big Band Old Time (CD) CBM 11994
Berger, Chuck The Best of Chuck Berger(C CBM 02897(CD/CS)
Berger, Chuck First Edition (CD) CDM 42901
Berger, Chuck Second Edition  (CD) 12602
Berger, Chuck My Good Stuff (CD) 122701
Berger, Chuck Down Memory Lane (CD) 92204
Berger, Chuck My Best Oldtime P's & W's( 31002  (CD)
Berger, Chuck Yesterday Again (CD) 82903
Berger, Chuck Merry Christmas (CD) 112502
Berkemeier, Bob Musically Yours (CS) Quality Media SC364-
Berkemeier, Bob A Special Edition V.6(CD/C Sound House Prd.2610
Berkemeier, Bob Party Time (CS) Sound House Prd V.4
Berkholtz, Elroy Old Time Memories II Polkaland 29
Berkholtz, Elroy The Polka Festival Special Polkaland 42 (A/CS)
Berlin Great Concert Orc World Dances in Hi-Fi Allegro 1742
Bernard, Whitey Wine and Dine the Polka Glo GLP 652
Bernard, Whitey Polka Steps Glo 661/Request 1009
Bernard, Whitey W Starem Kraju Tak Spiewal Glo 690
Bernard, Whitey Sobotki Warszawskie Request Rcds 10097
Bernie & His Jolly Lads B&His J.L's Play Variety Cuca 2103 (A/CD)
Bernie & His Lads Old Time Music (CD) Cuca 2077
Berry, Leon Glockenspiels Traps & Plen Replica 455
Bertrand, Gene & Bob Nov Dancing Concertinas (CS) SGM 9304
Betty & Her Brothers Fiv 15 Great Melodies of Many Buffalo ST. CS 73J19
Bevec, Bill Memories of My Old Hometow Marjon 68 (CD)
Bevec, Bill & W. Ostanek Just for You (CD/CS) Marjon MJCS 85
Bevec, Bill &t/Polka Qua Slovenian & Croatian P.& W Pppmnt 5022(CD/CS)
Beyer, Rodney Goin to Polka Town (CD) EMRRB01
Bid's Accordion Band Accordion Party (A/CS) 139AS
Bierschbach, Jerry Jerry's 1 Man Band (CD) None given
Big Ben Banjo Band(45) Happy Birthday P./Swiss Ka Capitol 3951
Big Ben Boden Polish Picnic Coral 57246
Big Fat Dutchman in Oompah Land Cherrywood 3016
Big John Polkas from Dixie (CS) Atlanta Plk Pr 10014
Big John & the Bad Men Hoe-Down Fiddle Oxboro 2008
Big John w/t Golden Bras Big John's in Town MCN Rec. 1003
Big Lou, The Accordion P Polka Casserole (CD) HER 2009
Big Lou, The Accordion P Dogs Playing Polkas (CD) Acc.Princess P's
Big Shots B.Sh. Pay Tribute to Mom's Ray Rcds RRSLP 2501
Big Steve & the Bellares Pod Mostem Rex LP 698
Big Steve &His Polish St Polka with Big Steve Rex 698
Big Steve Whitey Polkas by Big Steve Jay Jay 1106
Big Teddy Dance the Polka Mio Intl MUS 5004
Bilicic, Bob(45) Myrna Lou P./Blue Canadian Seaway 549
Bill-Will Band(45) Joey's P./Will's P. Double Eagle 1
Bilski, Bob Polish Polka Party Colonial LP 953st
Binert, Russ(78) Sunshine P/Girlfriend P. De Luxe 9155
Biondi, Angelo(45) Bolero Blue/Buona Notte Ba Gend 9165
Bixby's, The A Tribute t/t/Old Standard RY Rcdngs RP 931(CS)
Bixby, Scott A Tribute to the Old Stand RP 931  (CS)
Bixby, Scott A Tribute to the Old Stand RP 942 (CS)
Bixby, Scott A Touch of Cleveland (CD) SB 8477
Blanchard, Virg Dance Time S80 1431
Blanche N'The Waltz King With the Black Gypsy Waltz JBM 10280
Blanche N'The Waltz King Vol. II JBM 35282
Blatnick, Eddie Selections from Slovenia Polka Pal Rcds500-1
Blatnick, Eddie Selections from Slovenia Polka Pal Rcds500-2
Blatnick, Eddie I Stopped for a Beer Jay Jay 1024
Blatnick, Eddie(&Fr.Yank Selections from Slovenia(V Polka Pal Rcds500-3
Blatnick, Eddie(45) Bruno's Jolly Hop P./Prett Jay Jay 227
Blatnick, Eddie(45) I Stopped for a Beer/I Can Jay Jay 222
Blatnick, Eddie(45) Polka Pal P./Old Oklahoma Jay Jay 237
Blazers, The Drinking Songs Around the ABC Paramount ABC-24
Blazers, The&t/Yodelin' Track! Songs of the Skiers Kapp KL 1218
Blazoczyk, Eddie Another Polka Celebration Bel-Aire 3039(A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Another Day at the Office( Bel Aire 8392
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Parade Bel-Aire 3001
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polkas--Here come the Vers Bel-Aire 3002
Blazonczyk, Eddie Something New Just for You Bel-Aire 3003 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Po Staro Krajsku(Old Ctry. Bel-Aire 3004 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Musically Yours (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3005
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Tour (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3006
Blazonczyk, Eddie Po Staro Krajsku(V.2-Old C Bel-Aire 3007 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Happy Polka Music Bel-Aire 3008
Blazonczyk, Eddie Christmas Time Bel-Aire 3009
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polish Party (Adults Only) Bel-Aire 3010
Blazonczyk, Eddie Let's Hear A Polka Bel-Aire 3011
Blazonczyk, Eddie Poland-European Tour Bel-Aire 3012
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polkas A Plenty Bel-Aire 3013
Blazonczyk, Eddie America's Most Wanted Polk Bel-Aire 3014
Blazonczyk, Eddie Something a Little Bit Dif Bel-Aire 3015 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Music Hall of Fame A Bel-Aire 3016 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Honky Style (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3017
Blazonczyk, Eddie Country Flavored Polkas Bel-Aire 3018 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie The Langner Sisters Meet E Bel-Aire 3019 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Hits (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3020
Blazonczyk, Eddie More Country Flavored Polk Bel-Aire 3021 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie More Good O.Fshned Honky S Bel-Aire 3022(A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Concert (A/CD/CS) Bel-Aire 3023
Blazonczyk, Eddie A Polka Christmas (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3024
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Spotlite (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3025
Blazonczyk, Eddie We Were Made for Each Othe Bel-Aire 3026 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Jamboree (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3027
Blazonczyk, Eddie Wide Wide World of Polkas Bel-Aire 3028 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Roaring Polkas (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3029
Blazonczyk, Eddie More Good Ol' Fashion Honk Bel-Aire 3030 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Cruise (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3031
Blazonczyk, Eddie Hawaiian Polka Tour (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3032
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Festival (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3033
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Music Is Here to Sta Bel-Aire 3034 (A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Medley Album (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3035
Blazonczyk, Eddie Custom Made Polkas (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3036
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Thriller (A/CD/CS) Bel-Aire 3037
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polka Fireworks (A/CD/CS) Bel-Aire 3038
Blazonczyk, Eddie Let's Celebrate Again! Bel-Aire 3040 (A/CD/
Blazonczyk, Eddie It's Our 25th Anniversary Bel-Aire 3041(A/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie Everybody Polka (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3043
Blazonczyk, Eddie All Around the World (CS) Bel-Aire 23044
Blazonczyk, Eddie All American Country Flavo Bel-Aire 3045(CD/CS)
Blazonczyk, Eddie A New Batch of Polkas (CD/ Bel-Aire 4046
Blazonczyk, Eddie Always..Forever..&a Day(CD Bel-Aire BA(CD/CS)30
Blazonczyk, Eddie Better Than Ever (CD/CS) Bel-Aire BACD 3048
Blazonczyk, Eddie Good Ol' Days (A/CS) Bel-Aire 3042
Blazonczyk, Eddie Music Music Music!(CD/CS) Bel-Aire BACD 3050
Blazonczyk, Eddie Polkatime:20 o/t Best(CD/C Clvlnd Intl Rcds 100
Blazonczyk, Eddie 20 of the Best (CD) Polkatime 1003-2
Blazonczyk, Eddie Award Winning Polkas(CD/CS Bel-Aire VC 135
Blazonczyk, Eddie Holiday Favorites (CD) Bel-Aire 5049
Blazonczyk, Eddie Shakin, Not Stirred (CD/CS Bel-Aire BA3051
Blazonczyk, Eddie Smokin' Polkas (CD/CS) Bel-Aire 3052
Blazonczyk, Eddie Live & Kickin'(CD/CS) Bel-Aire 4431(Dbl CD
Blazonczyk, Eddie Under the Influence (CD) Bel Aire 6170
Blazonczyk, Eddie Batteries Not Included (CD Bel Aire 7045
Blazonczyk, Eddie Greatest Hits V.II (CD) Cleveland Intl 1018-
Blazonczyk, Eddie (Jr.) My Father's Shoes (CD) Bel-Aire 0037
Blazonczyk, Eddie (Jr.) Versalicious (CD) Bel Aire 1637
Blazonczyk, Eddie (Jr.) Highways & Dancehalls (CD) Bel Aire 5379
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Empty Pockets P./Czaj Czaj Bel Aire 2915
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Gettin' Old P./4 Miles fro Bel Aire 2957
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) In the Forest P./Wedding G Bel Aire 2913
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Jedzie Boat P./Tatusiu W. Bel Aire 2940
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Johnnie's Troubles P./My B Bel Air 2933
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) The Men in My Little Girls Bel Aire 2932
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Polka A-Go-Go/Apples, Peac Bel Aire 2935
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Singing Birds P./Stereo P. Bel Aire 2936
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Yo Yo P./Never Ending Love Bel Aire 2950
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) At the Square P/When I Hea Bel Aire 2961
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Hanusia P/Because Your Blu Bel Aire 2955
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Hop In P/Kumoszka P. Bel Aire 2965
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Twinkle Toes P/Because It' Bel Aire 2925
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Oj Dana P/What the Heck Ob Bel Aire 2922
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Everlovin' Arms P/We Were Bel Aire 2962
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Cium Ciu Rum Cium Cium P/F Bel Aire 2924
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Fiddlers P/Early Morning O Bel Aire 2930
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Going to a Wedding P/Lonel Bel Aire 2920
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) I'll Stay Single P/Modern Bel Aire 2918
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) My Girlfriend Katie P/Rose Bel Aire 2931
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Poor Boy P/If I Was a Rich Bel Aire 2929
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Przy Bialem Stoliczku P/Ho Bel Aire 2927
Blazonczyk, Eddie(45) Rocks & Stones P/Picking B Bel Aire 2916
Blazonczyk, Tony Polkas from the Southside( Bel Aire 4073
Blazonczyk, Tony Phase One: Complete (CD) Bel Aire None given
Blazonczyk, eddie(45) Chicago Cares about the Be Bel Aire 2900
Blecha, Bob Bob Blecha & the Bouncing Czech BB-1 (CD)
Blecha, Bob Out Behind the Barn (A/CD) BB-2
Blecha, Bob Plays the Poopsie Polka BBC 3 (A/CD)
Blecha, Bob B.Bl.Pres.Young Generation Nadherny BB4(A/CD)
Blecha, Bob After 25 years with...(CD" BB5  (CD)
Blecha, Bob Playing Old Czech Music(CD PC NE BB6
Blecha, Bob Good Morning Polka (CD) PC NE BB7
Blihovde, Otto Gamel'ost Song (A/CD) Polka City 8000/CD:1
Bloch, Ray(45) I'll Sit Right on the Moon Dana 105
Blout, Stan Polka Sounds of the 70's Delta 7013
Blout, Stan It's Ablout Time (CD) Ppprmnt 5065
Blout, Stan(45) Burgettstown P/Magic Genie Delta 1044
Blue Banners Polkas & Waltzes Golden Hi Mplwd MSLP1002&PP101
Blue Banners Polkas, Waltzes Golden Hit Pl.P. 122
Blue Banners 20 Great Polkas V.1 & 2 Recar Vol. 4
Blue Banners P. & W. Golden Hits, V.2 Pl.P. 130
Blue Banners The Blue Banners Pl.P.101-63
Blue Banners Polka & Waltz Dance Series V Rcds Lmtd SVLP 307
Blue Banners(45) Schneider P/Dutchman's W. Pl. Psnt 5001
Blue Banners(45) Banjo P/Milwaukee W. Maplewood 45M100
Blue Banners(45) Butterfly/Julida P. Pl.Psnt. 5021
Blue Banners(45) I Love to Dance/Kristiana Pl.Psnt.5013
Blue Banners(45) Minnesota P./Milwaukee W. Pl.Psnt. 104-63
Blue Banners(45) O Suzanna Sch./Saturday Ni Pl.Psnt. 5029
Blue Banners, The By Request (CD) Imagine Studios No#
Blue Bells Orchestra, Th Stella's P/White Cottage O Century 25389
Blue Lights Polkas That Turn Us on Sound 1070
Blue River Czechs, The A Collection of Czech Polk SM1 (CD/CS)
Blue River Czechs, The Most Wanted Polkas & Waltz Sue's Music SM2(CD/C
Bluegrass Ramblers(45) Indian Hollow/This Last Re Dane 601
Blumauer, Andy Songs & Melodies fr/Beatif Greyko Rcdng 1009
Bobinski Brothers, The Young Lovers Tric Rcds 714
Bobinski, Bob Thanks for Being My Friend Data469 (CD/CS)
Bobinski, Rich Kiss Me, I'm Polish Data 465
Bobinski, Rich Down by the Water Data 466
Bobinski, Rich The Premier of Polkas Data 467
Bobinski, Rich Playing with My Band(CD/CS Data 468
Bobinski, Rich(45) Warsaw Festival/Kiss Me, I Data 2794
Boc, Benny & the Polka T Good Old Fashioned Polka M Dearborn 7005or1005(
Boc, Benny & the Polka T Pretty Baby Doll Usana Music LB 33216
Boc, Benny(45) Detroit Favorite P/Pretty Dearborn 564
Boc, Benny(45) Dee Shell P./Polka-Tel Obk Dearborn 529
Boc, Benny(45) Swinging Benny P./Don't Ge Dearborn 553
Boc, Benny(45) Unita P./Pamientam Warsawe Usana 15079
Bochnicek, Jim Vaclavska(Jim's Polka)(A/C Czech Rcds 43/PC-NE2
Bochnicek, Jim On Tour Papio Rcds 103
Bochnicek, Jim Dobro Noe Ma Mila (Good Ni Papio Rcds SPR 101
Bochnicek, Jim 10th Anniversary Papio Rec. SPR 104
Bock Fest Boys, The Ya Sure Ya Betcha (CD) None given
Bogus, Johnny & Polka Me ...Presents the Special On WAM W4019
Bohemian Aces The Bohemian Aces (CD) PCNE 10024
Bohemian Brass Old Style Bohemian Brass PC-NE(CD/CS)2502/U32
Bohemian Brothers Good Times w/Old Tyme(CS) JBM 1989
Bohemian Dutchmen Bohemian Dutchmen (CS) Ompah Rcds 2004
Bohemian Five Old Style Brass V.2 (CD) PC-NE2502
Bohn, Rudi Percussive Oompah London Rcd 54009
Bolek, Wesoly Jeszcze Polska nie Zgineta Dala 340
Bolek, Wesoly Wild Wild Polkas Albo Rcd Prod. 301
Bolek, Wesoly No No Polka Rex 747
Bolek, Wesoly Polka Clown Rex LP 744
Bolek, Wesoly Dance with Me a Polka Rex 767
Bolek, Wesoly Ding A Ling Polka(Newest B Rex 776
Bolek, Wesoly Polka Happiness is Wesoly Rex LP 795st
Bolek, Wesoly Polka with Happy Man" Wes" Rex 796
Bolek, Wesoly Wild Polkas Rex 740
Bolek, Wesoly Polka Fun w/W.B. (CS) Michele Audio 7204
Bolek, Wesoly Basia & Me Babo Rcds CSS 284
Bomba, Johnnie Chop Suey Polka Dana 1200
Bomba, Johnnie Polkas With Johnnie Bomba Dana 1212
Bomba, Johnnie Lover's Polka Dana 1225
Bomba, Johnnie Chicago Polkas Dana 1238
Bomba, Johnnie Johnny Bomba Explodes Dana 1270
Bomba, Johnnie My Little Star Dana 1294
Bomba, Johnnie Waltzes,Tangos,Polkas,Ober Dana 1280
Bomba, Johnnie Bombs Away (2RS) Dana D598-15
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Hit Polkas(extended play) Dana 107
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Acrobats P./Short & Sweet Dana 3288
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Echo P./Sweetheart Believe Dana 3228
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Teenagers P./Sweet Sherry Dana 3221
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Anniversary P/I Love My Wi Dana 3110
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Hot Times P/Young Widow P. Dana 3146
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Old Fashioned P/Brokenhear Dana 3208
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Cindy P/You, You are the O Dana 3262
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Housekeeper P/My Little St Dana 3295
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Maciek-Kujawiak/Ucaluj Mni Dana 840
Bomba, Johnnie(45) One More Kiss P/Clap Your Dana 2132
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Silk Umbrella P/Sweet Suzi Dana 3249
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Solovox P/Let's Have Fun P Dana 3248
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Cherry Pickers P/Kewpie Do Dana3164
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Bomba P/I Ain't Got a Dime Dana 3090
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Flirty Girtie P/Night Owl Dana 3183
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Hot Foot P/Polish Hop Dana 3156
Bomba, Johnnie(45) Ladies P/The Last Kiss W. Dana 3220
Bomba, Johnnie(78) Anniversary P/I Love My Wi Dana 3110
Bomba, Johnnie(78) Chop Suey P/Indiana Hop P. Dana 3129
Bomba, Johnnie(78) Old Fashioned P/Brokenhear Dana 3208
Bon Aires, The The Bon Aires Pro-gress Rcds 2468
Bonba, Johnnie(45) Mary, Marry Me P/Kiss the Dana 3263
Bond, Johnny(78) Oklahoma W/John's Other Wi Columbia 20419
Bonk, Ted(45) Boom Boom P./At the Fair Jay Jay 284
Bonk, Ted(45) Lublin P./Mushroom P. Jay Jay 295
Bonk, Ted(45) Rose Maria P./Green Lawn W Well 101
Bonk, Ted(45) 3 Musketeers P./I'm Search Well 102
Bonk, Ted(45) Why Don't You P/Old Oklaho Well Rcd 103
Boo, Bertil(78) Mor, Lilla Mor/Barndomshem Scandinavian 100
Boren, Jim On the Job (CD/CS) None given
Boren, Jim Slovenian Friends (CD/CS) None given
Boren, Jim &t/JBO Make My Day (CS) P.Sound Prd. 5006
Boreson, Stan King Klubhouse Shelley SH 1000
Boreson, Stan Stan Boreson Favorite Yoke Golden Crest CR31028
Boreson, Stan The Scandinavian Hot Shot Golden Crest 31052
Boreson, Stan & Doug Set Yust Try to Sing Along in Golden Crest 3079
Boreson, Stan & Doug Set Cold, Cold Heart & Other S Golden Crest 3086
Boreson, Stan & Doug Set Ay Don't Give a Hoot Golden Crest 3098
Boreson, Stan & Doug Set Honey/Little Green Apples Golden Crest 31020
Boreson, Stan & Doug Set Yust Go Nuts at Christmas Golden Crest 31021
Boreson, Stan & Doug Set Yust Go Country & Western Golden Crest CRS3102
Boreson, Stan & Doug Set Those Swedish Meatballs Ar Golden Crest 31026
Boreson, Stan(78) He's a Scandinavian Hotsho Linden 129
Borger, Rick Lederhosen Are Us (CD) None given
Boro, Syl and the Polka I Love to Polka(A/CD) R 1211
Boston Pops(78) Annen P/Bahn Free P. RCA 1207
Boston Pops(78) Sans Souci P/Tik Tak P. RCA 1205
Botteon, El Wunderbar (A/CS) Chalet Rcds 305
Botteon, El Ich Bin Gluklich(I Am Happ Rheta LP 101 St.
Botteon, El Heimatbilder Chalet Rcds 310
Bowen, Jimmy(45) The Two Step/By the Light Roulette 4083
Bower Boys, The Come Party with Us KL Rcdg.Ser.LLP72
Bower Boys, The Live at the Hiawatha Hiawatha RcdsNSR-120
Boyce, Barry Oktoberfest JA! It's Party None given (CD)
Boyce, Barry Old Time Festivals (CD) None given
Boyce, Barry This Is the Life (CD) None given
Boyce, Barry It's Music to Your Ears (C None given (CD)
Boyce, Barry There's No Time Like Old T None given (CD)
Boyd, Bill(45) Blue Danube W./Varsoviana RCA Victor0067
Boyd, Bill(78) Homecoming W/Shame on You RCA Victor 2069
Boyd, Bill(78) Oklahoma W/John's Other Wi Columbia 20419
Boyd, Jimmy(78) Thumbelina/I Saw Mommy Kis Columbia 152-1
Boys, The The Boys Are Back(A/CD/CS) LeMans 88/PC-NE2241(
Boys, The Polka Menagerie (A/CS) LeMans LPC-103
Boys, The The Boys Just Want to Have LeMans 123 (CS)
Boys, The Boys Nite Out (A/CS) World R.S.WRP 20091
Boys, The Boys Will Be Boys (A/CS) Wrld R.Snd WRP20102
Boys, The Boys Having Fun (CD) PC-NE2242
Boys, The(45) Remember When P./Blue Eyes LeMans 1013
Braaten, Odell The Rhythm Goes On! (CS) None 1996
Braaten, Odell May I Have This Dance (CD) None given
Bradley, Bruce Musically Yours JBM 11946
Bradley, Bruce Variety Is t/Spice o/Life( P&P Prd.31492.3(CD/C
Bradley, Bruce Before They Take Me Away(C Bradley 1364
Bradley, Bruce Sweet Nearness of You(CD/C JBM Prd.1532 94.5
Bradley, Bruce Windsong (CS) JBM 221296.6
Bradley, Bruce Daddy's Little Girl (CD/CS 206399.06
Bradley, Bruce Polkas to the Limit (CD/CS None given
Bradley, Bruce Just Between Friends (CD) ARS 200401
Bradley, Bruce (Alpenste Alpensterne V.1 (CD) Alpensterne ARSAS1
Bradley, Bruce (Alpenste Alpensterne Vol. 2 (CD) Alpensterne V.2
Bradley, Slim(78) Clarinet P/St. Paul W. FM 15 L
Braidich, Rose & Dan Pet Getting Together (CD) Kravos No # given
Brandelius, Harry(78) Gamle Spatten/Sjung Med Os Scandinavia 10007
Brandeluis, Harry(78) Petter Speleman/Det Ar Int RCA 1033
Brandt, Eddie(45) Bunny P/Easter Parade JEB 1015(red disc)
Brandt, Kenny Polka Motive KWB 32749
Brandt, Kenny Bottoms Up (CD) KB 1004
Brandt, Kenny Saxsational (CD) KB 1001
Brandt, Kenny Polkas & Waltzes V.1 (CD) KB 1002
Brandt, Kenny Polkas & Waltzes V.2 (CD) KB 1003
Brandt, Kenny Christmas (CD) KB 1008 ?
Brass Buttons(45) Joyous Youth P./In the Moo KL 120
Brass Buttons(45) Our Love P./Going to Heave KL 103
Brass Connection, The Energy (A/CD/CS) Lemans Rec. LPC 109
Brass Connection, The Got No Reason (A/CS) LeMans 119
Brass Connection, The Full Moon  (A/CD/CS) LeMans LPC 128
Brass Connection, The New Vintage in Polkas(A/CS Wam Rcds 4049
Brass Connection, The III  (A/CS) WAM Rec. 4059
Brass Connection, The A Winning Combination(A/CS Wrld Ren.Snds 20053
Brass Connection, The The New Generation (A/CS) WRS 20114
Brass Connection, The Made in America (CD/CS) WRS 20107
Brass Connection, The Blue Magic (CS) WRS WRP 20119
Brass Connection, The From the Heart of It All(C