Nancy's Place For Polkas - Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for asking Nancy's Place. With the addition of this page, we have tried to answer the questions that are asked the most often. If you have a question and the answer is not found on this page. Please email Nancy's Place for Polkas.


(1) I am a bandleader and would like to sell my merchandise at Must I have a computer or Internet address to sell my materials on the Internet? No. You can advertise your music, videos, T-shirts, and other goods or services without knowing the first thing about computers. Nancy’s Place can take orders for you. Please contact Nancy directly, by emailing, calling, or writing her, P.O.Box 43313, Cleveland, Ohio 44143.

(2) Can Nancy's Place send me the lyrics to your favorite polka, waltz, etc.? No. Nancy’s Place is not able, at this time to provide this information. However, we can have you visit a site that has a database for lyrics. These lyrics are not promised to be polkas or waltzes but they could be. Please visit We are currently searching the Internet for more sites that would accomplish this task. Please check back soon!

(3) Can Nancy's Place send me the sheet music for your favorite polka, waltz, etc.? No. Nancy’s Place is not able, at this time, to provide this information. We have found a web site that sells Polka and Waltz sheet music. Please check out Sheet Music Plus. We are currently searching the Internet for more sites that would accomplish this task. Please check back soon!

(4) Are there different styles of Polka Music? Yes. To explain the differences between all styles of polka music would be a very hard job. It would need to be an entire essay. We will give you an abridged version, of the most often requested polka styles.

    Slovenian (Croatian) or Cleveland style features the accordion primarily with sax, banjo, etc. The music is a bouncy beat, and the dancers seem to glide across the floor to its smooth flowing style. Example: Frankie Yankovic, Steve Meisner, Dick Tady, etc.

    Chicago "Push" style features the brass and polish vocals primarily. It uses accordion and concertina for rhythm. The dancers seem to hop or jump around the dance floor to its foot-stomping (heavy down beat) style. Example: Eddie Blazonczyk, Lenny Gomulka, etc.

    Honky style is a facet of the Chicago style. It was the original Chicago style before the "push" style was formed. The style consists primarily of concertina, trumpet and clarinet. The musicians tend to improvise and play off of each other. Example: Lil' Wally, Eddie Zima, etc..

    Eastern style is similar to Chicago (melody being very busy), but with faster tempo. It regularly has larger orchestras (7 piece or more), for big band sound. Example: Jimmy Sturr, Jan Lewan, etc.

    Dutchmen style features tubas, brass, concertina (accordion or button box), sometimes even banjo, and is played in moderate tempo. This style is predominantly heard throughout the Upper Midwest and is derived from German and Bohemian music. Examples: Six Fat Dutchmen, Whoopi John, etc.

    Dutch Hop is a found in the Western U.S. and consists primarily of accordion, dulcimer and trombone. This style developed from German and Russian origins. Example: Adolph Lesser, etc. 

    Recordings of the above mentioned may be obtained through Nancy’s Place.

(5) Can Nancy's Place locate hard to find out of print recordings, vinyl recordings, or older recordings by specific artists? No. Nancy’s Place is not able, at this time to provide this information directly. But Nancy’s Place does have a search engine on it located on our Search page. If you can NOT find your artist or recording there, please contact Greg Drust, TKFrank or Rods' Music. These collectors do specialize in vinyl recordings, but each must be contacted directly.

(6) What payments does the Nancy's Place Polka Store accept?  At this time, we accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. 

(7) What is the Refund policy at the Nancy's Place Polka Store?  
    Refunds.  Unopened items may be returned for a full refund or exchanged for another like item (example: CD product for CD product) within 30 days of the date the item was shipped.  Refunds will be credited to the original purchasing credit card account. Return shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

    Defective Product Returns.  Open CDs, LPs and tapes may not be returned unless defective. Defective products may be exchanged only for the same item. Returns must be shipped back to the originating artist or enterprise. Nancy’s Place recommends re-using the original packing materials, if possible, and including a copy of the invoice or order with the reason for return indicated. Return shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

(8) Is "Weird Al" Yankovic related to Frankie Yankovic? 
No, they are not related.  

(9) Why is my favorite artist not listed at Nancy's Place? Each individual artist has contacted Nancy’s Place separately and has chosen to be listed here. Please note that Nancy’s Place is for the promotion of ALL polka music styles. We would love to have any and all polka bands listed here. We are constantly contacting bands in order to create a wider representation of polka music. Please notify the artist or band and suggest to them to contact Nancy Noltkamper.

(10) How do I contact Nancy? 

You can contact Nancy Hlad Noltkamper by writing her at P.O.Box 43313, Cleveland, Ohio 44143. Or E-Mail her at


We PROMOTE polkas here; we don't get rich off it.  It's a hobby and a passion for us.  Breaking even = success, because we love the music.

Drop me a line at and we'll discuss your needs and questions.

Nancy Hlad Noltkamper


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