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Deeper Polka   More Dance Music from the Midwest

Smithsonian Folkways 40140  

Image of album cover for Deeper Polka

Don't think all polka sounds alike. Building on the success of its predecessor Deep Polka, which featured Wisconsin bands, this compilation goes deeper and wider, featuring great polka bands from seven states. You'll delight in the exhilarating dance party music played by seven outstanding bands from urban Pittsburgh to rural Nebraska, each coming from distinct ethnic musical traditions that run the gamut from Honky-style Polish to Norwegian Polkabilly. This collection exemplifies the vitality of the continuing Polka tradition, so put Deeper Polka on the box, roll up the rug and grab a partner!

Extensive notes, photos, 27 tracks, 69 minutes.
Tracks are listed by order of band appearance

Stas Golonka and the Chicago Masters
1. I Won't Go Home 1:58
2. Iron Casket Oberek 1:59
3. Chicago is a Polka Town 2:26
4. Return to Me 2:34

Jerry Grcevich
5. Vatrogasna polka and Kada cujem tambure (The Fireman's Polka and When I Hear Tamburitzas) 3:56
6. Daj mi daj (Allow me) 2:38
7. Moja Juliska (My Julie) 3:13

The Mark Vyhlidal Band
8. Betty Polka 1:42
9. Red Handkerchief (Cerveny satecku) 2:35
10. Grandmother's Joy Laendler (Babicina radost) 3:01
11. Clover in the Woods Polka (Jetelicku v lese) 2:34

Nancy Hlad
12. Raisin-Nut Polka 2:23
13. Anne's Waltz 2:15
14. Sweet Sixteen Polka 2:15
15. Top of the Hill Polka 2:13

Al Reko and Oren Tikkanen
16. Jätkäen Jenkka (The Logger's Schottische) 2:41
17. Nujalan Talko Polkka (The Work-Bee at Nujala Polka) 2:26
18. Suviyön Valssi (Midsummer Night Waltz) 2:39
19. Lumber-Jäkki (The Lumberjack) 3:02

Brian and the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen

20. Muziky Muziky Polka 2:51
21. Laughing Concertina 2:04
22. Chicago Waltz 2:32
23. Julida Polka 2:04

The Goose Island Rambers
24. In Heaven There Is No Beer 2:28
25. There's No Norwegians in Dickeyville 2:27
26. Wendy's Schottische 1:49
27. Swiss Yodel Waltz 2:32

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Deep Polka   Dance Music from the Midwest

Smithsonian Folkways 40088  

Image of album cover for Deep Polka

Deep Polka brings out the vitality and variety of the Polka and related European-derived dance music played by bands throughout the upper Midwest today.  Although little known outside this region, these important and enduring music traditions bring thousands of people together to dance almost every weekend.  Outstanding selections from recordings by seven bands, representing seven distinct regional traditions--"Dutchman," Norwegian, Polish, Tamburitza, Slovenian, Finnish, and Czech-- demonstrate the deep musical and cultural roots that are so significant to its participants.

Extensive notes, song texts, translations, bibliography, discography.   62 Minutes.

Tracks are listed by order of band appearance

Karl & the Country Dutchmen
1. Minnesota Polka  
2. Karl's Bad Schottische  
3. Fleeting Memories Waltz 
4. Gary's Polka 

The Norskedalen Trio
5. Remmem Valsen  
6. Fylke Dans
7. All Smiles Tonight
8. Ed Quall's Polka

Norm Dombrowski's Happy Notes
9. Dorothy's Oberek
10. Mountaineer Polka
11. Chicago Waltz
12. Happy Fellow

13. Gde Su Oni Lepi Cajti?
14. Bunjevacko Kolo / S One Strane Dunava
15. Jeste Li Culi Judi
16. Bijeli Slapovi

The Steve Meisner Band
17. Jammin' Polkas
18. We Shall Overcome
19. Jump River Polka

Oulu Hot Shots

20. Säkkijärven Polka
21. Maailman Matti
22. Oropojan Vallssi
23. Finn Polka

The Clete Bellin Orchestra
24. Owl Polka
25. Little Vagabond Waltz
26. Around The Moon

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