Eric Noltkamper Eric & Nancy performing at Yarnick's Farm 
in Indiana, PA


...released "Rosy Cheeks"

"No other polka CD in my opinion has captured the essence, heart and flamboyance of the Cleveland/Slovenian style polka and waltz. Rosy Cheeks takes us back to the fabulous fifties when polkas were the rage and several polka bands were recording on major labels. It also showcases innovation, with the addition of 5 of my own compositions, one from Marty Sintic, one written by Duke Ellington, and a “tin pan alley” song of the 20’s, entitled Rosy Cheeks. The mix is great, from Pecon to Kusar and everything in between. It is a tribute to the pioneers who created this rich, classical sound. The melodies are irresistible and the Noltkamper band swings, anticipating your every move on the dance floor. Eric’s keen musical mind and flawless technique will leave young and old alike wanting to hear it over and over."

Bruce A. Burger
DJ, Musician, and Television Personality

"The Eric Noltkamper Button Box Collection!"

Eric Noltkamper is proud to present this button box CD which is a compilation of songs that he has recorded with the button box accordion through the years. Each of Eric's recordings has featured at least one button box selection. This collection brings them all together along with many brand new recordings done with the diatonic button accordion. This recording contains 17 tunes to please button box players and enthusiasts alike! It also includes a free button box action card!

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"I Don't Wanna Mambo!"

Eric Noltkamper and Grant Kozera are proud to present their new CD release entitled, "I Don't Wanna Mambo!" Seventeen (17) polkas and waltzes done in the traditional style of Frank Yankovic. Included on the recording, the title tune, "I Don't Wanna Mambo!", "Tell Me Whose Girl Are You", and "Frank and the Yanks" (An original tune written by Jazz accordionist, Ken Kotwitz that features 20 different polka artists on the vocals.) "I Don't Wanna Mambo!" features musicians Dave Wolnik, Ralph Delligatti, and Jeff Pecon.

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