Nancy records with Eric on "At Last" - their New Recording!


I joined Eric to produce our first recording together! The CD is called At Last - Eric and Nancy Noltkamper Play Polka Hits! The album consists of Nancy playing the button box and Eric playing the accordion on 18 of your favorite polkas and waltzes! They are backed up by Hank Guzel on the Upright Bass, Norm Kobal on Saxophone/Clarinet and of course Dave Wolnik on drums. Songs like the St. Louis Polka, My Mary Polka, My Father's Waltz and the Joliet Waltz were chosen not only because they are great tunes but these tunes are close to our hearts!

Eric and I were always being asked throughout our married life..."Why don't you both record an album together?" It might have taken 10 years of Wedded Bliss and lots of good hard work but we finally released one. I had often appeared on a recording or two but never much with Eric.  

For information on recordings and bookings, contact:

Nancy Noltkamper, P.O.Box 43313
Cleveland, Ohio 44143

or by E-Mail at Nancy

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