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Roger Bright's Biography
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Roger BrightRoger Bright began his musical career at age twelve. He formed a band at age fifteen and made his first recording at the age of nineteen. Since then he has been entertaining music lovers all over the world with a style and feel that has become his signature trademark. Roger was no stranger to the music and recording industry, releasing fifteen albums of his own. He has assisted others in their own recordings and has, in total, appeared on over 35 albums and countless singles. He also produced the 150th Anniversary album for his hometown of New Glarus, Wisconsin, also known as "America's Little Switzerland". Every Sunday he hosted the Roger Bright show aired on radio station AM 1260 WEKZ in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Roger was a member of the "Yanks" with America's Polka King, Frank Yankovic. He recorded ten albums with Frank on the Columbia record label. It was during those years that he met fellow accordionist, Joey Miskulin. Roger and Joey have worked closely throughout the years and have both been a part of every album Roger has produced.

Roger has performed in thirty-three states and has traveled throughout Europe and most of Canada. He has performed concerts with the St. Louis Pop Orchestra in St. Louis and the Town Hall in New York City. Roger has also appeared on numerous television programs including: McNeil's Breakfast Club, Joey Miskulin's the Polka Town, the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and the Phil Donahue Show.

Roger has been awarded numerous accolades including: special tributes from the State of Michigan which include a commendation from their state government, a key to the city of Grand Haven, Michigan and being honored for the Preservation of Polka Music in Frankenmuth, Michigan. He has been enshrined into the Minnesota Polka Hall of Fame and has received countless awards in Wisconsin, some of which include: a special notice for the promotion of University of Wisconsin Athletics, the Senior Achievement award in 1997, Band of the Year in 1997, a Certificate from Governor Tommy Thompson and being inducted into the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame in 2000.

When not on the road, Roger could have been seen performing with his band on a regular basis at the historic New Glarus Hotel in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

The Roger Bright Band consisted of Roger on accordion, button accordion and vocals, Denny Anderson on guitar, banjo and vocals, David Austin on accordion and vocals and Kevin Bright on drums and vocals.

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Roger Bright has been involved with music most of his life. He spent some time traveling with the Frank Yankovic Band in the early '60's and then left to form his own band. He has recorded some twenty-five albums with his own band and the Yankovic Band as well as other polka bands. Roger traveled most parts of the United States and has traveled to Europe twelve times. He was especially proud of the quality of musicians he has been fortunate to be associated with throughout his career. Roger was married to wife Barbara, and has five children.

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