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Bob Doszak Sr. was born March 6, 1946 in Joliet, Illinois to Stanley and Dorothy (Smrekar) Doszak.  His parents were of Slovenian and Polish descent, which helped instill his style of music.  Bob grew up in Joliet where he has resided his entire life.  The neighborhood where he grew up consisted of mostly Slovenians, Croatians and people of Polish descent.  Across the street from his childhood home was a tavern that always echoed of polka music. 

At the age of 6, Bob started taking accordion lessons.  At the age of 7, Bob had his first performance with none other than America’s Polka King, Frank Yankovic.  With the support of his parents, by the age of 8, Bob was the featured accordionist at the Baby Doll Polka Club in Chicago and began playing private parties in Joliet and the surrounding areas.  Bob appeared on Ron Terry’s Polka Party WGN Chicago Channel 9 television show as well.  Around the age of 14, Bob started his own band,  and within a few weeks the band found themselves playing seven nights a week.   Bob and the band continued this all through Bob’s high school years.   Although Bob’s formal musical training was on the accordion, he began playing drums in high school and was the drummer for the Joliet Catholic High School Concert Band and played drums in their marching band also. 

Bob married Judy (Malsky) Doszak, a Joliet girl, at the age of 21.  Bob and Judy are the parents of  Bob Jr., Kim (Doglio), and Chris.  Both Bob Jr. and Chris inherited their dads’ gift of musical talent and both play drums , while dabbling on the button box and bass.  Bob and Judy are the proud grandparents of  Jessica Doszak and Danny Doglio and Emma Doglio.  Bob’s family is rather close-knit and usually joins Bob for many engagements.  Many of the out of town jobs became a mini-vacation for the rest of the family.  Bob has always held down a full-time day job while playing several nights a week year round, so bringing the family along was one more opportunity to keep close. 

Bob’s recording days did not begin until after he was married. Following is listing of recordings:

        Corn Palace Polka / My Buddy  was Bob’s first recording on 45rpm, under the Highhat recording label.

        Polka Time -  Bob’s first album on the AMPOL recording label in Chicago.  This album featured some of Bob’s original songs such as: Uncle Richie’s Polka, More & More Polka, Clinton Polka, and Yaggy’s Waltz.

        Fasten Your Seat Belts – Album #2, released on both album and 8-Track tape, by KL Recording of Hubiertus, WI in March 1974.

        Entertainment – This recording was released on album, 8-Track and Cassette, recorded at Pumpkin Studios under the JUDO label.

        Here Goes – Released on album and cassette was recorded at Daystar Records under the JUDO label. The album cover features Bob and the band in Bob’s home bar room.  Originals include: Popcorn Polka.

        High Flyin’ – Released on album and cassette was recorded at HG Studio, Franksville, WI in 1984.  This album features Bob Jr. on the drums and the song “Kimberly Ann Waltz”, an original written for his daughter.  Bob was going through a creative phase because this album featured many other originals such as:  Stock Pot Polka, High-Flyin Polka, Golden Glow Polka, and Big Sky Polka.

        Doszak Delivers – Released on album and cassette was recorded at HG Studio, Franksville, WI in January 1992.  This recording was named such to commemorate the upcoming delivery of Bob’s first grandchild, Jessica Doszak, born February 1992.  An original  recording on this album was Tripon’s Waltz.

        Holiday Melodies – Released on cassette and soon to be re-released on CD, was recorded at HG Studio, Franksville, WI. Featuring many wonderful Christmas songs with Silent Night sung in Slovenian.

        Musical Memories – Released on CD and cassette, was recorded at HG Studio, Franksville, WI.  This recording features a variety of songs with a Doszak original  “Little Danny’s Polka”, written for Bob’s first grandson Danny who was truly a little miracle being born 4 months premature and weighing less than 2 lbs.   Be on the look out for this little guy who LOVES his grandpa’s accordion and music.

        Some of the Best – A compilation album featuring many great polka bands as well as many great polka musicians. 

Bob’s playing engagements keep him rather busy with weekly performances in Arizona.  Over the years, his playing has taken him and the band to such places as Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, Florida and back to Illinois.  Bob enjoys traveling but in today’s society finds it hard to coordinate the rest of the band to make these out of town engagements.

 Bob is going on 43 years of being in the polka music business.  Not only does he perform but he also promotes polka music and live music as well.  Bob has been one of the key organizers of the annual Illinois Polka Festival  now held in Oakbrook Illinois held in February for the past 15 years.  Over the years, Bob has been responsible for his own bookings, recordings, and promotions to include benefit dances, bus-trips, and currently has a wonderful fan club that follows the band in and out of town as well.

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